Baby Let’s Twist, Memoirs of a Runaway Heart / Andy Shernoff interview

Baby Let’s Twist Memoirs of a Runaway Heart By Thomas ‘Thomaxe’ Goze So that’s it, here I am sitting in this dive bar where I’ve already sat one too many nights, New York City of all places. This time is different though…this time all of a sudden everything seems to sort of make sense. I’m... Continue Reading →

Rock’n’Roll Highschool

Joey Ramone passed away, but we all know that he will always live in every rocker's heart. Indeed, everyone listening to punk rock (whether it is spiked punk rock, skate punk rock, pop punk, hardcore punk or glam punk rock) owes The RAMONES something. We've all been to the 'Rock And Roll Highschool',all hanged out... Continue Reading →

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