The Black Crowes-My Morning Song – YouTube

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW on Twitter: “” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “‘The imprisonment of Julian Assange’ 20 years on from the invasion of Iraq, Fault Lines looks at the case of Julian Assange who gave us an unprecedented insight into the war, including the infamous ‘Collateral Murder’ release | @AJFaultLines” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “🚨2MORO, #EastPalestine City Park—close to a contaminated creek w/ aeration machines pumping chemicals into air/soil—is having KIDS EASTER egg hunt. On the soil data USED TO DECLARE IT SAFE, the EPA says it doesn’t “necessarily reflect the policies, actions, or positions of EPA.”″ / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”A lot of these devices that they’re using can’t even pick up a lot of the chemical byproducts when these things were set on fire initially…this sounds like another similar example. Sure, we can find it but it’s not going to be accurate” -@louisd217” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”[Norfolk Southern] are having a hard time finding a place to put [the soil]…The state of Indiana had done some testing and found some concerning chemicals inside the soil.” — @louisd217 TOXIC TOUR #EastPalestineOH Cleanup Full Video:” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “REPENT! @StatusCoup LIVE at noon eastern PROTEST Against MILLIONAIRE Reverend & VP of KILLER Healthcare Company” / Twitter


I’ll be listening to a lot of Michael rank today and probably some Waterboys and jacobites and New Model army and Quireboys and thinking about my grandparents, my childhood home, my kids and the old bandhouses ya know? All that music still consoles me, makes me feel less horrified and alone in spite of these fucked up crazy times and lies for war and capitalist billionaires ripping us all off and capturing the media and regulatory agencies and owning all the politicians even the fake progressives of the Nato left. Get anything by Michael Rank and Snatches of Pink, it’s all so good. Like an artier Replacements with seventies Stones funk soul and Prince and Inxs influences. Michael is a real soulman, a poet, the very essence of rennaisance motherfucker.

Snatches of Pink “Powder Blue” – YouTube

Michael Rank (Snatches of Pink) “Gun Breaths” – YouTube

Snatches of Pink Sleazefest 2001 – YouTube

Sara Romweber is THE best drummer in Rock n Roll – YouTube

Michael Rank “Dove” – YouTube

Michael Rank “Down to a Man” – YouTube

Snatches Of Pink All Alone Live at Studio B, Greenville SC 11 11 86 – YouTube

Michael Rank & Marc Smith “Hard Candy” – YouTube

Now It’s a Rock & Roll Show-trailer (new) – YouTube


$3 Mess – Only the Angels @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube

The Comatones Live @ Churchill’s 9-30-06 – YouTube

Drive Around My Head – YouTube

$3 Mess – Spanish Song @ Churchill’s 10-31-09 – YouTube


Ha! I aint even got disposable income to spend on stuff I really like, all the groceries have quadrupled since the Covid clampdowns killed all the mom and pop businesses and empowered the monopolies to just gouge us slaves as much as they want and pig-tv can always just blame Trump or Putin which is really some tediously tiresome bullshit if you pay any attention at all to what’s happening in this world. So yeah I’m a flat broke desrt pauper, a hermit, we go on walks for entertainment here, if there’s too many packs of loose dogs we just end up standing in the yard, not much consumerism happening, I aint even got that “Nothing But A Good Time” 80’s hairmetal book yet, let alone exepensive box-set collectibles by artists I only kinda begrudingly like. I mean I got “Round & Round” on casstte and on youtube so I’m all good when it comes to Ratt, really, though I’d like to read his book, but can you believe RATT have a box set coming out of their like first five alnums? I thought RATT died with Robin Crosby personally, they were never my favorite band even in my pre teen heavy metal phase but you know I kinda root for Stphen Pearcy in my old age. He is still out there playing shows everynight while his lazy former bandmates and most of my former peers are all content to complain, make excuses, waste time, bitch and feud and threaten each other with tiresome lawsuits, that kinda stupid nonsense. One of my teenage goth girlfriends also dated Pearcy so I tried to hate him when I was young outta sheer spite and jealousy but I think I got over it or something cause when he came to play at my ex wife’s father’s nigtclub I did a lot of promotion for his show just cause I guess I always really liked “Round & Round”. Did you ever see that Mickey Rourke movie, “The Wrestler”? It is so much like my own life only Mickey’s character’s washedup old wrestler rather than a washed up old rebel rocker, both of us are haunted by our “metal Years” long gone forgotten heyday and are still doing our best to get back in the squared circle and do what we do best, and also still trying to recconect with our daughters who we always love. So yeah I think RATT ended up being part of all my memories even if it was never really my intention to embrace them, I ended up kinda accepting they were a big part of the whole Hit Parader wallpaper, Sunset Strip Experience, Faces Rocks, Circus Magazine, MTV, ya know there is no denying RATT really. Pearcy even flirted with a sorof Adam Ant/Prince influenced fashion hybrid I always kinda identified with somewhat. I watched him on youtube playing some live show recently like at the Rainbow parking lot jam and he still has it, while other metal dude frontmen got fat and kinda suck now, like Sebastian, Waxl, Dokken, and Vince, Pearcy still rocks, even if you’re not a big metalhead hairbanger and I’m so totally new wave, I’m just not that into all the spandex shit, but I like Pearcy. I think he’s a real good frontman and still doing it when everybody else chickend out and married their tv’s and I phones, he is rocking with the people. I love that and he’s way older than me! Mostly he just makes me wanna front a tiny basement punk band again.

