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Sittin’ alone waiting for some text to appear on your I-Phone, thinkin’ about how it used to be, before the luck went bad, and the trouble set in? Let’s get outta that bullshit scene and get a bonfire goin’ on the outskirts of town. I was talkin’ to my old pal Ratboy, the most innovative guitar stylist of our generation, the World famous One from the GOLDEN RAT on Vicious Kitten Records and unsurprisingly, he’s a holdout, a refusenik, will not join the social media Zuckbot Army, so he says he’s having a real hard time getting the word out about his “WE GOT A RIGHT” album co starring the marvelous Hiroshi Nakagome THEE GOLDEN ARM, which is a shame, but he said he got to play a real live and in person get-down, sweaty, fun filled big rock show last week and it was a real cool time, and I was real happy for him cause where I live, three aint nothin’ happening at all, ya know, I find myself listening to the classic rock station on my transistor radio. Sometimes I can imagine going back into a studio, or onto a stage with summa my old black leather henchmen to make some dirty, dangerous, allnight boogie badass rising punknroll but you know in our elderly goth years most all of us are committed to mortgages, tenure, marriages, kids in college, kids with disabilities, or still stuck outside of Memphis in a mobile home on permenent probabtion and need written notarized permission from some rightwinger in a robe to leave the state, or locked up in some kinda psychiatric facility for wayward bassplayers, or receiving fucking chemo treatments and shit, so it only happens in my dreams at night. Of course, I wanna rock again. I always, always, related strongly to Joe Strummer being turned away at music industry doors by smug, smirking, know nothing drivetime DJ’S, and passing out handmade fliers to civilians on the boardwalk….”LET’S ROCK AGAIN!” Who wouldn’t wanna reconvene with the wild things in some faraway Mystery City to do it all again before we die? Billy Idol even has a song about that, I think it’s called “Super Overdrive”, yeah? Beltin’ out with the big bottle and the spiky belts and givin’ ’em hell with  the old rebel yell like we used to, as opposed to wasting endless hours on internet chatrooms where deep state spies are paid those high salaries to state censor anybody who strays from their OFFICIAL NARRATIVE or PREFERRED PENTAGON TALKING POINTS ABOUT HOW THE USA, USA, ARE HEROIC HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTIONISTS RATHER THAN TOTAL SPECTRUM DOMINATION EMPIRE PIGS OF WAR. How great was that Uncle Sam singer?! I used to write about these guys all the time in my shitty, Elmers gluestick and scissors, midnight at Kinkos, late eighties and early nineties glam fanzines. I was always surprised they never made it big outside of their hometown. This is what exciting rocknroll sounds like to somebody like me. PLAY THE VEINS LOUD.

Uncle Sam ‎– Heaven Or Hollywood FULL ALBUM 1987 – YouTube

Uncle Sam-Letters From London – YouTube


When N.J.’s finest did a side project, I’m talkin’ ’bout the great Steve Miller from ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN sure did rock like a motherfucker, dinnit he? This stuff makes me think of my dead homies, Charlie Die and Mike Mindless. Anybody know whatever happened to Charlie’s brother, Bobby No More? We used to be pen pals back in the day-I even talked to their mom on the phone and shit. All us fifty something bad teens from the bad side of town who were raised on shit like the Misfits and Deadboys just fucking fell head over heels into the prolific Electric Frankenstein catalog in the early nineties when the Man was buying up all the smaller nightclubs and music magazines and killing rocknroll. Sal C. was in fact the first person I remember, besides Tim Yohannon of “Maxiumm Rock & Roll” magazine, who really vocally stood against the evil forces of phony muzak and anti rock being pushed on the kids by the monopoly-media. Some of us oldtimers are still fighting against the antirock conspiracy and we salute all our worldwide comrades in the war against the jive!

Cherry Thirteen – Wrecked – YouTube

Electric Frankenstein – Conquers The World! (Full Album) – YouTube

Electric Frankenstein – The Time Is Now! – YouTube

“Scott Ritter got banned for telling the truth about war not for lying. If he was willing to lie about war he’d get a job TV news. Elon is in bed with the CIA & MIC. He’s an Oligarch, not a free speech warrior as hoped.

The Truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“Brazil’s new President-elect Lula da Silva said back in May, “We are going to create a currency in Latin America,” to combat “the dependency on the dollar.”

