Growing up in a pre Ebay world, rich people still left our second hand stores alone until like the 90’s when those greedy scumbag hipsters satreted ransacking the thrift stores for their awful hipster boutiques, driving up the prices of everything. When I was a teenager I paid about $5 for the Wayne Kramer “Negative Girls” 45, not $100, and the people who sold it to me knew perfectly well who he was and took delight that some MTV new wave kid was exploring older music from the Motor City. I had that Iron Virgin 45 that fetches huge collector prices and just bought it on a whim along with a lotta other cool lookin’ second hand swag. Now you can’t even get that shit half the time. A t shirt I wanted is $50. T shirts we’ve owned in the past twenty years are listed for $500 on Etsy. It’s crazy. So I usually don’t even think about buying books or records or music equipment or old posters or concert tickets anymore. It’s a tough hustle just to keep the cabinets stocked with groceries. Dispicable politicians go on tv and brag about how great the economy is for themselves and their Goldman sachs and Moderna and Lockheed Martin and Wal-Mart friends, but not for any of us peasants, I can tell ya that. When I moved to Ny and Boston and saw what bigcity shops wanted for old glam 45’s I was shocked way back in the nineties, now everything is owned by people I don’t like and that’s just the way it goes, read ’em and weep. As X sang, “We’re desperate/get used to it”. I’ll never join the obedience signaling, sniveling snitch squad, cancel culture scolding committes or be a stormtrooper for the evil empire, cause out here on my lonely desert planet, Rebels Rule.

Iron Virgin — Rebels Rule (Good quality) – YouTube

Iron Virgin – Teenage Love Affair – YouTube

10 Underrated Glam Rock Stompers Worth Getting All Dolled Up For (

They Work So Hard To Manufacture Our Consent Because They Absolutely Require It – Caitlin Johnstone


Gabriel Shipton on Twitter: “🚨 NEW PODCAST 🚨 Julian Assange dad John Shipton speaks @RobertKennedyJr on The Defender Podcast They discuss the CIA and Julians persecution in depth! Also chat about @IthakaMovie US Tour! Free Julian Assange! 👂” / Twitter

DiedSuddenly on Twitter: “The collapsed news anchor footage from this morning is horrifying.” / Twitter

Old news from controlled source but yeah Reagan Allies Sabotaged Carter With US Hostage Release Delay: Witness – Rolling Stone

Popular Resistance on Twitter: “And we march again. Money for jobs and education, not for wars and occupation! #NoWar” / Twitter on Twitter: “#2 @RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore: “They took the money that Cheney gave them [from the Patriot Act], $2.2 billion, and they funneled it through NIH, and it all went through Anthony Fauci. So beginning in 2002, Anthony Fauci got a 68% raise from the Pentagon for doing…” / Twitter

It’s Winter in Buffalo. on Twitter: “Has the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Bibi Netanyahu yet? Why not?” / Twitter

Levi on Twitter: “Countries invaded: 9 Civilians killed: 11 million ICC charges: 0” / Twitter

The People’s Forum on Twitter: “$886bn for the military and 800+ bases abroad – the US govt is the largest purveyor of violence abroad and at home. We are marching for dignified jobs, safe housing, and healthcare for all! #fundpeoplenotwar” / Twitter

“Governments do not willingly reveal their crimes. We need fearless publishers like Julian Assange. Fearless whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and Daniel Hale.” (- @GabrielShipton, brother of Julian Assange)

“Fascism is capitalism in distress. The great reset, AKA stakeholder capitalism, is cementing that fascism under a flowery new name. This was always the end goal, all of the exploitation with no ability to resist or push back. It’s just a front for corporations truly owning us.” (-The Snow Himbo)

” The Democrats have essentially become the party of the coastal upper middle class, academia, and big tech. Fighting for meaningful domestic and foreign policy reform has been replaced with identity based virtue signaling, to distract from Reaganomics based neoliberalism.” (-Tom Pietrycha)

“A friend wrote this to me on Facebook “Chomsky once said if all the Post-World War II US Presidents were tried according to the Nuremberg Charter, they’d all be hanged.”

Facebook had a note saying “This comment is hidden because it might be offensive.” (-Maragret Kimberley)

“People keep saying “Capitalism is failing”, but it’s just not true.