RATT – Live in Tokyo – December 31, 1988 (Pro-Shot) 👌 – YouTube

NOTHING TO LOSE | A Stephen Pearcy ROCKumentary | Stephen Pearcy of RATT | ASY TV | (Sneak Peek 1) – YouTube

Stephen Pearcy (RATT) Complete Set (Live) @ Marquee Theatre Tempe Az. 1/27/23 – YouTube

Sex, Drugs, RATT and Roll: My Life in Rock | Stephen Pearcy | Talks at Google – YouTube

RATT – Lay It Down (Official Music Video) – YouTube

RATT – Way Cool Jr. (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Ratt – You’re In Love (Official Music Video) – YouTube

“he fact that every single US politician in Congress and the White House is either actively pushing for or apathetic to a hot war with Russia and/or China should make you very, very angry.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“”China must be stopped before it imposes totalitarian diplomacy on Ukraine and authoritarian peace in the middle east. We’ve got to stop China from achieving peace over there so we don’t have to stop it from achieving peace over here.”” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


The Word “Presstitute” Is Insulting (To Sex Workers): Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

15 Million in US Losing Public Health Benefits (

Lying about Lying: Why We Must Revisit the Definition of ‘Fake News’ (


French Protesters STORM BlackRock’s Paris Headquarters! – YouTube

Dems & Republicans Screw 15 MILLION Americans Out Of Healthcare – YouTube

CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin BLACKLISTED From MSNBC – YouTube

Matt Taibbi Confronts MSNBC Over Russiagate & Hunter Biden Laptop ON AIR – YouTube

Trump Prosecution Is A Distraction From Looming Economic Crisis – Prof Richard Wolff – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Never again (conditions apply)” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Israeli occupation troops beat Palestinian worshippers as they attempt to flee the Al Aqsa compound. As usual, this flagrant thuggery was met with mealy mouthed, hollow statements by Israel’s Western patrons, leading to today’s escalation.” / Twitter

Nils Melzer on Twitter: “From 18 April at @FaziEditore: The 🇮🇹 Italian edition of my book «The Trial of Julian #Assange – a Story of Persecution» detailing the official investigation conducted in my previous capacity as United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture. With a foreword by @SMaurizi 👇🏼” / Twitter

“Israel had bombed Syria several times in the last week. Israel is currently bombing Gaza. Israel is attacking Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. And Israel will likely launch some sort of attack in Lebanon. How can anyone refer to Israel as the victim as it constantly attacks its neighbors?” (-Rania Khalek)

“LOL they literally said “journalism is not a crime,” which you hear over and over again from defenders of Julian Assange. I knew the Evan Gershkovich thing would highlight a lot of western hypocrisy in its treatment of Assange, but I didn’t expect them to be so explicit about it. ” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“”The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” (- Albert Camus)

“Neoliberals seem as strategically clueless domestically as they have been with their foreign policies. They are managing to actually generate sympathy for Trump among independents. Only the most dishonest say this is not a political prosecution. This strengthens Trump. Clueless!” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Who even knows how much the US has actually given Ukraine in military support to wage proxy war on Russia Reuters reported $35 billion, but CFR said $46.6 billion (as of January – it has increased since then) That’s roughly the GDP of Tunisia or Jordan.” (-Ben Norton)

“If the US cares about sovereignty why are they illegally in Syria?

If they care about human rights why are they giving $4 billion a year to Israel? If they care about democracy why do they organize coups?

If they care about freedom of speech and press why is Assange in jail? Just like Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, Americans will wind up figuring out that they got suckered again in Ukraine. Unfortunately, our state propaganda will overcome our common sense again and many will jump right on board to fight China next. There is no evidence to prove that the US gives a damn about democracy, human rights, sovereignty or freedom anywhere, but they’ll keep saying it as long as they can get us to believe it. When the US openly says they have to contain China, nobody seems to realize that’s why we keep trying to provoke them into a war with Taiwan, or why the hell do we feel like we have the right to be trying to contain anybody? If this country is so great, try to compete with them. I don’t think Americans and the West understand the amount of countries in the rest of the world that wants Russia to defeat NATO. The crazy thing is that it’s not even a love war or of Russia or a hatred of Ukraine. It’s because they no longer want the US to be in charge. For everybody talking about Clarence Thomas now, he is another example of when I say just about everything that is wrong in this country can be traced back to Joe Biden. If you don’t believe me go back to the Anita Hill hearings. The United States destroys every country it touches. When are Americans gonna figure out that our Gov’t isn’t fighting for freedom and democracy, they’re bringing death and destruction. The United States Gov’t was knowingly funding Nazis, that’s not a conspiracy theory, propaganda or a wild guess. Congress literally voted on it, specifically labeling the Azov Battalion of Ukraine as neo-Nazis in the bill. Nobody seems to care. Let’s face reality Americans care about what our television tells us to That’s why people care about Ukraine, and don’t even know what Ukraine was doing to the people in Donbass for the 8 years before 2/24/2022. Imagine how much of a better world it would be if Americans held the psychos in our Gov’t accountable for all the assassinations, coups, invasions, elections they’ve interfered in, and innocent people they killed with these illegal sanctions. African leaders from many different countries have given lists of leaders in their continent assassinated and couped by the US and NATO and their hypocrisy talking about Putin and democracy Ukraine flag wavers make it perfectly clear by their silence that they don’t give a shit. Most of the rest of the world knows the truth about what the US Gov’t and NATO really is, what they’ve done and why Many Americans still live in the propaganda world created for us that says we are fighting for freedom and democracy. It’s a shame that Musk labeled NPR ‘State Media’ and still hasn’t given all US corporate media their well earned titles of ‘US state-affiliated media’ yet. When you elect lifelong corrupt politicians who put incompetent, lying, war mongering psychos in their Administration you get what’s happening now. People who will do anything no matter how evil to maintain hegemony, who are so arrogant and stupid they accomplish the opposite. If you are still proudly identifying as a Democrat or Republican, as a former brainwashed Dem who thought these Parties were fighting each other, let me be the one to tell you

You are getting played!” (-Black In The Empire)

The Grayzone on Twitter: “Classified Pentagon documents containing info about US-NATO plans for a Ukrainian offensive and key details of the ongoing war have leaked. The Biden administration is reportedly demanding they be scrubbed from the internet. By @RealAlexRubi” / Twitter

Alex Rubinstein on Twitter: “LEAKED DOD DOCS: These documents closely resemble the leaks reportedly containing top secret US/NATO intelligence and planning of a Ukrainian offensive. The Biden administration is reportedly working to have them “deleted” from social media.” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “.@mtaibbi reminds @mehdirhasan that MSNBC spread the lie that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Mehdi says: “I never said a word about the Hunter Biden story.” That’s not true, but say it were: he’s admitting to staying quiet on a scam that enabled censorship.” / Twitter

“The US empire does not care about press freedoms, it cares about power and domination, and the noises it makes in support of journalism are only ever made as a cynical ploy with which to bludgeon disobedient foreign governments on the world stage.” -(Ruchir Sharma)


