“It is infuriatingly easy for mindless automatons to parrot Empire propaganda then pat themselves on the back for their faux patriotism. Intellectual cowards.” (-DeepFake Dissident)

Treazine, Sedition 3 (

“Julian Assange is a journalist who told the uncomfortable truth all around the world of what happened in Iraq, what happened in Afghanistan, what happened in Syria, Libya, environmental destruction, the power and interface of big business and arms companies with governments.  That truth made a lot of very powerful people very uncomfortable so the U.S. has tried to charge him under the Espionage Act.

If we believe in free speech, if we believe in independent, democratic journalism, then Julian Assange should be freed from Belmarsh and not removed to the United States. Today we’ve shown the levels of public support for Julian by having this huge human chain all around Parliament despite the obvious transport difficulties today because of the rail strike. Internationally there is huge support for Julian Assange. … So my message to journalists around the world is, take up your chosen profession to take on a responsibility to tell the truth without fear nor favor. Tell the truth about Julian and say to the British government, refuse the extradition.”  (-Jeremy Corbyn)

“The real Cancel Culture crisis is imperialist institutions cancelling Palestinians for daring to exist and refusing to be colonized.” (-Ben Norton)

 “The Biden administration this week purchased $290 million worth of Nplate, a radiation sickness drug — with serious side effects — developed by drugmaker Amgen in partnership with several government agencies, including the NIAID, headed by Dr. Fauci.” (-Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)

“”If maintaining public support for a proxy war requires nonstop PR spin, aggressive propaganda from the mainstream news media, banning of Russian media, and giant troll information ops amplified by think tanks and government agencies, it probably shouldn’t have public support.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

World-Wide Backing as Parliament Encircled for Assange – Consortium News

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Hearing Matt speak to the crowd in DC, i now understand why the Dems pulled out all the stops to throw him off the ballot & out of debates. If voters get to hear him, it’s game over for the apologists for war & Wall Street.” / Twitter

“Here’s a novel idea. Hold the bipartisan warmongers –  pushing weapons not diplomacy – accountable, before they get us all killed. Support peace candidates in the midterms.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW on Twitter: “WE DID IT! I told Julian today was EPIC. On behalf of Julian and our family THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to each of you. It took 5,000 people to complete the chain. We did that and more. Likely 10-12,000 people. Post your pics from today below! #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Marco Maserati on Twitter: “@StellaMoris1 @suigenerisjen @FreeNazanin @rustyrockets Thank you Stella” / Twitter

“Censorship is real. Twitter marks simple observations about the Western media’s own hypocrisy on Nazis in Ukraine as “sensitive content.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Jeffrey Sachs: US biotech cartel behind Covid origins and cover-up – YouTube


I remember my older guitar player used to play Throbbing Gristle vinyl whenever he felt like getting under normal suburbanite people’s skin. Or Lou’s Metal Machine Music. 

