The Sick Livers – Smell of rock’n’roll!

As The SICK LIVERS are about to release their new album “Mid Liver Crisis”, we asked Ginge (vocals) a few questions about the band, his music tastes and inspiration. Can you introduce the band? When did you start? Sure thing. The Sick Livers are VJ (guitar), DJ (guitar), Dai (bass), Matty (drums) and myself, Ginge,... Continue Reading →

The Sick Livers “Mid Liver Crisis”

South Wales' dirtier punk rock'n'roll band is back with 10 new songs spitting right in the face of political correctness. When so many bands try and copy TURBONEGRO from A to Z, The SICK LIVERS take the best ingredients of Norway's Denim Demons and use them in their own way, bringing us catchy songs like... Continue Reading →

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