Fillmore Slim “S/T”

Anyone remember this band from Detroit? I reviewed their first demo years ago and at the time they were sounding very promising, a bit like a punker version of FASTER PUSSYCAT. It’s 2011 and here they are back with a new line-up and a new 10 song album.
They now have a girl singer (Nikki Starr) and some songs like “Out Of My Head” or “You Should Be Mine” stand somewhere in between PRINCESS PANG, The DISTILLERS and CHERRY BOMBZ. FILLMORE SLIM also gets close to 90s alternative rock (“Dirty Girl”), punk rock ‘(“Raylene”) at times and can also slow the tempo down with ballads such as “Runnin’ Back To Me” and “Make Up Your Mind”. The last song on here is kinda funny since they’ve added a stadium-like screaming audience in the background!
This isn’t a bad album at all and sleaze addicts will get their hands on it for sure but after listening to it, the prevalent feeling is that it’s obvious that FILLMORE SLIM can do better, maybe with writing more catchy choruses? Time will tell./Laurent C.

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