Yeah now that trans-this and pan-fluid-they/them that have become almost mandatory rather than just consensual, Genesis and Jaye’s movie seems almost pedestrian, nudity’s so common now, it’s kindof lost all the inflammatory power it had back in the eighties. Getting underage kids to say shocking things is pretty normalized to in the New Gates Order or whatever it’s branded as this week. Nazi fetishism and Crowley magic, too. Corporate media is making every cartoon character gay or bi now, every fictional hero, and the Hunger Games-Squid Game-Tech-Elites-Robocop-Dystopia is relentlessly promoted by the mainstream juggernaut now, so it’s a much different trip entirely, remembering how radical those after hours performance spots in Alphabet City were in the eighties, when a little eyeliner was considered so unforgivably outlandish and taboo. Jaye, like me, fled to Alphabet City when she was also 14 to get away from the dummy eighties monoculture. Alphabet City in those days was like a war zone, really-post apocalyptic, but it was also affordable and the vanguard of underground film, fashion, punk and hiphop was all cross polinating and happening at once down there. Everything from Wigstock to Nick Zedd films, Haring, Basquiat, paisley revival and hardcore crossover was all happening back then in the Lower East Side. Poor people can no longer even afford to fucking visit what was once known as the melting pot. I’ve been personally inspired by the in the moment, impromptu, improvisational and experimental music Genesis and Co. have been doing since I first discovered that “Godstar” 12 inch way back in my teens. Thirwell, Cabaret Voltaire, the Swans, Einsturdende Neubachten, Birthday Party, Ministry were all a big part of our eighties underground electronic, proto industrial, post punk and new wave scene. Nowadays, everything’s a sample or a sound collage. Even the Brion Gysin and William Burroughs cut up technique has become kindof ubiquitous in pop culture these past few decades. If you know me, you probably are well aware my only real ambition in life was to write songs, make records, and tour with a weird little band of my own, which kinda never came to pass when all the other punks died, went straight, or turned pro. I tended to gravitate more towards the dreamier Pink Floyd/Doors/Velvets influenced side of what psychic TV did as opposed to the noisier and more abrasive. Ya know  one of my old metalhead friends always called me “the Flower Power Popster” because I like melodic pop music and am pretty leftist/anti authoritarian/pro freedom/anti war, anti fascism, anti tyranny. Like I said, now some of the Psychic TV ideas have been so normalized by the Gates Reset-Hulu-Netflix programming, where controlled big 5 corporate monopoly media almost seems to want to force hormones and surgeries on every kid, I’m less enthusiastic about them than I once was-the monarch programming and one eyed occultic creepy worship of the predator class  cultish super rich has become kinda ho hum ubiquitous now and many concepts that might have been revolutionary back in the eighties, seem to have been hi jacked, co opted, weaponized by authoritarian billionaires in the 2020’s, I’m about freedom, not conformity or forced identification with any program, having said that, I think their love story was very, very romantic, this movie is a vital document, and I like a lot of his music and art in spite of the bits that I find objectionable nowadays when kids are being forced to become hypersexualized and gender aware way too soon. I don’t think the bug eating they are pushing in California schools is that groovy, either. Everything to do with wars and drugs and the environment seems to be bullshit lies that we are forcefed in the propaganda platforms and new media which has also been taken over by the deep state spooks. Always some darkening agenda at play. Strange how tame Psychic Tv are now in the context of todays faux woke deep state bizarro world, where up is down and down is up. They used to be like, outrageously profane.

The Misadventures of a CoatCheck Girl: R.I.P. Lady Jaye (1969-2007) (


Autumn melancholy has been a recurring theme of my song lyrics since I wa a kid-maybe something to do with my friends who died in autumn, maybe something to do with “back to school”, I just wanna crawl into a bottle, or old songs, or under blankets, and hibernate now. Call it full flight from reality like the 12 steppers do, or retreating from the new world order bullshit propaganda, I just want less and less involvement in your capitalist ratrace rigged sham, phony baloney elections, controlled media, industry captured regulatory agencies, gentrification police state where one is required to present as sufficiently soccer mom middle class or is subject to stop and frisk enhanced interrogation airport gropings and identity-profiled shakedowns, or garbage fuckedup weaponized pig media induced pro war culture of death. Even our own lifelong punkroll and post-punk new romantic super heroes like Duran Duran and Billy Idol and the Pretenders are forced to collaborate with illuminati muppets like Miley Cyrus and are used to promote bullshit proxy wars in the Ukraine for empire and western oil company-big-pharma-surveillance tech hegemony. Damn shame, cause summa these people still write great fucking songs.

