Modern Kicks “The Kicks Ain’t Alright”

San Francisco's Bay Area used to be famous for its thrash metal scene in the 80s. Nevertheless, the MODERN KICKS seem to have listened to more HANOƏ ROCKS and CHEAP TRICK than some EXODUS and METALLICA. Following the glam punk power pop steps of The EXPLODING HEARTS, or more recently BITERS, the band offers us... Continue Reading →

Modern Kicks “Just For Kicks” Video Premiere!

Ant (vocals/guitar) tells us about MODERN KICKS' new video "Just For Kicks": "So I was watching Mr.deeds one day and there's a line that says"I wonder what the 6th grade versions of ourselves would do, they'd probably kick our ass and put bubble gum in our hair" this sparking the idea to make a video... Continue Reading →

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