Spencer Robinson “Standing at the End of the World” EP

Former LORDS OF ALTAMONT bass player (and professional blackjack player!) Spencer Robinson takes us into his own world with five songs full of dark and melancholic melodies that bring NICK CAVE and ROWLAND S. HOWARD to mind, especially in songs like “Standing at The End of the World” or “Say Hello To The Devil.”
Sometimes between 60s garage and Tom Waits (“Don’t Need No Jesus”, Tunica”), or more minimal (“Spider”) these songs could be the soundtrack of lonely drives in dusty California, or could be featured in a David Lynch movie.
Johnny DeVilla (former guitar player in the LORDS OF ALTAMONT too), and Tom Hernandez (The SUPERBEES) joined Spencer for the recording of this EP that will out as a limited edition cassette on Solid 7 Records. The digital version is out on Bandcamp, and you should definitely check it out! /Laurent C.

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The Wayward Gentlewomen “Still Burnin'”

The previous album of these French rock’n’roll pistoleros was untitled “The Last For…” (2012), and could have been their farewell record, but it would have been too predictable… The WAYWARD GENTLEWOMEN are back with 13 new songs wrapped in zebra print, and pink & black. Somewhere between VIOLENT FEMMES and the DOGS, the band added a bit of sax on “Hymn” and “Leave Me Alone” (surprisingly, you’ll find a bit of KISS‘ “I Was Made For Loving You” in the melody!) and chose to sound real and raw on this new record.
“Fuckin’ Highway” is one of the catchiest songs on “Still Burnin'” together with “One Day” ; these songs have a bit of PIXIES in them, and “I Don’t Care” is glammy groovy number in a T.REX way. The band also flirts with noisy rock on “Destruction”, dark punk on “Across Ocean”, and 60s garage on “Dead Man”, but keep their own identity throughout the album.
The WAYWARD GENTLEWOMEN did everything themselves on this album, from the cover to the recording, and for the first time, they didn’t work with Lucas Trouble (the French Phil Spector!) who sadly passed away a few weeks ago. He would have been proud of them for sure./Laurent C.

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Twin Guns “The Last Picture Show”

The first song “Temperature Rise” and its sexy vibe and primitive beats immediately brings The CRAMPS to mind, but that’s not surprising, since drummer “Jungle” Jim Chandler toured with Lux and Ivy in 2003. Then, “Fugitive” takes us somewhere in which The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH would have been a bit psychedelic, while the shadow of IGGY POP wanders around “Johnny’s Dead” and “Trigger Jack.”
Dark, cryptic rock’n’roll full of fuzz, reverb and hypnotic guitar riffs, the band’s biography describes their sound as garage noir, and this is very acurate, whether it’s in the sppoky bluesy “Maniac” or in the slow instrumental surf rock influenced “Harlem Nocturne”, black remains the colour. It sometimes gets quite intense in a ROWLAND S. HOWARD way in “Living In a Dream for instance”, but you can still dance to songs like “Now I Understand”, or “The First Time.”
“The Last Picture Show” will take you to the darkest side of New York City, and I’m not sure you’ll ever want to come back!/Laurent C.

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Acey Slade & The Dark Party “The Dark Party”

It might appear as a bit surprising when you first see the names SLAYER and GWEN STEFANI listed in the band’s influences on their MySpace page. But think about it, SLAYER has been one of the darkest and most powerful band for more than 25 years now and it’s hard to think about any 2000s pop music album that is more catchy than GWEN STEFANI’s “Love Angel Music Baby”.
Dark yet catchy, this is where ACEY SLADE & THE DARK PARTY are heading to! After the short and almost EBM intro “Darklexia”, the band offers us “Here Today”, a song reminding of BOWIE when he was experimenting with jungle/drum & bass beats. Notice that the album is produced by English drum & bass producer Shaun Morris (DJ Stakka.) This is a quite risky way to start an album, especially for an ex-MURDERDOLLS/DOPE/TRASHLIGHT VISION! But we all know that “safe” often means boring in music nowadays, don’t we?
The catchy/poppy side of the band then shows more in songs like “Sugarcum”, the electro rock “Nothing’s Gonna Change” (and its DANZIG intro guitar riff) and goth rock single “She Brings Down The Moon” (helped with female backing vocals reminding me of the SISTERS OF MERCY.)
Other great moments on the album include dark pop ballad “Baby The Stars Shine Brightly”, electro glam song “Plastic Lego Queen” and closing track “Reptile House”, a slow and heavy industrial rock song. And since a dark party wouldn’t be a good one without a CULT song, you’ll also find a cool dancey version of “She Sells Sanctuary” on the album.
This is out on British high quality label TrashPit records and you’re all invited to the party!/Laurent C.http://www.myspace.com/aceyslademusic