Gypsy Roller “S/T”

Opening song "Rock'n'Roll Stroller" sets the mood right from the start: 70s glam rock à la Gary Glitter! Lead vocalist/Lyricist Gil Soliz teamed up with Allen Davis who co-wrote, produced and engineered this second album. Bowie's shadow also wanders around these songs, especially in "Goodbye To Sorrows." The atmosphere sometimes gets close to the best... Continue Reading →

Modern Kicks “The Kicks Ain’t Alright”

San Francisco's Bay Area used to be famous for its thrash metal scene in the 80s. Nevertheless, the MODERN KICKS seem to have listened to more HANOÏ ROCKS and CHEAP TRICK than some EXODUS and METALLICA. Following the glam punk power pop steps of The EXPLODING HEARTS, or more recently BITERS, the band offers us... Continue Reading →

American Heartbreak (2001)

AMERICAN HEARTBREAK in Europe ? When I've heard about that, I immediately emailed a friend who is part of a collective organizing shows to know if we could co-produce the concert together. That was ok, so on the concert day, after a killer show we couldn't miss the opportunity to ask them a few questions... Continue Reading →

KickStarter “One Stop Shop”

Direct from the San Francisco Bay area, Chris Ban and his boys, currently operating as a power trio, bash out another trashy classic GlamPunk set of Thunders/Dead Boys inspired Rock and Roll. From the D Generation tinged "Not Thinking About You" to the Stooges flavored "Cheap Disguise", this CD packs a major punch and a... Continue Reading →


I remember when I first found out about JETBOY, my friend was showing me a few new albums that he just bought and that LP (“Feel The Shake”) intrigued us from the start, Sam Yaffa (HANOI ROCKS) was in the band and their singer had a crazy platinum blonde mohawk. Remember that in those vinyl... Continue Reading →

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