The Dead Tricks “You Should Have Worried About It” EP

It’s funny how things are, I was just about to try and get in touch with this band when I got an email from them! I guess we both know what’s good! If you hang out in the NYC rock’n’roll clubs, then you might have had the chance to see The DEAD TRICKS live and you can consider yourself lucky.
This 5 song debut EP is produced by AGNOSTIC FRONT’s Mike Gallo but it doesn’t mean that you’ll hear NYHC in these songs ; It will be easier for you to find 70s US punk and street punk traces in them.
The amazing “Chocha Wave” and its HANOI ROCKS kind of backing vocals also has a UK punk vibe to it, a bit as if Johnny Rotten was fronting The Clash at an afterparty where he’d threat him “Don’t Get High (Without Me!)!
This is snotty, melodic and full of energy, bringing back the CBGB spirit without falling into plain revivalism, this is just what you need!/ Laurent C.

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