Lula – a co-founder of the BRICS system – wants to call the new currency the Sur, meaning “South.” (-Ben Norton)

“Be happy. Not because you “deserve” it or any of that empty narrative fluff, but because the world is a hard place and any spark of happiness is sorely needed.” (-Caitlin Johnstone_

“Imagine retracting & opposing a letter to the president which stated:

“It’s America’s responsibility to pursue every diplomatic avenue to help end the war.” That’s what @PramilaJayapal, @AOC & the fraud squad did this week. There are no peacemakers or progressives in Congress.” (-Ryan Knight)

“In August, Lula Da Silva suggested that BRICS be the leading force in resolving the Ukraine conflict peacefully.

In other words, Lula champions a multipolar world where NATO and U.S. hegemony no longer calls the shots.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“I don’t know how to sugar coat this so I’ll just say it: It seems clear that the Democratic Party is over…You could drive a Bronco through the gap between [Obama’s] campaign promises & reality…” (-Brihana Joy Gray)

“Extremely important – and infuriating – report on Biden Admin’s use of government power to monitor and suppress speech. This is the most anti-First Amendment administration in our history.” (-Josh Hawley)

“Solidarity to everyone this midterms who is voting Independent, Green and third party. There may not be enough of us [yet] to end the corporate duopoly’s reign but if our dissenting voices & votes didn’t matter then they wouldn’t work so hard to kick third parties off the ballot.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Docs show Facebook and Twitter closely collaborating w/ Dept of Homeland Security, FBI to police “disinfo.” Plans to expand censorship on topics like withdrawal from Afghanistan, origins of COVID, info that undermines trust in financial institutions. ” (-Lee Fang)

“But Israel is a democracy – right? Yes. Settlers have reserved democracy for themselves and colonial fascism for their captives. Human rights for them, death for the colonized. This is the irreconcilable contradiction in European thought & practice since 1492.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded “disinformation experts,” the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“More than ever, it’s time to vote the peacemakers in & the warmongers out. Our lives depend on it.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)


“Gettin Pretty Good At Barely Gettin’ By” sounds exactly like how me and my main motherfuckers inner circle and dwindling party of bad seed, permemnetly exiled, dissident rocknroll outsiders have lived our whole lives.The closest thing the Divided Slaves Of Amnesia ever produced to the mightiest of the mighty, Beasts Of Bourbon, was, of course, the Four Horsemen, and ya know we never even see no people like Frankie C. Starr and Dimwit, both already dead and gone no more, but man, they were one of those rare and exceptional superstar should’vebeens, who really always seemed to get where I was coming from, me and my surly sleazepunk, white trash Alston ghetto, blues punk, raunchy rocknrollers, the Original Suffering Bastards.  Frankie always seemed to understand us, he had all our same impuslses, instincts, bad habits and way of life, he knew all about the pain I was in. What a rare breed of get down, truth tellin’ hellraiser he was. killed dead by a hit n run, just like my friend, Shane Williams, the Rocknroll bank Robber. (RIP) Man, I miss those cats. “it’s dirty, it’s a pity and time aint exactly on our side..”

The Four Horsemen – Nobody Said It Was Easy – YouTube

Rockin’ Is Ma Business -The Four Horsemen (unclean version) – YouTube

The Four Horseman – (Miami Arena) Miami,Fl 10.4.91 (Complete Show) – YouTube

The Four Horsemen – Tired Wings – YouTube

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Destroying Western Values To Defend Western Values (

Mohamed Osman Alin, Cala. on Twitter: “UN votes 152 to 5 telling Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons – US and Canada among the few countries not upholding the NPT.” / Twitter

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Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Lawsuit vs the Biden admin illustrates how extensive and coercive gov’t censorship of social media has become. Discovery reveals everyone from the White House to the State Dept, DHS and even Census dictating Covid content rules to Facebook & others.” / Twitter

