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“Hey Americans

Have you figured out what we’ve let our country become yet, or are you still running around here talking about democracy, sovereignty and Human Rights like the people that run this place really give a damn about that? The truth is out there for everybody to watch, research and read.

Most people just don’t have time, don’t really care or just don’t want to know or believe.

When the damage is done it usually comes out, but by that time they’ve moved on to feeding us the next set of lies.

The crazy thing about what’s happening is that many think we are just making up things that people in our Gov’t have literally planned, have written down in strategy and policy papers and are executing

Our citizens have no idea how evil the people running this place really are.” (-Black In The Empire)

LISTEN: Nord Stream Attack an ‘Act of War’ (

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “Probably because the American people have been repeatedly poisoned for decades and none of the oversight bodies work. Air at ground zero WTC “safe”, Flint MI water “safe”, water near fracking sites “safe” – see a pattern? Cancer treatment is also a multibillion” industry” / Twitter

Kelley Lane on Twitter: “Damn! Thank you @RepLuna @CISA @DHS @NASSorg @Twitter” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “If the US cared about Ukraine they would have insisted they honored the signed Minsk Agreement Instead they were doing what you see in this video Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine – Preparing for a proxy war with… via @YouTube” / Twitter

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“Half the country lives in poverty or a category called near poverty. The working class and the working poor are priced out of the health care system. The schools do not educate their children, who live without adequate food and often clean water, are repeatedly evicted from their homes, have their utilities shut off, cannot find jobs, are crippled by punishing debt peonage and with the pandemic are dying at disproportionally higher rates. They get the message the oligarchs are sending. They, and their children, are expendable. They don’t count. Their lives are of no consequence, unless they are locked in a cage where their bodies can generate as much as $60,000 a year for the multitude of corporations, including the for-profit medical services, food services, money transfer services, commissary services, phone services, private prisons and prison contractors, not to mention the large corporations and state governments that exploit the cheap and bonded labor of 1 million of our 2.3 million prisoners.

The prison system is a multi-billion dollar a year industry with lobbyists in state capitals and Washington making sure these bodies remain in cages or are put back into cages soon after they are released. The neo-slavery in our prisons is the corporate model envisioned for all of America.

The two ruling parties are equally complicit in this assault. The Democratic Party, in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, is trying to sell us a presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who was one of the principal architects of de-industrialization and responsible for the loss of hundreds of thousands of good, union jobs. Biden and Bill Clinton also destroyed our welfare program, where 70 percent of the recipients were children, and orchestrated the doubling of our prison population and the tripling and quadrupling of sentences.” (-Chris Hedges)


It’s still bitterly cold here in the dead end desert ghost town in the morning but even a little sunlight seems to offer some kinda promise. I did not used to be a sunshine dude, I preferred the night time, growing up, mainly cause like Hunter S. Thompson said, no one tells the truth between nine and five. I never got along with the daytime people, the bureaucrats and shysters, scam merchants, and liars, and coffee breathed compliance officers and Nurse Ratcheds, ya know? The night time world we used to know, soundtracked by Peter Murphy and Lords Of The New Church keeps disappearing, the people, the places, all the cool bands, people keep dyin’ all around me  man. Real glam’s been dead for a long time, ya know when Guns N Roses first came on the scene, I didn’t just love ’em cause they dressed up like Hanoi Rocks, but I really vibed with the reblliousness of their early tunes like “Reckless Life” and “Move To The City” and especially, “Out To Get Me”, they had an authenticity I could relate to having grown up not far from where Izzy and Axl did and experienced a lot of the same repression those guys did. Of course, in the early days, no one in “Hit Parader” or “Circus” was really emphasizing how Slash’s mom had dated David Bowie or how he had known David Geffen all his life, so I really fell hard for the guttersnipe myth about hardscrabbble punks from nowhere farmtowns, takin’ the bus out to L.A. and living in the alley behind Tower Video, and meeting other streetwise desperados and fighting their way to the top with nothing but some Marshall stacks and a can of Aqua Net and a leather trench coat. When Axl started beating up fans for taking his picture at a concert, and writing songs about wanting to beat up all the music critics and supermodels who did not respect his authority, he kinda revealed his true colors, he had an undeniable Midwestern programmed cop or jock authoritarian streak, he was more like our common oppressors than he was like me or Stiv Bators or Joe Strummer. Then, his first big imitator, Sebastian Bach, started wearing that “Aids Kills Fags Dead” t shirt and threw a bottle at some girl and fucked up her eye, there was like this invasion of jocks into our rocknroll underground-then it was all those fake fuckin’ assemblyline Winger and Warrant bands for  a couple of years-they all had one hard rawk anthem and one sappy power ballad. Then, the man did the whole grunge/alternative bullshit hoax while they were consolidating the media, and killin’ off all the smaller magazines and radio stations, and buying up all the venues and merging into this crazy fuckedup monopoly they got now. If Cobain killed himself, and I realize Courtney’s probably a manipulative monster and Grohl was a big wannabe mook, and he had a drug habit and childhood trauma, and all that, but I can’t help but think, if he really did kill himself, that it was at least partly because of that fanbase of homophobes and warpigs and dumb jocks and bullies that had become his main audience after they played “Teen Spirit” 1000 times a day for five years. I think the powers that be were still experimenting back then with what they could sell through repetition. So, after Cobain’s five minutes, they gave us all his lousy imitators like Bush and Creed and Stone Temple Pilots and Foo Fighters. I was never into any of that shit. I missed the poetry and heart and  hypnotic basslines of Sisters Of Mercy and Lords Of The New Church and Iggy and Bowie, ya know? i was never into the jock rock, the fake grunge, or the douchey manufactured boy bands that came after that. i’m still pretty goth at heart.   One of the most underrated bands I know of was like part Thunders/Hanoi gutterpunk but they also had an ominous, foreboding, Lords influenced edge to some of their nocturnal ballads and barbed fairytales and sullen lullabyes for the doomed was Ghosts Of Lovers. I liked ’em better than 69 Eyes, probably. They were cooler and smarter than your average metal years glam band, more like Gunfire Dance than Tuff…I think one of these dudes also already passed away, sadly. It’s all so here and gone, ya know just like a precious flashing minute then, poof, it’s over. Like lightning. That’s all we get. Go flick the lightswitch on and off a couple times-that’s all we get in this lifetime. That’s why I say life should be more sacred to people and not just thrown away for some fatcat weapon maker, or lithium stealing chip manufacturer of fracker or phramaceutical billionaire profits. I hope all the last remaining punks and goths and civilians who oppose fascism, tyranny, authoritarianiam, Orwell endles wars, and boots stomping on a human face forever will get out there and organize and demonstrate agianst all these fascist murderers and lies for wars. Meanwhile, my gothic glam and cowpunk hermit antisocial glamarachist band, THE LONELINESS TORCH & TWANG is seeking collaborators who share a passion for old bands like Lords Of The New Church, Gunfire Dance, Ghosts Of Lovers, Gun Club, Cramps, that kinda thing.