After centuries of exploitation, Capitalism is finally poised to achieve its ultimate goal: the transfer of EVERY PENNY of wealth into the hands of a few wealthy psychopaths. Say Hello to the Great Reset.” (-So Called Johnny Graz)

“According to Democrats if you criticize Pete Buttigieg you are homophobic & if you criticize Kamala Harris you are sexist & racist. The party has no interest in being held accountable & why would it when it can just weaponize identity politics to shield itself from any criticism. As the majority of the wealth in the U.S. gets even more concentrated at the top both capitalist parties are leaning into the culture wars & insisting that the problem is your neighbor to deflect from the fact that the problem has always been our capitalist & imperialist system.” (-Ryan Knight)

“If the invasion of Iraq was a “mistake”, western government officials would be residing in prison cells at The Hague, countless pundits and journalists would now be working behind cash registers in retail shops, and US foreign policy would have undergone a massive, dramatic overhaul. Instead the exact opposite has happened — the western officials who launched the Iraq War are esteemed members of elite society, the pundits and journalists who manufactured consent for it are at the top of their field, and securing US unipolar hegemony by any means necessary is the accepted status quo norm in mainstream politics.

This is because the Iraq War was not a “mistake”. It was a cold, calculated decision which had precisely the effects it was intended to have: the advancement of western energy interests, greater geostrategic control, and the expansion of the US war machine in key geostrategic regions. Someone who makes a “mistake” doesn’t get everything they always wanted as a result and suffer zero consequences for the damage it caused. That’s what happens to someone who took a deliberate, calculated action in their own interests.

You can only pretend the Iraq War was a “mistake” if you accept the official reasons for starting it: getting those WMDs, spreading freedom and democracy to those poor Iraqis who we love, and making the Middle East a safer and more peaceful place for everyone. It’s not okay for grown adults in the year 2023 to believe those were the real intentions behind the invasion of Iraq.

If the invasion of Iraq was a mistake there would have been changes put in place to make sure nothing like it ever happens again. Those changes were never made because they thoroughly intend to do similar things in the future.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Popular Resistance on Twitter: “Claudia de la Cruz of The People’s Forum on why we are here in Washington DC to say NO to the war machine and YES to building international solidarity with the working class for peace and prosperity. @PeoplesForumNYC” / Twitter

“Russia’s war is a horrific war but it pales in comparison to the crimes of the US empire. We must bring them all to a stop … How idiotic to you need to be to think we can take on Russia and China at the same time? ” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

CODEPINK on Twitter: “We’ve got some balloons Biden might want to take a look at! #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy #FundPeopleNotWar” / Twitter

“They want you to think that it’s morally right to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to fight to the last Ukrainian. We are here today to say no, no to the war machine, no to the proxy war in Europe!” (-Eugene Puryear)

We have an urgent stake in this war bc this is for the defense of humanity. We cannot continue to stand by & watch the US govt play with our lives. They do not care about the Ukrainian people. Ukraine is a battleground in their war.” – Claudia De la Cruze of @PeoplesForumNYC

Gabriel Shipton on Twitter: “We’ve been speaking to students in the USA about what Julian Assange case means to their future, freedoms and fundamental rights! Here is a great article post chat with University of Maryland Journalism students!” / Twitter

Rania Khalek on Twitter: “Omali Yeshitela, chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party recounting being violently raided by the FBI last year, accused of being agents of a foreign power “because we say Black people must be free! We need you to be opposed to colonialism!”” / Twitter

‘Macron Resign!’ French Protests Intensify Over Attempt to Force Retirement Age Hike ( solidarity!

the guy who chose Obama’s cabinet members Opinion | Jamie Dimon Is Poised to Benefit Most From This Banking Crisis | Common Dreams

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Groups Vow to Sue Biden for Ignoring Demand to End Drilling on Public Lands (


Stop Calling The Iraq War A ‘Mistake’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

CODEPINK on Twitter: “TODAY IS THE DAY! Hundreds of organizations are coming together for #PeaceInUkraine and against endless US wars! If you’re in DC come join the CODEPINK contingent! Just look for our team by the big pink wheelbarrows. Watch this space for live updates throughout the day…” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “Beautiful weather in D.C. today!☀️ Get ready to march! 🫡” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “Getting ready to rally! ☀️ #fundpeoplenotwar” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Re: Putin and ICC Bill Clinton – Yugoslavia, Bush – Iraq, Obama – Libya, Hillary Clinton – Libya, Trump – Venezuela. They all killed people in Somalia, Yemen, and Afghanistan. War crimes!” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “They should all be in jail. But the US passed a law forbidding turning over US citizens for war crimes and claims a right to break them out of jail in the Hague. Yes. They did that.” / Twitter