“I never thought I’d ever get to meet another rebel like you” (-Billy Idol)


A crazy neighbor hates animals, even the birds. When I first came to the desert, I was shocked by how loud the wildlife got at night here, and the mornings were a symphony of birds, but then, the dickhead developers showed up with their bulldozers to build condos, tear down the wildlife habitat, and pressure city hall into changing the traditional desert Southwest, unconforming cowboy, cactus and rock and cow skull culture, to please sensibilities of gentrification Karens and shit. I’m trying to relocate to a nearby town further away from the fauxwoke hipster tourist trap district. Everything’s a ripoff now in the post Covid Gates-Reset Economy, even motherfuckin Happy Meals are like $13. Rent is outrageous, gas, groceries, heat. Dumbfuck Murkkkans love being gouged and exploited as long as they are assigned a bad guy boogeyman to blame all the sins of the ruling class on, and some pretty saviors who talk all sugary on the red carpet at the creepy Eyes Wide Shit Ball to play the good guys. The face and the heel, just like wrestling. They all went to Klaus Schwab’s Training School For Futuristic-Fascists.

 Lotta my ex peers like being in the center of all the ratrace competitive hustle and bustle, I wanna be able to access civilization every once in awhile to buy survival essentials, but I’ve come  to really need those wide open spaces that commercial country cowgirls sang about. Moments free from media blare and pro war propaganda and divide and conquer police state copaganda.

I’m alone, bored, sober, a little bitter, anxious, and resentful in the dead dull desert, it is raining so I can’t really even go on one of my twice daily restless walks to take pictures of cactuses and clouds without getting drenched-looks like the river has risen onto the nearby roads which means that old garage is leaking water onto my last few semi-salvaged belongings. I’m gonna dial my long estranged kid’s digits today and find out hopefully how they’re doing. Mostly taking care of a very restless and bored teenager with Autism. Sometimes, I get random emails from former associates with mental illness dramas, I try to steer them gently back into music and being creative. I, myself, aint really been writing much of note for a long time. I already said it with more poetic light a long time ago in all those songs that were rippedoff or just underrecorded and long forgotten in those gray storage tubs in the leaky garage. I wish I could find some people to make new music with-my wife is too busy most of the time. Old friends are either too soldout square, Amazon shopper, tv believing, nine to five robotic to play real anarchy guitar anymore or just so completely and utterly antisocial and alienated from society they have no ability to provide for themselves in any meaningful way whatsoever and I can’t carry those folks. So no music is being recorded or performed, but it’s all in my head for however much longer I can last here in this phantom zone on this weird planet in this impossibly dark age. My kid had on his usual loud blaring youtube shit last night while I watched the Stones in Hyde Park and my old lady noticed I watched with the sound turned down and asked me if I wanted her to turn the volume up, I love watching Lisa Fischer and Bernard having so much fun dancing together, I told her i can hear the songs in my head. One album I been playing in my own skull lately is that fabulous BIRDLAND record. It took me awhile to get used to their unique sound but I ended up digging it thoroughly, although my heavy metal friends back in Boston memorably dismissed them as “those Nick Rhodes pussies”, hell, I LIKE Nick Rhodes. I even like Andy Warhol…and Kajagoogoo, too. So yeah, some Birdland for ya on this melancholy morning. Formed in 1988 by singer Robert Vincent and his guitar playing brother, Lee, they started out as a more glammy, nearly grebo outfit called Zodiac Motel. “Hollow Heart”, “Paradise”, “Sleep With Me”, “Everybody Needs Somebody”, “Beat Me Like A Star” and a crazy ramshackle cover of Patti Smith’s most famous, now taboo and forbidden contraband, retro outlaw anthem that’ll get you cancelled among the twitterverse navel studies P.C. gender worshipping Klaus Schwab programmed safespacers. Signed to Lazy records during the grunge years, for five minutes, they adorned the cover of every fan mag in the UK, and they looked to be another Duran Duran pinup band from Birmingham, but they crashed and burned, instead. I always had problems getting four musicians agreeing to all wear long trousers and leather jackets, no shorts or mustaches, while these guys had a whole fucking concept goin’. I wrote about Birdland, Hello Disaster, and Nancy Boy in the sad last days of my shitty Kinkos stapled fanzines. Then, I foolishly took a record store job working for a real conservative, bullying, dickhead, rightwing prick and it all started spiraling downward, after that. He gave me just tons of shit everyday because it drove him nuts I had some girlfriends even though I was not a college educated business owner-he was always accusing me of being on drugs and or shoplifting. He brutally slammed a homeless guy onto the sidewalk. I really intensely disliked the dude-my female co workers were all telling they felt pressured by him for sexual favors, he was a real typical midwestern jerkoff but in the midwest, everybody is totally 100% okeydokey with any bad behavior, as long as the unscrupulous aggressor is a business/property owner. Or son of a business owner. They all still have highfive podcasts where they Skype on and on about how they were all rich and popular during that whole grunge/alternative/Lollapalooza/Woodstock 99 nightmare. I could not really stand Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Hootie, Nirvana, or Stone Temple Pilots, let alone their fucking jock college town smug, private school richboy imitators, heroin or no heroin. 