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So cold here, the day after Halloween, that I dread the frosty walk to the car to retrieve my suede jacket for warmth. I keep procrastinating. Kid skipped his Halloween party last night, I’ve been busy slaving for the Man, my hands, knees, and lower back are all kinda screaming for vengence from all the lifting and bending and scrubbing and painting. Been offline so I just found out that Jerry Lee Lewis, one of rocknroll’s most talented if flawed founding fathers has passed from this life, along with drummer D.H. Peligro, a.k.a. Darren Henley, who played on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Mother’s Milk” an album much beloved by my ex hombre former replacement bassplayer from my early teenage bands, as well as the Dead Kennedy’s world view shifting eighties landmarks, “In God We Trust’, “Plastic Surgery Disasters”, “Frankenchrist”, and “Bedtime For Democracy”, records that seem even more vital each and every year, as sociopathic greedhead capitalist society continues to crumble into this dystopian tech-surveillance, autocratic, Bill Gates and World Econmic Forum engineered nightmare hellscape when all social media, electronic communications, and legacy media are owned by Davos billionaires and operated by deep state spooks. Jello Biafra, it turns out, was pretty much right about everything way back in his inflammatory shit stirrer days, before he started endorsing rightwing extremist pro war democrats, just like Michael Moore does, and making excuses for Israeli oppression. If you grew up in the South and went to bible school like I did where fear and brimstone based theology was sternly imposed upon us little preteen black t shirt wearers by creepy and abusive gaslighting brainwashing authoritarians, Jerry Lee Lewis was really part of the whole original badboy blue suede shoes wearin’, barnstorming rocknroll subculture, with songs like “Whole Lotta Shakin'” and “Great Balls Of Fire”, he helped Chuck Berry, Elvis, and Little Richard really ignite the first flames of wild rebellious, defiant outsider rocknroll, of course the sniveling safespace college people judge all these old geezers from a millenial P.C. fauxwoke nu feminist perspective, and endless pearl clutching and handwringing are still being done about his marrying his underage cousin, but even nowadays, in evangelical religious circles, the parents pretty much still tend to marry off their daughters at a young age, lotta religious people I know start courting their future wives when they are teens and marry ’em as soon as they turn 18, like it or not, let’s not pretend that only Jerry Lee or Elvis or even golden toilet blowhard bigoted Trump were these lone anomolies we’ve never seen before, I know people who are still focusing on cancelling Ike Turner when the Democrats are pushing for nucleur wars with China and Iran and Russia and groping their grannies at airports for freedom fries, and monitoring all your private business with big tech spy devices, and still actively trying to overthrow Cuba and Venezuela. Stop fretting about black comedians not being WEF woke transfriendly enough and start worrying about hollow identity poltics being used as a diversion to stoke division and keep you sperated from your neighbors while the rulers at the top fuck you all over and do it with a smiling Kenta cloth pink triangle Tibetan prayer flag, they/them pro noun, black lives matter bumpersticker-ya know? Aoc wept about border gulags under Trump, then helped fund them under Biden only changing their name to “overflow facilities” rather than “child cages”, said defund the police when it was Trump, superfunded the police aftyer their big psy op shitshow when misinformed, thank a kkkop, rightwing Maga people assembled to protest dubious election results at the Capital. Most people who are middle class, college indoctrinated gatekeepers don’t even know they’ve been manipulated and tricked, hoodwinked and propagandized-you sensitive university philosophers might have some gripe with Elvis or Jerry Lee for their typical attitudes of their time, but context, place, and era all matter, and way, way back in their day, and in that part of the country, they were pretty standard run of the mill fifties southern males, just way more talented than the rest. I’d be more worried about the House Of Saud or Gropey Joe if I was a shitlib safespacer. We Out Crowd rocknroll motherfuckers thank both Jerry Lee and D.H. for their integral, pioneeering service. I still love the story about Jerry Lee getting too fucked up pne time and driving his Cadillac convertible to the Graceland gates and hollering at Elvis that he was the Real King, and lookin’ for a showdown. “Donchu know you’re in MY neighborhood?!” (RIP)

“I don’t criticize Democrats cuz I side with Republicans, I criticize Democrats Cuz THEY side with Republicans.

Our fight is not Left/Right anymore, it is Us vs.Them. We have 2 corporate party’s that serve Wall St/War Machine/Corporations & crush everyone else.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The west was never a democracy. A centuries-old class hierarchy with a rate of interest attached to all circulating currency. The west is capitalist and that’s the problem.” (-Gaz at Money Truth)

“The Ethiopians have had enough also.. The African people want the neoliberal monsters out!” (-Garland Nixon)

““Mass agreement, in my experience, both as a person and a journalist, is typically achieved at a cost to reality and truth.” (-Matt Taibbi)

“In liberal “democracies”, liberty is always conditional, this is a society on probation (parole) for “crimes” we haven’t committed yet.” (-Rafael Rodriguez)

“Freedom and democracy are totally contradictory to a Capitalistic society.

The two are the complete opposite of each other. 