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “BT is on the ground interviewing activists as they make 150 signs to get ready for the March 18th demonstration calling for Peace in Ukraine.” / Twitter

The People’s Forum on Twitter: “🏭 The U.S. military alone is the largest carbon emitter in the world.” / Twitter

The People’s Forum on Twitter: “📈This money, and the $50 billion the U.S. has sent to Ukraine, goes to multinational weapons corporations like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, which are seeing record profits.” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “Saturday, March 18 marks the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. We will be marching in Washington, D.C. at 1pm to say NO to the US government’s war drive, NO to endless wars, and NO to austerity!” / Twitter

Gloria La Riva on Twitter: “20 years ago the US began its war & occupation of Iraq. But 1991 was the start: “Desert Storm”, 43 days of US bombing that destroyed Iraq’s civilian infrastructure, water, electricity, food, etc. Then 12 yrs of total blockade, killing 1.5 million Iraqis. But U.S. imperialism…” / Twitter

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “20 years ago, the politicians and their media stenographers united to peddle the lie that Iraq had WMDs. The war left over a million dead and gave rise to ISIS. All the same figures still control public opinion and run the country. Here are some of the lies they told: (1/10)” / Twitter

International Peoples’ Assembly on Twitter: “Under the slogans “Peace in Ukraine—Negotiations not escalation,” “Fund People’s needs, not the war machine,” and “Say no to endless US wars and sanctions—Abolish NATO,” over 200 organizations are rallying and marching from the White House on March 18.” / Twitter

IRAQ 20 YEARS: Caitlin Johnstone — Bush-Era Neocons Should Shut Up About Iraq (And Everything Else) (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “I wish Americans had half this energy. We’re too busy purity testing attendance at events.” / Twitter

WATCH: Anti-War Rally at the White House LIVE (

Dan Kovalik on Twitter: “China brokers historic peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia while the U.S. and collective West reject peace and diplomacy” / Twitter


Nowadays, some kid with his parent’s credit card can find out about everything online and release his own rehashed/recycled versions of everything, overnight almost, but when we were kids, there were only 3 tv stations and they weren’t playing the latest hip shit from England. When I was growing up, I had Elvis, Suzi Quatro as Leather Tusquedero on “Happy Days”, Sha Na Na, Bay City Rollers, David Essex. It was a long time before I found out about David Bowie and the NY Dolls. I’m from a smalltown in Kentucky. My cousins still like get awards for cows, sell cows for big money, that kinda thing. I was never gonna be a 4-H blue ribbon kid, cause I had this spark inside of me from a young age. When I heard Stray Cats, I loved ’em. The Stones and Doors, though…! That’s what really got me.

Man ya know summa us old school underground punknrollers have seen how the evil muzak industry has hijacked all our old influences and turned them stupid for their bullshit billionaire brainwash agendas, destroyed our favorite places, taken music videos off the air and replaced ’em with unreality show “lifestyle programming” which is mostly just douchey rich kids gloating on beaches, and as Chris Hedges has observed, the takeaway message of all those shows is to be ruthless, undermine your friends, backstab, lie, cheat, steal and vote somebody off the island. I’m not into any of that shit or the nu fauxwoke occult pop muzak which is always the same bullshit about industry slaves selling out to the man, disassociation, monarch programming, all that garbage. Meanwhile, all the old geezers are being “replaced” with theses sucky substitutes. Pig media keeps trying to tell us Lady Gaga is Bowie or some shit, it’s just horrible. We here at the Out Crowd outback bonfire down by the railroad tracks, we try to more properly remember our forebears, even and especially bands who came before us who aren’t particularly venerated by that sham hot garbage evil pyramid scheme industry Hall Of Hypocrisy. One great band, like Suicide and the Hollywood Brats, who never get enough credit or respect, espacially not in the phony baloney selective outrage safespace times, is SILVERHEAD! Robbie Blunt, Rod Rook Davies, Nigel harrison, Pete Thompson, and Michael Des Barres were makin’ our kinda raucous racket with style and flair and runny mascara all the way back in 1972, I was only like two, when they were tearin’ up stages and layin’ down all those hedonistic rocknroll classics, “Hello NY”, “Rollin’ With My Baby” and “16 & Savaged”. After breakin’ up in ’74, Michael went on to front Detective on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label before joining Checkered Past with various Blondies and Sex Pistols. Nigel joined Nite City with keyboardist Ray Manzarek and Rare Earth guitarplayer Paul Warren, making two record store memorable albums with those guys before goin’ on to fame and fortune with Blondie. He wrote “Union City Blue” and “One Way Or Another” but was awkwardly rejected when he wished to appear alongside his former bandmates at that Sham Of Fame induction, which was sad. Michael Des Barres of course became a shit hot character actor appearing in tons of movies and tv shows, replacing Robert Palmer in the Power Station, and having that documentary about his life made which we reviewed here awhile back. When I see and hear old Silverhead, ya know I’m like, “THAT’S how ya do it!” I still love that band, in style or not. I hope they release a dvd of those reunion concerts they did in Tokyo awhile back.

