Robbie Quine “Glitter Hole”

We’ve been following The BARBARELLATONES for years now and although Robbie has been releasing songs on a regular basis we were impatiently waiting for a new album. Here it is under his own name ROBBIE QUINE. “Eclipse” opens the record with an interesting mix of 70s glam rock and medieval vibes reminding a bit of the latest DAMNED stuff before “Betty Page” takes us to mysterious psychedelic rock’n’roll lands. “Just Another Emo Day” sounds more like an epic 60s ballad than an emocore song and “Glitter Train”, “Creeps Me Out” sound close to the cryptic glam rock you can hear in The BARBARELLATONES albums. If you need to hear a great new wave punk song mixing late 70s Berlin and early 80s New York together then “New Wave Girl” is the one for you and if you’re looking for a 70s glam ballad about sharing make-up with a girl then listen to “Glam Rock Girl.” You can also hear some VELVET UNDERGROUND influences in “Run Rabbit Run” and more glitter rock flirting with 60s psych in “Electric Pussycat.” “The Loneliest Clown” brings a comedy/tragedy element to the album and the album ends with a gothic glam touch with “It Came From Beyond” and the sweet and finely arranged ballad “Ode To A Mermaid.” Robbie says that if you put this album in your pipe and smoke it, you will exhale LOTS of glitter. We believe him! /Laurent C.

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Brigitte Handley “Köln” EP

The DARK SHADOWS‘ singer/guitarist is back with a 5 song record on beautiful indigo blue 120g vinyl.”Köln” is a tribute to Brigitte’s adopted city. The German influence can be heard from the start in a KRAFTWERK synth on “Köln” (a song recorded with Matahari Ranch.) The vocals in the verse are almost rapped while the catchy chorus brings 00s MADONNA to mind, this is brilliant synthpop! “Daylight” is a modern vampirish goth song with robotic voices and a good vocal line “look outside, daylight goes…” designed to make you dance only at night… On B-side we can hear the dark and poppy “Lament Of A Lost Soul” that was on the “After Dark” 7″ picture disc, the already classic “After Dark” and it’s DAMNED (“Phantasmagoria” era) vibe and the very cinematic “Still Lives…” The records comes out with a full colour poster and lyrics, and that’s one more good reason for you to order it!/ Laurent C.
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Lethal Amounts announces “Spiritual Camp: A Documentary On Christian Death and Rozz Williams”

Los Angeles gallery and promoter Lethal Amounts is excited to announce the documentary Spiritual Cramp, a film on the life of Rozz Williams, frontman of seminal goth rock band, Christian Death. Lethal Amounts has partnered with Pledge Music to raise funds to further the production of the documentary. Items available through Pledge Music include rare, limited edition merchandise, art pieces and collectors items. To see the full list of items click HERE.
Spiritual Cramp is more than just a music bio about a death-rock band. It examines the life of Rozz Williams – a young artist coming of age during the California punk explosion of the late 70s. At the young age of 16, Rozz Williams and his friends started Christian Death in their garage as a reaction to the growing hyper-masculine, straight male dominated SoCal punk scene. Christian Death ignited a new musical genre and opened the doors to what later became known as the Goth subculture.
The name Christian Death was an act of defiance in itself, especially for Williams. He grew up in an extremely religious household, and was brought up being told that to be gay sent you straight to hell. Christian Death’s music and their existence as a band acted as a rejection of traditional modes of thought and damaging religious beliefs. Their live shows blurred the lines between art and shock. The band gained a cult-like following around the world, influencing generations of outsiders and countless boundary pushing icons such as Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor.
Historically, Christian Death is important to the narrative of California music but what’s more, Williams is an archetype for the tortured artist. People looked up to his bravery as he fearlessly dressed in women’s clothing on and off stage in a time and a scene where that kind of self-expression could lead to arrest or even being killed. His image was not meant to be glamorous but to be feared and avoided. Much like Ian Curtis, Amy Winehouse or Kurt Cobain, Williams shared the same dilemma – trying to strike a balance between art and overcoming personal trauma.
Williams’ lifelong battle with depression eventually defeated him in 1998. He took his own life in a way that some may interpret as a staged, elaborate April Fool’s Day “prank” art tableau.
This documentary has been a longtime dream of Lethal Amounts owner and creative director Danny Fuentes. Fuentes grew up in the violent 90’s punk scene of East Los Angeles, dominated by hypermasculine and oftentimes homophobic attitudes. He often  felt obligated to keep his sexuality to himself in order to fit in. When he became interested in Christian Death he was fascinated and inspired by how bold Rozz Williams was when walking around in “Drag” at a punk show. To Fuentes, Williams was the embodiment of strength and fearlessness.
To honor the life of Rozz Williams, Lethal Amounts opened an exhibit at the gallery space in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday April 1st – marking the 20th anniversary of Williams’ passing. The exhibit includes never before seen Christian Death photos by legendary rock photographer Edward Colver, lyric sheets, set lists, original artwork, and personal artifacts that give an intimate look into his life as an artist. The exhibit will be up through the middle of April.
Lethal Amounts focuses on subversive and counter culture themes throughout history, addressing the social and artistic value of underground movements while highlighting taboo topics. Lethal Amounts showcases the extremes of those individuals who have moved culture forward and live on the edge of and outside of societal norms. Rock ‘n Roll of the past that has crossed over into pop culture fanaticism, street culture influences and cult hero worship.
Lethal Amounts inhabits a physical gallery space in downtown Los Angeles that features three exhibition rooms and over 2,500 sq. ft. In addition to the gallery space Lethal Amounts hosts and produces events throughout Los Angeles, including the monthly Sex Cells party, as well as a clothing line that partners with like-minded musicians and artists to release original licensed shirt designs and more.

