Face To Face “Laugh Now, Laugh Later”

The last album of Californian punk rock veterans FACE TO FACE was released in 2002, no need to say that their fans really have deserved some new material… So, and here they are with “Laugh Now, Laugh Later”, a new 13 song album on German label People Like You Records.
They haven’t changed much to their recipe, you’ll still find the melodies, the energy, the heavy guitar riffing and the hooks.
If you’re into NOFX and all the 90s Epitath Records scene, then you’ll love “It’s All About You”, “Bombs Away”. BAD RELIGION also comes to mind on “What You Came For” and “Stopgap”. FACE TO FACE can also slow down things and underline their pop side in songs like “Blood In The Water”, “I Don’t Mind and You Don’t Matter” or in the potential hit single “All Or Nothing”.
A pretty good punk rock record for this summer!/Laurent C.http://www.facetofacemusic.com/

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