Silverhead – Rolling With My Baby – YouTube

Sixteen and Savaged – Silverhead – YouTube

Silverhead – More Than Your Mouth Can Hold [Trailer] – YouTube

Silverhead live at the Paris Theater in London in 1973. – YouTube

Michael Des Barres and The Mistakes – Hello New York Live – YouTube

Intro / Heavy Hammer (Live, Sportpalast, Berlin, 7 February 1973) – YouTube

Please Stay – The Michael Des Barres Band (LIVE at the Viper Room) – YouTube

Michael Des Barres – White Light/White Heat – SXSW 2010 (1 of 6) – YouTube

Silverhead In Concert – 1973 – Nights At The Roundtable: Mini-Concert Edition – Past Daily: News, History, Music And An Enormous Sound Archive.

Michael Des Barres – Home


Another underrated band that formed when I was just a kid of like maybe five, were the mighty SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS from Manchester who took their name as a tribute to Bowie & Ronson and infamously opened for the Pistols at that notorious Lesser Free Trade hall gig in ’76. Rob Gretton helped them finance their first single, “Cranked Up really High” and later on managed Joy Division. I probably first saw ’em in the “Punk Rock Movie” on some older friend’s third hand copied bootlegged VHS when I was maybe 16, I knew some older dudes who were self proclaimed punks and they lived close to a used record store and gradually acquired a room full of weird records including “Bite Back” and “Do It Dog Style”. Mostly I hungout with those guys cause they never stopped buying beer and cigarettes and their parents let them do whatever they wanted so we spent a lot of time in the unfinished back room of their house where they wrote graffiti all over the walls, jumping up and down and drinking heavily and blaring the Dogs loud enough to disturb their very conventional smalltown neighbors if not their indulgent, perpetually pajama clad, slow moving, Southern Fried elderly parents. In those years, in the cornfields of the Midwest, the older people we met, who’d gone away to college in big cities and shit, who knew about punk, were mostly like hardcore people into Black Flag and Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and did I mention Black Flag? I was always comin’ from more of a new wave background, so a band that was punk but also dressed cool and were heavily Slade and Bowie influenced, that was right up my alley. I liked bands who could write songs and have memorable lyrics and catchy melodies. They kinda probably pointed the way to the kinda songs we’d end up writing two or three years later. I’m happy the UK still has that Rebellion festival and “VIVE LE ROCK” magazine who still celebrate this kinda underground punk culture and tradition. I always love when the originals reunite. I’m a sentimental sap like that.

Slaughter & The Dogs – Cranked Up Really High (single 1977) – YouTube

Slaughter And The Dogs – Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone – YouTube

Slaughter And The Dogs – Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone – YouTube

Slaughter And The Dogs – We Don’t Care – YouTube

Slaughter and the Dogs – Since You Went Away – YouTube

Slaughter and the Dogs – Quick Joey Small – YouTube

Slaughter & The Dogs “Dame To Blame” Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK 8/7/16 – YouTube

Slaughter and the Dogs Club 100, London 10.02.2017 – YouTube

Slaughter & The Dogs – Boston Babies – YouTube

Slaughter And The Dogs – Live at Rebellion Fest 2022. – YouTube


“You gotta watch some of these folks who claim to be against the war in Ukraine, but it’s bc they want a war on China. That’s gonna be the case as long as you have imperialism.” (- @freedomrideblog of @blkagendareport)