Acey Slade & The Dark Party “The Dark Party”

It might appear as a bit surprising when you first see the names SLAYER and GWEN STEFANI listed in the band’s influences on their MySpace page. But think about it, SLAYER has been one of the darkest and most powerful band for more than 25 years now and it’s hard to think about any 2000s pop music album that is more catchy than GWEN STEFANI’s “Love Angel Music Baby”.
Dark yet catchy, this is where ACEY SLADE & THE DARK PARTY are heading to! After the short and almost EBM intro “Darklexia”, the band offers us “Here Today”, a song reminding of BOWIE when he was experimenting with jungle/drum & bass beats. Notice that the album is produced by English drum & bass producer Shaun Morris (DJ Stakka.) This is a quite risky way to start an album, especially for an ex-MURDERDOLLS/DOPE/TRASHLIGHT VISION! But we all know that “safe” often means boring in music nowadays, don’t we?
The catchy/poppy side of the band then shows more in songs like “Sugarcum”, the electro rock “Nothing’s Gonna Change” (and its DANZIG intro guitar riff) and goth rock single “She Brings Down The Moon” (helped with female backing vocals reminding me of the SISTERS OF MERCY.)
Other great moments on the album include dark pop ballad “Baby The Stars Shine Brightly”, electro glam song “Plastic Lego Queen” and closing track “Reptile House”, a slow and heavy industrial rock song. And since a dark party wouldn’t be a good one without a CULT song, you’ll also find a cool dancey version of “She Sells Sanctuary” on the album.
This is out on British high quality label TrashPit records and you’re all invited to the party!/Laurent C.

Undercover Slut “Amerikkka Macht Frei” (2009)

From cold Parisian catacombs to hot California sun! This new UNDERCOVER SLUT album was recorded at the Chop Shop studio in Hollywood and this is no surprise, the SLUTS finally have the sound they deserve on CD!
Despite the line-up changes throughout the years, the band still waves the industiral glam punk flag high and never sounded so good with songs like “Shadow Song”, “Anna Nicole Smith” my favourite track on this album or sleazy modern trash song “Dear Dead Prez”.
The band wasn’t afraid to experiment a bit as well on tracks like “Black CNN” and its gangsta rap influences, “Kastration Kar krashes” and its jungle drum beats or “Creature feature” and its electro loop. While the band’s spirit is not that far from The NEWLYDEADS, there’s also a bit of a Marilyn Manson feel in a song like “WHITE WHORE Conspiracy” or a bit of MINISTRY in “What Kinda Lamb Do Ya Think I Am?”.
To complete this dark and decadent party, you’ll find a few guests on this album, people such as Eric Griffin (MURDERDOLLS, SYNICAL…) on “Kastration Kar Krashes”, Teddy Heavens (from L.A’s shock rock kings REBEL REBEL) on “Dali Was A Junkie” and more surprisingly Charles Manson’s son Matthew Roberts on spoken word duet “Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!”. Sure this was recorded in sunny California but that doesn’t mean you’ll find happy party songs on this album. Singer and lyricist ‘O’ still mixes his dark personal feelings and hate towards the system to social issues like animal liberation.
The best album I’ve heard in that style in a long while!/Laurent C.

