“Darken the city night is a wire steam in the subway earth is afire do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do…” (- Simon LeBon)

“Christ. We can’t been get people to come together on ending the fucking wars. Buncha punk ass clowns making it about podcasters and personal feelings. Out here just doing the work of empire for them. We are fucked. I’m embarrassed for y’all.” (-Sarcasm Stardust)

Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “”I think it’s inconsistent to tell the American people that you oppose the war and, yet, you continue to vote to fund the war. Because every time you vote to fund the war, you’re reauthorizing the war all over again.” -@Dennis_Kucinich #RageAgainstWar” / Twitter

⏳ Action 4 Assange ⌛ on Twitter: “Rage Against the War Machine and Free Julian Assange w/ @jimmy_dore & @rustyrockets! #RageAgainstWar #FreeAssange” / Twitter

” “Putting missiles 5 minutes from Moscow – that’s provocation. Putin is in the same position as JFK was 60 years ago. He sees an existential threat. He’s not going to back off”.” (-Ray McGovern)

“Learning how the Communist government of Cuba increased literacy from 47% to 96% in just 8 months really gives you a sense of just how much capitalism is holding back human creativity, development and well-being.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“Any society that allows their fellow citizens to sleep on sidewalks and under bridges in the middle of winter while they spend billions on the largest military budget in history is a broken society.” (-Prof Zenkus)

“These people risking a nuclear war have a plan to survive it, do you? Our Gov’t will spend the next couple of years working even harder to prepare us to be ok with the insane idea of waging war against China.” (-Black In The Empire)

“If the Biden regime was truly “determined to provide any and all assistance” to Syrians they would:

1) Stop militarily occupying 1/3 of the country 2) Stop stealing 66,000 barrels of oil from them per day 3) Stop actively sabotaging rescue efforts by lifting the sanctions” (-Wyatt Reed)

“A sizeable percentage of the people who shriek at me for criticizing US foreign policy are Bernie Sanders progressives and black flag “anarchist” accounts. Very few of the people who think of themselves as fighting the power and opposing tyranny actually do. Still blows my mind how the empire can rob Americans blind, keep them poor, deprive them of all normal social safety nets, oppress them, exploit them, throw them into the largest prison system on earth, work them into the ground, and then convince them to be angry at China.”

(-Caitlin Johnstone)


Warrior Soul – I See the Ruins – Dewey’s Pub, Seymour CT, 8.3.13 – YouTube

Fuck the FCC – Steve Earle – YouTube

COINTELPRO 2.0: How the FBI Infiltrated BLM Protests After Police Murder of George Floyd – YouTube


There was a time in the 80’s when Terence Trent D’Arby seemed as arrogant as Oasis and maybe as talented as Prince. He was selling records as fast as Inxs or Michael Jackson or Madonna or Fine Young Cannibals, he was all over MTV and top 40 radio with his good looks, cool style, Sam Cooke like voice, but the record companies and muzak industry were so nefarious and crooked and corrupt and sinister, he changed his name and fled from stardom and told big slick magazines he was afraid of being offed by star whackers, of being x’ed out by the suits in the mansions. How fuckedup is that? Can you imagine what kindof horrors he must have witnessed to wanna quit being a rockstar and split for anonymity and obscurity? Before he died, Jim Morrison, who was being framed and pursued and threatened by the FBI and Cointelpro for bogus charges, he also said if he had the chance to do it all again, he’d do the lone artist in his little garden trip. He moved to France which is something I find myself dreaming of everytime I glimpse all those people in the streets fighting tyrants. I liked that tv show song JD Fortune did with INXS, it was good, but there’s obviously no replacing Michael Hutchence, but Sananda came closest. Sananda Maittreya is still out there creating beauty and making high quality music, even if he did not want to participate in the venal and grotesque monopoly media and their vile propaganda agendas. I really dig him! Always did. If you knew my old bandmate and songwriting collaborator, legendary midwestern new wave DJ, Bobby Cloyd (RIP) and have a copy of his version of “She Kissed Me”, please get me a copy. We were both really influenced by him when we were first learning how to sing and write songs as teenagers. Thank You.

