Down To Rock #8 (November 2012)

My name is Teddy Heavens and I’m bringing you the latest Sleaze/Glam/Punk and Trash rock and roll news from the Golden State and the streets (and gutters) of Hollywood, California! From the Valleys to the alleys, I’ll find the coolest bands to report on and let you know what’s up from the Rock and Roll... Continue Reading →

Kevin Cahoon & Ghetto Cowboy

Actor, glam rocker... Kevin Cahoon has just released his first and amazing album "Doll" under the name Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy. Kevin tells us more... Can you introduce yourself and the band? Why the name "Ghetto Cowboy"?My name Is Kevin Cahoon and I am the lead singer/songwriter for Kevin Cahoon and Ghetto Cowboy. Ghetto... Continue Reading →

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