The Barabarellatones

Tranni cryptic rock’n’roll from space? Glam goth’n’roll from sunny California? The BARBARELLATONES are hard to describe but listening to their new album « Interview With a Vampire » made us want to know more about them. Robbie answered our questions.

Can you introduce the band ?

My studio band is me (Robbie Quine) on electric sitar, guitar, bass, vocals, Dave dagger on drums and Joe vant on lead guitar, and Peter DiStefano from Porno For Pyros/Peter Murphy on lead guitar on some trax. My live band here in Hawaii is Hillary Marsh on guitar, Alan Jackson on Bass and Dave Dagger on drums with me on sitar/vocals.

Your new album is called “Interview With A Vampire”, is there any concept behind it? Are you aware of the existence of the band/artist called Glampire?

I have been a glam/goth dude for a long-ass time! So I’ve been calling myself a glampire since the 80’s. I know there is an artist called Glampire, but in Hollywood it’s a common term. I feel that one thing glam and goth have in common is that they are both erotic forms of rock and androgynous.

What are your musical influences? Seems like David Bowie has had a big influence on you, am I wrong?

My influences are pretty obvious…Bowie! I also love The Cramps, The Velvet Underground, The Seeds, T-Rex, the list goes on and on!

Speaking of influences, there?s a lot of “movie atmospheres” in your music, what movies influenced you?

I love bad B-Movies and silent horror films. I also love campy shit like ‘Rocky Horror’.

Have you played a lot of shows so far? Best memories? Worst ones?

I love playing live. I usually dress in drag, and I’m also in the tranni-rock band ‘Sex With Lurch’. I loved playing the fetish ball in Hollywood, but even if we’re playing a sleazy dump somewhere it’s fun to me. Like all bands, some nights shit just goes wrong…broken strings on stage or feedback on the monitors, but ya just roll with it and crack some jokes or something, or take your clothes off!

Have you played in different States there? I guess there must be places where the band’s image probably shocks people?

The only states I’ve gigged in are California and Hawaii, but I would love to play in Europe one day. I’ve been to Gay Paris, but not with the band unfortunately. It is a dream of mine to play out in your neck of the woods.

Can you tell us more about your songs? What are they about? Fiction? Reality?…

I write about what I love and have experienced. I am a surfer, so a lot of my songs have that influence. I was a Junkie for a zillion years too, but I’ve been clean and sober for the past 14 years-One day at a time, of course. So I know the darkness intimately but I also know about hope and healing too. I enjoy pop culture like I said before, with the whole monster thing.

It seems like there’s more bands with a strong image now than 5 years ago, whether they’re into glam rock, goth metal or J-Rock/Visual Kei?, what’s your opinion on it?

I have to think about that a little. To me the most important thing is good songs. I think image is also important, but it’s cool when an artist is being creative when inventing his/herself. Ziggy Stardust is a perfect example.

What?s your opinion on the music business today? Is it worse than in the past?

I hate the music biz! I am glad to be unsigned doing the DIY thing. Most of the music I hear is Dorky and does not pass my goosebump test!

What are the band’s projects?

My latest project is a ‘Best Of The Barbarellatones’ cd I’m finishing up. I remixed some of our earlier songs and recorded some new stuff also. There’s a track called ‘Pussycat Babylon’ produced by punk legend Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Germs) that’s on there and Paul Roessler from 45 Grave and Nina Hagen is playing keyboards on it. I am such a name-dropper, it’s scandalous! This year we got our song ‘The Fire Of Love’ licensed for The Sopranos-episode ‘Luxury Lounge’ aired 4/23 on HBO. Thanx, Luv, Robbie