“Being a child of wealthy parents is like being born into a cult whose entire focus is reinforcing class solidarity for the ruling class. Their social culture, academic culture, family culture etc are all dedicated to building an elite commonality that excludes the common riff raff.

That’s why the ruling class have such vastly superior class solidarity to the working class. Most of us aren’t raised with an acute awareness that we are very different from the ruling class and that their interests conflict with our own, but everyone in the ruling class is. By the time they’re mature enough to take the reins, members of the ruling class have been run through an entire cultural processing system dedicated to forming solidarity with their class, while the rest of us have been focused on keeping our heads above water.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The U.S. government is controlled by one party that has two corporate wings.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Russia is not the enemy. China is not the enemy. The U.S. military industrial complex controlling Washington’s reckless foreign policy is the enemy of all of humanity. In 2022, police in the United States killed 3 people per day on average. It’s time for the international community to hold the U.S. accountable for its heinous crimes against humanity. It’s 2022 and Joe Biden still hasn’t forgiven any student debt. But he has given Ukraine more than $100 billion in military aid. January 1st is not just a celebration of the new year. It is also the anniversary of two of the most important revolutions in human history: the Cuban and Haitian Revolutions. We owe both the Cuban and Haitian people a great debt for their service to humanity.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“When the contemporary ideologues of white supremacy – Zelensky, Macron & Biden talk about European values for those of us on the receiving end of those values we understand they are reaffirming the values of death. The Western claim of civilizational superior is quite bizarre. It rests on a negation. A negation of the equal value of non-Europeans & civilizations & the liquidation of the history of predatory colonial/imperialist relations between what became the West & the rest of humanity. I’m pretty confident that if Trump had been reelected there would be a couple hundred thousand human beings still alive in Ukraine & Russia. On the other hand, he probably would have given the green light to Israel to attack Iran by now. Now that former French President Francois Hollande confirmed the statement from Angela Merkel that the Minsk agreements were just a “ploy” to prepare for war does anyone believe that the U.S. was not in on that ploy? Wasn’t that the concern that Trump would not go along? He did. The debates in republican party between insurgents & elite mirror the debates in the democrat party in early 2020. The republican insurgency recognizes the elite is prepared to lose rather than support Trump. A decision also made by democrats when they colluded against Sanders.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The only reason we know about MKULTRA is because the CIA was unable to destroy all of the records due to a filing error.” (-Robert Skvarla)

Propagandopolis on Twitter: “‘Don’t give war toys’ — Belgian anti-war poster from 1981 urging parents not to give their children war toys for Christmas. Published by the youth wing of the General Labour Federation of Belgium and designed by ‘C.L. Baudhuin’.” / Twitter

Abby Martin on Twitter: “.@fluorescentgrey & I dive into the aftermath of oligarch Elon Musk’s takeover of twitter, restricting communication under the banner of free speech & the hidden (& not so hidden) motivations he really has” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “One day they will pay. In the meantime victory to the enemies of my enemy!” / Twitter

“According to the Lancet the number of Americans killed by police is actually double the official number every year. So that means 2022 saw closer to 2,400 murders by police. That’s 6.4 killings a day.” (-Lee Camp)

Samuel Sinyangwe on Twitter: “Police killed more people in America in 2022 than any other year on record. At least 1,176 people were killed by police nationwide – 3.2 killings per day.” / Twitter

AWKWORD on Twitter: “@samswey NEW: Samuel Sinyangwe talks tracking police violence… and much more” / Twitter

The CIA is using a European NATO ally’s spy service to conduct a covert sabotage campaign inside Russia under the agency’s direction, according to former U.S. intelligence and military officials. | Jack Murphy (

Maddow and her ilk are all just brazen bullshit propagandists Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Like any good conspiracy theorists, those who insisted that Trump’s tax returns would show deep Russia ties have gone quiet since the returns came out. Any update from @Lawrence on his 2019 claim that Russian oligarchs signed Trump’s bank loans? #BlueAnon” / Twitter

Max Abrahms on Twitter: “A common talking point was Trump won’t release his tax returns because they’ll show Russian collusion. MSNBC ran entire episodes on this point. Trump’s tax returns from 2015 to 2020 are now public. No media outlet or Democrat official has acknowledged their disinformation.” / Twitter


You know that old sci-fi movie from the 80’s starring Rowdy Roddy Piper has basically all come to pass exactly like that. You got those obedient consumer zombies of death and then a maligned minority who can kinda see what’s goin’ down and they get hassled and harrangued by all the Bot Armies and Insider Privileged, the shitlib fraud squads and the cancel culture tone police who think they are the dogooders. See that movie again and tell me it don’t make you think about almost everybody you used to know. It’s horrifying. Even those of us who learned from history are doomed to watch hopellessly as the programmed masses do it all again and again. I’ve personally seen way way too much bloodshed in real life to get off on horror movies like most Murkkkans, but this camp b movie just seems like the ugly reality of our surroundings, at this point. People will stand in line to get fucked over as long as they give ’em a little title or badge or sticker that makes ’em feel important. Like V.I.P.’s. 

THEY LIVE – Trailer ( 1988 ) – YouTube

They Live (1988) : John Carpenter : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Remember all the hoopla about how Black Lives Matter? Riots, justice tweeters tweeting, football player being shut out for taking a knee, agent provocateurs, all the virtue signaling fakes putting a bumper sticker on their Tesla and every greedy, exploitive, opportunistic corporation using the bandwagon to promote their products? That was just a couple years ago, but instead of defunding any racist murderous police, a diverse coalition of intersectional mass incarcerators just keep criminalizing poverty and homelessness, and protests in public spaces, and giving more military grade weapons and spy hardware to homeland security alphabet gangs and the same ole KKK crazy killer police. Not to mention actual nazis in the Ukraine. Shitlibs don’t seem to care about poor people in real life, they feel like complimenting Kamala, Beyonce, or Chelle is them doing their part, how they gave at the office, already. They got their jab sticker, their I Voted sticker, their rainbow flag, their Ukraine flag, they feel all activist-y, calling for more censorship of views that make them feel ikky, online.