They are as opposite as war and peace are.” (-James Poyner)

” Isn’t it crazy that even some of the most “progressive” members of the Democratic party who were once tapped to take on power have completely capitulated to it?” (-Craig Pasta Jardula)

“”We’re told we need to defeat Russia in Ukraine in order to preserve western values of freedom and democracy, and in order to facilitate that aim we’re getting less and less free speech. Less and less free thought. Less and less free press. Less and less democracy.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“‘In reality, those who best exemplify “western values” are the ones who are being most aggressively silenced & marginalized by western powers. The real journalists. The dissidents. The skeptics. The free thinkers. The peace activists. Those who refuse to bow down to their rulers'” (-Matt Aldarab)

“So the DHS should be abolished, right? Especially now that it’s been proven that it’s moving away from its original counterterrorism mandate and is now focused primarily on thought policing the online platforms much of the world uses for communication and information gathering?” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Propaganda is not just about telling lies, but also omitting countervailing facts. This allows Matt Duss

to pretend the only issue is “NATO expansion.” Imagine writing a 2500+ word piece on resolving Ukraine & not even mentioning the Donbas war. You can if your aim is apologia:” (-Aaron Mate’)

““Let’s fight for zero deforestation,” Lula says in first speech as president-elect. “Brazil is ready to resume its leading role in the fight against the climate crisis, protecting all our biomes, especially the Amazon Forest.” (-Jonathan Watts)

“”2022 is an insane year to be a critic of the empire. People are being censored for disputing official narratives about a war. Those who aren’t censored are being mobbed by astroturf trolling operations.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“AOC is spending for more time talking about Twitter than diplomacy and peace in Ukraine.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“I was a sucker for the Democrats “vote for us or democracy dies” messaging that they roll out every election.

It wasn’t until I looked beyond their rhetoric & paid attention to how they govern that I realized there is no democracy to save here. Both parties serve the oligarchy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“It is interesting & pathetic that democrats lament that economy is main concern of voters in both parties. Since democrat policies are firmly aligned with interests of most aggressive elements of ruling class – energy & military contractors – they have muted themselves on economy.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

If the Democrats lose to the worst GOP in history—a corporatist-crazed mega-antagonist of workers, patients, consumers, the environment and children—it would be due to how/when/where and on what subjects the Democrats campaigned. Dems have missed many opportunities.” (-Ralph Nader)

Do you think it’s a problem if a single corporation owns a huge percentage of the entire food system & had multiple charges against them of child labor/ slave labor/ tax evasion/ deforestation/ front companies/ & more? It exists. I can’t say the name but it rhymes with “Fargill” (-Lee Camp)

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “This pisses me off. AOC is one of the biggest frauds in US politics. But the right wing insist on giving her attention over BS. Don’t fall for it. She and the rest of “the squad” are useless. Don’t believe me? I have just two words: Ukraine letter.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “According to neocons pretending to be radicals who try to explain why the global South rejects alignment with the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination on Ukraine, the best way to explain this is to conclude that these nations have surrendered to Cuba propaganda.” / Twitter

Chris Hedges on Twitter: “The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Medea Benjamin on her book “War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict” on The Chris Hedges Report” / Twitter

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MintPress News on Twitter: “BREAKING: Former Pakistani Prime Minister has been shot in an attempted assassination. He was forced out of office by a US backed coup several months ago.” / Twitter

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Assange Defense on Twitter: “BREAKING: Pompeo and the CIA SUED for spying on lawyers and journalists at the Ecuadorian embassy. We will keep you updated as this develops.” / Twitter

☀️👀 on Twitter: “again, this was the speech Lula gave right before he had to turn himself in on false corruption charges meant to block him from running for president last time. It’s incredible to watch how he came back from that instead of succumbing to despair. Amazing” / Twitter

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Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Slandering me on Wikipedia is an understandable action given that detractors can point to zero articles that rebut anything I’ve ever said or written. Wanting to defame/silence me, but lacking any evidence or arguments, this gives them something to point to:” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “One of the most important TV documentaries in recent years is ‘The Labour Files’ broadcast by Aljazeera. It reveals the smear and fabrication campaign within the UK Labour Party that destroyed Jeremy Corbyn. Watch journalist Asa Winstanley:” / Twitter