I didn’t know the man personally and I only saw him playing live once way back in Boston-they had a roulette wheel and a fucking actual bar onstage ala Rod and the Ronnies way, way, way back with the Faces. Now that’s my idea of high quality entertainment-the whorehouse piano player, the bandannas and carnations on their suitjacket lapels, crumpled leather hats, all pin stripey suits and cowboy boots. Spike’s microphone stand ballet moves. Man ya know nobody where I live even heard of those lads, most all my own rocknroll buddies are already gone, or otherwise almost unrecognizable, and almost all of the remaining survivors are substantially less sentimental or attached to any of those old records as I am, I mean aside from maybe the money hustler at the old record store who pretends to like everything for the usual capitlist greedhead clientele pleasin’ sales motivations-he’s probably playin’ “A Bit Of What You Fancy” for the old girls wo used to work at the mall this morning. I bet both mine and my former bassist a local legend DJ bassplayer sometimes frontman Bobby C get mentioned by the Cheap Trick chicks who’d never hire me but hired our lad the michael Hutchence lookalike superstar celebrity DJ and you know I miss him like crazy, and our old nearby town hippe record store co worker, Dave A., who got me into the Faces as a kid get mentioned if they play the Quireboys around the fifty somethings. First thing I remember the Faces playin’ was a real good rendition of Macca’s “Maybe I’m Amazed”. I dug into those lp’s when dave A. moved in with me and brought his fave records and “Ooh La La” became one of my favorite songs. When he died a couple Christmas’ ago, his wife sold off all his old records and I’m still a little bit salty I did not get a chance to buy any, myself, cause I loved that guy so much, everybody’s leaving the planet way too soon for my taste and like the Demolition 23 song laments, it’s always the good ones who are first to go, while, “The Scum Lives On!” What’s up with that? So this morning will be a party of one remembrance and music listening celebratory send off to one of the last real rocknroll greats to really tread the boards with bona fide full fledged rocknroll authority and deep coolness and blood red hot emotion. Man am I ever gutted by all the senseless died youngs and just died suddenlys, this one is especially tragic cause not only was he my favorite QUIREBOY but he was one of the rocknroll legends who always seemed so wholeheartedly, wildly alive and spirited and good natured ya know what I mean? The always so energized onstage and upbeat lads on the tiles comedian. Really bums me out to learn of Guy Bailey’s passing, not cause I harbored anymore of my characteristic hopes for a happy QUIREBOYS reunion anymore after that last unscrupulous coup against our mainman SPIKE, but cause anything Guy Bailey did, he did with real rocknroll soul and good times love of life, He mighta been the most old school FACES like of the whole lot of ’em! I love that character, thanks for all the memories, that band really did a lotta good stuff in their time, espacially in the early times. As is so sadly usual these days, I aint got no booze around out here in dead man’s land and have a whole shitload of back and knee breaking landscape duties to fulfill both here and elsewhere today but I will be playing some Faces and Quireboys this morning and sending out best wishes to all who loved him and best vibes and prayers to accompany him on his awful big adventure into the great whatever comes after. Thank you, Guy Bailey, you were a real rocknroll guitar hero and you brought all your dandified soulfulness to the Quireboys best records and tightly packed, enthusiastic sticky rooms full of wayward wastrels the worldover bringing many laughs and smiles to all the people and I salute you. My old lady sez I’m drinking too many coffee pods while endeavoring to not smoke cause of all the Wall Street moneygrubber shameless inflation but I’m gonna toast to ya with some carbonated water and coffee on this bleak Sunday morning, dear brother! Good travels and good night, good sir.

SPIKE: “I’m heartbroken to have to write this.

My best friend Guy Bailey passed away peacefully in hospital last night in the arms of his beloved Bianca.

Guy was the kindest, funniest man you could have the pleasure of being around. He was loved by everyone who he ever worked with, all the bands he ever toured with and all the Quireboys fans he ever met. He certainly loved you all more than you will ever know.

I have so much I would like to share and say to everyone about him but this is just such a hard time for me and everyone close to him. I hope you all understand.

But for the Quireboys fans out there I would just like to say, me and Guy Bailey have written the songs for a new album, and me and Chris JohnstoneNigel Mogg and Rudy Richman will fulfill his wishes that these songs are recorded and a new Quireboys album will be released this year.

So everyone raise a glass for Guy Bailey and lets keep rock ‘n’ roll alive for him.

I love you mate.

I know you’re having a drink with our dads now and looking down and watching us bubble.

Your best mate Spikey xx”

The Quireboys – Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany 1990 – YouTube

Quireboys – Tramps And Thieves – YouTube

The Quireboys – Sweet Mary Ann – YouTube

you know what time it is…The Quireboys ~ 7 O’Clock – YouTube

Quireboys – Mayfair (1988) – YouTube

The Quireboys – Sex Party – YouTube

Quireboys – White Trash Blues 💯☠ – YouTube




OH LORD from the T.V. special feat. Guy Bailey and Spike Gray – YouTube

GOD BLESS AMERICA by THIRSTY (official video) – YouTube


Ya know I don’t get around much anymore, I live so far out in the boonies that it’s about a thirty five minute walk into town and I’ve only done it twice I think cause it’s like a gauntlet of unhinged meth people, and unleashed packs of ferocious desert dogs, there’s a memorial at the church four blocks from here of a seventy year old woman who got ripped to shreds by animals eleven years ago on a bicycle, so even with a big trail stick and an electronic dog deterrant, it’s still a long and dangerous hike even if you take the back way trespassing across snaky sandy terrain, it feels like fucking Tattoine out here, ya know like, “Star Wars” with the Jawas scavengers and the Tuscan Raider sand people. All the yards are full of old cars and big stacks of scrap metal and rusty objects, damaged hillbilles with the million mile stare, even the rich people are all absolute hoarding hoarders in the desert. It’s crazy how all the winebox committees of inheritance spending hot tub women all just wanna find a handyman with a toolbelt and a white truck to boss around, ahnd him a to-do list, and you know, settlle down with their Georgia O’Keefe E.S.P. new age lady psychic comminicats with aliens friend and have Airbandb guests, together. So yeah I don’t here too much in the way of cool music I can sincerely vibe with anymore, not really since the long gone daze of the Scarecrows from Sweden I think, Three Colours Red, 60 Ft. Dolls, Black Halos, American Heartbreak, that first Buck Cherry record with that song “For The Movies”, and Beat Angels-those kinda bands, but one long lost gang of underrated rocknroll motherfuckers I still sometimes listen to on these long lonely mornings of punishing monotony, tedium, sobriety and all the angry abusive poverty shaming still echoing in my doomed skull, is the fabulous REVOLVERS. Do you remember? Well I remember!