What happened to alla AOC’s crocodile tears over (Obama’s) Trump’s “child cages”? They just changed the name to “overflow facilities”, put some yellow smiley wallpaper up for a photo shoot and ta-daaa…Biden quadrupled the border gulags and just had rightwing radio insist the scary brown people are coming in over the border in droves to steal all our good minimum wage jobs and wonderful free healthcare benefits, which is really just the jab. As Dylan sang, “people are crazy and times are strange”. Do you ever say something true and factual, then immediately second guess yourself, because you know that is basically forbidden, and seldom done in the “New Normal”? The Chris Hedges Report Video interview with Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan on the efforts by industrial nations to lock out the 84 million forcibly displaced migrants around the globe. ( People don’t have real conversations anymore or talk from the heart about their own first hand experience cause they all memorized The Script and know that any deviation from the Official Narrative will result in Swift Consequences from the Higher Ups. My hometown minister now retired told me about ten years ago if I’m not gonna shaddup and just obediently ruin my knees for Wal Mart profits like the bible tells me to, and I was skeptical about that interpretation, that I might as well come out and make a stand against the forever wars, always based on lies and ballsout fabrications, and actively resist the racist police state war on the poor shit, cause basically he can’t, even if he symapthizes with the victims of the Big Machine, cause his whole congregation are military families. His bread and butter is prayers for the troops. 

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The NATO left will not age well. Bernie Sanders and the squad will go down as war supporting sellouts who are directly responsible for the boom of the military industrial complex” / Twitter

“Do you remember voting for government agencies to insert themselves into the regulation of online speech? I don’t remember any such vote. It sure seems like they appointed that authority to themselves without the permission of the electorate, solely for their own benefit…Let the powerful involve themselves in the regulation of public speech and they will regulate it to their advantage every time….It’s almost like democracy is an illusion and our rulers do whatever they want to us, up to and including restricting the ways we’re allowed to communicate with each other.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The persecution of Julian Assange is a microcosm of the empire’s assault on democracy. The fight for his freedom is a fight for our own. Let this imperative close out 2022, and renew our struggle in 2023!” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“One of this generation’s greatest journalists, Julian Assange – who has broken more historic stories than most corporate journalists combined – will soon complete his 4th year in a high-security prison, as punishment for that journalism.

May 2023 be the year he is finally free.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

The Prevailing Authoritarianism in Liberal Media Elites w/ Glenn Greenwald | Premieres at 9AM ET (

Unholy on Twitter: “Death to America! Coming this winter! 🔥” / Twitter

Light Record Media on Twitter: “I would be so proud if this was my son ❤” / Twitter


The 80’s had so much good music goin’ on, you’d rarely even pause to really give a good listen to many of the corporate metal hairbands, Bang Tango were promoted as funk metal or some shit like that because they had a real good lookin’ bassplayer named Kyle Kyle that all the glossy metal magazines were promoting as a John Taylor locker pinup heart throb that all the girls from the record store in the mall were in love with, but I found Joe LeSte’s attempts at being a James Brown funky man kinda ham fisted and almost laughable. He had about the same singing range I did except the part where he’d suddenl;y go super high like Slaughter which I kinda always thought mighta been goosed in the studio with a bit of pitch shifter help to make him sound more like Steven Tyler, I dunno. I quit trying to sing that Waxl/Keifer screechy high shit when I turned twenty and got away from farm girls and stonewashed stoners who were always kinda leaning on you to be more Waxl like if you had a long haired rocknroll band with a leather jacket, they thought there wa some law you had to impersnate Waxl, but I saw waxl as a nazareth cover band dude poorly impersonating Michel from Hanoi and I was more into Stiv and Iggy than any of the Headbanger’s Ball metal bands though I did like Faster Pussycat alot except for that really awful Ric Browde canend drum sound and that horrible fucked up Beastie Boys rap song on their first album-again with the way too white guys trying to be funky rappers. Ugh. Terrible. All the metal bands seemed really money bags factory assembled to us younger D.I.Y. artful dodgers who were lucky to have a bass amp to sing through, back then, but we just marvelled at all that major label recording studio production value, we did not even know how to get a decent slapback Cramps echo on the vocals, which is all I really wanted. Joe LeSte had some quality I appreciated though, I think that he alway at least tried to be an entertainer and put on a show, I value that, even if your music is real bombastic maybe overproduced hair metal. I liked ’em well enough, not as much as I liked the Sea Hags or Kill For Thrills, but they were okay in my book. I considered them Fake Billy Idol, which is mostly just a waste of time and money, cause I could go straight to the Real Billy Idol, whom I much preferred cause he had better music, better lyrics, better songs and a lot more heart. Bang Tango are sadly another one of those spoilt hairbands who can’t get along for more than one reunion show cause everybody wants to be the Head Rockstar In Charge. Ala Skid Row, L.A. Guns, GNR, etc. etc. A shame, really cause I am always rooting for people to overcome petty ego trips for the greater good ya know and I was watching some live performances of Joe LeSte from more recent years and honestly for the kind of music he does, a cross between Aerosmith/Cindrella and Idol, he’s a pretty decent frontman. Not as good as say, Shane from Electric Angels, but better than most of ’em. I had a beautiful blonde heavy metal girlfriend with crazy overbearing church parents who were trying to make us get married and move to Arizona back then cause I think they knew deep down we were sleeping together and she was always playing Bang Tango, Skid Row, and the Dan Reed Network from Seattle in her car on the way to the no tell motel. Until she started goin’ backstage at big concerts to meet the real rockstars and was sleeping with some of them, too, so we brokeup and I was heartsick about it for a little while. I still have a note she wrote me apologizing for an indiscretion she had with my very own lead guitarist. Smalltown teenagers. Ya know?

Bang Tango – Someone Like You – YouTube

The Bang Tango Movie (Theatrical Trailer) HD – YouTube

Bang Tango – Attack of life live at the Whisky a Go Go (All Original Members) 01/25/2020 – YouTube

Bang Tango – Dancin’ On Coals Live at the Whisky a Go Go (All Original Members) 01/25/2020 – YouTube

Bang Tango (original members) – “Love Injection” (Live at Whiskey a Go Go Jan 25, 2020) – YouTube

Original Bang Tango line-up reunite for jam – Sleaze Roxx

Mark Knight blames Joe Leste’s “over blown ego” on why Bang Tango’s original line-up will never reunite – Sleaze Roxx

MARK KNIGHT why BANG TANGO Reunion Lasted 1 Show Only? + UNSUNG HEROES – YouTube

Bang Tango Someone Like You @ Stages March 19 2022 – YouTube

“We were miscreants who had no other choice, had no other road out. We were one of the few, the chosen, you know? It’s either this or…jail, death, or janitor” (-Paul Westerberg)

“The corporate news media isn’t there to inform you about what’s happening in the world, it’s there to put propaganda in your head that the billionaire class wants you to think” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The politics in the U.S. has gotten so strange partly because of the right-ward trajectory of the democrat party & political & moral bankruptcy of liberalism & right-wing nationalism of liberal/left.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The Intercept was once considered a top source for whistleblowers and antiwar journalism.