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“Remember, before any war began, Russia tried to fix things diplomatically with the US in Dec. 2021. All they asked was for NATO troops to back off from their border. Common sense.

Biden’s response? “Nonstarter”, as he schemed on how to blow up Nord Stream 2, per Hersh’s source.If Russia had blown up an American pipeline, Washington would call it an act of war and nuke them, or respond with some variation of World War 3. This has been a consistent Russian position long before anyone ever heard of Putin. There‘s nothing controversial about asking an adversarial military alliance to stop encircling you— as Western diplomats promised. The only ones who can’t grasp this are the aggressors. What makes these reckless warmongers, who act like they are God on earth, think they can get away with this behavior? While they distract you with this balloon story, China is building a new multipolar order with Russia, Iran, India, KSA— the list goes on.

BRICS+ is the future. The West is in decline and Ukraine is DC’s desperate attempt to cling to power. Ironically it’s achieved the opposite.” (-Richard Medhurst)

“The US has invaded & destroyed countless countries while the international community was opposed to it — Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Vietnam, Korea, etc. etc.” (-Lee Camp)

“The silence in the US mainstream media on Seymour Hersh’s bombshell Nordstream revelations that the US did it is deafening.

Given that the US media is an extension of the military state, one could see the silence as an admission of guilt. Real leaders don’t sell out their country and people to war profiteers and Wall Street.

When Washington is accused of blowing up Nord Stream, the U.S. mainstream media is silent. When an earthquake kills over a thousand Syrians, the U.S. mainstream media conjures up several articles on why the U.S. shouldn’t lift sanctions crippling Syria’s economy. Ghoul sh*t.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“So while RUS proposed a treaty to resolve the Cuban-missile-crisis-level threat on its border, the US planned Nordstream sabotage – rupturing German-RU relations, destabilizing the EU w surging energy costs, & shredding prospects for peace.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“On the UN vote declaring food a human right, the vote was 180 to 2. Only the US and Israel believe people do not have a right to avoid starving to death. We throw out 40% of all food in the US but we deny food should be a right.” (-Lee Camp)

“You should start paying attention to the people in this country that the Establishment wants to shut up.

Aren’t you tired of being lied to by the people they give us to listen to? Your Gov’t cares more about their proxy war in Ukraine than you. We were told Russia blew up their own pipeline, bridge and were shelling their nuclear power plant

Not surprised that after the US tried to stop the building of the pipeline, then tried to stop its use and now celebrated its destruction we believe the US had nothing to do with it. Is your Gov’t who has never told you truth about a war in your lifetime telling you the truth now or are the people telling you something different telling the truth like it has always turned out in the past when the smoke cleared? How about we demand our Gov’t spend their time demanding a negotiation instead of working to block one like they did last March? We let our Gov’t divide us and steal trillions of dollars as we fought each other.

They are now desperately fighting to maintain their world hegemony as the rest of the world starts to fight back and countries emerge strong enough to defy them

We have to face reality. The US used this war to demilitarize Europe, force them into buying more expensive energy and drive their inflation through the roof.

Blowing up the pipeline was a bonus. It wasn’t just the Global South our rulers wanted subjugate. Sorry European white power, they got you too. There are still Ukrainians willing to die and the US still has weapons to sell. I didn’t pay much attention to Trump’s or Biden’s classified document ‘scandals’ because after what they let Queen Hillary get away with, I know they don’t really give a shit about it. I don’t care how morally superior voting Biden made you feel, it doesn’t change him working with Segregationists to stop busing, writing bills to mass incarcerate Blacks, overseeing the committee to humiliate Anita Hill saying more racist things than Trump could dream of. Our Gov’t is run by the donor class, it doesn’t matter who you put in that office This is not a democracy so if you listen to the Democrats who got caught rigging their primary telling you they are fighting for it, you got played.” (-Black In The Empire)

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Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “I’ve been saying from the beginning that the war the U.S. initiated with Russia always had Germany as a secondary target.” / Twitter

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US DOT Investigates Allegations that Neuralink “shipped contaminated implants removed from the brains of deceased research monkeys” – Activist Post

“MLK warned us about the White moderates, Malcolm X warned us about the Black Bourgeoisie and White liberals and here we are today still running around blindly pushing the ‘D’ in the voting booth in spite of getting nothing for it, all these years later. When you see the GOP and Dems, and stations like MSNBC and Fox News all agree on something, you know they are working together to push us into supporting a war. The US blew up the pipeline, every Gov’t in the World knows it including weak ass Germany

The only place where a large amount of people don’t believe it is the US and parts of the West, the real most propagandized places in the World. For those taking abuse for telling the truth about this war Don’t get discouraged Remember that during the Iraq War they fired almost everybody in MSM that challenged the WMD lie and smeared everybody else as traitors and protectors of terrorists. Let’s not beat around the bush No matter who you want to win, whether you agree with Russia going into Ukraine or not. The fact is that the US wanted this war, is using Ukraine, took away their sovereignty in 2014 to use them to weaken Russia and is the one lying non stop.”