Rock’n’Roll Babylon – YouTube

The Revolvers – Yesterday’s Fools – YouTube


The Revolvers – I send you a rockstar postcard from L.A. – YouTube

Rock’n’Roll Is Dead – YouTube

The Revolvers – A Tribute To Cliches (Full Album) – YouTube

The Revolvers – End Of Apathy (Full Album) – YouTube

‎Split by Duane Peters and the Hunns & The Revolvers on Apple Music


I don’t know if you heard this band co starring former members of Saints In Vain and Streetcar Named Disaster guys but I really like it, can kinda relate to all these songs, especially on a heartsick morning like this one when I can’t afford hairdye or any smokes and it’s kinda cold outsidde and I’m pretty depressed and alone, my little heart still yearns and yearns, mostly for long gone friends and my long absent children. Just check these songs out if you like old bands like Candy or the Plimsouls or even old golden Generation X and let me know what you think. I never got to hangout with these guys as much as I would have liked to cause I had some real distracting, dysfunctional, soap opera loud, nonstop drama in my life back then, but they are all real talented rocknrollers in my never so humble estimation and I think you should amplify these tunes and put ’em on your compilations and spin ’em on your radio show!

▶︎ The China Stars | The China Stars (


Craig Johnston ⏳🎗️🍀⏳ on Twitter: “Multi award-winning journalist, Julian Assange is a US hostage being held in maximum security prison in the UK. #FreeAssangeNOW Free all political prisoners and journalists.” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Question: Does Trump’s idling plane getting more mainstream media coverage this week than Biden kicking 15 MILLION off of healthcare, climate crisis, & possible end to Yemen war combined mean that Trump will win the presidency again?” / Twitter

Be A King on Twitter: “My father was killed because he was galvanizing an army of people committed to nonviolently eradicating poverty, racism, and militarism by placing people over profit; morality over might; and dignity over dehumanization. This video was recorded the day before he was assassinated.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “Washington Says “Journalism Is Not A Crime” While Working To Criminalize Journalism Schumer and McConnell both say “journalism is not a crime” in defense of Evan Gershkovich, yet both have enthusiastically supported the persecution of Julian Assange.″ / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “CIA Director William Burns paid a surprise visit to Riyadh last week to express frustration with Saudi Arabia for reestablishing ties with Syria and Iran with help from Russia and China, saying the US was “blind-sided.” The multipolar world is moving too fast for the US empire.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”China is increasingly concerned that the US is trying to bait it into a war.” Don’t miss Lee Camp’s fascinating conversation with Shanghai-based Prof. Josef Gregory Mahoney. They discuss Chinese foreign policy, current events, and political theory.” / Twitter

Petty Is Praxis on Twitter: “the US just kicked 15 million people off medicaid” / Twitter

“Our country is turning into 1984 and our zombie/controlled so-called progressive leaders are only obsessed with their political enemies, as is our corporate media and most independent media.” (-John Dissed)


Ben Norton on Twitter: “According to the US State Department, corruption is only something that happens in other countries, particularly those in the Global South and especially those that are independent and have anti-imperialist governments Meanwhile this is what unelected, lifelong SCOTUS judges do:” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Trump falsely claims to oppose war now only because it’s his Democratic opponent overseeing it But as president (when it actually mattered), Trump gave weapons to Ukraine that even Obama wouldn’t give (and he complained Obama only gave Ukraine “pillows”)” / Twitter

Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “‘Cop City’ opposition spreads beyond Georgia forest defenders” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The US is giving another $2.6 billion of weapons and ammunition to use Ukraine as a proxy to wage war on Russia The US has given Ukraine more than $35 billion of military assistance in the past year (nearly the size of the entire GDP of Estonia or Latvia)” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Brazil’s President Lula da Silva is trying to negotiate peace in Ukraine and he emphasized that the US-led NATO military cartel cannot be on Russia’s borders He also stressed Crimea will remain part of Russia, and Zelensky “can’t have everything he wants”” / Twitter

Luis T🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Africa’s $20 Billion Debt Erased! Putin cancels $20 billion of Africa’s debt, opening doors for growth & development. As Africa’s global presence increases, we look at the implications. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾…” / Twitter

We are the POST-DUOPOLY Left | The Black Agenda Report Details the Need for Independent Left Leaders – YouTube

“You Belong In The Depths Of Hell” – Pelosi Confronted Over War Funding – YouTube

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The thing the US deep state wants more than anything else in the world is war on China — exactly what Donald Trump delivered. Trump drastically escalated the new cold war on China, starting a trade war, imposing sanctions, militarizing the Pacific, etc.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Trump boasted on Fox News that Ukraine is fighting Russia in the NATO proxy war “because of the weapons that I gave and that the Ukrainians used so well” Anyone who believes his fake “anti-war” lip service now is delusional. It’s empty campaign rhetoric” / Twitter

National Network on Cuba – NNOC on Twitter: “🧵 In spite of his campaign promises to revert to Obama-era Cuba policy, Biden has kept nearly all of Trump’s 243 added sanctions on Cuba, and the Biden administration has doubled down on the fallacy that Cuba is a “terrorist” state. (1/4)” / Twitter

The propaganda against Palestinians should be studied in schools as THE blueprint on how to manufacture consent. It’s impressive. Not only do people view an entire population of people as terrorists, but their eyes glaze over as they proudly proclaim “I stand with Israel!” (-Kim Iverson)

“Where is the condemnation of Israeli barbarism from the Biden administration? Oh I forgot, Biden said he was a Zionist. Is there any question that the Israeli settler state is a fascist apartheid state? The notion that the Zionist leaders of that state can’t be fascists because they are Jewish reflects the utter confusion around what is fascism.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The fascist, white supremacist colonial government of Israel is engaged in a systematic slaughter of Palestinians without any effective condemnation from the U.S. & Western govts. The same govts who want the world to support human rights in Ukraine. #whitelivesmattermoremovement” / Twitter