Now it’s a haven for Russiagate conspiracy theorists serving their billionaire master Omidyar screaming RUSSIA rather than at the real enemy: US empire.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Democrats abandonment of their traditional skepticism of the CIA has made us the War party and greased the skids for the rise of an authoritarian surveillance state.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“The geopolitical winds are changing: Pakistan was a US ally in the first cold war, helping the CIA wage proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan.

But Imran Khan is pushing for non-alignment. (This was a key reason for the US-backed soft coup against him)” (-Ben Norton)


Ben Norton on Twitter: “The Non-Aligned Movement is coming back, bigger than before: Pakistan’s ex Prime Minister Imran Khan said it was a mistake to ally with the US in the first cold war. He called for non-alignment in the new cold war and neutrality over Ukraine. More here:” / Twitter

BlackRock Accused of ‘Trying to Cash In On the Disaster’ With Ukraine Reconstruction Deal – ZNetwork

Congressional Amendment Opens Floodgates for War Profiteers and a Major Ground War on Russia – ZNetwork

Blackmail Friday: Interview w/Whitney Webb – Media Monarchy

Human Rights Expert Sounds Alarm Over Israeli Firm’s ‘Dystopian’ Video-Altering Tech (

Donald Trump is a WEAK version of Joe Biden | Democrats are The Election Deniers | Premieres at 945AM ET (

“One of the most significant changes in US politics is that the left-liberal faction of the Dem Party has completely renounced distrust of and concern over CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. They – correctly – perceive those agencies as their allies and thus benign, even benevolent. Left-liberal commentators have to dance around this fact. Because distrust of CIA/FBI/NSA was a staple of that faction’s politics for decades, they can’t explicitly admit they now trust them or see them as benign. But they do, yet still try to posture as anti-authoritarian.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Zelensky’s new media law forbids praising Russia, defending the “totalitarian” Soviet Union, and allows the gov’t regulator to fine or ban outlets for “discrediting” the Ukrainian state. The European Federation of Journalists called it “worthy of the worst authoritarian regimes.” “Ukrainians prove dedication to the values of freedom, democracy every day,” Zelensky said in accepting the EU’s Sakharov Prize

He then passed one of Europe’s most censorious media laws, banned a wing of the Orthodox Church, and received dozens of standing ovations from Congress” (-Max Blumenthal)

“How much of a CIA front do you have yo be to express solidarity with a bourgeois politician but not actual workers on strike” (-Tushar Singh)

“AOC, How much money/weapons did you vote to send to Ukraine with absolutely no oversight?

You think that death capital isn’t going to neo nazis, you hack?” (-At Stampede)

“You voted to financially support Nazis in Ukraine. You have never once denounced this proxy war OR the fact that your President financially supports Nazis in Ukraine. You are literally supporting corruption, AOC, on a massive scale.” (-Cindy Demexit)


I been digging through old storage tubs again searching for a stupidly misplaced lyric notebook I needed to commence my New Year’s Resolution to do new music, even if it means begrudgingly finally succombing to using these newfangled computerized gadgets and some kinda pre recorded drum track. Found some real soulful postcards from my long lost first manager and road brother, Mitch (RIP), as well as some phenomenally cool “DEMOLITION JOYRIDE” fanzines authored by my long gone pen pal, Charlie Die (RIP) and his brother from Margate NJ-fabulous stuff, but all too hard hitting and poignant now. Charlie knew he was dying when he was cutting and pasting that fanzine together. He was so cool to me, always super supportive of my lost boys kid bands and shitty fanzines of my own, once described by a really funny famous guitar player as my “slit your wrist fanzines-that was the most depressing shit I ever read!” Here I am tending the same last few empers, twenty five years later, right? As my brattiest bassplayer used to say over and over whenever I’d be depressed about the songwriter heartbreak and broken homes stuff, “nobody cares, nobody remembers”. So how come I never got over any of it like all the flash people in the shiny towers? Came across a fanzine that mighta been from Canada called “FULL BLAST” that reviewed summa my old stuff, that was awesome to see. I’m not really in retirement from rocknroll, I just aint currently got no worthy accomplices willing to help pay for shit, carry their own weight, and do their part to make some action happen. I am the definition of sentimental fool, ya know? As I sort through all these boxes of tornup “Circus” magazines and postcards from dead friends, love letters from motherfuckers who don’t love me anymore, old fliers for poorly attended rock concerts at ridiculously crummy sports bars, all that kind of stuff, I pause, momentarily stunned, by a photograph of my former best friend and myself with his mom on the front porch of my old apartment in Cambridge, Ma. I-yi-yi…We were still Just Kids, maybe 23? He’d just gotten his first Joe College haircut, I’m in the perpetual black cowboy hat pulling that wide open mouth silly David Lee Roth face that my friend Anthony hates when I do, habitually, sometimes, there we are, like bookends, she had three kids plus a live in foster child who was best friends with her daughter-plus two disabled grandsons, plus me, that lady had a real hard life, not like the safe space whiners who are offended by comedians, or podcasters interviewing scientists and doctors that contradict big money agendas, but a REAL HARD LIFE. Now, she’s gravely ill and they are moving her into the hospice today. That kinda thing always hits me like a ton of bricks for many reasons, my main man the record store guru and former roommate who taught me all about sixties garage and proto punk when I was a young teenage Monkees geek, he died at the hospice two, maybe three Christmas Eves ago, and I’m just not “over it”. PK, the songwriter, who was who I wanted to be at my wedding died, too. My teenage bassplayer died suddenly. My Catholic school party friend died suddenly. Now this woman who meant so much to me growing up, she always let me stay with her when I had nowhere to go. More than three times. He’d sneak me into the basement when it was snowy and cold and I was living outside, and she’d find me asleep on the piles of laundry and bring me upstaris and feed me cereal. She took us on trips. She just gave and gave and gave and gave, lovingly mothering all of us, she was just this nurturing, generous, saintly person, in spite of all this damage inflicted on her by cold hearted abusive and mentally ill people. So yeah ya know I’m glad I’ve gotten to speak with her several times over the holidays and tried to put as much love and thanks and sincere gratitude there as I could, but it’s a heartache and a piercing hardship cause I don’t really have relationships with our common mutuals any longer, and I hate all these fuckedup gut wrenching sad goodbyes. Some mornings I fucking straight up just wish I could cry, but I’m a parent, and have to keep a brave face on, that’s kinda my fulltime gig now, trying to Remain Calm, even when I’m anguished on the inside. Feels like my whole life is like one big open wound. Makes me a bit sensitive, find myself instictively clamoring for some sortof affirming familiarity, seeking out dead end ex friends who don’t care about anything anymore, or just looking for some other human beings who are being similarly affected by this whole crazy experiences but I can’t find ’em. When another one of our oldest friends committed suicide, everybody just kinda shrugged. I got a song lyric that goes, “everybody acts so jaded, not me, baby, I’m devastated”. They say people grieve in different ways, but people I used to know just seem to grieve by checkin’ out, goin’ robot, reciting scripts, speaking in Commercial, Acquiring More Stuff. I just can’t…relate to nobody no more. The more I try to reach out and find some people who are still alive in this world who can remember how things were, before this so called New Normal, the more alienated and disappointed I feel. All those old songs about “is there anybody out there” keep echoing through my skull. I’m having a hard time holding it together some days. The gotmines seem so absurdly, pointlessly greedy and mass hypnotized now. It’s all just about the Hustle. The hustle’s on. Morrissey sang “existence is only a game”. I dunno man, I think more and more of us are feeling like society is a game you can never win, people are trained from birth to be soldiers and predators, to worship rich people as authority figures unconditionally and they will hurt you if you let them. I’ve seen so many good friends stick around and get abused by evil forces. They all came to such tragic ends and I don’t just mean the living dead suckup sellouts, either.