National March on Washington: Fund People’s Needs, Not the War Machine! – YouTube

Militarized Healthcare | Childrens Health Defense

Nuclear Plant, Minnesota Officials Hid 400,000-Gallon Leak of Radioactive Water for Months (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “A tiny piece of the horrors that Assange exposed. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

JOHN KIRIAKOU: Reckoning with a Major Twitter Troll (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “He’s right. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Clare Daly on Twitter: “Armchair warmongering from Brussels shows a shameful lack of empathy for people dealing with the gruelling realities of this war. As MEPs chant “glory,” Ukraine is burning through a generation of men, never to be replaced. It is callous and insensitive to what is being lost.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “LOL” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Thank you, Melbourne. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Andy Worthington on Twitter: “A rainy selfie taken after speaking about #Guantanamo & the prisoners’ art at a ‘teach-out’ on the @KCL_UCU picket line today, one of several ‘teach-outs’ I’m involved in, bringing a message of solidarity from self-employed writers & activists everywhere!” / Twitter

The Tragic Reality of Rachel Corrie’s Death – Original

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “This is how capitalism actually works. The dinner deals w/ the liberal Black Mayor, right-wing white conservative Gov. & the corporate overlords. These are the rooms that plan Cop City, continued low wages, tax giveaways, gentrification, & land deals for the rich. #StopCopCity” / Twitter

The Not-So-Winding Road From Iraq to Ukraine – Original


ChuckModi on Twitter: ““This military industrial complex is out of control! We’re here to talk about the water in Jackson, MS & Flint, MI; the need for healthcare, education, all of that is being lost w/this war machine sucking every bit of resources.” #FundPeopleNotWar #PeaceinUktaine @EugenePuryear” / Twitter


“I’m not Pro-Putin, I’m anti-American warmongering. If Russia overthrew Mexico’s Gov’t, replaced it with a Gov’t that hates the US and then started training and arming their soldiers to fight us, none of these people flying the Ukrainian flag would be saying our Gov’t should ignore it. I’m gonna keep showing that truth and more until brainwashed Americans stop repeating the propaganda they’ve been fed that this was totally unprovoked. I’ll keep showing the recording of Nuland picking Ukraine’s new Gov’t before the coup.

Video of Graham and McCain pushing Ukraine into war with Russia after a signed Peace Agreement. Ukrainians burning Russians alive in Odessa after the coup and Ukraine shelling Donbass.

Our Gov’t doesn’t care about us, but you think they care about Ukraine. This is a war our Gov’t spent years provoking, with the UK put a stop to a Peace deal last April, is prolonging by providing Ukraine with weapons, and lying to us about Ukraine having a chance to win.

The people we’ve allowed to be in power are pure evil. For all the propagandized people out there,

Russia beat Ukraine a long time ago. Ukraine is now totally relying on NATO for weapons, cash, training and intelligence. Russia is at war with NATO- Ukraine is just responsible for doing the dying for them. Americans

List the countries that are responsilble for the deaths of more civilians than the US in the last 25 years and we’re including sanctions. I realize now that many Americans have heard the word “sanction” so much that they have no idea that it means we are going to try to make innocent people suffer and die in other countries hoping they will turn against their Gov’t. China is making Peace deals, the US is fueling a war they provoked.” (-Black In The Empire)

“The Democrats are so bad that Trump can make a sorta plausible lesser evil case for himself.” (-Aaron Good)

“This is a proxy war but also a dress rehearsal for a bigger war on China. Think about the dimensions of the madness here: the US couldn’t defeat the Taliban but wants to go to war w/ Russia & China. Crazy. Yet there’s no debate. “(- @BrianBeckerDC, director of@answercoalition)

“It’s not a “whataboutism” to say it’s absurd to charge Putin with war crimes without charging Bush, it’s a completely devastating argument against the claim being made. If the law doesn’t apply to everyone, then it’s not the law, it’s just corruption. It’s a tool of the powerful.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


Scott Ritter on Twitter: “23 years ago John Kerry and Chuck Hagel told me to make my case that Iraqi WMD didn’t pose a threat to the US worthy of war. I did so in this article. Hillary Clinton ignored it. Joe Biden called me a traitor for writing it. Because it was the truth.” / Twitter