Sananda Maitreya – Welcome to The MadHouse: The Costa Rica Sessions ! – YouTube

If You All Get To Heaven [LIVE 1988] – Sananda Maitreya – YouTube

Sananda Maitreya aka Terence Trent D’Arby Arsenio Hall Show part2 “interview” – YouTube

Sananda Maitreya’s Official Website!- Sananda Maitreya

Penelope Please – YouTube

Jimmy Dore To Tucker Carlson: RUSSIA Isn’t Our Greatest Enemy, It’s The MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX – YouTube

RBN LIVE TUESDAYS | The Pseudo Left Has More in Common with Conservatives Than The Radical Left – YouTube

The Propaganda Campaign for War with China Begins | Jamaal Bowman & AOC Called Out by Protesters – YouTube

““We are kind of in an arms race … We’re trying to educate the public and build our army to restore democracy.And they’re racing, at the same time, to put this infrastructure in place that will give them total control to destroy dissent and to disable any kind of insurgency or subversion and any difference with the official government dead narrative and the orthodoxies.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)


What is it about human nature that drives us to wanna communicate and seek out our bretheren? Nothing communicates as effectively as music, if you ask me. Flamin Groovies were one of the bands I discovered while working at a smalltown used record store in the eighties back when I was also first discovering Bowie, T Rex, the Stooges, Love, MC5, and the Doors. They were one of the groups I never stopped enjoying, that I took with me to every different town and every new relationship, throughout all those otherwise diminishing decades, since. Still an invaluable source of rocknroll inspiration, even in these dark days of Grammy Goat Worship, sucky muzak, needless wars, Wall Street swells one percent gouger inflation, billionaire dick rockets, killer kkkops and the wingnuts and shitlibs who love to superfund and hypermilitarize them, tv watchers who are stupid gullible cheerleaders of their own oppression, vacant storefronts on Main Street, inhumane impossibly jackedup rents, suffering people self medicating, evil oligarchs poisoning the poor, media glorification of spies and mercnaries, torturers, and alphabet gangs. If you play “SHAKE SOME ACTION” loud enough and close your eyes, you can travel back to freer, groovier, more beautiful and innocent times. Just try it! I’m happy some of those cats are still alive, and still at it, still treading the boards and makin’ a glorious racket!

Flamin’ Groovies – Slow Death & Shake Some Action – (Live in Madrid 2015) – YouTube
Whiskey Woman – YouTube
The Flamin’ Groovies – Headin for the Texas Border – YouTube
Flamin’ Groovies “Crazy Macy” Music Video – YouTube
FLAMIN’ GROOVIES – Little Queenie (1972) – YouTube


 Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “🔥Featured Speaker @Judgenap🔥 #RageAgainstWar February 19th at the Lincoln Memorial. Please share, support, join us there✊” / Twitter 


MC5 – Looking At You (Live 1970) – YouTube
Nestlé’s Blatant Misconduct Shows Us the Darkness of Capitalism | CovertAction Magazine
Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Since 2015, the US government has sold at very least $28 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia – arms which it has used to help kill 400,000 Yemeni people. My investigation for @MintPressNews:” / Twitter
Ann Wright on Twitter: “Diplomatic Cables Prove Top U.S. Officials Knew They Were Crossing Russia’s Red Lines on NATO Expansion -Current CIA director Bill Burns when he was US Ambassador to Russia wrote the famous “Nyet means Nyet” cable on Ukraine membership in NATO.” / Twitter
Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “🔥Featured Speaker @AnnWright46🔥 #RageAgainstWar February 19th at the Lincoln Memorial. Please share, support, join us there✊” / Twitter
Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “🔥Featured Speaker @yopasta🔥 #RageAgainstWar February 19th at the Lincoln Memorial. Please share, support, join us there✊” / Twitter
Abby Martin and Immortal Technique: On the Brink of Civil War – Dandelion Salad (


I’m one of those people who’ve come to think the pig media lies to us about everything and all the people who fought against the evil industry or bucked the system-Tom Petty, Prince, Michael, George Michael, Strummer, Whitney, Hutchence, they all died young and under dubious circumstances. I miss George Michael alot, his songs always spoke to my heart. I mean, I remember HATING “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” as a kid, and got so sick of that fookin saxophone in the overplayed “Careless Whisper” it makes me cringe, but by the time I discovered “Kissing A Fool”, man, that song really captured how I felt about a young love I pined endlessly for in my teens and twenties. Something about that song still touches me. I was never really into Elton John or Freddy Mercury, but I still love George Michael shamelessly. His biographers say he was a shy chubby kid and never overcame that outcast self image which is why he needed the effortlessly cool winning Ridgely by his side in the early years, ruling class Andrew Ridgely was the one with all the natural race car driving, posh, pinup, Colgate commercial self confidence, he was really carrying George for awhile, even if one of them was obviously more talented, the other one was a true bon vivant. It’s his later day compositions when he was wrestling with his mourning and grief and sexual identity and spirituality and defending his artistry and being consequenced by the media and the system that his songs really took on galaxies of pathos and sincerity and deep emotional resonance. I can even remember being jealous of him in my early teens cause my first crush liked the way he looked, but you know, I don’t look anything like she would want her man to. That’s roughest stuff when you are young. George Michael was always at his best when he wrote and sang from his heart. Why don’t people do that anymore? Brandie Carlysle was the last one I remember being allowed into mainstream media who was singing with real heart n soul. The rest all seem like vapid sexdolls, controlled rappers with short life expectancies, and plastic puppets of death. (RIP)