Electric Frankenstein Video – Demolition Joyride – YouTube

“Poverty is considered the biggest crime to the U.S. government. That’s why its prisons are overflowing with 2 million poor people.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Merkel and Hollande admit the west didn’t want to achieve piece in the Donbas through the Minsk Agreements (2014 and 2015). They wanted to give the coup regime in Kiev time to prepare for war. They wanted to help crush ethnic Russians.

How can anyone trust western negotiators?” (-Seyed Mohammad Marandi)

Western Governments Keep Assigning Themselves The Authority To Regulate Online Speech (

The Most Terrifying Conclusion From the Twitter Files That Everyone’s Ignoring (

77 Members of the 117th Congress Violated the STOCK Act – ZNetwork

Under Cover of War, Zelensky is Leading Ukraine’s Massive Privatization Drive (

Ten Surprisingly Good Things That Happened in 2022 – ZNetwork

The Entire World, Yet Again, Is Demanding an End to the US Blockade of Cuba – ZNetwork

Midwestern Marx on Twitter: “Happy New Years and Happy 64th Anniversary of the glorious Cuban Revolution of 1959.” / Twitter


Lotta people I think were super cool are continuing to exit this mortal plain and an accelerated pace ya know and my usual impulse to wanna contact this one, or say hi that one is thwarted again and again. Mike Mindless was a rear rad monsters, comic books, vintage punk rock, and Mexican Wrestler enthusiasts who did the flea markets and old school record conventions and took some amazing photos of like the Misfits and Deadboys and I really liked him. I still remember the trip to the big college town when we first found that SKULLS record with IDOLS & DOLLS on it for a buck. I really feel for his widow who is also cool and talented and really loved her old man. (RIP) MIKE MINDLESS!

SKULLS – Idols And Dolls – YouTube

Skulls Graveyard Signal demo version – YouTube

Skulls Rocket Boulevard – YouTube

Skulls Set Me Free (The Sweet cover) – YouTube

Badsville (Superbees, Throw Rag, Hangmen, Texas Terri, Coyote Shivers, Bubble, Motochrist, & MORE) – YouTube

Five Facts About Police Deception and Youth You Should Know (

Extended episode: Useful Idiots 2022 Special plus Mick Wallace & Claire Daly Unlocked (

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “I’ve been writing about this trend of media presenting horrifying tales from late capitalism as uplifting stories for years. For example, for @MintPressNews: “Media Frames Teen Using College Savings To Save Mom From Eviction as Uplifting Puff Piece”” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “@MintPressNews Or how about when media presented a homeless kid becoming New York chess champion as a lovely story, without ever questioning why any children should be living on the streets in the richest city in the richest country on Earth. Me in @FAIRmediawatch:” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Vanessa Beeley, who has reported from Syria for years, including during the dirty war, on Syria today under US-led sanctions: “I never, ever saw the level of hopelessness and despair that I’m seeing now.” The humanitarian situation in Syria” / Twitter

Why Phoenix’s Super Bowl ‘clean zone’ is sparking backlash |

Episode 19: “America This Week,” with Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn (

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “The FBI, explaining to Twitter they’ll handle info from the “USIC,” while the DHS agency CISA will send domestic reports: “We can give you everything we’re seeing from the FBI and USIC agencies. CISA will know what is going on in each state.” More soon #TwitterFiles” / Twitter

Merriam-Webster Declares ‘Gaslighting’ 2022 Word of the Year (

New CIA/JFK Revelations, The Latest from Brazil, & Answering Your Qs | SYSTEM UPDATE #9 (


