Angus Dersim “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll”

20 year old German rocker Angus Dersim probably spent more time listening to AC/DC and KROKUS than RAMMSTEIN during his childhood and we won’t complain about it.
While listening to these 10 songs, you can only think that they could have been released by an Australian band, AIRBOURNE being the most recent and obvious reference coming to mind. The guitar riffs and vocals are solid and there are enough hooks (“Ain’t No Rebel”, “Finally Yours”…) to make you stamp your feet. You’ll also find some American hard rock influences in a song like “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” while “She’s In Love With My Tattoos” could have been on a RHINO BUCKET album, and “The Best Is On You” has a very welcomed D.A.D. feel!
This is a strong debut for such a young band in that style. You don’t believe me? Just listen to it!/Laurent C.

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