Aint got cable here so that means a welcome break from all that redundant horror programming on Hulu and Net-Flix and even the banal beach bunnies party on drunk island shows I had been watching to escape the bloodshed. Reached back into the dark garage old music archives for an evening’s entertainment after many, many arduous and grueling long days of working and of yardwork laboring and packing and heave-hoing while relocating. We were watching an old Live Aid dvd we got cheap when Sam Goody record store was liquidating in my hometown of Maysville, Kentucky. Of course I love Adam Ant and George Michael and plenty more. Madonna and Steve Stevens doing the Beatles :Revolution” with the Thompson Twins was pretty lame, and I usually love Steve Stevens and the Thompson Twins and this was when McDonna was at her peak before her descent into all the crazy occultism. McCartney choosing to do “Let It Be” out of his extensive catalog of hundreds of songs to choose from seemed somehow insensitive, contrary to the main message of the day. Of course the bankers and evil capitalist governments and their puppet warlord rulers in impoverished nations made sure most of the money raised just went to weapons, fake foundations, the usual pockets lining secret society scumbags, you gotta smile about all the noise they made over Phil Collins flying from one contrinent to another on a super jet to play two songs in one day like that was the most heroic thing anyone’s ever done in human history. I used to really dig Geldof until his whole British tabloids war with Michael Hutchence, ya know? He somehow got a knighthood and the daughter fell in with the secret socities and ended up dead, awful shit, really. Tell me why I don’t like monarchs. Of course I still miss the neon hued/sunglasses at night/palm trees/cocaine.and champagne/surfboards/Van Halen/Creem Magazine/New Wave/MTV/Miami Vice Eighties and did not even mind the Billy Squire video for “Rock Me Tonight” that’s so frequently said to have ruined his career. “My Kinda Lover”, man, that’s a Cheap Trick level jam in my book. I like Billy Squire.”Everybody Wants You”. The highlight of Live Aid acts we watched, and many who performed did not consent to have their performances captured for posterity on this dvd or were edited out for reasons unknown, like Waylon Jennings, but JUDAS PRIEST really killed it that day. The Priest are getting some kinda musical excellence award from the creepy corporarte pyramid rawk hall this year and bringing in all the former members to participate in the big rockshow. It’s weird how the establishment used to frown upon Ozzy and Twisted Sister and Motley Crue and Ratt and any other heavy metal acts for using the pentegram or supposedly promoting devil worship, now all these crazy Rothchild Party-Met Gala-soldout elites and red carpet billionaires are using their propaganda media to actively promote devil worship, from all the lapdance/gangsta rap awards shows, Lil nas X to Elon Musk in his demon costume, it’s all ya see nowadays. McDonna,especially. Also, they used to bootcamp and detention hall us working class rebels and critical thinking dissenters who challenged their racist narratives and dress code violate us for even the faintest hint of Bowie Androgyny, now they use Net-Flix and Hulu and TikTok tell the kids they MUST receive hormone treatments and change their pro nouns for transpositivity or they’ll never be popular like the people on all those dozens of tv shows, so that’s a bit different, too. The whole point of my generation’s rebellion was no one should be shamed, excluded, abused, ridiculed, shamed, or harmed for being themself, or pressured into becoming something that ain’t just innately natural to them, or for wanting to express themselves creatively, which is every human being’s right, forever. That’s a mighty long, long way from evil insiders killing Prince for control of his home and his publishing and replacing music with lifestyle programming and manufacturing consent and non stop censorship and all these rich kid creepy Kardashians and Machine Gun Kellys with their bogus tv shows always glamorizing dummy wealth and spooky rituals and big titty surgeries. Remember all those covid clampdown era posh red carpet parties where the Obama and Kardashian friends did not have to wear the cotton face masks for “SCIENCE!”, but all the Help did? That was some crazy peak capitalism elitist abuse shit.

“It is not Wikileaks that the United States is afraid of. It is not Julian Assange that they are afraid of. What does it matter what I know? What does it matter what Wikileaks knows?… What matters is what YOU know.”  