Rania Khalek on Twitter: “We’re live-streaming today’s antiwar rally in DC at the @BTnewsroom YouTube channel, be sure to tune in if you couldn’t make it. I’ll be there coming to you live as well!” / Twitter

Zoe Alexandra on Twitter: “Beautiful day to protest the US war machine #FundPeopleNotWar” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “And what hope remains for any justice in the world if they can successfully threaten judges out in the open? What keeps them from threatening SCOTUS? We already know they are surveilled like the rest of us, 24 hours a day.” / Twitter

BUDDYHEAD ☭ on Twitter: “Abby Martin and Oliver Stone discuss The Dulles Brothers and the history of the CIA. Full video on @EmpireFiles @AbbyMartin @TheOliverStone” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “The war started in 2014, but nobody cared about the people in Donbass being killed by Ukraine” / Twitter

Boom: Trilateral Commission Declares “2023 is Year One of this new global order” – Activist Post

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Protests Erupt After France’s Macron Bypasses Parliament To Pass Pension Reform – Activist Post

Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter: “We need to offer a clearer alternative to the Tories’ failed economic experiment. That means supporting striking workers, not just in their demands for decent pay, but in their vision for a more equal society. Union solidarity is what takes us forward!” / Twitter

Anya Parampil on Twitter: “My message to last month’s @No2NatoNo2War rally in London: We are living through the growing pains of a new world. NATO does not serve the interests of average citizens on either side of the Atlantic. The people of the US, UK, & beyond want to be part of…” / Twitter

unusual_whales on Twitter: “BREAKING: California Governor Gavin Newsom lobbied the White House and Treasury on the bailout of Silicon Valley Bank, without disclosing that his private wineries had reportedly been the bank’s clients & he may have even had a personal account at the bank, per the Intercept” / Twitter

⏳Andrew Z Smith⌛#TeamAssange 🍀 #CloversForAssange on Twitter: “Join me March 22nd at 7pm Eaton Township Hall Ross “Environmental” Services has burned over 500 tons of waste from East Palestine They are trying build a chemical landfill in farm country Help me stop them!” / Twitter

Robert W Malone, MD on Twitter: “How Covid lockdowns primed the current financial crisis – The Grayzone” / Twitter

EPA tells states not to block waste from Ohio derailment –

Status Coup News on Twitter: “CALL US: East Palestine Ohio ABANDONED, Bank Bailout, 2024 w/ @JordanChariton LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “ASSAD: “I believe that World War III is underway, but different in form… wars are going in the direction of proxy wars. Zelensky now wages war on behalf of the West with his army of Nazis. Same thing, terrorists armies acting on behalf of the West, as in Syria and elsewhere.”” / Twitter


I haven’t thrown my back out in a long time, but managed to somehow. Up early with the cats again, still dark outside. It’s like a two mile hike to the nearest gas station so I have to confront the cold outside and ask myself if I’m ready to walk a mile for a Camel or if I want that Bud to be for me. I’m hearing Henry Rollins in my head, that old Henrietta Collins ep. Also, Bill Hicks singing commercial jingles mocking our programming that still has me in a bit of it’s spell. Last night I dreamt me and the old natureboy sideman Nasty Bastard were on a softball team with Axl Rose. I don’t have a whole lot of sports dreams, I can tell ya that. To me, “Sports” is a lousy Huey Lewis album, right? Not a sporto, not even on the big game days. I think it’s cause I saw Axl sing at Lisa Marie’s funeral and then guest star with Carrie Underwood, who did all his old dances energetically, he kinda looks like a hulking wrestler nowadays but at least he got rod of the absurd cornrows. I saw an advertisement for the Rainbow Bar & Grill 51st anniversary show being headlined by Geoff Tate who summa my smalltown sorta nerd friends loved, but I was never into the high pitched singing and scoffed at pseudo intellectual sci-fi metalheads who would actually repremand me in the metal years for not having the high pitched screechy vocal range. The Queensryche album “Operation Mindcrime” was taken really seriously by the metal dudes I knew, the way the hippies and the boomers revered Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, in the decades before they plugged into the propaganda machines and all became pro war slogan echoes. The Rainbow bash will be co hosted by Danny Nordahl the prince of the party and Jesse Camp, that dude who made it on MTV right when they were switching over to douchey boyband Axe cologne lifestyle programming. Man, that guy got on my nerves with his fake surfer valley girl Spicoli speak and it felt like he’d stolen my backstory about running away to Saint Mark’s Place as a kid, but they really gave him the big heave ho industry shove-paid Bubble to be his studio band, put Stevie Nicks on his album for a duet. It still only sold about as many copies as my old 45.Faster Pussycat are worth seein’, cause Taime and Danny got a rambunctious lineup of energetic blouses doin’ alla the old Brent n Greg moves with plenty of youthful gusto. It says  the Zeros will be there too, now does that mean Sammy Serious and some ex Astro Vamps or Revlon Reds or Foxxy Roxx kids in purple wigs, or the real lineup that played the big reunion show at the Whiskey? I dunno, but if it’s the original Mr. Insane, Joe Normal, Danny Dangerous bunch, I’d go see them if I was one of you El Lay people. “Lizzy Borden, Santa Cruz and many more…”