I thought it was pretty rad they decided to go for perfect Brian Jones hair and snazzy threads halfway between the spandex Poison era and the carwash flannel and ripped jeans of grunge. Definitely maybe doing their own thing.

b i r d l a n d (

WATCH: Assange Protests at UK Parliament & DOJ – Consortium News

Before the Shit Starting Flying: A Deep-Dive Into the Punk Life of GG Allin and his Band, the Jabbers — Lethal Amounts

The Material Girl Goes Punk: Listen to Madonna’s Rare Demo Tape From 1979 | Dangerous Minds

Son of Weather Underground Leaders Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers Knows Which Way the Wind is Blowing in New Podcast | CovertAction Magazine

Who Is a “Terrorist” in Biden’s America? (

The Puppets and the Puppet Masters (

Biden: We’re Trying To Figure Out How Putin Can Exit This War – Caitlin Johnstone

“Since this war began the western media have been blanketing the airwaves with astonishingly biased coverage like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Russian media are purged from the airwaves while censorship of dissident voices has drastically escalated online with regard to this war. Social media algorithms artificially boost corrupt propaganda outlets which aggressively push the imperial line. Anti-Russia trolling operations are loudly praised and amplified by corporate media, government agencies, warmongering think tanks funded by western governments and the war industry, and branches of the US military explicitly dedicated to cyberspace operations, despite all we know about the US and UK militaries secretly using trolling operations online.

This is a proxy war that simply could not happen if it wasn’t backed to the hilt by the most powerful government on earth. And before anyone objects, yes, this is indisputably a proxy war. If it isn’t a proxy war when you’re sending billions of dollars of weapons to be used by CIA-trained fighters aided by US military intelligence and US special forces and CIA operatives on the ground, then there has never been a proxy war. That’s why US officials and the mass media have been openly calling it a proxy war.

None of this would be happening if this proxy war was as just and righteous as its proponents are pretending. If your proxy war demands nonstop perception management at maximum aggression to manufacture public consent for it, your proxy war is probably immoral and bad. If maintaining public support for a proxy war requires nonstop PR spin, aggressive propaganda from the mainstream news media, banning of Russian media, and giant troll information ops amplified by think tanks and government agencies, it probably shouldn’t have public support.

If you need to aggressively psychologically manipulate a population to get them to support your agenda, censor their speech, and disrupt their online discourse with astroturf trolling ops, it’s because you know your agenda is not something they’d choose to support on their own. If you need to manipulate people into supporting something, it’s because it’s not worthy of their support, and you know it.

If people really understood how much is being risked in escalating this proxy war, and at what extraordinary cost, and to no benefit to the common citizen, Washington would be a steaming pile of rubble right now. Nothing could protect our rulers from the rage of the citizenry if they really understood that their bank accounts are being plundered and their lives risked solely to advance the geostrategic goals of a few corrupt imperialists.

