Beggarz Fixx “S/T” Demo

This is a new sleaze rock band from the South of England. It’s been a while since I got to review a band from the UK playing that style of music when I think about it.
The first song “One Way Ticket” reminds me of SHOTGUN MESSIAH, especially because of Charlie’s voice. This might make you think of a band like BANG TANGO too for instance. “Dirty Jack” sounds more like JETBOY flirting with POISON while “It Ain’t About You” is your typical heartbroken hair metal ballad.
The songs are good in that style, you get cool hooks in songs like “Gimme Some” and even when they tend to move in a more metallic direction (“Outta Control”, “Sold My Soul”) BEGGARZ FIXX still keep enough rock’n’roll in their music to get you addicted, think TIGERTAILZ’ second album era…So this is quite a promising start./Laurent C.

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