Prima Donna “Bless This Mess”

Everybody agrees on the fact that this new PRIMA DONNA album is strongly influenced by T.REX, BOWIE, MOTT THE HOOPLE, IGGY POP, BLONDIE and The DOLLS too.
Nevertheless, even though the interplanetary hit that “Feral Children” should be will probably bring back the sad memories of this day in 1977 when Gloria Jones got out of the road, the PRIMA DONNA guys must not be considered as pathetic copycats ’cause this band is THE band, and they push far away every body else in this music style nowadays.
I won’t beat about the bush, these 12 slices of life will be received as real offerings by glammy trashy rock’n’roll fans. A bit like a Mozart requiem served for classical music fanatics, a glitter jacket offered to a Vegas greaser or a banana given to a monkey!
Some of you might have asked for a detailed analysis of every song on here, but I won’t do it ’cause each and every song deserves your attention.
Perfection doesn’t exist, they say… But a simple CD player will allow you to hear it.
Bless This Mess./Franckie.

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