Heal the Pain (Remastered) – YouTube
GEORGE MICHAEL “Father Figure” live – a tribute 1963-2016 – YouTube
George Michael, Kate Bush and Cyndi Lauper nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -… – Smooth (
George Michael – Freedom! ’90 (Official Video) – YouTube
George michael ” Cowboys & Angels ” Symphonica DVD – YouTube
George Michael – Praying For Time (Symphonica) – YouTubeGeorge Michael – Jesus to a Child (Official Music Video) – YouTube

…Not that many egomaniac rich people can laugh at themselves. I think it is extraordinary that he battled Sony so heroically, even if they got him in the end. As Clint Eastwood said in “The Unforgiven”, “we all got it comin’, kid”. Might as well standup for what you believe in.

George Michael – Outside (Official Video) – YouTube

George Michael Careless Whisper live 1984 – YouTube
Prince & The New Power Generation – 7 (Official Music Video) – YouTube
Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (Official Prison Version) (


 I been listening to Big Audio Dynamite and thinking about Dave Chappelle and Julian Assange, and everybody the system wants to silence for being offscript or the least bit disobedient. I had an uncool soldout shitlib who defends murderous kkkop gestapo murdering people, cause all they care about is their hometeam Blue No Matter Who gender war divide n conquer obey the Man in the tower shitshow political party, tell me I come off preachy and self righteous, when advocating for peace and opposing online censorship. A virtue signaling Hillarybot/AOC Boyfriend/Thank Obama told me I’m too preachy. Are you kidding me, man? I’d rather be accused of being too preachy for opposing empire and tyranny than ever become one of the cluless slogan repeating lemmings who wanna brag about all the tv they watch and echo. I can get along with all kinds people and find common cause with people from all walks of life who believe in freedom. One of my local allies is a troubled ex vet who thinks “Antifa is the most dangerous organization” In Amurkkka, but they are also opposed to lies for empire and spook surveillance, so already, I got more in common with summa their crowd than I do the shitlibs who just wanna waste time and energy protecting their special privileges by praising the superstar celebrities Nothing Will Change union buster/strike breaking scabs of the sellout Squad. The deepsate infiltrate every populist movement, that aint nothing new. Been goin’ on since the sixties, at least. Boots Riley and Jimmy Dore are the real left, not anybody from the Squad or fuckedup Private Plane/Endless coups warpig Pelosi. What happened to the Delta House I used to know? Ya know? Where are all the motherfuckin rocknroll people at? I aint talkin bout the rich kids with the hats asking their sugar daddies for for more cocaine money. I mean the rebels, the black sheep, the dropouts, the righteous risk takers and truth tellers and whistle blowers and people who believe in a free press, free speech, equal rights for all and my body/my rules, not just the super rich people with their Crayola Diversity Muppets used as feelgood props for boomers and yuppies, by seating some varying hued and gendered fascist enablers in the front row. I mean where are all the MC5 wildcats at? When are you gonna fight back to strike back? It’s crazy so many people I used to know have just plugged into MSNBC propganda rhetoric and gave up the ghost and joined the system and just obediently wait for more instructions from the tv millionaire propaganda whores. I shouldn’t have to be there in anybody’s zipcode for them to rememeber what we sued to be and who they say they are. It’s like invasion of the bodysnatchers or “They Live!” overe here in the states. Nobody stands for anything unless it’s some astroturf cable programmed bullshit slogan du juor. I keep broadcasting my little smoke signals from the bonfire by the railroad track but you know these stars and striped tv morons all watch fuckin’ “Dancing With The Fascists” and tune antiwar people like myself and Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka out, and never comeback on the CB radio, cause it might offend their bruncher pals. Ya know? Whatever happens to me, or my access to any platforms, just know there is a frequency you can tune back into that’s still seeking good times, righteousness, community aid, and mutual solidarity. You were supposed to be part of that movement, hey, remember? I’m still yellin’ in the face of the void out here in the coldass windy desert, still representin’, still calling upon all the real rocknroll people to do something from wherever you are, besides posting memes on social media, to raise awareness about the bullshit imperialist lies for war, to lend a hand to the houseless and the poor and to demand freedom for Julian Assange, Alex Saab, all whistle blowers and righteous political prisoners. I’m fucking SO IMPRESSED the French people get out on the streets and are ACTIVELY fighting back against the Future fascists leadership Klaus Schwab puppet who wants to fuck them over some more for his WEF billionaire bosses. The French stand for freedom, fight back, aint afraid to raise a ruckous. Murkkkans are all fuckedup in their greedy got-mine status seeking popularity hypnospell, too terrified to ever step outta line or say something true from their frozen hearts cause they don’t wanna be called all the fauxwoke names or get deplatfomed or cancelled by offending their higher ups. It’s pathetic and way beyond sad, what cowards the upwardly mobile joiners and belongsr and fame seekers have become since Obama convinced them that Bush/Cheney policies were somehow classy or woke. I have never seen a rockshow in my country on behalf of JULIAN ASSANGE, or against the ongoing Dick Cheney/Joe Biden forever wars of empire, except by ROGER WATERS. Pamela Anderson the ex Tommy Lee/Baywatch pinup has more rebel yell fightin’ the good fight instinct in her heart than every fucking post Nirvana fake assemblyline wannabe Green Day punque band put together! Thank You for your service, brave warrior! The rest of ’em? I’m losing faith, if you don’t care to learn the Nuspeak Commercial lingo it’s almost not even worth trying to comunicate with the Branch Covidian Pinkhat Blue Maga Cult, they will probably only throw you under the bus for refusing to learn the latest fad TikTok new age faux-woke asskiss lexicon, they are all Kalltha Kkkops Karens, who think they have the right to impose their preferred red carpet spokesmodel celebrities, and adverstisement based preferences, on you, and call that freedom. If you do still have a gang of likeminded soulbrothers and sisters who want to fight for truth and soul and freedom and peace, who are willing to jeopardize their Thursday Night DJ gig at the Local Asskisser Gentrification Popularity fake divebar, to resist tyranny and the Gates Reset/Forever War/Eat Zee Bugs & Own Nothing/Microchip Permenent Clampdown Dystopia, get organized, make fliers, create fanzines, write songs, some of you already have actual recording apparatus-that is a big privilege you should not ever take for granted, use it for good purpose, organize, play shows, demonstrate, speak out. Now is the time. If the Davos billionaires know that pop culture can be weaponized for evil, you should recognize it can be used for good, as well! ANNOUNCING: On February 19 we are going to Washington DC to Rage Against the War Machine! We will rally at the Lincoln Memorial with vets, speakers, rock bands, and comedians then march to the White House to demand an end to the billions going to Ukraine!