You probably aint heard the Roger Waters song, “The Bar”, cause most people I know swore off Roger Waters ‘same time they swore off Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chappelle, anybody who contradicts the official narrative about how this nato puppet, or that big pharma pitchman are our mandatory saintly saints for gender politeness and scientific bioweapon warfare for ScienceTM and Putin is to blame gets slandered and blacklisted in the pig media and all the TV people parrot that mockingbird bullshit. The idea he sings about in that song is how we used to get together and have some drinks and civil discourse, we used to rub elbows even with people we slightly disagreed with, we used to dance and listen to music and converse. Talk to each other about the songs that moved us and the books we’d been reading and chowin’ down and breakin’ bread nad makin’ a joyful ruckous and doing some analysis and reasoning about what’s really goin’ down, together while inevitably as a consequence of all that, makin’ plans to make a difference-see that’s what the ruling class wanted to halt-that real life get together that they can’t fully monitor and control every aspect of, see all my life, I been the wild card boogeyman, the housewife’s favorite, the Catholic kid’s dirty secret, the wild night at the drive in, yeehaw Boone’s Farm get down rocknroll animal everybody had to hide from they mama. Later on, it was the booj wives they had to keep me away from, right? As they got more invested in Always Acquiring More Stuff and seeking in-law approval, they had to go farther and farher outta their way to avoid me, cause when we’re in the same room together, there’s a razzle dazzle electricity that happens that no one can deny. Champagne bottles get opened and acoustic guitars come out and people start smilin’ and lettin’ their hair down and being their real selves instead of those slogan reciting automotan nine to five domesticated robots they’ve all become. Even me, I aint that free, cause I have all these gravely serious adult responsibilities and can’t relax cause I never know when the other shoes’s gonna fall. It’s all high alert and stay in the box, and always on the clock permenent vigilance. First, they pressured my peers into the military if they were working class, or college if they were posh, then they taught ’em all this think tank developed divisive white wash history revisiopnism and precious identity feelings studies ponciness and started normalizing cancelling comedians and demonetizing leftist antiwar activists. 9/11 truthers, election skeptics. Then, the bars all got infiltrated by intolerant college people, the neighborhoods got gentrified by racist rich people and nasty class patrol cops. People got addicted to their I-Phone gadget updates and most people say they don’t even talk on the phone anymore. “I only text.” I knew something unprecedented was being rolled out when the establishment was banning people from even gathering in churches. Then, they did the non stop repetitive brainwash operation about how supposedly a protest at the capital was the WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN HUMAN HISTORY!!! I smelled a rat all along with the absolute batshit hysteria over some Maga Blue Lives Matter KKKop protest being Lyn Cheney deep state characterized as an “INSURRECTION!, INSURRECTION, INSURRECTION!” That story even seemed to eclipse the Covid narrative and what was the takeaway from all that, how did the chips fall? Some rightwing militia patsies got Cointelpro rounded up and AOC got trotted out to say she was traumatized, so rather than defunding any kkkops, which was a big movement after George Floyd that was misled back into the bogus DNC, the Squad puppets were now calling for laws against protests and voting for more superfunding of the kkkop state. I used to say to my friends all the time that staying at home and watching tv was NOT where it’s at, cause that’s what the predator class wants-us passively sitting in front of hypnoscreens, mostly alone, consuming their lies. I, myself, quit going to bars when I saw how dominated they’d become by status quo squares and ruling class Fauntleroys. What the Waters song reminds me though, is it was a lot harder for our former associates to dismiss every conversation that ever made them “uncomfortable” and ya know we all saw how the colleges had taught all these fauxgressive fauxwokes to think they gave some goddess given right to never feel “uncomfortable”, it was harder for them to dismiss any hard fact as “fake news” or  “conspiracy theory” when they had to look us in the eyes. Tessa Fights Robots and Mark Crispin Miller courageously talked about the importance of Staying Human throughout the whole scary WEF/Davos lockstep clampdowns even when all the corrosive hate and blame and scolding and fearmongering was at it’s relentless media blitz fever pitch. The Thank Obamas are as lost as the Qanons, don’t think for a moment they are actually “WOKE”-they only mourn when tv tells them to, they only demonstrate when tv tells them to. The hypnoscreen addiction really inhibits genuine human interaction cause people just don’t wanna get Twitter cancelled or facebook jailed. They’re afraid to ask hard questions cause it might affect their grade point average or social currency scores. It’s a mad, mad world. Are you on the bus or off the bus? Ya know? What happened to all the people? Monopolies killed real music, monopolies vanquished real news. I’ve become so antisocial I don’t talk on the phone or visit people in real life, we can’t have guests with our family members disability issues, but in my heart ya know, I’m always thinkin’ how we gotta find a way to get back to the bonfire somehow, the speakeasy, the hootenanny, the shindig, the alley jam, the garden, what Waters calls The Bar. cause that’s the only place where the real magic happens. What good is a fool’s paradise without someone to share it with? The Divided States Of Gitmo & Amnesia keeps demanding you do this or take that, wave this particular flag or hate your neighbor, I say whatever the Big Bamboozle Grand Wurlitzer Mind Control Machine says, you probably should do the opposite, those fucking awful media millionaires and Great Reset depopulation billionaires are not your special super science saviors for philanthropy and gender kindness. I really appreciate Roger Waters, his courageous is just astounding. “The Wall” meant a whole lot to me when I was 12 and 13 and kinda transitioning from the Monkees and Beatles to the Stooges and Doors.

This is the only Bar I really go to anymore. Top Tens for 2022: I-94 Bar host The Barman | Columns (

Paul Westerberg, interviewed by Peter Wolf (REUPLOAD) – YouTube

Democrats Abandon Free Speech, The Twitter Files w/ Matt Taibbi, and Media Corruption | SYSTEM UPDATE #1 (

Kevin Gosztola on Twitter: “Not only was 2022 yet another year with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in prison, but it also was another year in which Committee to Protect Journalists (@pressfreedom) refused to include Assange in their annual jailed journalists index” / Twitter

Esha K 🥭 on Twitter: “Thanks @MeghanMcCain for reminding me of the time your dad and Amy Klobuchar were helping arm the Azov Battalion & other Nazis in Ukraine” / Twitter

Leaked files: private spying firm targets global population with illegal spyware – The Grayzone

FOIA obtained by Judicial Watch, Inc. – by Jessica Rose (

She’s EXPOSING how the deep state mafia controls all of us | Redacted Conversation w/ Whitney Webb – YouTube

Jeremy Loffredo on Twitter: “This is what they call “burying the lead”” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Declassified Canadian docs on Bosnia offer a chilling outline of NATO’s blueprint for Libya, Syria & Ukraine File after file contains blunt warnings of Bosnian false flags to trigger US intervention & complaints of “outside forces” sabotaging negotiations” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Today marks the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, overthrowing Fulgencio Batista US-backed military dictatorship that took place on January 1, 1959.” / Twitter

The Cyborgization of Society: How the WEF seeks to turn you into a spineless drone – Truth Talk UK

U2 – New Year’s Day (Official Music Video) – YouTube

“Free speech on social media platforms may be the most important battle human beings must win now.

Without the freedom to say what we like on these platforms, all activism & advocacy which disrupts the status quo or the Empire’s objectives will be visibly & invisibly suppressed.” (-Deepfake Dissident)

all me a cynic when it comes to de-regulation, but we still have Patriot Act 22 yrs after 9/11. Without revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist empires, they will suppress popular dissent as they see fit. Always have, always will. Socialist revolution is the solution.” (-Old Richard)

“I don’t think these platforms really matter at all to activism. That happens in the streets.” (-Genghis Cum)

“Western rule over the world is coming to an end and there is nothing the real people in charge aren’t willing to do to try to maintain their control

If I were you I’d stop believing that BS they are feeding you on TV, the newspapers and social media everyday and look for truth…If Americans want to protect sovereignty, tell our Gov’t to get out of Syria…I don’t need to see Trump’s tax returns to know he cheats on his taxes, anymore than I need to any of the other rich crooks tax returns that they will let get away with it forever. If we as Americans don’t try to look for the truth, our Gov’t and media will continue to feed us their propaganda.

