The Sunmakers “Viens Twister Ce Soir”

The French surf rock scene has brought us some interesting acts these last years, bands such as HAWAII SAMUAI or The IRRADIATES for instance.
The SUNMAKERS hail from wine city Bordeaux and enjoy 60s French Yéyé twist (“Le Twist des Sunmakers”, “Surboom Chez John”, “Cette Fille-Là”, “Starfire”…) as much as traditional surf rock (“Le Rail Du Jugement Dernier”, “Waiia”, “Welcome To The Surfin’ Horror Show”…)
60s Z-movies, 50s robots, sunny beaches and vintage sounds are all part of The SUNMAKERS’ universe but the band also sometimes sounds more rockabilly-ish on “Back To You” or “Crazy Legs”.
This is the kind of album you need to get before the dark winter days come. It might be useful!/Laurent C.

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