Cellulite Star “Explicit Attitude”

This isn’t really a new album (it was released in 2008), but I only got to listen to it now, and its worth being reviewed in those pages! Indeed, this all-girl band from Italy definitely deserves your attention. If you like the RUNAWAYS, then you will enjoy “Shake Your Music”, and if you’re a DONNAS fan, then you will fall for “Your Dog”, and if you’re more into CRUCIFIED BARBARA, then “Green For Us” or “My Man” willl probably appeal to you.
CELLULITE STAR seem to have learned from 30 years of girl rock’n’roll history, paying tribute to BLONDIE with their heavy rock version of “Call Me”, and they managed to write some catchy songs on here (“Baby Don’t Go”, “Hey You”…)
You’ll also find another surprising cover at the end of the album: “Have You Been Around” (HARDCORE SUPERSTAR), and the girls actually treat it very well.
The band is going to start recording their new album soon, so you will sure hear from them again!/Laurent C.https://www.facebook.com/cellulitestar

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