Dead Furies “Rock City A Go Go”

Sweden has been influencing many bands these last years, and DEAD FURIES are no exception since their high energy rock’n’roll could have been produced in Scandinavia, although they are from Estonia. A lot of energy and fine melodies are the right ingredients for the good recipe in this style, and songs like “Mystery Train” and “Take a Chance on Me” are good illustrations of this. When DEAD FURIES hit harder, they bring early TURBONEGRO and The MISFITS to mind with “Feast Of The Vampyr” and “Working Class Zero”, or even MOTÖRHEAD (“Black Jeans/White Boots”, “No Reason To Die”.)
At times, DEAD FURIES get more influenced by the US than Sweden, and they offer us songs like “Aloha Baby”, “Surfin’ Craze”, or “Rock City A Go Go”, which fit them quite well too. The album is out on February 16, give it a chance! /Laurent C.
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Dead Furies “No Talkin’ All Action”

The music of this power trio from Estonia could be described as action rock, or high-energy rock’n’roll, this style that was especially popular in Scandinavia in the early 00s. Opening track “No Talkin’ All Action” confirms this with a spicy HELLACOPTERS/BACKYARD BABIES flavour, while a strong TURBONEGRO influence can be heard in “Gimme Shock.” You’ll probably also hear The CULT in “Rock’n’Roll War”, but well, the riff was originally taken from The STONES anyway. I was expecting a bit of 70s glitter rock in “Listen To T.Rex”, but it seems like the reference is mainly in the lyrics.
“C’mon C’mon”, “Gotta Make Noise” and “Shimmy Shake” are catchy and fun punk rock’n’roll songs designed to make you party hard, and if you like The JOYSTIX or BITCH QUEEN, then big chances are you will enjoy DEAD FURIES.
Nothing new under the sun, but who cares when it’s raining! /Laurent C.
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