They work to manufacture our consent because they know we wouldn’t give it to them of our own volition. It’s about as despicable a subversion of democracy as you could possibly come up with.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The psychopathology of white supremacist mind is unable to grasp why the Saudis wouldn’t serve white power by allowing G-7 to act as a cartel to manipulate oil market to target Russia. Unlike the Germans, the Saudis understand the game & know its Russia today & them tomorrow.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Now the place I’m moving into when the renovations are finished has no closets so I gotta accompany my wife to buy a clothing rack from somebody on Craig’s List. I left a message on my kid’s answering machine, but probably will not hear back from the kid. I’ll be honest, between you and me, it gives me the blues, something fierce. Hard not to wanna checkout for a little while every once and gain. I had some cigarettes and vodka stashed awhile back in my secret hideout but it got confiscated during my last drinky-drunk intervention episode. I am not any good at being sober-I hate  it, in fact, it feels like punishment-feeling all the feelings, minus the hope or pleasure or respite from the big fear. It’s raining today-puddles everywhere. The good part of not drinking is when I’m not drinking, I don’t call old friends saying things like “let’s get the band back together”. Gotta go to the long vacant old house we are moving into after the appliances get installed to await a delivery of a stove-I hope to God the delivery driver brings a dolly cause I have none and can’t push a stove through puddles way back into a house a good long ways from the street. Everything is stressful in Gropey Biden’s covid/war economy. Me and the kid are binge watching some “Bob’s Burgers” this morning, both of us nervous about waking up the mama. She’s not a morning person but we gotta be at the new place by 11. I keep thinking about how sad it is that all those college radio REM/U2/Natalie Merchant motherfuckers from the eighties now support big pharma/censorship/deep state spook agencies/proxy wars/torture and drones and a fascist police state unconditionally cause pig media told them it was all for science and diversity and feminism and LGBT pro nouns. You can’t call ’em sellouts if they had no principles to begin with. “How long-how long must we sing this song? Tonight, we can be as one-tonight-tonight-tonight-tonight.” I aint even interested in Bono’s fucking book-talk about a sellout. Obama said he did not wanna end up like MLK-what is Bono’s excuse??? Elvis, what happened???!!!


I frequently say the only bad parts about desert ghost town dwelling are lack of access to good food or international print news stands cause I do so miss reading “Vive Le Rock” magazine from the UK something terrible! CAN I GET A WITNESS? | Vive Le Rock Magazine

“It is absolutely unimaginable for a Bernie or one of the Squad or any of those phony “progressives” to deliver a speech like this in the U.S. Congress. Hell, you won’t even find many leftists willing to take a stand against U.S. & Western war policies in Ukraine or anywhere else.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Sifting through employment databases, it turns out that the BBC has, on more than one occasion, hired NATO psychological operations (i.e. propaganda) officers to work as journalists in their ranks.” (-Alan MacLeod)

“First the terrorist attacks on Nord Stream, now the truck bombing of the Crimea bridge. NATO’s puppet Ukraine will go to any lengths to escalate  its proxy war on Russia, including the destruction of civilian infrastructure – a verifiable war crime.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “On October 8, a human chain will form around Parliament and the DOJ in support of Julian Assange. Be there for Assange and for freedom of press: 1pm at Parliament Square, London 12pm at DOJ, Washington, DC” / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “Free Julian Assange. Free all political prisoners! If you’re in DC attend @SarcasmStardust and @action_4assange’s rally tomorrow!” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “So grateful that while discussing media & propaganda @rogerwaters mentioned on @joerogan @JRE_Podcast that @thehill fired me for defending @RashidaTlaib and her accurate claim that Israel is an apartheid state.” / Twitter

Watch Stella Assange Slap The Mustache Off John Bolton’s War Criminal Face – Activist Post

Israel Experiments on Palestinians With Ai-Powered Gun at Checkpoints (

Rolling Stones Bassist Darryl Jones Talks Keith, Miles, and Changing Consciousness – SPIN

Happy Birthday Diamond David Lee Roth! (


I might not always agree with their political views, but everything I’ve ever done in the way of music, art, broadcasting, performance or all night, alright rocknroll get down is always influenced in some way by the ageless and heroic FLESHTONES!