Rainbow Bar & Grill’s 51st Anniversary Party featuring Geoff Tate | Facebook

On my own until the late afternoon so ya know I got my electronic dog deterrant, my Spiderman backpack, my leather jacket and gloves, my big trail stick, psyched myself up for a dangerous long walk through perilous terrain, but by the time I hit the street in the freezing rain and already heard all the big dogs barking down the road, I could feel my bad lower back is out again and said, “fuck this” and retreated back into my warm house, where I’ll be reading a stack of “Cowboy & Indians” like coffeetable slick magazine for rich farmers, I gotta stack of ’em for free. Hopin’ maybe I can resell ’em online to some rich rancher’s wife.


Remember when that jammy grunge bongwater flannel shirt wounded beagle band, Pearl Jam supposedly “took on” Ticketmaster for five minutes before Congress patted them on the head and sent them back to their smoky, self congratulating Seattleland treehouse mansions? Burntout Recluse remembers. Van Morrison told Michael Goldberg that the music industry is more tightly restricted than the banks and it seems like that guy knew what he was talkin’ about. Those greedheads just squeeze and squeeze us Divided Slaves Of Amnesia like we squeeze out the last bits of ten dollar toothpaste. I can’t imagine being rich enough to even contemplate buying tickets to some big show. If I was somehow magically made Lotto ticket middle class somehow, it’d be hard for me to refuse seeing the Cure, Billy Idol, Duran, or that Cruel World festival. I love all those old new wave geezers!

The Cure’s Robert Smith says Ticketmaster will partially refund “unduly high” ticket fees (

Record label sharks be damned. Barracudas re-issue is a revelation | Reviews (

David Essex – Rock On (Audio) – YouTube

You’re Not What I’m Looking For – YouTube

Slaughter and the Dogs “Situations” live 2017 – YouTube

SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS – “You’re a bore” – YouTube

“I don’t believe any claim until its been labeled “Russian disinformation” by the main stream media.” (-Garland Nixon)

“Narcissists can’t ever be wrong. They will bend reality in order to pretend they are right. When you have a group of them all reassuring each other that their shared delusion is fine and that group just happens to have the ability to brainwash a nation into war, that’s a problem.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


