Leather Boys “Back In The Streets”

From what I remember, this Spanish band sounded a bit like PRETTY BOY FLOYD on their 2012 Ep. For some reason, they don’t really sound like this anymore, although 80s hard rock seems to remain their main influence.
You’ll also find some bluesy 70s influenced hard rock (“The Best”, “Sweet Revelation”, “Lord Of The Whores”), some sleazy rock’n’roll (“Sexagenery Sex”, “Hard Sex Girl”, “Riding, Fighting and Drinking”), and even some melodic heavy rock in a DOKKEN way (“Cries In The Night.”)
There’s nothing shockingly bad on this album, but it definitely lacks strong songs, although “Rock’n’Roll Gets Me High” actually stands out. The song titles might sound funny, but these guys probably just want to have a good time… All the time./Laurent C.

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Eldorado “Babylonia Haze”

EldoradoBabyloniaHazeSpanish hard rock with a big DEEP PURPLE influence and psychedelic touches. Good looking digipack, solid musicianship and great vocals in that style, but speaking of style… I can only admit that this isn’t my style at all… So, even though opening song “Mad Woman” is quite impressive, and “Evil People” confirms that ELDORADO really know how to master their art, those PURPLE-ish keyboards tend to drive me crazy on the long run.
The band gets more into the LED ZEPPELIN territory when they slow down the tempo (“Breathe The Night”, “Flowers Of Envy”) and can even appeal to stoner rock fans on “Goodbye & Carry On” and “You Don’t Wanna Need Her”, but not to me… Seriously, I still wonder if record labels actually look at the websites/blogs they send their stuff to!/Laurent C.

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Las Furias “Sudor De Hembra” 10″

lasFurias4 songs on a 10″ vinyl, released by Dirty Witch Records/GPS Productions/Urgence Disk Records. LAS FURIAS is an all girl trio from Barcelona, Spain, and it seems like they already rocked quite a few stages around Europe, opening for MC5, NINA HAGEN or The CYNICS. The band’s music definitely fits into the Spanish rock’n’roll scene, mixing garage sounds to the raw energy of punk rock. You’ll even get some AC/DC/NASHVILLE PUSSY speed-up kind of guitars and a surf rock song to make you dance. Unfortunately, I can’t really get into details since I got a promo CD that doesn’t include the song titles…
Anyway, let the music do the talking, LAS FURIAS are definitely worth checking out!/Laurent C.

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The Pink Elephants “We Hate You”

I was thinking that The PINK ELEPHANTS was quite a weird name for a rock band, but I might be the only one since I found out online that there’s a few other bands using the same name. These PINK ELEPHANTS are from Barcelona, Spain and seem to enjoy melodic punk rock as much as the Swedish rock’n’roll scene. Not the most original mix in the world but it works well, especially on songs like “Means, Motive & Opportunity” or “Shake The Baby!”
At times, the band remind me of French melodic punk rock band The FLYING DONUTS or Hungarian punk rock’n’rollers The JOYSTIX with whom they probably share quite a few influences. The PINK ELEPHANTS can also appeal to action rock fans with songs like “My City” or “Say Goodbye”, and to pop punk fans since “I’m In Love With Lynndie England” for instance isn’t to far from what BLINK-182 do.
An album worth checking out if you’re into The WILDHEARTS too./Laurent C.http://www.thepinkelephants.es/

Leather Boys “Real Leather”

Looking at the band name and the album title, it’s not a big surprise to hear a bit of PRETTY BOY FLOYD’s “Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz” in the intro. Luckily, these Spanish guys are not a pale copy of Steve Summers’ band, but get their influences from the whole 80s sleaze rock scene. You’ll hear a bit of ROXX GANG in “Long Road” or BANG TANGO in “Thirsty of Blood” and this should be enough to arouse your interest. They also get heavier sometimes (“Halo of Hell”) and almost ride in the early JUDAS PRIEST territory.
The main problem on this album are the simplistic lyrics, I guess song titles like “Rock and Roll Blowjob”, “Searching For a bad Girl” or “Valley of Broken Dicks” can work in the comedy rock genre a la STEEL PANTHER but I’m not sure if LEATHER BOYS wrote them in such a spirit. So if you can look past the lyrics, this is worth checking!/Laurent C.http://www.myspace.com/theleatherboys