We’ll still believe they are trying to help Ukraine, that this war just started in Feb and Russia was unprovoked

2023 will be even worse for Ukraine than 2022. Stop giving Ukraine weapons

We’re just getting more Ukrainians killed, more of their country destroyed, and making our Oligarchs richer as they steal more of our money while they enjoy watching the damage being done in this proxy war they’ve spent years trying to start. Americans spent $100 billion to get more Ukrainians killed and more of their land taken, but don’t feel like it was wasted because most of it is being split between our weapons manufacturers and the politicians that voted for it. The way to Peace is our Politicians taking billions from the American people and giving it to our weapons manufacturers. Being a pathological liar is ok if you’re on The Democrats side?

Why don’t we just accept the fact all these politicians are a bunch of liars? I guess we are going to go into 2023 still fighting over which Party we’d rather have rip us off. Remember when they tried to tell us Russia blew up its own pipeline, bridge and was trying to bomb their own nuclear power plant and got Americans to believe it? Why does the ADL seem to have a bigger problem with Black celebrities than Ukrainian Nazis? May 2023 be the year Americans realize that we don’t live in a democracy. We need about 100 million people to make their ‘New Years Resolution’ to stop believing what our Gov’t, Politicians and media tell us. We may be approaching a New Year but Americans will still fall for the same old shit. Our Gov’t knows Ukraine can’t win

They are just stealing our money and using Ukraine to fight their war. Remember when the Dem blamed the Parliamentarian for not passing a $15 min wage? Those people you vote for and defend with your life don’t give a damn about you. The US Gov’t just spent 20 years in Afghanistan lying by telling us how great things were going, left in humiliation and the Army they were supposed to be training folded in a day.

Don’t feel bad for them though, they did manage to steal billions from us again. Remember that the reporters who told the truth about the Iraq war were silenced, smeared, fired or all of the above? Don’t forget that the opoid crisis was caused by Big Pharma. Remember when the Med4All people wanted you to deny you medical care if you didn’t take the jab. If you didn’t know anything about the relationship between Russia and Ukraine before the war, why are you blindly taking your information from the people in our country that have lied you into every war we’ve been involved in. Americans stand with whoever our corrupt Gov’t tells us to. Is it antisemitic to ask how some Jewish people went from suffering the horrors of the Holocaust to creating an apartheid State without blinking an eye? Keep this in mind for 2023

When all the politicians and media start giving you the same exact talking points, it’s propaganda.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Instead of sending $100 billion of weapons to Ukraine Biden & the U.S. Congress should be advocating for PEACE TALKS between Russia & Ukraine. Sadly, peace talks don’t make U.S. weapons makers billions of dollars, which is why you won’t see Biden or Congress advocating for peace.” (-Ryan Knight)

WedNightDinner on Twitter: “.@nytimes remember this? Fascists” / Twitter

Evidence of US-Backed Coup in Kiev (

Top Zelensky advisor threatens war with Iran – The Grayzone

your shitlib fraud squad loves their Scwab puppets Venezuela Opposition Removes Guaido as ‘Interim President’ – News From

Conflicts of Interest: White House Is Preparing to Give Ukraine Advanced Weapons – Blog

Reflecting New U.S. Control of TikTok’s Censorship, Our Report Criticizing Zelensky Was Deleted (

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “2022 – EU LEADERS EXPOSED AS AMERICA’S SUICIDAL GUARD DOGS” / Twitter

The Overeem Farewell Tour: Dispatches from the Public School Trenches


Wow ya know I was just skimming summa those old columns I wrote last year and they were all so bummedout, ya know moving is stressful, parenting in the Post Covid Tiktok Davos Billionaire Lies For War Mass Censorship Era is hard, too-the inflation, the rent gouging, the ripoffs at the grocery store and gas pump, partisan media playing their usual blame shifting pingpong games. I keep telling people they are all in it together-both so called parties and all the corporate media. They hustle us with their rotating hero/villain strategies, but like Gropey Joe promised, “nothing will change” to benefit the poor, it’s all a rigged sham, more tricks of the rich. Elon Musk is not your friend and Bill Gates wants all you pesky poor people to go away and die suddenly. Don’t watch pig media, fall for pig media repetition programming, or fight in any rich man’s wars. Cold outside, rain turned to frost, nowhere to go, dangerous crackhead pitbulls are left loose everywhere and the only halfway decent affordable secondhand junk shop in town is closed til the third. I did not hear from any of my faroff kids or former loved ones over the holiday which was another bad bummer but you know, I know I’m a heretic and I won’t goosestep with the zombies of death, so you know, that’s how it goes. People go where the party is and that aint here in the cold and rainy deadend desert ghost town. All we got here is gloom and some diabolical yuppies trying to gentrify the town, but nobody wants to move some place where there’s only Wal Mart and ruined decades old, long neglected fuckedup properties with bad flooring, bad roofs, fuckedup electricity that you have to rebuild from the bottom up. Landlords still want $900 for mouldy places that leak and shit. I’m on a different schedule from my partner cause we have to kinda work in shifts so the next seven hours will be me just sitting here lookin’ at the internet and feeling a bit crazed from the boredom. That’s the other thing about the ten get rich overnight airbandb schemers who moved here thinking they can turn a dead broke old people town into OVERNIGHT HIPSTER RICHKID BROOKLYN, they don’t usually last long cause there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go and their one night a month “art hop” is just the same old twenty boomers showing off their same old lousy paintings and overpriced kitsch. If I was single, I’d venture out to the new bar that is supposedly playing eighties music for New Year’s Eve cause of course, I’m a sucker for eighties music, but I’ll be going to bed early with my Replacements book, thinking ’bout the past, and wishing I knew some rocknroll people. I was in the active process of relocating to Joshua Tree when the plague hit and everything got shut down except the Bezos bigshots and Waltons big boxes and now the inflation has skyrocketed again so I’m kinda immobilized for the moment, hunkered down, just trying to survive this plague we caught at my kid’s G.E.D. preparation classroom, and make it through the hardship winter. I fucking can’t relate at all to the TV People who speak in pro war spin and on trend gobbledygook. A crazy guy down the street who lives in an Appallacian metal scrap junkyard compound waved at me this morning while I fumbled with my fuckedup brokeass camera trying unsuccessfully to photograph a migrating flock of big birds overhead, he hollered, “Hey Neighbor!” So I waved back-the moonshine hillbillies are bored here, too. The teen crashed out on the couch with the loud youtube on the tv and I keep trying to turn it off but everytime, he wakes up, kinda monopolizing the prime real estate here this morning so I’m gonna head out to the cold garage. Keep trying to find a misplaced notebook with all my most recently updated song lyrics and favorite tunes I hope to record this year even if it’s all done via computer and a faraway friend, or two.