Rest in Power Tortuguita – Streets of Atlanta

Chris Hedges: Reclaiming the US (

Two Perspectives On Defend The Atlanta Forest – PopularResistance.Org

DEFEND THE ATLANTA FOREST – an autonomous movement for the future of South Atlanta

COMBATE |🇵🇷 on Twitter: “Mexico President AMLO (2021): “It would be hypocritical to ignore that the main problem of the planet is corruption in all its dimensions: political, moral, economic, legal, fiscal and financial; it would be foolish to omit that corruption is the main cause of inequality,…” / Twitter


Bernie’s Tweets on Twitter: “FRANCE – Protestors outside the head office of BLACKROCK in Paris. Still think this is only about pension reforms? It isn’t, this is about Macron ignoring the people and the influence of globalist policies on a nation who didn’t vote for them 🔥” / Twitter

Defend the Atlanta Forest on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Robert Evans (The Only Robert Evans) on Twitter: “turns out a massive fentanyl importer was the head of the San Jose police union amazing who’d have thunk” / Twitter

Tovarisch on Twitter: “My first print in a very long time is dedicated to the struggle to defend the Atlanta forest, and particularly to Tortuguita, whose courage we must remember by continuing the fight no matter where we are. #StopCopCity #Defendtheforest” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “Today police destroyed the memorial to Tortugita built in Weelaunee People’s Park.” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “Good morning @KirkPWatson this is your constituency now the rest of us are not going to do anything for you” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “PRESS RELEASE: Angela Davis returns award from @CityofAtlanta over the City’s support for Cop City and the destruction of the Weelaunee Forest, expressing “unequivocal solidarity with the activists who are leading the struggle to Stop Cop City.”” / Twitter

Community Movement Builders on Twitter: “The construction of Cop City is part of a larger pattern of rampant police militarization and other examples of U.S. state fascism gearing up to repress oppressed peoples as well as liberation movements and organizations. We won’t let them win. #StopCopCity” / Twitter

A is for Afro on Twitter: “Bank of America gives money to the Atlanta Police Foundation that’s funding police terror of Black & Brown communities. As they make performative posts about honoring MLK Jr. and his legacy, we shut down the BOA headquarters today in solidarity with the #StopCopCity movement.” / Twitter

emotionally intelligent papi 🇯🇲🌹🇦🇮 on Twitter: “A story of Black organizers and activists working to recenter Black radical tradition in the midst of the #StopCopCity movement! So proud of @idblatl” / Twitter

Wykeisha Howe on Twitter: “Many people don’t know but part of the green space behind this plaza was carved out from #copcity all the way up to the beltline. This was strictly about the money and Not Public Safety. All in the name of reredevelopment.🤦🏾‍♀️ #oldatlanta #morelandplaza #beltline #copcity” / Twitter

Watcher.Guru on Twitter: “JUST IN: 🇫🇷 $10 trillion asset manager BlackRock Paris headquarters taken over by protestors.” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW – @llspacejellyll joins me to discuss FDA Commissioner Robert Califf & his role in removing regulatory obstacles for the “healthcare” related wearable, implantable devices & other emerging technologies seen as crucial to the advance of 4IR.” / Twitter

Kamau Franklin on Twitter: “The same Israeli police that just did this to Palestinians are coming on May 14th to train with Atlanta police on the same tactics and strategies. #StopCopCity” / Twitter

Johnny Graz says thanks for your SF Parrot votes! on Twitter: “If you like a few laughs while you’re being terrified, watch @jimmy_dore’s take on the ominously named “Restrict Act”. Then go out and do something to stop this.” / Twitter

Jonas goonface on Twitter: “We don’t pay rent for this view.” / Twitter

The Empire Files on Twitter: “.@AbbyMartin & Peter Phillips discuss his book “Giants: The Global Power Elite” which details 17 transnational investment firms that control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they’re kept in power by their facilitators & protectors. Full video:” / Twitter

Rashida Tlaib on Twitter: “This is the violent apartheid government of Israel. This is horrific.” / Twitter

Paweł Wargan on Twitter: “As a tool of US unipolar hegemony, NATO is also a vehicle for the spread of neoliberal ideology to its member states—another tool to disarm the aspirations of the people and subordinate democracy to global capital. There can be no socialism within NATO.” / Twitter

Paweł Wargan on Twitter: “Hundreds were massacred in attacks carried out by US-funded right-wing groups, many of which were pinned on the left—part of a “Strategy of Tension” that terrorized people into abandoning their loyalties to the rising Communist and socialist movements.” / Twitter

Paweł Wargan on Twitter: “Covert “stay-behind” operations cultivated a new generation of militants to thwart left-wing political projects—beginning in 1948, the CIA funneled millions to right-wing groups in Italy alone, and the US contemplated invading if the popular Communist Party came to power.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “This is how you do it. Vive la France!!!” / Twitter

Dr. Drew on Twitter: “”Jimmy will anger you if you’re a conservative and enrage you if you’re a liberal,” says Patton Oswalt. @Jimmy_Dore joins @AskDrDrew at 3 PT to discuss comedy in politics, woke ideology & how to enjoy some laughs (even as the world is going off the rails)″ / Twitter

Andy Worthington on Twitter: “Photos from today’s @UKGuantanamoNet vigil for the closure of #Guantanamo in Parliament Square, London, 1 of 7 coordinated vigils taking place worldwide – in the UK, across the US & in Mexico City” / Twitter

7 on Twitter: “13 years ago, Wikileaks released the Collateral Murder video exposing what our governments were doing in the name of the People they represent. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, is now imprisoned for exposing U.S. war crimes from the Iraq and Afghanistan logs. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

African Stream on Twitter: “JIMMY DORE SHOUTS OUT AFRICAN STREAM When big names such as Jimmy Dore look for hard-hitting, informative African content, African Stream is becoming their go-to place! Our coverage of Kamala Harris’ recent visit to the continent featured on the popular US comedian’s political…” / Twitter

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Kim Iversen on Twitter: “Israeli soldiers, as usual, violently attacking Palestinians under the guise of “safety and security” then pointing at them as terrorists when they get angry and fight back after their children are killed and elderly accosted. Here’s a rundown of what’s happened.” / Twitter

“In 2020, the US Department of Justice charged JPMorgan Chase with a criminal felony for rigging the precious metals market. The bank admitted to the crime.