Trump, Kushner Profiting from White House Connection to Saudi Prince – Rolling Stone

CraigFite/SocialismOrBarbarism on Twitter: “@haveseenit @caitoz Riiiiiggggghhhtttt, NATO is DEEPLY concerned about Muslims…I mean nothing says concern for Muslims like engineering coups and butchering a few million Muslims who just happen to be standing on lots of that sweet crude, amirite?” / Twitter

Lisa B ☮️🇵🇸⚖️ on Twitter: “Nobody’s going to consent to being made poorer, colder, and less safe over some global power struggle that doesn’t benefit them unless that consent is actively manufactured.#StopWar” / Twitter


Just like with goth, none of the main New Romantic bands wanted anything to do with the label. My idea of New Romantic kinda includes all the new wave and 80’s Batcave goth bands like Flesh For Lulu and Specimen to Duran Duran and Marilyn and Visage and Sputnik. It was a loose media hook, really, encompassing everybody from the innovative orignator Blitz Club to everybody who copied them soonafter. Wow, friends, it’s just so good, this heavy thick book is like the new wave bible of all us Smash Hits 80’s kids. I got it for Christmas the year before last and it remains a real escapist treat if you wanna revisit the fun filled days when there were still cool nightclubs filled with glittery stars and people still got together to do drugs and dance, exchange ideas and reinvent themselves, show off their creativity and ever evolving latest look, or write songs and make cool music. I was into like Prince and Human League and Psychedelic Furs type stuff from like when I was ten or eleven I think but I had to remove myself from an extremely abusive situation when I was about 14 and when I ranaway to NYC, I discovered ya know, everything. “Liquid Sky” and Basquiat, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, the Cult and Billy Idol, I-D magazine, CBGB’S, the Pyramid, King Tut’s, all that lot. I was a gawky Ramone but already working on my look, experimenting with spiky hair and Alice Cooper and David Bowie informed, gloomy androgyny. My best friend back then had beautiful Sputnik hair and always dressed cool, so he really stood out in a small town-his name was Jaysin B and he did time in juvie for running away even before I did, we both just wanted to escape our abusers and become big city Blitz Kids like all those fab faces we read about in new wave magazines. We used to record with two tape recorders as our way of overdubbing, singing through a bass amplifier and never worrying about the tape hiss cause ya know we just told ourselves that weird static made us sound more like Joy Division. When I got back from juvie detenton, my friend Jaysin B and I would pore over Smash Hits magazine together, he was really into New Order and Gary Numan while I was real ginned up about Charlie Sexton and Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Strawberry Switchblade and We’Ve Got A Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It. Dead Or Alive was big. He was really into Animotion. Everybody loved Ministry’s “Everyday Is Halloween”. We had some real cheap Casios and plink plink plinky toy drum machines and over at his house we’d sit on the floor underneath all this fabric he had hanging everywhere and Christmas lights and we’d breakout the corny poetry notebooks and sing about the girls we loved nd how we never fit in, with our best fake Dave Gahan and fake Richard Butler voices. “Troubadours and transients know her name in noisy bars, but I’ll never win her heart with poetry, bloodshed, and guitars”, I’d moan ever so solemnly, morosely. We were two morose kids. It was like three more years before we met any other weirdos willing to express themselves visually in a town so intolerant and uptight they’d chase you across the football field, a whole mob of ’em, just for wearing a girl’s blouse or black lipstick. They really seemed so hate rage dumb aggressive, it was hard to not internalize their crazy bullshit. They wanted to kill me. I loved the NY Dolls and 70’s Stones and Prince and did not see what the fucking big problem was. Prince had even created a black rock band influenced by the New Romantics with Mazarati. The hysteria over some boys in makeup always seemed psychotic to me. It was a military town though, and back then, gender benders were seen as like, the worst thing ever. You know how crazy the tv propaganda loving Democrats got over typical sportsfan or Burning Man cultural appropriating idiot, QShaman yelling “freedom” and the hick who sat momentarily behind Wall Street crooked inside trader/traitor Nancy Pelosi’s desk? The way safespacers feel about black standup comedians who don’t want to wear dresses to appear in movies? That’s how rabid the gung-ho Rambos were, with their blind, seething, frothing at the mouth ballsout rabid hatred towards all us Cure kids in the makeup and long coats, back in the eighties. For a long time, like 1980-’86 or so? There were only like five of us who were openly “different” and flagrantly defied the local dress codes in that town and that’s if you count the two spiked bracelet wearing guitar playing metalheads and the Madonna wannabe chick who wouldn’t talk to us. Now you got white patriarchal Republican oppressor Caitlin Jenner stans insisting you praise her courage and beauty or they’ll get you cancelled and demonetized, and Harry Styles and all those Kardashian occultists being creepy and all those transkids programming Hulu/Netflix shows but it was very different when we were kids. I ranaway in search of freedom ya know, and met the girls at Patricia Fields and the Pyramid Club and made friends with everybody Downtown, and was in NYC when Wigstock was still a magical gathering in the park, but now, they have drag queens bringing sex toys around kids which is not cool, and that Xtiana Whatsername chick who used to be Britney’s main teen pop, monach rival wearing strapons on stage with kids in the audience and I don’t care what your self referencing preferred pro nouns or sexual preferences are, I don’t think it’s sane or healthy to have grownups pushing their adult sexuality, or adult toys on children. I don’t want no heteronormative cys born yada yada whatever whatever talking about sex to underage kids, neither. Not appropriate, really objectionable. Consenting grownups are free to freak freely in my revolution, but you don’t show kids pornograpy or adult toys, you don’t peer pressure kids to take hormones, and the overt sexualization of young people being pushed by big corporation is disturbing. When I was young, Frankie Goes To Hollywood was considered racey, shocking, scandalous. “Dirty Mind” by Prince was considered OUTRAGEOUS by my friend’s church parents. Even “1999”. Now McDonna never appears in public without taking a shit on the Last Supper or whatever. My old ruffian guitar player says he’s accepting of an imperfect world and hated the 80’s, me, I wish I could go back and stay there.