The Fleshtones (


MintPress News on Twitter: “”I find it laughable that those calling for arms to Ukraine never call for arms for the people of Palestine or of Yemen. Unlike you, I oppose all war.” MEP Clare Daly’s responds to recent escalations in NATO’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.” / Twitter

Craig Murray: Hands Around Parliament for Assange – Consortium News

UHC2030: The United Nations’ Global Public-Private Partnership For Healthcare (

Sad about Judy Tenuta Judy Tenuta, brash ‘Love Goddess’ comedian, dies at 72 (

“We can’t collectively get to the real enemy of humanity because white folks are unable to purge themselves of white supremacist ideological and cultural assumptions. And because of that they remain susceptible to the racist propaganda that is setting up another invasion of Haiti.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

The Chris Hedges Report – The Real News Network

“The Nazi Zhorin published this vid of civilians being massacred and thrown in a mass grave in Kupyansk. Seems he did so days after Russian forces left the town, meaning the victims were pro-Russian locals.  A Western media that now calls Azov “celebrated” must ignore these crimesWe haven’t any time to put them in jail. They disappeared… somewhere” A local official jokes of massacring pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine in towns vacated by Russian forces   The human rights industry is basically forbidden from acknowledging this:” (-Max Blumenthal) Анатолий Шарий on Twitter: “A district deputy from Ukraine brags to a Zelensky-affiliated channel “journalist” how they killed many Ukrainians they considered to be “enemy agents.” “These people gone missing”. It’s fun for them.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “After meeting with some 50 members of Congress, soldiers of the Azov Regiment toured the US to auction off swastika-inspired patches and lobby for an end to restrictions on US arms and training @mossrobeson__ on America’s warm welcome for Ukrainian Nazis” / Twitter


‘Their Greed Knows No Bounds’: Analysis Shows Ongoing Price Gouging by Oil Giants (

‘Unreal’: Amazon Suspends 50 Employees Who Refused to Work After Fire Broke Out (

Freelance Photographer Says He Was Fired by NYT Over Support for Palestinian Resistance (

Can Europe Afford to Turn a Blind Eye to Evidence of a US Role in Pipeline Blasts? (

WATCH: Assange Protests at UK Parliament & DOJ – Consortium News

Britain’s Covert War in Yemen – Consortium News

Black Agenda Report

CovertAction Bulletin: Journalist Katie Halper Censored By The Hill for Pointing Out Israel Is An Apartheid State | CovertAction Magazine

How Much Is COVID Being Used as a Pretext for Imposing Ever Greater Levels of Social Control? | CovertAction Magazine

Rafael Correa: ‘They Have Already Destroyed Assange’ – Consortium News

The Irrational War on Drugs – Consortium News

OPINION The unknown story of Colombia’s campaign of military intervention in Venezuela | Morning Star (

“The US descent into WWIII is not simply a foreign policy matter. Martin Luther King Jr said the bombs dropped abroad explode at home. Last week, Detroit police shot a Black man *38* times, killing him. That’s an act of war. And it happens nearly every day.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The white supremacist arrogance & myopia of the Western colonial world & its vassal states is such that they don’t seem to understand or care how their positions & policies have exposed the divergent worldviews & interests between it & the rest of humanity.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The Intercept buried this story’s actual scoop: that “clandestine American operations inside Ukraine are now far more extensive than they were early in the war,” with “a much larger presence of both CIA and U.S. special operations personnel” now than in February.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“BREAKING: Apple violated labor laws in an attempt to squash a NYC union, according to the NLRB. Apple interrogated union leaders, forced workers to attend anti-union speeches and restricted union literature. Apple has been accused of union-busting by workers across the country.” (-More Perfect Union on twitter)

