Brijitte West And The Desperate Hopeful “S/T”

"I've been bitter, I've been twisted/I had my big chance and I missed it..."The exceptionally dazzling, Brijitte West, was the Undisputed Queen of the "Last Call" NYC Post-Glam, Rock'n'roll Scene, back in the early 90's, when the Big-Three Entertainment Corporations were elbowing groups like Pillbox, Circus Of Power, the Lunachicks, the Waldos, the Throbs, and... Continue Reading →

Kiria “Let me In” Single

Pink punk princess KIRIA is back with "Let Me In", the third single from her full-length debut album "Radio". "Let me In" deliciously mixes Brit Pop melodies and violins (reminding of MORRISSEY or the MANIC STREET PREACHERS) to bubblegum punk hooks and glam rock handclaps. A great song to start the day with! You'll also... Continue Reading →

Jennyfer Star

A new promo CD, a new project... hear STARLET SUICIDE's singer talk about her new songs, downloading, Sweden, books she enjoys, etc. So here you are as a solo artist, is STARLET SUICIDE definitely over ? How do you feel about the future…band or solo? JENNYFER STAR: Right now I´m pretty sure I will remain... Continue Reading →


England's new candy pop sensation KIRIA is bringing back sexy pop punk with bubblegum hooks and attitude in the UK. She tells us about her debut album “One”, her songwriting and influences.... And you'd better believe her when she sings “I'm not one of those fussy, fussy girls”! Can you introduce yourself? What have you... Continue Reading →

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