  When I turned seventeenish, I finally met two mohawked hardcore guys who had a goth band with the useless drum machines like we did only they also had a four track and a guitar and an amp and knew what they were doing! Through them, I met a real cool death rock girl who was kindof a shut in back then but now she’s a famous radio personality, and man oh man, back then, she was a real witchy, full on Morticia, like those chicks in the Cult videos who were also in Dr. & The Medics! She was way cooler than me, but we still became close. She knew Skinny Puppy and had all these books and all the real underground goth records and a black bedroom. I still got the brunt of the smear the queer assaults in that town cause I had no wheels and they’d always catch me walking to work or with my legal aged pals to buy smokes at the corner gas stations, or whatever. All the adults fully supported the football team bloodying my nose regularly cause they agreed I had it comin’ for disobeying the dress codes and refusing to conform to their golf shirt and designer jeans and Michael Jordan tennis shoes fuckedup midwestern dress codes. A car load of jealous stoners even threatened my much older punk friend one day because they knew he had to be somehow associated with me by his black hair and combat boots and GBH t shirt and leather jacket, right? Those fuckers STILL hate my guts. A whole state of asshole fratboys just DESPISE anybody who don’t care about the Super Bowl or how rich their parents are. Thank God I got out. Some of my dead friends who stayed were not so lucky.  I’m still a big whore for all the eighties genres-synth duos, early hiphop, post-punk, fake reggae, glam, sleaze metal, Madness, Dexy’s, Van Halen, I love all of it. The book focuses on the early evolution of what came to be known as the New Romantic Movement-mime faced after-disco divas like Steve Strange and Marilyn and Boy George and Adam Ant, how Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran were perceived as rivals by the UK tabloid press, though there was really no contest. How everybody was influenced by Kraftwerk back then-even and especially Afrika Bambatta and the Soul Sonic Force. There was a shy girl at my Catholic school who looked like Debbie Harry in her younger years and her parents owned a bookstore in the mall. She’d let me spend hours sprawled out on the floor in front of all the music mags, crouched down gawking at the full color pinups of Soft Cell, Ultravox, Visage and David Sylvian. 

   There were only two new wave kids in my town at first, then I met That Girl so there were three. Me n him kinda momentarily fought over Her but She moved past us and we resumed our search for The Others. Downtown in the tough school, there were rappers and breakdancers we befriended, some older white surfer wannabe guys were like the rich trendy Spandeaus of the hicktown scene, they all had moms who took them to Ft. Wayne or Toledo for bleachy Simon Le Bon and Limahl haircuts and they wore all the posh clothes from Chess King or Merry Go Round. I dunno if those guys were really even that into music as much as they were having all the latest Swatch watches and Flock Of Seagulls shirts with all the flaps and snaps. Eventually, some older chick whose name I don’t remember got the town’s four prettiest seniors to start performing some ridiculous lip synch to Duran Duran and that became the biggest excitment that tank plant town had ever seen. There was a preppie bar downtown with big tv screens on each side of the stage and a DJ up in the balcony who played Madonna and “Mony Mony” and they had a teen night with confetti cannons and a light show and all the preppies and normies were at last discovering MTV and I remember me and my lone other new wave friend looking at each other all wide eyed walking in while they blared “Sunglasses At Night” and “People Are People” and being surprised how all of a sudden every sporto and Camaro driver from the two rich kid schools in deepest suburbia were all here in their golf shirts or rising sun muscle t’s and parcahute pants kinda boppling along to Our Music, but it was nothing like the shock that was still to come about eight years later, when all the farmers and footballers went Grunge Overnight and that same town that persecuted and detention halled us so relentlessly for years on end, now, they all had the obligatory Nirvana t shirts, combat boots and shorts and flannel on, and those big black awful tribal Lollapalooza tattoos, and Pearl Jam became their Beatles until they got replaced by Korn and the Foo Fighters who’ve never gone away. “Sweet Dreams” takes you back to the late seventies and early eighties, when all the young Bowies like me n Boy George were first developing their looks and finding their Rum Runner managers. It’s really a beautifully written and well researched tome I urge everyone who liked that era to keep on a nearby coffee table or whatever-you can open it up and start reading on any page and it’s a silver rocket back to the Batcave and the Blitz Kids! The celebrity dj in my town who spun all the Inxs records, I met him when he was working at the record store in the mall-he was real gracious and friendly and outgoing but I wanted nothing to do with the guy who portrayed Andy Taylor in the Milli Vanilli lips synch tribute act, until he showed up at my purple apartment one night with a big bottle of Jack Daniels, the Mother Love Bone “Shine” promo cassette and the brand new Dogs D’Amour putrid green vinyl edition of “In The Dynamite Jet Saloon”, and we played “How Come It Never Rains” and “Debauchery” all night and toasted to Duran Duran and Prince and Inxs and knew we were going to be in a band together. He even brought me like a black Jim Morrison style cowboy hat as like a gift, that really did break the ice. He wanted to call the band Hello World. I think I still wanted to call it the Casualties or Undesirables-there was no interent so I did not know there were other bands with that name. He suggested Vain, I told him I think that was taken by some big city band already so we started going by Vain Damage. We brought in the Matthew Ashman from Bow Wow Wow lookalike older punk guitar player down the hall, my heavy metal skateboard stoner pal as soon as he finished his senior year outta state, and That Girl’s first cousin who played drums in the school band and loved the Smiths, and we started off playing covers and performing at backyard barbq’s and garage keggers cause we were banned by the local heavy metl hole for refusing to do Bon Jovi covers and cause they branded us as “fags”, and the rest is long forgotten history. I wanted to bring in my original new wave friend on keyboards, but he was always either in jail, the psych ward, hanging around some Thai kung fu fighter gangsters who terrorized the town, or going to church and doing the whole salvation Hallelujuh revival yeehaw again and again, but whenever the church folks or some meanspirited Judge fed him back into some factory job, he’d do the factory floor speed, work for insane hours, need some malt liquor to crash with at the end of his shift, get busted for DUI cause the cops all recognized his car, and all that bullshit would start all over again. I called it the torture circuit or behavior mod gauntlet-once you got the evil eye on ya, they just never stop fucking with you until you kill yourself or get murdered by the local drug dealers. That’s what it’s like back there and only a few of us ever got out, and we’re all still fuckedup from growing up there. Even the two guys you could say made good in the straight world, they’re as damaged as the rest of us really. You know what heals me though? It’s still the eighties new wave music we all loved. Maybe some Andre Cold Duck champagne. Every morning I wake up from dreaming-usually it’s the cats that wake me up, and as I make my coffee I remember how those kids I was talking about just now grew up and died already. The kids I wish I could call and summon to me and resume making music with are fucking dead and gone, still so hard to accept. Truth about me is I never got over any of it. If you are new wave or new romantic like me, please save a prayer for Andy Taylor, will ya? I love that cat.