“Today Zelensky asked NATO for a preemptive strike against Russia. That’s nuclear war. Do you still support Zelensky?” (-Kim Dotcom)

“The psychopathology of white supremacist mind is unable to grasp why the Saudis wouldn’t serve white power by allowing G-7 to act as a cartel to manipulate oil market to target Russia. Unlike the Germans, the Saudis understand the game & know its Russia today & them tomorrow.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Is Greta Thunberg now producing “Sesame Street”? (

The Origins of COVID: All Evidence Points to a Cover-Up • Children’s Health Defense (

Children’s Health Defense on Twitter: “One Nation Under Blackmail — Don’t miss @_whitneywebb + Catherine Austin Fitts expose the National Crime Syndicate on today’s ‘Financial Rebellion’ | 9/8c on #CHDTV @solari_the ⏯️” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “In his sickening book, “The Art of Sanctions,” Richard Nephew described his role in the destruction of Iran’s economy as a “tremendous success.” Nephew also boasted of helping to triple the price of chicken “during important Iranian holiday periods.”” / Twitter

Live reading of my original poem Poet Heaven | written for Hod Doering, and Stormi | By ‏‎Dan Denton Poetry‎‏ | Facebook

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Thank you Colombian president @petrogustavo” / Twitter

US Buys $290 Million Worth of Drugs in Preparation for Nuclear Emergencies (

Opposing Armageddon To Trigger The Libs: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Sedition #3 Of Treazine Is Here! – Caitlin Johnstone

“What is really funny here is that neoliberal democrats have done more over last two decades to destroy the U.S. more than any other force, including Trump & GOP.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“But we all know that a free and open Iran, with its resources and young population, would be the worst nightmare to Saudi Arabia and Israel as it’d become a regional superpower within a decade. That’s the problem. That’s why hardliners need to stay in power-to keep Iran isolated.” (-Amir Amini)

U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Create Unrest and Risk Hot War | Black Agenda Report

H. Chandler Davis Was a Lifelong Radical and a Moral Touchstone for the Left (

Alan MacLeod (@AlanRMacLeod) / Twitter

FDA, CDC Urge All Adults to Get 5th COVID Shot Despite No Safety or Efficacy Data • Children’s Health Defense (

Congressional Black Caucus Continues Its Downward Spiral | Black Agenda Report

Combat Nihilism: Revolutionary Optimism in the Age of U.S. Imperial Decline | Black Agenda Report

Ending Anonymity: Why the WEF’s Partnership Against Cybercrime Threatens the Future of Privacy (

“Reading Naomi Wolf’s book now. Excellent analysis of where we’ve been and where it’s going. Devastating read. As she says we are now in a post humane world.” (-Nina Murden)

 Anna Brees on Twitter: “Dr Naomi Wolf was removed from Twitter in June 2021 and @GBNEWS has been criticised for having her own the show. She was on again yesterday talking about how governments around the world are complicit in mass murder.” / Twitter


2022: Nobel Committee Gets Peace Prize Wrong Yet Again – World BEYOND War

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Here’s McFaul “interacting” with members of the Azov Regiment, and offering praise for an organization his own institute at Stanford branded “a far-right nationalist network.”” / Twitter

The BBC-to-NATO Pipeline: How the British State Broadcaster Serves the Powerful (

Ray McGovern

“Protests against NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine and its boomerang sanctions are spreading across Germany. My friend Rami sent me these videos and images from one such demonstration this month in Leipzig. Manifestos distributed at the Leipzig protest called for an end to military aid to the Ukraine proxy war, rejected racism and austerity, demanded freedom for Julian Assange, and opposed Covid vaccine mandates” (-Max Blumenthal)

Was the CIA Behind the Jonestown Massacre? | CovertAction Magazine

Magazine | WIRED

US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they ‘don’t care about Ukraine’: fmr. NATO adviser – The Grayzone

‘Now, All of You Are Azov’: ‘openly neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian delegation meets Congress, tours US – The Grayzone

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