– Julian Assange

“Scott Ritter is one of the the most reliable sources in the world for military/weapons analysis. Having been a UN inspector, he is meticulously precise, no bs. Please restore his account.” (Diane Sare, running for US Senate)

In my hometown, the musclebound metal dudes from rich suburbia with the big Marshalls who took karate and drove Trans Ams and shit all worshipped the Priest and covered their songs, but they’d punch me in the middle school hallways everyady for being “a fag”, which is kinda funny cause you know Rob Halford is gay. Hick richkid suburban metalheads in the midwest still suck so bad. I was not really into Judas Priest as a kid at bible school in Kentucky but because the anti rock crusading authoritarian fanatics made such a stink about ’em being demonic, it kinda turned the taboo to eleven, made them more appealing really,. I always loved their clothes, but now I’m an old man, the music seems so tame really. Harmless pop jingles. Back then, it was like the heaviest shit in the world. Me and four or five other mulleted Marlboro Men would ride our stupid bikes around the dirt trails behind the Sharon Drove Inn, gleefully singing, “Breakin’ the law”…Breakin’ the law”… I kinda think it is glorious that Halford and Glenn are welcoming the ex bandmates back into the gang cause Blondie made such a stink outta keeping their old bandmates at arm’s length even though they all made it together ya know there was acrimony and lawsuits, and they refused to forgive n forget for old time’s sake which was sad. I love Blondie. Also really dig Frank Infante. I think that Hall Of Fame’s a big sham, anyway, ya know? Who cares about McDonna or Billy Joel or James Taylor? But get over your own stench of super stardom, ya know? Even Iggy eventually reunited the fucking Stooges and that was the right thing to do, if you ask me, from ages twenty to forty all I wanted to do was reunite tha band, but then I found out how much the band had changed. I’m one of those cats who loves a happy ending, man, how sad was it that Van Halen never got to reunite the classic lineup when Ed died? They were in negotiations but they fucked around too long with Spammy Hagar. And Wolfgang, God love ‘im, the fans wanted Michael Anthony not some nepotism bullshit family business promotion. I dunno what Dave’s doing-is he in retirement? He’s been rerecording old Van Halen songs lately and I think he sounds great in spite of wrongheaded internet cahtter but Motley Crue grabbed his ace collaborator John 5 to replace Mick Mars. Why do you think Roth has never reconvened the Eat ‘Em & Smile Band? Vai was perfect for him. Just go play “Damn Good” or “Perfect Timing”. I been out there puttering around my new secret hideout this morning, going through old boxes, lookin’ at all my childhood things. I’m gonna need another major wooden bookshelf I think and some help hammering nails to get these old frames hung and aso my old lady’s help with the big tapestries, but overall, it’s coming together beyond my initial hopes or expectations. My son said he spotted a bluebird this morning in the yard. I was chatting with one of my earliest real creative collaborators this morning about how our wildest rocknroll dreams never quite came true and he said maybe it was partly cause he was never willing to move to L.A. or live in a bad van with stinky dudes, but ya know, man, I was, and I also never made it, and I did all that. I think he did alot better than me, but I’m still here, still writing songs, as long as there’s life, ya know ya can’t stop dreaming. The future is unwritten in the words of the oracle.I met some crazy eccentric artisan last night and her work was intoxicatingly original and inspired and enchanting a real feast for the eyes, I had dismissed her as just another privileged Karen but was astounded by her visual artowrk, very much in my own gypsified psychedelic opim den aesthetic. Too cool. sometimes I’m too quick to judge because of a lifetme of disappointments and poseur fraud letdowns,.Frequently though, when I do override my own first instinct, I get the business from all these money having power seekers and status climbing backstabber plaigirists, so ya know, I stay pretty guarded and removed from the rabble as much as I can these days. I wrote to one of my always cherished old friends like a month ago and ya know he never even wrote me back. People Suck in Ratrace Murkkka. My new neighbors got electronic gates and surveillance cameras, and down the other way, it’s all like deep squalor, junkyard poverty, meth culture. My kid’s into old video games like I’m into old music. He’s thinking about gaming consoles and I’m thinking about Echo & The Bunnymen. Life’s a big fuckin’ mystery ta me, man. I don’t know shit. Just never trust the sociopathic powerful to be your friendly science saviors for transrights philanthropy, ya know? They always, always got some diabolical shit up their sleeves behind the smiley faced marketing campaigns.It’s November 2022 as I type this but you will not read it for a long time to come. As Bob Dylan sang, “people are crazy and times are strange”.

“The US is a terrorist state.

Israel is a terrorist state.  

Both are engaged in LITERAL occupations that receive a fraction Ukraine receives from Western “cruise missile” leftists.

Midterm elections are super important! It’s a time where Americans choose which of the two parties will increase the U.S. military budget, subsidize corporations at the expense of the poor, and escalate potential nuclear conflict with Russia and China.  