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“The US has 800 military bases around the globe & we spend a trillion dollars a year on war & arms. The US spends as much as the bottom 144 countries COMBINED – yet we claim other countries are out of line with the global community?? The US is one of the only countries to refuse to sign on the International Criminal Court designed to prosecute war criminals. The US gov’t went even further by passing “The Hague Invasion Act” saying they would invade the Netherlands if the ICC ever prosecuted an American. Just recently the US was one of only 2 countries to vote against ending the many decade-long blockade of Cuba. Almost the entire world acknowledges there is no reason to continue harming Cubans. In 2018 the US was one of 2 countries to vote AGAINST the UN convention combating the glorification of Nazism & other practices that contribute to fueling contemporary forms of racism, xenophobia & related intolerance. (We don’t wanna vote against our favorite pastimes. The US was the only country to refuse to ratify the UN Convention on Rights of the Child. Every country – 196 at the time – except the US signed it. It outlawed things like child slavery & abuse. On the UN vote declaring food a human right, the vote was 180 to 2. Only the US and Israel believe people do not have a right to avoid starving to death. We throw out 40% of all food in the US but we deny food should be a right. The US was one of the very few countries that refused to ratify the UN Convention on Rights of the Disabled. We said it “eroded US sovereignty.” Apparently the US gov’t didn’t want anyone stopping them from abusing the disabled.While American officials keep touting the “rules-based international order,” the truth is the US is absolutely a rogue nation. We are out of line with the global community in just about every way that matters.” (-Lee Camp)


When was the last time you played that FRONT lp real loud? One of my fave bands of that whole hair band era who were so rockin’, a crazy cool cross between the Doors and Cult and Inxs! From Kansas City of all places! Man they were so freakin’ awesome! I still wanna make records like this. That producer really knew what a badass rocknroll record should sound like and the drummer who has sadly passed on, he could make you wanna dance no matter how tough you were in all your chains and spikes. The singer Michael was talented, the guitars were amazing, when my friends were deep in to GNR, I had already kinda moved on. For about a year, it was Warrior Soul, Gene Loves Jezebel, the ep and debut Jane’s Addiction records, that first Lenny Kravitz album and back to the Cult and the Front, for me. We had an acid connection. We had a band house. We had many pretty girlfriends. It was so much fun. Hey, Remember? Burntout Recluse remembers. Michael Franano went on to forge another band on a different record label called Baker’s Pink that had that same feel as the Front. A Front live lp is available from their website.

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This is one of my favorite things ever.

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Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “In every regard the US is a dangerous rogue nation. It’s hilarious to watch US officials say other countries need to abide by the “rules-based international order.”″ / Twitter

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Gutter Gospel: Gord, PMRC Punishing The Freaks, Mary Chain, Treazine #1, The Skulls, The Nymphs, The Front, The Dils, The Furs, New Order, Metal Years, & Always More Suffering If You Stay In The Midwest. (-by General Labor “Cancelled Since ’83”!!!)

“The Story is old, I know, but still it goes on…” (-The Smiths)

“We’re not allowed to know who’s calling what shots behind the veils of secrecy. All we’re allowed to see is our governments continually advancing the same imperial policies over and over again regardless of who’s in office. They never let us see who’s actually making those calls.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“The Democratic Party rehabilitated George W. Bush. The Democratic Party rehabilitated Dick Cheney. The Democratic Party rehabilitated the FBI and the CIA. The Democratic Party has used Trump as an excuse to bury the anti-war movement after Obama killed it.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The US regime continues to show its blatant neocolonialist practices, ordering sovereign countries in Africa not to trade with Russia. Imagine being this arrogant. The US empire truly thinks the entire world is its property.” (-Benjamin Norton)

“Starting when it investigated Trump for a fictitious conspiracy with Russia, the FBI has given media outlets a lot of free content, and profit. I don’t understand why FBI brass don’t just cut out the middle man and launch their own news network.” (-Aaron Mate)

“Your US tax dollars are paying to flood Europe with heavy weapons and one of  America’s top networks regrets investigating the issue. With special apologies to Raytheon and the Ghost of Kiev. Look how desperate neocons are to enforce silence on the Ukrainian military’s copious crimes, including dumping petal mines on Donetsk civilians Zero attempt to debunk our entirely factual report on the many opposition activists kidnapped and/or murdered under Zelensky’s watch Many Americans were upset that $90 million of their money was spent on Pelosi’s reckless junket to Taiwan, which deliberately escalated conflict with China and accelerated the process of unification, but consider this: that’s $90 million that won’t be spent on Ukrainian neo-Nazis.” (-Max Blumenthal)


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MintPress News on Twitter: “Despite the power of Julian Assange’s enemies there is a giant movement standing with him which now includes the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.⁠ Lowkey and Assange’s father John Shipton discuss the case this week on The Watchdog.⁠” / Twitter

“Following a coordinated freakout by the Ukraine lobby, CBS self-censors a report stating the obvious. Amnesty International has also issued a bizarre half-apology for issuing a single report (out of 40+) on well-documented abuses of civilians by the Ukrainian army.” (-Max Blumenthal)

President Barack Obama weaponized the Espionage Act to prosecute those who provided classified information to the press. The Obama White House, whose assault on civil liberties was worse than those of the Bush administration, used the 1917 Act, designed to prosecute spies, against eight people who leaked information to the media including — Edward SnowdenThomas Drake, Chelsea Manning, Jeffrey Sterling and John Kiriakou, who spent two-and-a-half years in prison for exposing the routine torture of suspects held in black sites.

Also under The Espionage Act, Joshua Schulte, a former CIA software engineer, was convicted on July 13 of the so-called Vault 7 leak, published by WikiLeaks in 2017, which revealed how the C.I.A. hacked Apple and Android smartphones and turned internet-connected televisions into listening devices. He faces up to 80 years in prison. Assange — although he is a publisher and not a U.S. citizen, and WikiLeaks is not a U.S.-based publication, was indicted by the Trump administration under the Act

Obama used the Espionage Act against those who provided information to the media more than all previous administrations combined. 

