Michael Rank and Stag “Kin”

It was perhaps wise to finaly retire the old Snatches Of Pink moniker, because so many unfortunates could never get past the porn ententre, and legions missed out on one of glam rock’s most brilliant pirate troubadours. Michael Rank’s an expensive wino from the ragged school.
His vocals remind one of Jacob Dylan from the Wallflowers. His guitarplaying is in league with Timo Kaltio and Dave Kusworth and Andy McCoy, and his songwriting reminds one of the Waterboys, Paul K. & The Weathermen, the Bounty Hunters, the Jacobites, and Rolling Stones. “On The Bleed” is the missing song that probably belonged on Mick Jagger’s otherwise exquisite solo lp, “Wandering Spirit”, instead of that dreadful duet he did with corporate hack, showbiz brat, Lenny Kravitz. Michael Rank’s always been the real deal. Loud, raw, heart on his sleeve, highly literate lyrics. Ever since he formed Snatches Of Pink way back in the eighties, he’s had the good fortune and good taste to always surround himself with talented musicians, which can be an art unto itself.
Remember when Rod Stewart wrote all those fabulously poignant love songs thirty five years ago? Michael writes in that bruised old vein, but with way more intimate heart and soul, than your usual lot of tiresome Diamond Dogs, or London Quireboys-at least since “Singin’ With The Alleycats” or “My Sweet Mary Ann”.
Michael Rank is a rather pained and weary, exceptionally gifted, poet badass, musically in league with the Blessings, Chamber Strings, Dogtown Balladeers, or Izzy Stradlin’s best stuff. One wishes Tyla and Paul Westerberg were still this good. “KIN” boasts song after brilliant song with a throwback Dylan ’65 feel, with it’s snotty, melodic emoting, and dark ruminations on the death of love, anguished soul-baring, and embittered, sometimes caustic and accusatory redressing of grievances of the heart.
This might make some wish those rumors about Mick Taylor rejoining the Stones were true. If you like stuff like “Sway”, “Lovin’ Cup”, and “Moonlight Mile”, you’ll love Michael Rank and the Stag. This is certainly how it’s fucking done. I was just complaining about not being able to relate to any of the contemporary, formulaic, baby Ramones bands with the emo haircuts and rich parents.This is the best music I’ve heard in years, aside from Leonard Cohen. Soul music for the damned. I URGE you to get this CD.
(-review by Anguish Young)http://www.michaelrankmusic.com/

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