Dr. CBS on Twitter: “The African-American Studies Department at @waynestate is ending Black History Month with a banger! Michigan folks, tap in live and in person for “‘The Artist Must Take Sides’: Culture Work and Organizing Revolution” feet. @BootsRiley and @_Tongogara_!” / Twitter
Big Audio Dynamite – C’mon Every Beatbox – YouTube
Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “Just in! Former Green Party presidential candidate @DrJillStein will be speaking at Rage Against the War Machine on February 19.” / Twitter
Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “@SarcasmStardust “Sure I want to avoid a Nuclear War, but not with THOSE people” is the reveal you were never really willing to do anything that would actually end a war.” / Twitter
Mick Wallace on Twitter: “Julian #Assange who’s in prison for exposing #US #NATO War Crimes once said – “If War can be started by Lies, Peace can be started with the Truth” – About time Politicians + Mainstream Media told the Truth about the US / NATO Proxy War in Ukraine. We want Peace not War…” / Twitter
Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “The French people are fighting back against President Macron’s attack on pensions and his attempts to raise the retirement age for all, but The Economist frames this as being about “the right to be lazy”. 😡🇫🇷” / Twitter

The Democrats ARE Republicans, suckers! Democratic Leaders’ Craven “Socialism” Vote Is a Symptom of Political Cluelessness ( Leaders Join House Republican Attack on “Socialism” (

Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai: What Causes Inflation? – Dandelion Salad (
How a Network of Nazi Propagandists Helped Lay the Groundwork for the War in Ukraine | CovertAction Magazine