Chris Hedges: When the Just Go to Prison – Consortium News


My first imaginary band consisted of me, and about four other middle school heavy metal hoodlums I met in the special needs behavioral classroom named Deke, Dustin, his older brother “Don’t Fuck With…” Danny who was like my main protector back then;  J.R. who was also sometimes known as “The Rat”-not because he snitched on anybody but he had one of those halfassed Joe Dirt mustaches and wore a satin jacket from Spencer Gifts in the mall with the RATT logo on the back of it, him n Deke were inseparable chainsmoker metalheads, like Bill N Ted-twin Spicolis talking about the Michael Schenker Group and Gary Moore, Carlos Cavazo and Warren Dimartini. They were both like deedle deedle guitar heroes in training. I was mostly into like Adam Ant, Culture Club, Prince and Duran Duran who they thought were gay, and I wore glasses which were a real no-no in the Future Villain Bands of young Amurkkka. Also, Deke probably wanted a better looking blonde haired guy with a Robert Plant or Bruce Dickinson vocal range. There was some older guy in town like that, I think he wanted to join like, the older rich kid dickhead bully cover band who played like KISS and Zeppelin and stuff, I think they were called Attack? Anyways, it was us, and sometimes, a kid in a Member’s Only jacket named Chris, who was the school psychiatrist’s son but his dad refused to buy him drums, Dustin was forbidden from hanging out with me or Dekan and used to have to change his clothes on the bus-he wanted to wear rebellious spiked bracelets and checkered Vans and parachute pants and black concert t shirts like the rest of us, but was forced to wear the preppie pink Izods that were the unofficial school uniform at the rich white suburbia school we went to. Mostly we walked around on the dirt trails, went to Music Land to look at records, loitered in front of the arcade, smoked Marlboros, sneered a lot. Dekan impressed everybody with learning “Eruption” and “Crazy Train” before the older rich and popular kids did. We played covers mostly, like “Livin’ After Midnight” and “Round And Round” and “Aint Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” out there at the Ross family, ranch style home when the parents were gone. Oh yeah, then we brought in Dave, cause Dustin and Dan were not allowed to come around that often and always got in some kinda trouble if they did. Dan had to sneak his guitar out of the house, he ran a stolen BMX chop shop in my basement. Those guys came from these strict military families that wanted them to hunt, and gave ’em guns and crossbows, but did not like them making music, cutting and pasting together homemade xerox art, anti-school fanzines with grotesque caricatures of admin and coaches and wrestling team dickheads, or painting crazy logos on t shirts. I wore feather earrings, string ties, homemade punk shirts, painted on jeans, was always like crazy gluing broken bits of mirror onto my suitjacket lapels, you know like an even lower budget Duckie from “Pretty In Pink”. Total new wave loser with the paisley suspenders and old man dress shoes. You probably already heard the one about how I told the army recruiter my career goal was the become the male Patti Smith. You shoulda seen the horror and dismay on the faces of the army guys when they saw my big Pegasus Trapper Keeper overflowing with pinups from Smash Hits magazine of Iggy and Ziggy and Flesh for Lulu and Pete Burns and Marilyn and Boy George and all that New Romantic Blitz Club & Batcave shit. I was always being after school detained, paddled, Saturday Schooled, or suspended, or having to get pink notes signed by my parents for dress code infractions, it was really the eyeliner they were mostly just nuts over. You know that’s when I discovered “Scary Monsters & Super Creeps” and “Hunky Dory” and “Ziggy Stardust” and had less and less patience for those fucking authoritarians who worked so hard to belittle me and mock all my creative endeavors and hassle me all the time. I got in trouble for drawing Flesh for Lulu and Cure logos in my textbooks, they sent me to bible school, detention all, juvenile probation, diversion, curfews, special extra dresscodes, haircuts, the whole nightmare, just Dr. Phil’d me for years on fucking end. When I got contacts, that’s when it ALL CHANGED. Girls. More than a couple, more than a few. Girls galore. Deke looked like a cross between Billy Idol and Colin from GBH, as we got older-his mom gave him some kinda flash sports car and he started dating a goth chick named Diane, who’s only friend was my goth girlfriend, Steffani. We were already drifting apart. They were almost all recruited into the military at 18. We never even got anything really off the ground, but that was where it all starts, guys in jean jackets with little Billy Idol and Van Halen and Guns N Roses and Hanoi Rocks buttons and black leather jackets hanging around each other, listening to Ozzy and Van Halen and saying they’re a band.

Iggy_Pop_Cold_Metal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


Me and Dave stuck together and eventually found some other guys. First we got this popular kid who was older-him and me were like the town’s token new wavers-but he was a star for being a DJ and was really good looking, whereas I was like a punching bag for being strange and really not so good looking. That guy showed up at my apartment one day with a scarf on and a Dogs D’Amour record and a big bottle of Jack Daniels and he was in. He loved INXS and Duran Duran and Prince and Circus Of Power and Mother Love Bone and played with us for about a year and a half, but then he left the band to play with all these guitar teacher, mainstream Journey type guys, who had real equipment, and he became the singer of Who’s Drivin’, a lame top 40 cover band that played at a pizza place called Parrason’s in the mall. So we had to find a replacement for him. The unlikely next bassist was sortof a jock, but not really, he played sports but did not have the same dumbfuck sensibility the others did-he hung around some guys who weren’t really rednecks and weren’t really jocks, they were like the John Goodman character on that sit-com, LARGE men who drank beer and played poker. Bowling team type of personalities. He became our bassplayer. We drank a lot of beer together and I got him into the Deadboys and Iggy. Kid from Catholic school marching band came in on drums, an older guy from a nearby town was the second guitar player and he knew all about old music so we started sponging up all kindsa diverse new influences from his elaborate closet filled with records. Bands we’d never heard of back then, like Theater Of Hate and The Fast. I had become obsessed with Hanoi Rocks and Generation X by then. Those characters really imprinted on my damaged teen psyche. I kinda never got over any of ’em. Some of ’em are dead now, it’s really heartbreaking.


