Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz “Enivrez-vous!”

You won’t find too much information about KI & The ARROWTOOTH WALTZ online, as if this project was coming from another time, past or future? You decide…
Singer and producer Kevin McWha Steele has quite a wide range of influences that might come from his numerous travels (he used to live in France, so the album title “Enivrez-Vous!” and accordion sounds on euro cabaret song “The Last Waltz in Belgium” are not that surprising in the end.) You’ll find Bowie traces in “Barbara” or in “25 Million, 10 Thousand” as well as funky rock ones in “Virtual Stimulation” or in “At The Serial Killer Disco” and its French chorus line. Some female backing vocals (“Dirty Rat”) are also used to reinforce the groovy side of the band.
Classic rock’n’roll sometimes mixes with experimental sounds (“She’s Bob”) and blues also appears at times (“San Diego”.) You’ll even find a reggae song à la GAINSBOURG: “Lovely Madonna”.
“Enivrez-Vous!” might not be the easiest album to get into, but if you feel adventurous then you’ll probably enjoy coming back to it./Laurent C.

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