Today, JPMorgan Chase controls 53% of all precious metals contracts in the US banking system.” (-Ben Norton)

China is building 8,000 schools in Iraq. The US has built less than 30 schools since its invasion of Iraq in 2003, fewer than that are operable. Meanwhile, the US’s “coalition” dropped more than 29,000 bombs on Iraq from 2003-2011. China builds, the US bombs.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Roger Waters on Twitter: ““Hey Israel leave my Palestinian brothers and sisters alone”” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““mRNA technology has just entered a whole much darker phase of development…”” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “”Those who killed Muammar Gaddafi, today are coming to teach us about democracy.” Zambia’s opposition leader, Fred M’membe, blasts Kamala Harris during her visit to Africa. Absolutely powerful speech 🔥” / Twitter

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Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: Georgia prosecutors are carrying out a “judicial pogrom” against Cop City protestors now jailed for weeks without trial on baseless “domestic terrorism” charges. The goal is to silence those protesting police abuse. All human rights violators must be held accountable.” / Twitter

WATCH: CN Live! — ‘Beginning of the End’ (

Peter Cronau on Twitter: “Vale. Bruce Haigh. A longtime fighter for justice, peace and understanding. A friend.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “I just the other day cited this guy’s brutal bitch slap of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. A sad loss.” / Twitter

Steve Sweeney on Twitter: “I visited the site of the killings exposed in Collateral Murder a few weeks ago. I spoke to a survivor who lost relatives in the attack. He said that Bush and Blair should be behind bars and that Assange is a hero who should be free…” / Twitter

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350 US on Twitter: “The week of action may be over and the media may have moved on, but the people of Atlanta are still fighting to #StopCopCity. Our work continues – organize a solidarity action from wherever you are:” / Twitter

Defend the Atlanta Forest on Twitter: “Atlanta Police & contractors cutting trees in #WeelauneeForest today, as Dekalb County prepares to hear the zoning appeal on #CopCity project. Huge outcry from residents as neighbors fear flooding and sediment pollution, and increased police violence.” / Twitter

“This is such a load of obvious bullshit. Sending BILLIONS of dollars to one of the most corrupt countries on earth to fight an unwinnable proxy war with a nuclear power helps no one but oligarchs.” (-Comrade Misty)

“It’s a completely false narrative that the US is “polarized” politically. On the most consequential matters both factions are always in enthusiastic agreement; the “divisions” are limited to superficial culture war issues whose outcomes will never affect anyone with real power. ” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Certain people with real power are fixated enough on Culture War food-fights that it’s at least arguable they could claim to be “affected” by whatever the latest passing outrage is. But this is still basically correct.” (-Michael Tracey)

“The actions of our politicians increasingly reflect the desires of our military industrial complex and big pharma because our leaders have largely been bought off. Don’t confuse them with the US populace.” (-Falcon Vigilant)

“The American people themselves really are politically polarized because they are like zombies, mesmerized by the Washington pantomime.” (-Raven9)

“Did Jill Biden call somebody else a taco?” (-Black In The Empire)

“Russia has pushed Ukrainian troops to the Western portion of Bakhmut & raised their flag over the central govt building but according to Western coverage you would never know that the city & region is about to fall to the Russians. The contrast is incredible.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Bill To Kill TikTok Is Actually About Restricting Americans” / Twitter

Michael Tracey on Twitter: “Same old story. During elections, Republicans and Democrats scream that the differences between them are so seismic, civilization itself hangs in the balance. Then on the most consequential actions they can take — like hurtling into World War III — they behave exactly the same” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “While announcing they’ll be sending javelin missiles to Taiwan & $2.6 Billion more to Ukraine, domestically the US government is slashing medicaid & food assistance for millions of struggling people. So here’s the simple question: Does the US government care about Americans?” / Twitter

No Cold War (@NoColdWar) / Twitter

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Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Thanks Ben for correcting a dangerous position among some leftists regarding Trumps pro-imperialist policies. Now there were intra-bourgeois differences reflected in some of his policies but overall his policies reflected the interests of various factions of capital.” / Twitter

jim phillips ☮️☭🕊🇵🇸🇾🇪🖖 on Twitter: “@caitoz @friedenserenity A handy visual aid:” / Twitter

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Motherfuckers all proud about it, too. Even Shitlibs be like, “USA! USA!”

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“The latest assault on Palestinian worshippers at Al-Aqsa mosque is an egregious violation of human rights.

Israeli forces continue to carry out a violent system of apartheid with impunity. We must speak up for Palestinians and their right to live in freedom, dignity & peace.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Another example of why Collective West has no moral credibility in global South & why people reacted with a yawn when equally discredited ICC indicted Putin. When White West reacts with horror to brutality like this it might regain some respect.” / Twitter

“Why? What are the goals of U.S. policy towards China? Do they really want war with China over Taiwan? And if so, why? Why has economic competition with China that the U.S. is losing automatically must translate into military confrontation? Why are people supporting this madness?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Stop Cop City on Twitter: “When he says SROs here he means cops. $200 million for cops in schools. Since Columbine over 10,000 school cops have been hired to stop school shootings. 24 years later they haven’t stopped a single one.” / Twitter

Andrew J Douglas on Twitter: “The 21st c. Atlanta Student Movement continues to build steam. Sharing some resources these AUC student organizers have pulled together. #AUCSTOPCOPCITY” / Twitter

15 Million in US Losing Public Health Benefits (


Even though she already showed her hand and it was five Queen Of Diamonds, I guess I just wanted this to be real. They got me on April Fool’s Day! Of course she’ll never wake up or have a change of heart or join the people when she’s owned and operated by the military industrial complex, but I wanted to believe in the fairy tale happy ending bullshit, Man I can be such a wishful thinkin’ rube somedays, just like all those worshipful identity-puppet’s online-boyfriend shitlibs.