I had these metalhead friends named Ron n Kelly, they were troubled youth. They were both really into horror movies, combat boots, dead cats, serial killers, the occult, anything offensive or shocking to squares and prudes. Remember that cat from “Bloom County” comic strips-Bill the Cat? We all used to draw him on our school folders and shit. We used to ride around in Kelly’s shitty hatchback car with all the stupid bumper stickers on the back, playing WASP, really loud. I remember them liking Dangerous Toys and Alice Cooper, too. They were super psyched when they got a copy of that old Charles Manson record, “Lie” from a record store in Columbus. You know those really dumb looking, whole forearm spiked leather bracelets some death rockers used to wear? That was Kelly, and the River’s Edge trailer park vermin obligatory army surplus coat with heavy metal pins on it and pentagrams drawn with black sharpie that reeked of cigarettes and reefer from across the street. Ron was a bit more sensitive cause his mom was gone, he was a painter, painted big portraits, my mom still has one he did of me in a graveyard. Ron also got a guitar and dyed his hair black like ours and attempted to join one of our many punkroll garage ruckus beer bands. We were both really into that first L.A. Guns record back then and I remember very vividly jamming to “One More Reason” and “Electric Gypsy” with him up in my infamous purple apartment while drinking 12 packs of Budweiser, back in the day. We had a big poster of the Hendrix experience in one room, a big poster of Bowie‘s “Aladdin Sane” in the other, a vintage mirror with pink flamingos from my grandmother’s basement that sadly got broken, a zebra print chair, a stinky couch and a boombox and a record player. We also had that first White Zombie lp borrowed from a grumpy older dude down the hall. They were a little bit like Beavis and Butthead, like Kelly always sorta picked on Ron, and for some reason, Ron being a sweet natured, good egg, he just kinda took it. I think Kelly later ended up goin’ out with my witchy death rock girlfriend for awhile. He eventually had a mohawk after graduation and a pet rat and was actually pretty fuckin’ radical for that town, back then. Poor Ron, he got better and better as an artist and guitarist, but like so many of our blue collar brothers raised by one parent in the deadend Midwest, he was fed into the military by the system. He was one of the few who joined the army who did not seem to regret it, he learned some technical photography skills and now, he has his own thriving adult-world, commercial photography business with his wife, God bless him. 

Penelope Spheeris mighta intended her “Decline” movies as cautionary tales, but when me and my friends watched them, it just made us wanna relocate to Hollywood. We could all identify with Guns N Roses and Faster Pussycat, esp. “Out To Get Me, they were just like us. Burntout little Hanoi Rocks fans. We were all a little bit punk and a little bit metal, there really was no punk scene where we came from, just some misfit kids who liked Suicidal Tendencies and The Dils and New Order and those first two Motley Crue records. I don’t know what happened to Kelly but it usually went bad for anybody who stayed in that town. Several of my teenage new wave friends killed themselves, or were murdered there. The town screws really went out of their way to bootcamp and humiliate me until I had no real choice but to flee that part of the country-they just never let up, once they get you on their list. It was the anti-rock PMRC era, and the rich suburbanite sports moms were hysterical about my corrupting, corrosive new wave influence upon their lily-white children. I gave everybody books and records and shit. At least one friend who made in big in straight society has said I was a crucial part of that. When I stupidly returned to that part of the country years later, it was the same exact shit, all over again. You can not change that fortunate son ruling class sports hierarchy in the flyover states. The Kendoll rich boys in their big white mama mansions will always be above the law celebrities, and the working-class weirdos will always be targets of the screws. Of course, the ones who got the hall pass from the ruling class, or who were assimilated into the corrupt sham never even wanna know the truth of how things are for their “uneducated” or “dysfunctional” former peers, but I saw how that injustice system broke more than a few of my allies. The ones who weren’t herded into the marines or married into wealth went through a never ending gauntlet of multi-generational alcoholism and depression, factory life hell, probation, piss tests, DUI’s, 12 steps, psych ward, holy roller churches, back to the assembly line, sixteen hour days, meltdowns, pressure, judgement, evictions, crackpipe, freakout, suicide. Of what survivors remain, I’m not really in touch with any of ’em. I think a couple might still have some kinda Louie Louie Wild Thing Animal House garage band. None of ’em seem at all activated or radicalized. Probably one or two of ’em say they Dislike Trump, that’s as punk as they get, but are conspicuously silent when Biden does all the exact same shit, caging kids, sucking up to Israel and the Saudis, drug war, gutting social safety nets and just blaming it on rotating villains. Censoring the internet, escalating the warpig provocations. I’m still anti war, anti racist, anti fascist, pro free speech, pro working class, pro creativity, pro human rights. I get a sad pang inside when I think about my lost lads who are dead now.

 They were basically hounded into the grave by the same system everybody pretends is so fair and peachy keen, s’long as they get to keep their own special-class privileges.

I know the college safespace shitlibs cancelled Dr. Seuss, like they do everything in their cloistered elitist shitlib feelings, special preference gentrification world, but he got it all right on the money with the Starbellied Sneetches. The same exact people who retroactively disapproved his racist WW2 era cartoons, they are all jumpin’ up n down like drunk Buckeyes fans cheering for Zelensky, blaming all their personal shit and inflation on “RUSSIANS!” The Republikkkans been similarly trained to Blame China. They keep saying China took our money or China took our jobs, when in fact, Wall Street stuffed shirts gleefully sent all the manufacturing to Chinese sweat shops and Murkkka never even paid ’em what they are owed, so now the Murkkkans want war on everybody-even their own people Twitter cop accused of pre crime or Wrongthink. All madness, all the time, and Israel wants to steal Iran. End the wars. Rich people suck.

The Grayzone – Investigative journalism on empire

Here’s one more band I totally loved back in 89, that last year before I left town. We used to cover this song. 

