The Pink Elephants “We Hate You”

I was thinking that The PINK ELEPHANTS was quite a weird name for a rock band, but I might be the only one since I found out online that there’s a few other bands using the same name. These PINK ELEPHANTS are from Barcelona, Spain and seem to enjoy melodic punk rock as much as the Swedish rock’n’roll scene. Not the most original mix in the world but it works well, especially on songs like “Means, Motive & Opportunity” or “Shake The Baby!”
At times, the band remind me of French melodic punk rock band The FLYING DONUTS or Hungarian punk rock’n’rollers The JOYSTIX with whom they probably share quite a few influences. The PINK ELEPHANTS can also appeal to action rock fans with songs like “My City” or “Say Goodbye”, and to pop punk fans since “I’m In Love With Lynndie England” for instance isn’t to far from what BLINK-182 do.
An album worth checking out if you’re into The WILDHEARTS too./Laurent C.

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