I did hear from my brother TK which was good. Good feeling. Some people don’t change that much and man it was righton to hear from the brother. He’s a well established producer now, but when we were kids, he was a rapper. And my roommate at the Juvenile Detention Hall. One of the only people from the place I grew up who aint lost the cool. He’s one of those cats who was born with it. I miss him. Our mutual friends Beefy, Corey, Austin, Kevin Little are all dead and gone. It’s rough stuff. I’m listening to the Roth Show. Always makes me feel better. I might disagree with Roth about politics and his “combat-hippie” gun lovin’ support for various wars and colonial occupations, he’s way more of a hawk than me, but I can still hear him, he’s still vibein on my frequency. Listened to both of his new podcast episodes then ended up watching that movie, “RUMBLE” about the indigenous origins of rocknroll again. SO GOOD!

One of my long lost and gone childhood amigoes did manage to write me an email over the holidays which was a lot nicer than most of ’em or even my kids, he says he’s got still another new band with a bunch old dudes who played in many eighties and nineties big city bands we’ve all heard of, they’re mostly a cover band, but of course one of ’em has a studio so they’re also gonna record some originals and some of ’em will be based on songs me and the dude wrote together in the mid to late nineties. He asked me first if he could use that stuff and since most of the motherfuckers never even ask, they just do the stuff and act like I never existed, that gets old, so I appreciated that. People in my life recorded songs I co wrote and released them on wax without even bothering to send me copies, thought I should buy ’em from their label. Cover bands, big cities, gentrified bars, all my old neighbohoods teeming with cops and rich people, that aint my scene at all no more, but I’m happy for him, cause he got out of the worst hell on earth and it sounds like he’s having a good time.


Dark Journalist & Whitney Webb The Control System Part 2 – YouTube

Whitney Webb Archives – The Last American Vagabond

AWKWORD on Twitter: “”I’ve never seen more cocaine usage than on people I went to school with that are now prosecutors today. I’ve never seen more people fighting, doing more crime. The only difference is it’s not treated as crime” – @msolurin Kyle Rittenhouse is no anomaly” / Twitter

Opinion | Woe for the Children Maimed, Displaced, and Killed by the Merchants of War | Common Dreams


glenn greenwald system update youtube – Bing video


The Pathology of the Rich – Chris Hedges on Reality Asserts Itself (1/2) – YouTube

The Chris Hedges Report: The truth about Ukraine with Medea Benjamin – YouTube

How the war machine took over the Democrats w/ Dennis Kucinich | The Chris Hedges Report – YouTube

We don’t need the CIA – The Chris Hedges Report – YouTube

Noam Chomsky – The Crimes of U.S. Presidents – YouTube

The Chris Hedges Report: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on Ukraine, Palestine, music & more – YouTube

The Chris Hedges Report: America’s dangerous leaders with Andrew Bacevich – YouTube

A Conversation with Chris Hedges: Corporate Totalitarianism – YouTube

‘Why Are These Conflicts Allowed?’ Corporate Giving to Group Tied to Supreme Court Sparks Concern (


Children’s Health Defense • Help Children’s Health Defense and RFK, Jr. end the epidemic of poor health plaguing our children. (

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “For every young person who dies unexpectedly, the family remains quiet and does not come out and tell the public what happened–It’s “Until Proven Otherwise.” #courageousdiscourse” / Twitter

‘Long Live Democracy!’ Brazil Celebrates Lula’s Return as Right-wing Reign of Bolsonaro Ends (


David Lee Roth Recalls Van Halen Club Days In Latest Episode Of The Roth Show (

Hypocrites are Killing Me, Smalls! (

Propaganda Warps Our Very Humanity: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

The Tragic Death Of Bob Stinson (

A rarely seen documentary on Arthur Lee | Dangerous MindsArthur Lee died six years ago today. Here’s something from the Dangerous Minds’ archives to commemorate his passing. There’s very little information to be found on this 1991 “documentary” on Arthur Lee. The three key people involved in its creation are dead or, in the case of Crimson Crout, nowhere to be found. Directed by the mysterious Crout from a concept by Arthur Lee and …

Living To Listen – Compact music commentary about artifacts new and old: I enthuse, I don’t accuse, but I do refuse–to review anything lukewarm or colder!

The Grayzone – Investigative journalism on empire

Whitney Webb, Author at Unlimited Hangout

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “If this were a socialist country, stories like this one would headline all major Western mainstream media.” / Twitter

Matt’s chats… with Lee Mark Jones – episode #1 – YouTube

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One Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb – YouTube

On the Influence of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Liberals are fascists.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Omidyar is pulling his money out every year and The Intercept is not long for this world. Still, never forget that – 2 weeks before the election – it spread the CIA/FBI lie that the Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation,” and they never retracted it:” / Twitter

Kelly Victory MD on Twitter: “I’m not suggesting it, I’m stating it. #FactsNotFear #RightSideofHistory” / Twitter

“A suggestion to anyone who is spending the holidays with family who vote differently than you do: Love them. Neither one of these corrupt parties who actively use our government to enrich themselves & their corporate donors is worth disowning a family member over.” (-Ryan Knight)

As a physician, I can tell you that being without shelter in freezing weather is dangerous for your health. You shouldn’t need to hear this, though. As a human being, I can tell you that we are morally corrupt as a society when we allow people to freeze in the streets.” (-Gaibre Stephen)

“”As on 1st Nights for 2 decades, folks seeking an end to permanent war will gather in Copley Sq for celebration & inspiration. Bring banners, fliers, stickers, food, buttons, antiwar & human rights imperatives & holiday spirit to 1000s who deserve to know peace is possible. This comes at a time of crushing inequality, a war on working people, a climate in collapse & record $858 B annual defense spending, where military + policing devour twice as many tax dollars as all other expenses combined – hlth, climate, housing, education, transport & more! In this age of endless war that impoverishes us at home & endangers us abroad, 1st Night Against the Wars is needed more than ever. Join us 12/31 in Boston to celebrate & demand a New Year for People, Planet & Peace over Profit.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“There’s an additional layer here: fake anti-establishment vs. real anti-establishment.