So the French people will still rise up and fight back against the Klaus puppet Macron pushing laws that nobody wants without so much as a vote. Of course, the corporate owned richpeople gestapo kkkops and private mercenaries who do state violence for their masters will always beat the people for protesting. Then they get arrested, have criminal records and the real crooks have martinis in the ivory towers and always get away with their crimes against the poor. My own country have been trained to NOT protest, to NEVER so much as march politely, cause they don’t wanna offend any rich people, or inconvenience business owners. Only time people mobilize here is in some election year astroturf “women’s march” intended to benefit the DNC or during a controlled BLM moment designed to channel our healthy, righteous rage back into the illusion our votes somehow make a difference even after years of seeing all the pretty talkers get elected only to vote with the far right warpigs, or corporate state anti poor people elites, it’s sad. Only protest I’ve ever seen where I live, is when some evangelical teenagers convened to sing gospel on a corner, some new age feminist Wiccan witch ladies came outside their new age boutiques to make noise and try to disrupt them, cause they felt triggered and offended. That’s how intollerant the fauxleft has become in my country, if you don’t share someone’s religious beliefs, so what, have some civility, treat people like you wanna be treated, but no. The pig-media keeps all the people arguing over bullshit. Different preferred sexual positions, different menus, or even shit none of us have any control over, it’s sad, really. Both Democrats and Republicans Love The Rich & HATE The poor. Both Democrats and Republicans Love War & cancel and defriend, shun, and blacklist people who hold their fave politicians accountable. Shitlibs think we are all obliged to unconditionally worship female politicians like goddesses on Mt. Olympus cause that’s what they wre taught at the expensive Navel Gazing University. Got their advanced degrees in Fraudsquad Studies. I have associates who think that protesting is wrong, bad, shameful, something they would never do, unless of course rich women on tv ordered them to, for “science and diversity”. There is a big march on Washington tomorrow, another antiwar rally, but no one I know is participating cause they’re all busy signaling their obedience on Facebook, taking backstage selfies with replacement members of old bands who got lucky in the seventies. That kinda thing. They have all been trained to hate the Russians, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Muslims, the Iranians, the Palestinians, the homeless…Everybody but their actual rulers, and exploiters, their true oppressors. I’ll show them stuff about how Flint was never repaired and how all the guilty politicians got off, and they’re like “NA NA NA NA NA NA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!! OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!” That’s like all they know how to say, now. “OBAMA, OBAMA, THANK YOU OBAMA, DOCTOR JILL BIDEN FOR SCIENCE! DOCTOR, DOCTOR, DOCTOR, DOCTOR! OH, THANK YOU OBAMA! OBAMA, OBAMA, CLASSY OBAMA, WOKE AND CLASSY OBAMA, WOKE AND WOKE AND WOKE AND WOKE…”

They think the Maga people are propagandized and brainwashed, but never themselves, and it’s all Trump or Putin’s fault. Or Chapelle, they really hate him.

FRANCE FIGHTS BACK! I can always identify more with resistance cultures than I can they obedient hut two slaves.


Status Coup News on Twitter: “”In my home, u can smell the fumes outside, u can smell the fumes inside; no one should’ve been in their homes, we all should’ve been evacuated, it should’ve been a 10 mile radius. We were failed repeatedly, it’s criminal what we endured, it’s criminal what we’re still enduring”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”Absolutely no one knows how bad this is, how deep into the banking sector it reaches; if you hear someone telling you this has been contained, that’s silly—no one can know that…it’s unclear how bad this will get,” -@profwolff on #SVB Bank Crisis” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “EPA & Norfolk Southern HID TRUTH on #EastPalestineOH Explosion, Toxins – Risk Engineer Specialist tells @StatusCoup… via @YouTube” / Twitter

The shitlibs and wingnuts don’t care, they wanna tell you more about their collection or who they slept with four decades ago. Status Coup News on Twitter: “”No one is helping us, people are sick, today I feel like my throat is tightening up; I am suffering forms of PTSD, I began counseling…we are in a living hell and no one is helping us,” -#EastPalestineOH resident Lonnie Miller. NS train derailment occurred in her front yard.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The Disappearing Of Julian Assange: The Archibalds The third mixed media piece in my online art exhibition about the way Assange’s image is being methodically erased from the collective consciousness.” / Twitter

“It would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerously pathological how the U.S. and Europe refers to themselves as the “world.” Most of the real world sees the U.S. as greatest threat to peace & U.S./Europe as an existential threat to collective humanity. can anyone figure out what the U.S. strategy is supposed to be with all of these escalations targeting the Chinese? Also, does anyone know why the Chinese & Russians became the enemy?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

John Pilger on Twitter: “Only former Prime Minister Paul Keating has broken the craven silence surrounding the Australian Labor govt’s push to war with China. For speaking the truth, Keating has been abused by witless journalists, who are warmongers. He is right. Dead right.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Iraq war Vet, Mike Prysner, Speaks at Peace In Ukraine Rally | #PeaceInUkraine | CODEPINK | Black Alliance for Peace” / Twitter


Morgan Artyukhina, Pesah a la Mano 🧹 on Twitter: “This is how a new anti-war movement is inaugurated ✊️✊️✊️” / Twitter

ChuckModi on Twitter: “The people united at DC Rally #FundPeopleNotWar #NoUSWars #peaceinukraine” / Twitter

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