Jack Scratch “2012”

This is a collection of songs the band recorded between 1988 and 1991. The two first songs (“Broken Dreams” and “Promises”) show some early US hardcore influences (BLACK FLAG, CIRCLE JERKS…) while “Hold On Me” reminds me a bit of TSOL and “Passion Fashion” explores 70s rock territories. JACK SCRATCH are from Chicago but there’s also a lot of UK punk influences (“See Saw…) in their music too and you’ll even find some CULT kind of guitar melodies in “Name The Face”.
There’s not many bands doing this kind of punk rock nowadays when you think about it, and songs like “So Far From Home”, “Blinders”, “A Different Time”, or “Grip On It” and its “La Grange” beat can sure appeal to rock fans with a big R.
This compilation CD is a very good idea since many of you probably didn’t know about the band before. No excuses anymore, it’s time to check them out!/Laurent C.http://www.jackscratchband.com

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