Jose Vega — Vote Diane Sare! on Twitter: “Thank you @AOC. Let’s work together to end this war and free Julian Assange.” / Twitter

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“If anything the US could stand to be far MORE politically “polarized”, because it would mean actual political opposition happening in the world’s most powerful country instead of nonstop kayfabe combat while the empire marches on uninterrupted regardless of who’s in office.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Dr Aseem Malhotra on Twitter: “Left wing comedian Jimmy Dore slams Bill Gates, Fauci & Collins ‘They lied about everything. Where the virus came from, gain of function research, lockdowns, masks’ And Gates wonders why there’s a loss if trust?! 🤔” / Twitter

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Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “TBH CNN and MSNBC should be marked as who they’re funded by as well. They shouldn’t get to pretend they’re independent when all corporate media is owned by the same oligarchs who work with state department.” / Twitter

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CODEPINK on Twitter: “Absolutely heartbreaking. Two nights in a row, Israeli forces have attacked Palestinians praying during Ramadan at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Every year, Israel meets innocent worshippers with indiscriminate violence, yet they bravely continue to practice their faith in resistance.” / Twitter

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Andrea Grimes on Twitter: “When I talk about “objectivity” in mainstream/legacy journalism privileging established systems and doing activism in the name of the status quo, this is what I mean. There is no reason for the @statesman to let APD/DPS define the framing on this as if they’re unbiased sources.” / Twitter

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Craig Murray – on Twitter: “Ciaron, I shall be at the Ecuador Embassy at noon on Tuesday for the rally. I can’t believe Julian is still in Belmarsh – and the judiciary and political establishment just dodges the issues through delay and administrative detention. I am coming down to speak.” / Twitter

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Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Fresh off co-hosting a military recruitment fair in the Bronx, AOC sprinkles faux-progressive glitter on the campaign by the intel services and Biden White House to suppress the factual #TwitterFiles. In doing so, AOC tacitly defends state censorship of online dissent.” / Twitter


Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW (@Stella_Assange) / Twitter

2nd District

“What’s Inside You!?”, the third album from German glam punks 2nd DISTRICT has been released a few days ago, so that’s probably the right time to learn more about their story and influences. Marc de Burgh (vocals/guitar) answered our questions…

You played in The REVOLVERS before playing in 2nd DISTRICT. Can you tell us a bit about the two bands?

Yes, I played with The Revolvers : was a founder member, sung about one third of the songs and was playing lead & rhythm Guitars. We recorded two albums on PLY records : “A tribute to Cliches” (2001) and “End of Apathy” ( 2003) ….Did lots of gigs and were touring all around Europe at that time .We both , first met in those days on one of our side trips and we made an interview. 😉
Around 2003/2004, we also reunited District; my first 77 punk rock band from the 90s, because I met Pascal Briggs again in those days, we planned to continue with District and recorded that exciting album ” Don t Mess with the Hard Punx ” quite soon ……It was also released on PeoplelikeYou Records. After touring with District and being part of the PLY Label Tour in 2005 things came thick and fast in those days . Both bands The Revolvers and also District broke up within a few moths , because of personal and artistic differences, and so we founded 2nd District with past members of both bands , because we wanted to go on with playing and we wanted a reference to one of the former bands, so we chose the name 2nd District..I know that’s not very inventive 😀 . But it was all haywired that time.

Tell us about your new album “What’s Inside You?” How different is it from your previous
albums to you? It seems like you put more emphasis on melodies in these new songs…

Yeahh ..”What’s Inside You !!??”… I’m so glad that the album is out now !!!.It was a lot of work, in a way we did all this in DIY .
We didn t get any money from a record label or anyone else, these times are gone ! So we recorded the whole album in our rehearsal room 🙂 in Bochum ..Our Guitarist Dani was interested in recording technics anyway, he did a good job and we are glad we finally found a good record label.
Musically: Well, we tried to combine the rawness of 77 punk rock , pop appeal, a certain sense of androgyny and lots of aspiration in our music ..and yes, I put more emphasis on melodies … We also tried to improve the arrangements of the songs …..some parts are more quiet, some are more aggressive – all this in order to make the songs …..hmmm  more interesting , maybe !!??

How do you usually write the songs? Is there a main writer?

Well, most of the time I come with an idea ,with a fundamental structure of a song and we figure it out all together ..I elaborate the melodies, and after that I write the lyrics …

You played at the Rebellion festival a few times I think. How was it? Have you played other shows in the UK?

No , 2nd District just played the Rebellion festival two years in a row…didn t have other gigs in the UK so far . There was a tour planned for District in 2004 in order to promote the fancied “Don t Mess ..” album. They planned some shows with the Varurkers, but it never happened unfortunately . But I hope that we’re gonna make it to a whole UK Tour one day …maybe with the new album .. we received some offerings for gigs in the UK after having played on the festival in Blackpool this year – we’ll see … I’m looking forward.

What are your best tour experiences so far?

OHH , there are so many impressions many things happened – really enjoyed the last European tour with Prima Donna ..Hope we will have the chance to repeat it one day..

I met Schwuppi (bass) in Berlin a few weeks ago. He told me he just relocated there. Do all the other members live in the same city/area?

Well, Schwuppi moved to Berlin a couple of weeks ago, and the rest of the band isn’t located in the Berlin -Area.We’re actually based in the “Ruhrgebiet “, in the very West of Germany , a former industrial region ..a melting pot – the right preconditions to form a PunkRock Band ..
The Ruhr-area is an agglomoration of several major cities ..with names like Dortmund , Bochum , Essen , Duisburg you could be quite familiar with …once they were lots of coal-mines and metal industry located like….. maybe …in Lothringen ( Lorraine ) in France ..but that’s almost all gone …In Bochum (my hometown ) 2016, the manufacturing of Opel cars will be stopped ….because General Motors decided to close the plant in Bochum, though the location is actually efficient  ..that’s how captalism works, they don t care bout the people..the capitalist don t feel stationary in this way – he goes there, where he can expect the biggest profit, especially when we are talking about a global player like General Motors.


What’s your view on the music business these days? Is it still worth releasing CDs? How is vinyl important for a band like you?

