Ember’s Flame “Rock This”

Finnish band EMBER’S FLAME released a quite appetizing single a few months ago, so logically they couldn’t stop after that and had to convert the try. This is what they achieved with this very good album. “Dreams” could have been featured on a best of Power Ballad compilation 30 years ago, but the other songs surf on the hard rock’n’roll wave in a masterly manner.
It’s hard to choose one song rather than another one on this very homogeneous record though I have to admit that songs like “Cold Case Unit”, “Mindless Days” or “Glance” have this little thing that often make a great album. A little BACKYARD BABIES, a touch of HURRYGANES and HELLACOPTERS mixed to a good dose of savoir-faire make “Rock This” a powerful album but also a melodic one. This might sound like an easy recipe, but it’s an incredibly efficient one. An excellent one even./Franckie.PS: By the way, Andy McCoy produced this album and I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who gets involved into a project without due consideration…http://www.embersflame.com/

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