Michael Franano (


I’m on a different schedule than my family so I’m probably spending too many hours alone everyday which always kinda causes me to drift back into the past since any kind of groovy future was stolen by the billionaires and neo-cons. Had a friend named Mike Mindless, he sadly is dead (RIP) but anyways he was really into alot of the same stuff as me-Misfits, Deadboys, NY Dolls, Mexican wrestling and comic books and thrift store retro black velvet painting type garbage and like Godzilla flea market subculture. He was also kindof a progressive activist, maybe not as radical leftist as I was, but he understood how we were all being played by the good cop/bad cop bullshit culture war duopoly. Mike had so many good stories about kinda roadieing for the Deadboys and shit. He had a band called The Skulls and my older guitarplayer, BAM, friend used to buy all the $1 vinyl from the cutout bins and we played that record to death and also, “Keeping Up With The Joneses” and the Little Kings. Man, the eighties had such a cool underground scene, you know? NYC was still like a bombed out Mad Max counterculture anarchist paradise! You could just hangout in the park all day and meet cool people. Hollywood had that whole goth and cowpunk scene with The Gun Club and Horseheads and we used to read all those punk magazines from the coasts and dream of relocating there and signing to Slash records. Many of my local pals from that horrible town were less hated and maligned than I was, like a couple of my friends had brothers who were jocks, or mainstream popular status quo catholic school girlfriends, or just fit in, more than I did because they did not wear black leather pants or makeup and shit. It took them longer to wanna leave that place. We did road trips whenever we could in these rundown, unreliable vehicles we bought cheap from Little Ceasers delivery guys from small farm towns who all went to this mechanic trade school. Also, one of my heavy metal girlfriends, the female bassist of a Metallica covers band, her mom’s boyfriend ran the speed parts shop. I remember when we got that Smack cassette from an Indianapolis record store. That really was a major moment that totally electrified me. That singer and that sound, was at once urgent and haunting-kinda goth, kinda glam, little bit punk and as Viv on “The Young Ones” jacket said, “very metal”. I knew that was what I wanted to do. Like I said, summa my collaborators were more orthodox, one guy was into like, the Chili Peppers, one guy was into Minor Threat and Fugazi. I think my best pal Dave was still really into Steve Vai and just discovering that first Peter Murphy record, “Love Hysteria”, which we all thought was pretty fantastic. The older geezer down the hall was digging Big Black and the Amphetamine records bands. All I knew was I wanted to get the fuck outta that place. Groups of older jocks would follow me outta the mall, ya know, and knock the Icee outta my hand, knock me on the pavement, “fag! fag!” It was old hat by then, I’d been sorta traumatized by these same suburban assholes since the fourth grade. I was really getting sick of it. Some of those other guys liked to talk about being some kinda hooligan street gang tough guys, but some of ’em RAN anytime they saw my usual wouldbe assailants. Anytime I set foot out in the public eye, these brainless karate kid fuckers in the rising sun muscle shirts and big boofy Bon Jovi hair would stop their Transmaros and get out to chase me around or insult or assault or otherwise slander, smear and intimidate me, it was becoming real psychologically torturous, but my more popular friends with like the pretty relatives and shit, just did not get it, the desiore I had to escape, cause they weren’t really sharing the same experience. I hated those fratboys. I did not want to win their acceptance or learn how to fit in with them, which was the main diff between me and summa my former bandmates. I wanted to runaway to California and meet The Ringling Sisters. I wrote letters to people I found in the classifieds of “Maximum Rocknroll” and “Flipside” magazine. I had a lotta pen pals from outta state-we’d write each other pained letters about our outcast status as weirdo punks from nowhere places, all us no ones making crazy xerox art and trading heartfelt compilation tapes. “Psychocandy” was a real big influence. Then, “Darklands” came out and made us want to write better songs that were more introspective and melodic instead of just loud fast complaining about the juvenile authorities, dummy sports people, Reagan, the malls, and Tipper Gore.


If you aint already hip to his stuff, you need to checkout this guy, John Dissed, he’s sort of a modern day Billy Bragg.

John Dissed

“Zelensky’s immaturity & fascist tendencies are once again on display with his irrational call for stigmatizing all Russians. But this is the morality of the “collective West.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“If Trump broke the law then he should face the consequences but I am so tired of one man being a bigger story than the corrupt capitalist system that we live under which puts the endless greed of corporations and billionaires over the basic needs of the people and planet.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Westerners think they are free because they can criticize their president or PM, when a small amount of research quickly reveals that those officials aren’t the ones calling the shots on any issue of importance. Westerners aren’t even allowed to know who their real government is.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“There’s no Russian imperialism. There’s no Chinese imperialism. There is only ONE imperialism and it’s led by the United States.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Darryl Hunt, Pogues Bass Player, Dies at 72 – Rolling Stone

t all just keeps vanishing! Wish I had some whiskey! (RIP)


Yeah you know, me and all my friends liked The Smiths and The Cure and Echo and Sisters Of Mercy and all that stuff, but FOR YEARS, this New Order record was such a big part of our teen subculture, it would be difficult to overstate it’s importance, ya know when they threw me into that cold cement solitary confinement closet at J.D.C., it was playing in my mind from start to finish. When I was alone at various older people’s apartments in NYC running up phone bills and eternally missing and mooning and swooning over some beautiful blonde first crush Smiths chick, this was always playing in the background and in our hearts. “Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you…” I’m sentimental about all those kids and all that music.

“Westerners say “In that tyrannical regime over there they’re not even allowed to criticize their government!” Okay, but at least they’re allowed to know who their government IS. They get to know who’s calling the shots in their country. In that sense they’re freer than you are.” (-Cait Johnstone)

Roger Waters Explains Montage Depicting Joe Biden as a “War Criminal” on Current Tour – American Songwriter

Gaza: The names and faces of the 16 Palestinian children killed in Israel’s onslaught | Middle East Eye

Consortium News – Volume 27, Number 219 — Tuesday, August 9, 2022

MintPress News


I met Ratboy at the Thunders memorial and we became fast friends, we even had a band for a minute and a half, in some low rent rehearsal space in alphabet city he played, I sang, his Piss Factory ex wife played bass and so did a French guy I think and a drummer who may have been from The Lunachicks. Then he got Chris Barry and I went back to Boston and did the Imitations who became The Bastards. Jim Rinn just found some old basement demotapes of me and The Bastards from back then that were shocking to hear after so many years have passed. But Yeah, both Motorcycle Boy and Pillbox had a huge impact on me and all my closest friends. I loved everything about both of those bands. I learned so much from Chris Barry and Ratboy, they will always have a special place in my heart.

Motorcycle Boy : Popcicle (

Roger Waters on War, Peace, and Music – Blog

The Growing Movement to Liberate Julian Assange, with John Shipton (

A New Third Party Just Launched – It’s The Same Washington Rot With A Different Name (

Whitney Webb, Author at Unlimited Hangout

Top Recruits Refuse to Work for Google or Amazon Over Involvement in Israeli War Crimes (


Another band I was really into were The Nymphs, it felt like Inger Lorre was a real kindred spirit, we were both into the same kinda vibes. And hats. and feathers.