Well ,that’s what I mentioned before….It’s very hard for a band to sell records these days, we all know that! …Downloading , a free Internet- all this means or brought us lots of benefits – that’s obvious … But on the other hand many things changed, caused by these technical improvements ….and nowadays the whole consumer behaviour relating to the method they hear music , the way they consume music has completely changed …. In the 80s or 90s – if you were buying an album or later a compact disc couldn t wait to come  home , open the packing and listen to what you had just bought. It was a very exciting feeling, which is almost missing in times when people get 10,000 songs on their Ipod ..without knowing 80% of the music they got.
Well, so we are glad that we found a label which wanted to release the CD ( Rilrec), and we also found a label, which is  gonna put out the vinyl-version of the album later the year (Wanda rec.)
Well I think in sectors like Punk or Metal music, vinyl still has a major importance, and I m looking forward to have the vinyl- disc of “what s inside you” in my hands.

You’re a big MANIC STREET PREACHERS fan. Can you remember when and how you got into them? First time you saw them? Last time?

Oh yes , I am 🙂 ….I got into them must have been at the time they had just released ” Generation Terrorists” or a bit earlier . In a local disco in Bochum where they often played ” Motorcycle Emptiness” and the first single ” Motown Junk”. I was immediately attracted to the androgynous voice and the wonderful melodies …Their style, a mixture of early Guns n’ Roses and The Clash was a furious exciting mix addition to that ….obvoiusly : their social awareness :coal miner strikes in wales, that was very familiar to me…
I saw them two times in the nineties …Must have been the “Holy Bible Tour”, and later in 1996 without Richey on “Everything must Go” … I guess.

There’s a lot of punk rock bands in Germany, but not so many glam punk bands. Any bands you think we should check out?

Well, you are right : I  don’t know any bands here which would call their style ..Glam Punk ..I heard this in connection with me the first time when I was still playing with The Revolvers while we were doing a European tour with the  Norwegian output  Trashcan Darlings, and I thought that fit quite good..why not? You need an expression to classifiy your music somehow ..and Glam!! Yes, 2nd District combines a certain androgyny with PunkRock you can call it GlamPunk ..:-) …

More generally, what kind of bands are you listening to these days?

OK here are some bands I listened to last week:

1) Suede “Nude”
2) Elastica
3) Jingo de Lunch “The Independent Years -comp”
4) Guns n’ Roses ” Appetite..”
5) Placebo “Battle for the Sun”

Last book you’ve read?

Well, a book about social policies in Germany I got from the public libary in Bochum.

Best shows you’ve seen this year?

Some shows I saw at the Rebellion  Festival in Blackpool this year, for example : The Damned, Eddie and the Hot Rods, UK Subs …Very impressive to watch those bands in the UK.

How can people get your new album? Have you planned touring to promote it yet?

You can order the new album directly from the mailorder of our record label on
and for vinyl on later this year.
You can get in touch with us via Facebook and for more info concerning touring
thanx a lot for the interview ..and we will see you soon when we come back to France in 2014 in order to promote the album …cheeerz… Stay Beautiful ! 🙂

The Revolvers (2001)

When we finished the interview with AMERICAN HEARTBREAK, we decided to go and say goodbye to The REVOLVERS who were sleeping in the same hotel. I wanted them to give me their email address so that I could send them some questions later because it was already half past three in the morning ! But they seemed to prefer live interviews, we were really tired and they were drunk, so the interview is quite short and chaotic! 🙂

Have you enjoyed the show tonight ?
Uwe : Yes, it was a little bit like Electric Light Orchestra tonight.

Tobias : Something was missing because our second guitarist is not there at the moment and, for us it’s really like something is missing in the unit. It’s a sad story because he suffers from cancer but it’s curable. It’s his third chemotherapy an maybe he can join us on saturday.

What’s the difference between The HAPPY REVOLVERS and The REVOLVERS ?
Uwe : The line-up and maybe the sound, now it’s a little bit faster and a little bit harder. Our lyrics are also a little bit more political.

Tobias : Yes, now we speak more about problems with yourself.

Uwe : And things like fascism and stuff like that. You know, when I go through the town, I always have the same kind of problems…so, that’s what we’re singing about now. The lyrics are more “street lyrics”.

Tobias : Yes, but the old spirit is still there, the energy is the same.

Uwe : Now we’re more like a group, not like a boy group. There was more fashion and styling in The HAPPY REVOLVERS. now, we’re more like a punk band.

Don’t you play “tragedy” anymore ?
Uwe : No…

Tobias : Maybe we’ll do it again.

Uwe : This song is about the MANIC STREET PREACHERS guitar player. The lyrics are about him and it’s dedicated to him. I wrote these lyrics when I was totally pissed… There’s nothing to do with the things we do now.

Tobias : I like this song.

Uwe : Maybe we’ll play it tomorrow (laughs.)

It seems like you have many influences from punk rock to glam… What kind of bands do you listen to these days ?

Tobias : Right now I’m listening to AMERICAN HEARTBREAK. It’s not like they’re my idols or something but, it’s just good music and it brings glam pop punk back to life, it’s like The NEW YORK DOLLS and all these old bands who created this sound. Now, there’s a new wave coming with new bands growing up, new people who start this thing again. For myself, this is very interesting.

Uwe : For me too, but I also like ANGELIC UPSTARTS, CRASS, German punk like SLIME or The TARGETS…

Uwe : Yeah ! JINGO DE LUNCH. now the singer is living in Canada.

Tobias : No, it’s Texas. She’s living there in a farm.

Uwe : I’m not so much into glam punk anymore. I like stuff like DOGS D’AMOUR and The HEARTBREAKERS, a little bit of AMERICAN HEARTBREAK but it’s not where we come from, we come from the old punk stuff.

Flo : I think we neither make too much glam rock, nor punk rock. We’re in between.

What are your projects ?
Uwe : We are just a project now (laughs.)

Tobias : There will come a new full length in autumn.

On which label ?
Tobias : People Like You records.

Uwe : Hey ! Look at us, it’s like the John Lennon/Yoko Ohno interview (laughs.)

Tobias : Yeah, we’ve been having sex together for two weeks right now (laughs.)

Uwe : Let’s talk about peace and love (laughs.)

Tobias : Is the interview live on TV ? (laughs.) (Veglam Zine : cause one of my friend had a camera.)