 Prof Zenkus on Twitter: “Being silent on Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria – all non-white and non-Christian populations and victims of US/UK/Israeli aggression while complaining only about Ukraine can be described as only one thing:” / TwitterRage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “🔥Featured Speaker @ChrisLynnHedges🔥 #RageAgainstWar February 19th at the Lincoln Memorial. Please share, support, join us there✊” / Twitter
Anya Parampil on Twitter: “If you’re not able to be friends with or protest war alongside people you disagree with, you might be in a cult You also have no chance at building a genuine popular movement for peace” / Twitter
Ann Wright on Twitter: “The U.S. needs to stop sending Israel $3.8 billion in military “aid” every year. Sign the global call on the U.S.! Israel is targeting the civilian population-schools, hospitals, government buildings, media offices!!” / Twitter
Rage Against the War Machine on Twitter: “That leaked @UnderSecStateP #VictoriaNuland call in 3 parts” / Twitter
Ann Wright on Twitter: “How the Rainbow Coalition Inspired Solidarity Between Appalachians and Black Panthers By Erinn Sweet – Welcome to UACC” / Twitter


Berlin – Metro – YouTube
Talk Talk – It’s My Life (Official Video) – YouTube
Too Shy – Kajagoogoo – YouTube
ABC – Look of Love (Live 2005) – YouTube
Good Girls Don’t by THE KNACK – YouTube

STOP WORSHIPPING EVIL RICH PEOPLE! Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Not only should billionaires not exist, it is imperative for the human species that they not exist.” / TwitterJaybefaunt🏳️‍🌈 on Twitter: “Wyatt Reed Joins! @wyattreed13 #JBto3K” / Twitter

“Dems in California just passed law CRIMINALIZING MEDICINE. Dr’s treating Covid with anything that doesn’t significantly boost profits for Big Pharma are punished. Stop with the B.S. left/right theater Dems crushed railroad union & U still pretending. People still fall for this?” (-Jimmy Dore)

Cities Are Spending More to Brutalize Homeless People Than It Would Cost to House Them (
No2Nato on Twitter: “Spot on from one of our fantastic speakers for 25 Feb @MaxBlumenthal discussing with @aaronjmate at @TheGrayzoneNews how the so called ‘ethical society’ @ConwayHall has cancelled our booking. #No2Nato #No2War #StopTheWar @georgegalloway @DerbyChrisW @M_Star_Online” / Twitter
Eugene V. Debs: We Should Scorn the Rich and Powerful, Even in Death (
Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Wow. A direct message from political prisoner Alex Saab, held by US for helping Venezuela. @freealexsaab” / Twitter
Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Fantastic news!!! Ola Bini found innocent!!!” / Twitter
Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab was extradited to the U.S.! He’ll be pressured to give up how Venezuela buys food, medicine & more under sanctions. Defying sanctions isn’t a crime. Sanctions are the crime! #FreeAlexSaab #SanctionsKill” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Also, despite the US sanctions, Cuba actually trains US medical students for free so that they can go back & serve in underprivileged communities. I spoke to a number of US students learning medicine on Cuba’s dime for this @MintPressNews investigation:” / Twitter

Anya Parampil on Twitter: “Other speakers include: @MaxBlumenthal, @jimmy_dore, @TulsiGabbard, @RonPaul, @RealScottRitter, @scotthortonshow, @ChrisLynnHedges, @KimIversenShow, @DanielLMcAdams, @DrJillStein & many more…” / Twitter
EmpireofLies on Twitter: “When the Warsaw Pact dissolved, NATO agreed not to advance eastwards. Is it any wonder why Putin calls the West the ‘Empire of Lies’? #NATO #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #SlavaUkraïni #Bakhmut #Putin” / Twitter
“The former Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett just confirmed what any rational observer could’ve surmised: Russia and Ukraine reached a preliminary agreement during the early phase of the war — “Both sides very much wanted a ceasefire,” Bennett said — but the US “blocked it.”” (-Michael Tracey)

Thomas Massie on Twitter: “McCain, Kinzinger, & others wanted to start a proxy war with Russia in Syria in 2017. I went on CNN to be a voice of reason because virtually no one else would. I ended up debating the CNN anchor for 7 minutes. Years later, it turns out I was right.” / Twitter

RFK, Jr. to Kim Iversen: ‘Nobody Ever Complied Their Way Out of Totalitarianism’ • Children’s Health Defense (

Chemical Weapon Cover-Up Revealed! (

This Study Could Be ‘Scientific Nail in the Coffin’ for Masks (

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “White House reporters should ask the Biden admin: as Syria suffers a catastrophic earthquake, will the US lift sanctions and abandon its stated policy of “preventing reconstruction”?” / Twitter