On the fake side, you have the boutique left (e.g., AOC) and what @PrimoRadical

has aptly named “corporate populism” (e.g., Elon Musk). We should be extremely wary of both.” (-Ashley)

Why is it that suggesting that the rich & powerful in the West exploit the poor is a “conspiracy theory?” And why is it that any accusations against the demonic enemies in Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, etc never need one shred of evidence?” (-Primo Radical)

‘RT was erased from YouTube under US/EU orders

The US govt seized the URLs of Iranian media The US bombed Al Jazeera’s office back when it was more critical of US wars Now Latin America’s teleSUR was repeatedly hacked Any media that challenges US foreign policy is under threat” (-Ben Norton)

“RAND wants everyone dead asap.” (-David Swanson)

Awakening From The Narrative Matrix: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

✨️Momrade✨️ on Twitter: “It’s a VIRTUAL!! Get your tickets!!” / Twitter

In Memoriam: 2022 Deaths (

“People! Just Stop and Think! With overall $112,000,000,000 of funds poured to #ukranianwar #Ukraine now has 3rd biggest military budget with only China and USA in front. This is insane! Blackhole #ZelenskyWarCriminal ” (-Igor Lopatonok)

“The CIA is a rogue and unaccountable paramilitary organization with its own armed units and drone program, death squads and a vast archipelago of global black sites where kidnapped victims are tortured and disappeared.” (-William Murphy)

“You are not anti-war if you

• support the neocolonial NATO alliance • side with literal Nazis against the civilians who they have waged an 8-year genocide on • think Bush, Cheney & the CIA are heroes • want Julian Assange to spend life in prison for exposing US war crimes” (-Primo Radical)

Three crazee cats and a kooky kid woke me up at five in the morning, then I find my Mr. Coffee machine I inherited from a prior tenant was leaking all over the kitchen curtain again-I stepped outside-still rainy and dark but the roosters goin’ off in the distance make me feel at home! Cows keep shitting in the yard, I always smile about the loose cows-way more likable than the loose pitbulls weaponized by all the Maga Militias and Pinkhat Gender New Age Karens. “He doesn’t bite.” They all say. I guess I got a lot on my mind, kinda in the midst of some mourning, so to have to hassle with aggressive assholes fuckedup dogs is like an extra pain in the ass. I been chased twice.

FBI COINTELPRO Is Back, And Worse Than Ever | The Libertarian Institute

“Their blood, our bullets”: the cold, hard US calculus in Ukraine (

ANSWER Coalition Home

In Memoriam – Rockers We Lost in 2022 (

Ronald van Keekem on Twitter: “Jeffrey Sachs: NATO is the Biggest Threat to Peace in Ukraine The Left Lens w/ Danny Haiphong [@SpiritofHo] December 22, 2022” / Twitter

An Ode to the Pentagon’s Most Aggressive Cheerleader: Barbara Starr (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This history must be kelp alive. This country lacks any moral credibility criticizing any state.” / Twitter

World BEYOND War on Twitter: “📢 Register now to receive updates from World BEYOND War about important #antiwar events, petitions, news, and action alerts from our global grassroots network! #newsletter #activism #nowar” / Twitter

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “Jimmy Dore: “The corporate news media isn’t there to inform you about what’s happening in the world, it’s there to put propaganda in your head that the billionaire class wants you to think”” / Twitter

Episode 18: “America This Week,” with Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn (

The CIA is using a European NATO ally’s spy service to conduct a covert sabotage campaign inside Russia under the agency’s direction, according to former U.S. intelligence and military officials. | Jack Murphy (

Note From San Francisco – TK News by Matt Taibbi (

Richard Medhurst: New British PM Rishi Sunak is an Oligarch – YouTube

MintPress News on Twitter: “Julian Assange’s father John Shipton and Lee Camp discuss Assange’s incarceration in London and the prospect of being extradited into the custody of U.S. Intelligence officers who had planned to assassinate him. WATCH AT NOON EST TODAY” / Twitter–CIA-Selling-Drugs

MintPress News on Twitter: “”The system that comedians come up in, we don’t come up in the way of pleasing the boss. We are not generally thinking “what can I say that will be allowed and get me promoted?” – @LeeCamp WATCH LIVE:” / Twitter

Zelensky Prepares for WEF and BlackRock Private-Public Takeover of Ukraine – Activist Post

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Amazing candor from Iran-Contra felon Ollie North: Ukraine is just like Reagan’s dirty wars in Central America, Africa and Afghanistan Most of the aid is a kickback to US weapons makers and Beltway contractors The proxy war is preparation for a larger war w/ China over Taiwan” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “Intel files sent by Canadian peacekeepers expose CIA black ops, imported jihadist fighters, potential false flags, and stage-managed atrocities in the Bosnian war @KitKlarenberg & @spyculture review the new evidence of shocking interventionist deceptions” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Lithium is needed for batteries (cars, phones, computers). It’s so valuable it’s called “white gold”. Its price has gone up 1100% in the past 2 years. Zimbabwe has the largest lithium reserves in Africa. It has enough to supply 1/5th of the world’s needs” / Twitter

DiedSuddenly on Twitter: “16 year olds having strokes is not, and never was, normal. This is what happens after you mass inject the global population with an experimental mRNA technology. The post vaccine fallout is just getting started. #diedsuddenly” / Twitter

Awakening From The Narrative Matrix: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “This is not a cause for celebration; it’s an indictment on the pointless brutality of our economic system.” / Twitter

Primo Radical on Twitter: “Liberals constantly internalize the latest headlines, forgetting what happened before last week and acting as though sentiments that they once vigorously agreed with are now ludicrous. Meanwhile, anti-imperialists have consistently been warning about the same dangers for years.” / Twitter

Year In Review | The Katie Halper Show (

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “The JIMMY DORE SHOW Is Live! NOW! Guaido OUT as Pretend Venezuela President! Bernie & Ollie North AGREE on Ukraine! W/ Aaron Maté @aaronjmate Featuring Kurt Metzger @kurtmetzger, Scott Ritter @author_himself & Anya Parampil @anyaparampil” / Twitter

Take to the streets Sat. Jan. 14 in NYC: Peace in Ukraine — Yes! NATO expansion — NO! – ANSWER Coalition

BROTHERS & SISTERS & FRIENDS OF THE REVOLUTION, since none of us knows how much time we really got left here, maybe it’s good to kinda think about what we want in life, not just what they program us to think we want, and what we really can offer this world with what time remains. Try and forgive each other and do the best we can. Stay Wild Stay Free!

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