U.S. democracy at work! The Left Lens will be LIVE in 15 minutes to discuss Kyle Kulinksi’s problematic Ukraine take and new evidence that the world stands with Russia and China over the West.” (Danny Haiphong)

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Okay kids, here’s another cool as fuck band that never gets enough accolades or attention. The glorious sounds of FLIES ON FIRE! I remember when I’d go to visit my oldest kid back in Ohio where they manufacture the fratboys, his mom had introduced me to these velvet clad ultra glam guys from Dayton who had a band called Heroin Sweet Heroin and the drummer had a Dr. Seuss tattoo and looked and dressed just like Brent Muscat from Pussycat and I think he went onto play with Dee Dee’s Chinese Dragons, anyways, they got me into Flies On Fire while we were auditioning various guitar players for a group the bassist wanted to call Rehab Dolls. Many years later, I briefly dated his ex girlfriend who was besties with all my Detroit friend’s girlfriends cause it’s a small world after all, she was a cool chick. I liked both of those Dayton guys alot but one of ’em was married and kinda being pressured to step up and provide for his family joining the military and becoming a cop or some shit, I think he kinda left rocknroll and went the other way, ya know, that was happening a lot back in the grunge years. We were really hustling to find the right guitar players and attempting to write songs in somebody’s grandmother’s basemnt, i still some tapes we made down there, but sadly, as usual, we never found the right combination of people to ever really get anything off the ground. One guy we tried out who had a real cool Bryan Gregory from the Cramps sorta rockabilly style, he went on to fame and fortune in some faraway lands with some former CBGB’s also rans, I remember him showing up when I was down on my luck and being real self destructive, living in some stripper’s attic doing drugs after a painful breakup and totally gloating abusively about how successful he was and how popular he got with the local trendies.I was only half conscious at the time, but he really rambled on and on, let me have it, somehow he’d decided I done him wrong by not overnight getting him signed to a major label or something, like I was the one stopping him or something, it was of course, all in his head, I barely knew the guy, but he wanted to be in with the popular richkid scenester locals who I was in some conflict with over the chick who left me. He was straightup telling me I was a loser and a drunk and a badguy and a failure who’d never never amount to anything and how he was just the greatest guitar player of all time and I should’ve kissed his ass while I had the chance or some shit like that. It was like something straight out of the “I Wanna Rock” video, only it was bizarrely, absurdly, a guitarist(!?) who was yelling all the authoritarian abuse and hate speech, “YOU”RE WORTHLESS AND WEAK!”, he repeatedly bellowed, at length, like I still that might have been a real peak moment for that guy, probably still treaured on his own internal highlight reel. One of those kinda hot rod guys with the sideburns and brand new eightball and 13 neck tattoo who came around in the Zeke and Nashville Pussy era, kinda with a senselessly mean streak, a total bully aggressor. I’d been hard partying for days, well, probably more like months, was kinda groggy and half lidded and barely standing up on the stairs so I just let him say his thing and he seemed to feel somehow better about himself, swaggered ever so proudly and confidently away, like some kinda record collector big bad wolf. I ended up playing with another dude just like that in my next band, a friend of a friend, all the insufferable, insanely abusive, drill sargeant wannabe bad breath blowhards are all from fucking Rush Limbaugh, Ohio. Never understood how those kinda jock mentality guys ever even drifted into punk rock music to start with, but by the mid nineties, they were takin’ over-the revenge of the jocks and rednecks and dickhead bullies and bullshit richkid collector, preppie private school types.People are weird, I blame the dominant imperialist monoculture propaganda programming. but Flies On Fire, baby, now that was some ace rocknroll, in my book.I’m still on the outside but spend less and less time really lookin’ in, I kinda got backstage a couple times and never dug the In Crowd much at all.

An Inconvenient Opinion from Europe (

taseenov on Twitter: “The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 is the legislative “game changer” that likely made things like Russiagate possible by removing the ban on (legal) state psychological war on US people. Yet most US people have no idea. Great piece by @_whitneywebb” / Twitter

Middle East Eye on Twitter: “US podcast host @kthalps said she was fired from her role at The Hill TV after she recorded a video monologue calling Israel an apartheid state. Here’s what she had to say” / TwitterMiddle East Eye on Twitter: “US podcast host @kthalps said she was fired from her role at The Hill TV after she recorded a video monologue calling Israel an apartheid state. Here’s what she had to say” / Twitter

