Twin Guns “Imaginary World”

New York City's best dark garage band TWIN GUNS are back with a fourth album. They still use a lot of reverb and still mix pych and surf rock influences to 60s and 70s rock'n'roll. Opening song "Imaginary World" puts you straight into this film noir atmoshere they like so much, while "100 Teenage Years"... Continue Reading →

Midnight Crisis “Heart Beatings”

Drummer Marty E. (The DIRTY PEARLS) turns into a frontman in this NYC based band. Opener "Take Control" has a cool vibe (although I was afraid it would start with a U2 cover after listening to the drum intro!), somewhere in between early GUNS N' ROSES, BANG TANGO and The CULT. You sometimes get to... Continue Reading →

Twin Guns – NY Noir

The dark side of Brooklyn brings us TWIN GUNS, who have just released their new album "The Last Picture Show" on Hound Gawd Records. If you love The CRAMPS, cryptic and hypnotic rock'n'roll, then you will be seduced... Can you introduce the band? Twin Guns is Andrea on guitar and vocals, Kristin on bass, and... Continue Reading →

Garbo Dastorg “Black Sheep Syndrome”

If you're familiar with Andy McCoy's (Hanoi Rocks/Cherry Bombz/Suicide Twins/Shooting Gallery/Grease Helmet) solo discography, you are a likely candidate for loving this French artiste, who is still another black Fedora wearing Johnny Thunders disciple, but who draws influence or inspiration from every generation of rock'n'roll. These songs immediately conjure shades of McCoy and Thunders, but... Continue Reading →

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