The Velvoids “Big Latex Baby Soda Muff” Single

Franckie was telling you about the Greek scene in the MIGHTY SHAKERS review, so here’s another band from Athens. The VELVOIDS have been playing for 8 years now claiming New York punk rock and early glam rock influences.
“Rosita” is a crazy garage rock’n’roll song with handclaps and sound experimenting, reminding me a bit of The PIXIES or even The WHITE STRIPES with more fun thrown into it. “Dwilegypsytelly” is a weird blues, kind of mix of TOM WAITS and The KILLS while “Sodamuck No 10” mixes garage to more psychedelic sounds.
I’m not sure if this would work that well on an album format, but these 3 demented urban songs are quite intriguing and work well in the end./Laurent C.

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