Politicians Make Black People the Face of Crime | Black Agenda Report

Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation (

“If you were going to cheat, this is exactly what you’d say. And this is the most artificially propped up POTUS in my lifetime. I have no idea how he won against two guys who were filling stadiums. They should have to prove he won.” (-John Dissed)

“Remember how in 2016 & 2020 you “voted out fascism” to “preserve democracy,” yet here we are inches away from nuclear war?” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Ukraine maintains a hit list that has journalists on it, including some Americans.” (-Black In The Empire)

ABC News on Twitter: “Biden: “There are candidates running for every level of office in America…who won’t commit to accepting the results of the elections that they’re running in. That is the path to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented, it’s unlawful, and it’s un-American.”” / Twitter

Documents Reveal that NATO Was Rehearsing for an Amphibious Assault on Eastern Ukraine Using Ukrainian Naval Bases Acquired in Agreement with the UK | CovertAction Magazine

Revolutionary Blackout Network (@RevBlackNetwork) / Twitter

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “I’ll be LIVE tonight at 8pm ET discussing, BRIAHNA JOY GRAY ATTACKED, HILLARY CLINTON ADMITS IT, KAMALA CONFRONTED, QUESTION 4 YT: Rok;” / Twitter

Leaked Documents Reveal Homeland Security’s ‘Expansive’ Influence Over Social Media Censorship • Children’s Health Defense (

Mind control: The metaverse may be the ultimate tool of persuasion – Vigilant Links


Man, I woke up today and everything hurt-the arthiritic hands from scrubbing toilets and painting, the bad back from too much lifting and even worse bending, the old knees. I feel like a real geezer.  Aint heard from summa my deeply beloved family memebers for too long-that’s like a constant, nagging knife in the side. Aint got no landline yet and I don’t personally care to fool much with those Star Trek I-phone surveillance communicators, so I can’t look in on other ailing family members, it’s getting cold again, we tried to rescue a feral cat, took her to the vet, she’s out in the garage, I gotta get off the hypnoscreen and feed all those felines and get ready fopr another hard day. You know what helps me get through it all-it’s the same strategy I used way back when the juvie authorities tried to break my spirits with collective punishment/peer pressure psychology, degrading humiliations and weeks without my glasses shivering in a cement cell in solitary confinement with just my underwear. I play whole albums in my mind while I grunt through the anguishing hours. Today, I’ll probably be playing, “The Low Road”. I can’t say no. I can’t say no.

The Beasts Of Bourbon, are of course, the greatest band on the planet, even just the remnants.

Beasts of Bourbon – “Drop Out” – YouTube

Beasts of Bourbon- I don’t care about nothing anymore – YouTube

Beasts of Bourbon – Execution Day – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Live Phoenician Club Sydney – December 1991 & April 1992 – YouTube


RFK Jr. interviews investigative journalist Whitney Webb on the ‘deliberate coverup’ of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship + more – LifeSite (

Facebook Hired Ex-CIA, FBI Agents to Censor Content That Deviates From Official Narrative • Children’s Health Defense (

Glaring Western Hypocrisy on Human Rights in Africa: Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo | Black Agenda Report


Beasts Of Bourbon – Rest In Peace – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Words From A Woman To Her Man – YouTube

beasts of bourbon – YouTube

Beasts of Bourbon “The Day Marty Robbins Died” – YouTube

Beasts Of Bourbon – Words From A Woman To Her Man – YouTube

CEPI: The Vaccine Cartel’s SPECTRE (

Leaked documents: British spies constructing secret terror army in Ukraine – The Grayzone

“Make Peace Non-Partisan” – GOP House Candidate Joe Kent – The Grayzone

Christina Applegate needs walking sticks; Kathy Griffin’s voice damaged by lung cancer surgery; Tyler Reddick pulls out of race; Carseat Head Rest cancels tour; Brazilian journalist keels over on TV (

Ukrainian First Lady Zelenska ordered The Grayzone’s Web Summit cancellation – The Grayzone

PHOTOS: Ethically challenged OAS Chief Almagro canoodles aide following Venezuela regime-change junket – The Grayzone

DiedSuddenly (@whodiedsuddenly) / Twitter

beasts of bourbon whats got into him – YouTube

Well, the clock on the clubhouse wall says it’s time for me to go and get ready for another day of oh, my aching back grumbling at the heave-ho saltmines, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution. I ‘m sending you all my good vibes, I know these are hard times for sensitive free thinking soulful motherfuckers, but I believe in youse. STAY WILD! STAY FREE! 

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