Blacklist Union “Back To Momo”

Summer is always a nice time to listen to some L.A. rock’n’roll. BLACKLIST UNION are back with 13 solid hard rock songs in the Sunset Strip rock tradition. You won’t be surprised to hear that the band gets most of their influences from the 80s, but songs like “Alive N Well Smack In The Middle Of Hell”, “We Are Not Saints”, or “Shake It Off” also brings VELVET REVOLVER to mind, and “Back To Momo”, “Read Between The Lines”, or “It’s All About You” have a strong 90s alternative rock feel.
A smart dose of LED ZEPPELIN (“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”), a slight touch of SKID ROW (“Evil Eye”), and amazing guitars (not surprising when you learn that Todd Youth is in the band), BLACKLIST UNION won’t have any difficulty to widen their fan base.
You’ll find some of the best modern hard rock/sleaze rock that was recorded these last 5 years with songs like “SuperJaded”, “Graveyard Valentine”, or “Meet Me On Zen Street”, and the band even offers us a pretty cool version of ROSE TATTOO‘s “Rock N Roll Outlaw.” What else could you ask for?/Laurent C.
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