Underride “Distortion Nation”

Seattle heavy rockers UNDERRIDE are back with two new guitar players and a brand new 11 song album. You can tell from the start (“Another Way Out”) that these guys still love their rock with lots of guitars and big choruses.
The second song is a surprising and interesting heavy rock cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”. She once said “I want to make pop music that my heavy metal friends will listen to”. Seems like it worked and it’s also another proof that a good song is a good song and that it can work in any musical style.
UNDERRIDE sometimes slow things down with radio oriented songs like “Love Is Like Dying” or “Don’t Walk Away” but always come back to their heavy, melodic and modern hard rock sound (“Inside Out”, “Blinded By You”…) You’ll also find two of the best songs of their first album to put an end to “Distorted Nation”: “Candy Girl” and “Road To Nowhere”.
There must be some place right in between BUCKCHERRY and VELVET REVOLVER, and UNDERRIDE seems like the perfect band to fit into there./Laurent C.http://www.underride.net

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