Declassified Australia on Twitter: “”The United States is not preparing to go to war against China. The United States is preparing Australia to go to war against China.”” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “At rally/caravan in Miami calling for an end to the US blockade on Cuba #LetCubaLive @codepink @Puentesdeamor1 @AllianceForCuba” / Twitter

Openly Pro-Israel Tech Group Now Has Control over UK’s Most Sensitive National Security Data (

“Biden’s Build Back Better was for Big Oil, Big Pharma and Big Weapons. How many times will our Gov’t have to be caught lying to us before Americans figure out that our Gov’t always lies to us? The United States has been knowingly arming and training Nazis in Ukraine for years and Americans don’t care.I don’t want to keep spending billions of dollars to get more Ukrainians killed. When other countries give the US their ‘Red Line’ our Gov’t gives them our ass to kiss, but when the US says they draw a red line it’s supposed to be obeyed by the world as gospel. Do Americans ever wonder what gives our country the right to threaten other Gov’ts for not doing what we tell them? They brainwashed us since our early childhoods The United States is not a force for good in the world Most of the world is trying to protect themselves from us. Americans have spent billions to get over 100,000 Ukrainians killed and 20% of their country taken. We could have spent nothing, and none of this would have happened if Ukraine didn’t listen to NATO and just honored the Minsk Agreement they signed. There is a balloon stuck in the tree outside my house.” (-Black In The Empire)

David Sacks on Twitter: “Naftali Bennett has no reason to lie: Putin invaded Ukraine to prevent it from joining NATO, and Biden rejected a peace deal that would have prevented Ukraine from joining NATO. This is what the war is really about. It’s a war over NATO expansion.” / Twitter

Guerrilla History Pod on Twitter: “🚨 New Episode 🚨 History as Propaganda, & Moving Beyond Capitalism w/ @LeeCamp The interview we did with Lee to discuss history as propaganda, moving beyond capitalism, and much more, plus a 50 minute intro/reflection to the interview!🔥 Ep is here 👉” / Twitter

“I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”

The US is Legitimizing Jewish Terrorism Against Palestinians (

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Dancing in Miami airport. Waiting for plane to Cuba. Bringing food and medicines with @Puentesdeamor1. #abajoelbloqueo #letcubalive” / Twitter LONG LIVE CUBA!

Cold Coffee, Windy Days and a “Native” Brand Cigarette

Been real windy where I live and the infrastructure’s crumbling and the city only pays for half measures, never really repair the fuckedup water pipes that are always busting and flooding the retail streets. Kinda like how big-pharma would rather “treat” diseases than cure them, same kinda thing. They hire through nepotism or military service but the fix it crews don’t even have the budget to fix anything. I went for a walk in the elements yesterday, tumbleweeds, styrofoam, and plastic Wal-Mart bags were flying in the air, everything clangin’ and dust bowl dirt devils get in your eyes. Rough week here in the poor town where I live, most everybody is being affected by the pressures of trying to make rent and fill the cupboards and make ends meet now that Biden has cut food stamps again smack dab in the thick of all his “nothing will change” superinflation, there are constant Rachel Maddow rah rah drumbeats for always more war, the faux-woke imperialism and bullshit identity politics, the health problems and constant threat of eviction, there’s dread and worry in the air here, you can see it all over the people with the sad sunken faces filled with that haunted traumatized crazy stressed out look on everybody’s horrified faces. Of course, some some rat racing, fattened up richer people still drive by in the big gas guzzling oversized vehicles, protected from the wind and packs of unleashed dogs and nurtty thin drug zombies walking behind the shops in the back alleyways. There are still some oblivious gotmine shit hoarders safely cloistered behind big fences on booj ranches and desert compounds but the Man is comin’ for them, too. They just don’t know it yet, they think they are safespace protected classes and if they just repeat what they are told on their tv’s enough times, they’ll get some kinda promotion from the higherups. Had a dream I was at the Grammies just bored to tears by all that propaganda they do on those award shows now, looking at McDonna and Harry Styles and Lizzo and Jay Z hot garbage and thinking this aint rocknroll, this is some weird fucked up tire fire cult ritual. McDonna is a plastic surgery disaster and she never appears in public without committing some real asshole vulgar display of blasphemy where she’s mocking Jesus Christ, a bit like oligarch scumbag Elon Musk, ya know, always the sme old shit-Blasphemy 101, a website called Vigilant Citizen monitors all that fake pop cult garbage in the pig media-it’s gotten pretty ridiculous, redundant and unattractive. Now I know firsthand why people would object to the fake abuser warpig whiteman version of Christianity pushed by all the capitalists and the Pentagon, but the McDonna debbil bullshit is old and tired and grotesque. She just sucks nowadays, so boring, so trite, ugly, predictable, nopt cool at all;, anymore. We get it, you worship money, the NWO, the big golden goat statue in the mansion, yeah yeah, weaponize disco, weaponize gay rights, but the Honky Death Machine still sucks, even with an evil priestess in an Egyptian headdress, even with a pinkwash disco ball and some gay dancers. It’s sad about McDonna, really, she started off kinda cool, cute, entertaining. “Lucky Star” and “Into The Groove” were a big part of our MTV eighties good times. Now I hear all the fake muzak, see all the fake fashion and hijacked civil rights movements and turn it off. Even my design shows became so controlled and predictable, like everybody knew who was preassigned to win on “Making The Cut”. The illuminati Met Gala dude who did all the usual masks and ugly monarch programmed industry slave shit. Duh, like we didn’t all see that coming.
 In the dream, I looked behind me where Duran Duran had been seated and the whole row was empty as if they had thought the same thing and split the scene with their model wives. Now I suspect in real life, those eighties jetset millionaires got no issue with the evil weaponzied muzak industry, but in the dream, they were with me and the Clash and the Angels. They cut outta the scene and went groovin’. I suspect Russell Brand is in bed with summa the same Rockefeller pyramid spooky debbil cult people as McDonna, Styles, Beyonce and his ex wife Katy Perry, his girlfriend’s a Rockefeller, he’s got a bigass Masonic tattoo, but for now, they have him doing some limited hangout operations where he is saying all the empire’s quiet stuff out loud. Could he have been a force for good? Easily, but so could anyone. I don’t think he’s really with us, he’s too culty and rich to be anything but controlled opposition, but I link to him because much of what he says is true. Most of the fame hags would rather hear it from him then me. I still worry he’s a phony on the take. You know, another Maddow/AOC/Obama.

