Lester And The Landslide Ladies “It’s All About The Result”

10 years after they started, Italian bandits LESTER AND THE LANDSLIDE LADIES have decided to put an end to the adventure, but not without offering us a new album.
The band went through various line-up changes over the years but still managed to play regularly opening for the coolest bands around and releasing records that only got better and better (6 official releases.) “It’s All About The Result” is no exception as you’ll find some great catchy tunes on it (“Jagerbomb”, “Still There (Everywhere)”, “Red Queen”…) and better songwriting than ever with songs like “Not Even Mrs. Last Call” and “Don’t You Break It”,reminding of a band like AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, or “It’s All About The Results” and its shared male-female vocals. The guys also get in the AC/DC/JETBOY territory with “Friends With Benefits” or “Shock Me Baby” in which you’ll find the kind of guitar riffs you probably loved in the band’s anthem “Margarida”. LESTER’s gang also pay tribute to CHEAP TRICK offering us a punked-up version of “Surrender” with a very cool and unexpected theremin solo. I was lucky enough to hear “Ain’t Never Gonna Change” before it was released and believe me, it stayed in my head for about two days, and now a song like “Christine” will probably do the same thing to me…
It’s a shame that LESTER AND THE LANDSLIDE LADIES won’t play anymore, there’s not many bands left in that style when you think about it, I mean punky glam rock’n’roll with music that can make you dance and lyrics that can make you sad. This have always worked for me and probably always will.
I usually don’t like long (I mean more than 10/12 songs!) albums much, I honestly didn’t get bored one second while listening to these 16 songs. See I’m about to do it again.
Out with a bang! This is your last chance to get a slice of Italian’s finest glam punk rock’n’roll, so go for it!/Laurent C.

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