Balloons vs Missiles – What’s Going to Start WW3?! – #074 – Stay Free With Russell Brand (

The Vigilant Citizen – Symbols Rule the World

MORE FAKES: Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “AOC & The Squad HATE Being The Majority Party | Progressives Relish Being in The Minority Premieres at 12PM ET WATCH” / Twitter

Some State Governments Are Passing Laws to Prevent Forced Microchip Implants – Activist Post

They put this monster in a Joan Jett movie, but she is gross. Identity politics is a sham. The patriarchy in pants suit:

Nikki Haley Is an Out-of-Touch Politician Who Thinks Life Is Too Hard for the Rich (

Carlos on Twitter: “huh. this story didn’t get much attention at the time. the pentagon planning to use spy balloons against china and russia.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Peru’s conservative millionaire ex President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard was a US citizen who spent half his life in the US (working at the World Bank, NYC banks, and mining corporations) Latin America’s right-wing oligarchs are modern-day conquistadores” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone (

Listen to this Article: Woke Imperialism (

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Rich Black Folks Love Capitalism More Than Black Liberation | Stephen A Smith Claims He’s a PROUD CAPITALIST It’s about Class Loyalty for Stephen A Smith Premieres at 1130AM ET WATCH” / Twitter

Shared Stories – by Sabra Marcroft – Between Worlds (

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “They have healthcare, they have DENTAL, and they still protest like this. Americans need to be more like the French.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““ So my question is, if there are so many types of MedDRA codes being invoked in the context of the COVID shots, and there are also ICD-10 codes to describe COVID-19, then why are there no ICD-10 codes to describe a single COVID-injection injury? ”” / Twitter

Was LBJ a “Serial Killer” Who Advanced His Career By Murdering at Least 6 Other Men Who Stood In His Way? | CovertAction Magazine

Serial Rapist Cop, Who Pulled Over Women to Rape Them at Night, Gets Insultingly Low Sentence – Activist Post

US Africa Leaders Summit promises more exploitation for Africa, record profits for US mining firms – The Grayzone

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Guatemala’s corrupt right-wing President Alejandro Giammattei (a dual citizen of Italy) is one of the only leaders in Latin America who backs NATO’s proxy war against Russia He met with Zelensky in Ukraine Indigenous leader Thelma Cabrera criticized him” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Guatemala’s former US-backed fascist dictator Efraín Ríos Montt oversaw massacres of Indigenous communities He was convicted in court of genocide & crimes against humanity His totally unapologetic daughter is running for president on a far-right platform” / Twitter

“People really don’t feel ridiculous defending either one of these corporate owned Parties do they? The leadership of the Dems and GOP are friends whose job is to make us hate each other.Apparently, the US Gov’t only hates Terrorists and Nazis when they can’t use them to destabilize a Gov’t they want to overthrow.” (-Black In The Empire)

Covid and the Three Tests of Compliance  ⋆ Brownstone Institute

Ruhida Malik 🇵🇰🇵🇸 on Twitter: “American politician Ajamu Baraka has strongly condemned the Israeli apartheid regime which is systematically slaughtering Palestinians.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Maddow makes $30 million a year from Comcast. Put another way, Comcast – every 30 days – wires $2.5 million into her bank account. That’s independent of all her other income. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are trying to escape the war she demands from the studio:” / Twitter

Unlimited Hangout

“Assange is still in prison for revealing US war crimes. NATO and US allies cannot be war criminals no matter who they invade, what they do or how many they kill. I believe that is a part of the ‘Rules Based Order’. I’ll keep showing you what our Gov’t is really doing with our money and how they lie to us The US is funding Nazism now and has been for year US lifts ban on funding ‘neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian militia. All the Americans that think the US is good, I’ll keep reminding you that less than a year ago our country gave a grand funeral celebrating the life of a woman that said “Killing 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it”.When the US ‘helped’ Libya they were the richest country in Africa and when the US finished with Libya a bunch of their gold and weapons disappeared, and their President was murdered They would up in so much chaos, open slave trading started. What makes it worse is when you watch the interview of how excited Gaddafi was to have a Black man become President of the US. Hillary Clinton thought it was funny.Well who cares, we’re America, we can do whatever we want, it’s only the other people who are bad.” (-Black In The Empire)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Starting LIVE, in 3 minutes…. That corporate media pursues a political agenda over truth is barely worth debating. But to which political agenda do they have their greatest allegiance? More US War. Plus: a key new RAND report on Ukraine reveals much:” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “You see how they mobilized the unthinking with the line about the horror of govt making decisions about Healthcare. You see for capitalists it should be them making those kinds of decisions.” / Twitter

Conversation with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | How The Powerful Captured The Public During The Pandemic (

Guaidó is Gone But London Keeps the Gold (

Lowkey and Sukhdev Reel Talk Justice for Ricky Reel (

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “As Chomsky notes, while the Harper’s Letter was in part addressed to the growing pro-censorship faction on the left, “cancel culture” is mostly used by the mainstreams. We did a show last week on how – on some issues – it can come from parts of the Right:” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “This is funny for myriad reasons:” / Twitter

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Dept. Seeks Dismissal of JFK Records Lawsuit (

“Remember when they put Powell and Mueller, 2 people they were sure we’d trust in front of us to testify that Iraq had WMD’s Remember how they lied their asses off under oath to all of us like it was nothing.  Remember how Bush joked about killing a million when there were no WMDs. Do people really look at Biden, Blinken, these Generals they put in front of us and that Sec of Defense from Raytheon Lloyd Austin and think “Yeah we’re definitely getting some truth outta them”? Who are we to talk about corruption in another military? For the 2nd time our Pentagon can’t account for trillions of dollars, we spend damn near a trillion on our military every year and now that we need to make 30 tanks they say it could take damn near a year. Are we corrupt? Our Gov’t spends more money on our military than our people when we have no real threat to us When we have so many of our citizens suffering, imagine the amount of propaganda it took to get us to allow this to continue to happen.” (-Black In The Empire)




“After all the damage our Gov’t has done around the world they have us losing our minds over make believe sound waves from Cuba, Hillary with horns memes from a Russian troll farm and a Chinese balloon. The US cares so much about Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy that Biden just went begging Saudi Arabia for oil, who we give weapons to commit a genocide and our Gov’t gives billions to an Apartheid State In other words, our Gov’t is full of shit. Don’t get me wrong there are leaders of countries outside the West that fully support the US The problem is that the US is the one that put them in power. The US couldn’t care less about Human Rights, Democracy or Sovereignty What rulers of this country care about is having control of other nations and if they don’t, those leaders become labeled dictators who must go Whether by coup, sanction, assassination or organized chaos. They are lying to you Most of the world may wish this war never started but they do not support the West. The West thinks it is all that matters in the world and can do whatever it wants The US said that Africa doesn’t support us because they don’t know better. They know.” (-Black In The Empire)

Anya Parampil on Twitter: “Roger is the real deal!” / Twitter

Anya Parampil on Twitter: “It’s time to build an anti-war movement fit for the times. No more labels, gate keepers, sectarianism, or vanity projects. Just a common sense call for peace. See you on the 19th.” / Twitter

Rage Against the War Machine (

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