Doll Hazard “Transatlantic Meltdown”

Chris Damien Doll (TRASHCAN DARLINGS, SUCIDE BOMBERS…) and Sandy Hazard (MCRACKINS, DIRTBAG REPUBLIC) have joined forced to offer us this 10 song album. Chris handled guitar and bass, Sandy took care of the drums, and both shared vocals in order to create this Norway-Canada sleaze rock alliance. The duo met through their love for glam and punk rock, so you can imagine what kind of music you’ll hear on this album. You’ll get some great catchy choruses (“Rock’n’Roll Prostitute”, “You’re In My Head”) and some killer hard rockin’ tunes (“Fire & Gasoline”, “Grams (Off My Shoulders)”.) The punk influence can mostly be heard in songs like “Sci-Fi Child”, while the 80s Sunset Strip one can be found in “No Valentine Cards.” Both vocals mix very well together, and it seems like distance wasn’t a problem at all to give birth to these songs.
“Transatlantic Meltdown” will be a CD only release, so you know what you have to do! /Laurent C.
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Jonesy “S/T” 7″

These four young poets from Montreal, Canada are bringing us two songs on No Front Teeh Records: “I (Wanna) Bang You” and “I (Just Wanna) Cum On Your Face”, they sure wanna do things, but the RAMONES did too! You’ll find members of The SANGOMAS, CHEAP THRILLS and DAGGER EYES in JONESY, so you can only expect an orgy of power pop, bubblegum glam punk and sleazy rock’n’roll!
These two songs will make you think that it’s silly, but also that you need more of them! There are three editions of this 7″ (classic, photo sleeve on translucent film, and metallic gold), so you should be able to find one to your tastes./Laurent C.

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Nerve Button “S/T”

There’s no reason why the new power pop wave wouldn’t hit Canada, and Wanda Records is bringing us a vinyl proof of that with NERVE BUTTON. Handclaps, and THUNDERS influenced guitars from the start, it can’t be bad, right? While the band has its roots in punk rock’n’roll, Batman (Yes!)’s vocals also remind me of Ian McKaye in “Operation Idiot”, “Bit The Bullet”, or in “Out On The Rigs.”
“IPhoney” and it’s 60s garage guitars will seduce you, while the bubblegum punk in you will cherish “Gunningsville Saints”, and sing along to “Hey Little Girl.”
NERVE BUTTON will hit straight to your exploding heart, the longest song on this album is 3:02! ’77 punk (“Harlots Of St. George Street”, “Get Another Load Of Me”), and even some traces of ROLLING STONES guitars (“Nerve Button”), these guys know the recipe to make you dance and stomp your feet.
If you want to see the world in white and pink, then don’t look no further!/Laurent C.

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The Sick Things “We Got It Figured Out” Demo

You’ll find a couple of members of The SANGOMAS (Montreal, Canada) in The SICK THINGS, but the music of the band is definitely more power pop oriented.
“We Got It Figured Out” is as good as a STAR SPANGLES song, “Empty Castles” has a bit of BITERS in its guitar riffs and vocal harmonies, and “Dog Days” stands somewhere in between early BLACK CROWES and 70s KISS!
This is really good, you’ll even here a bit of SLADE in the vocals at times.
The SICK THINGS put Montreal on the map of modern glammy power pop with these 3 killer songs, and I’m sure we’ll hear about them again in a very near future!/Laurent C.

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The Sangomas “Giddyup & Destroy”

High energy Canadian punk’n’rollers The SANGOMAS are back with a full album. They still hit hard and fast with songs like “Executioner Style”, “Make Me Bad” (quite a catchy one!), or “Working Class Zero.” No time to waste, you’ll get these 13 songs right into your face!
Early HELLACOPTERS or MOTÖRHEAD seem to have influenced this gang a lot, but you’ll also get a bit of RADIO BIRDMAN traces in “Anglo”, some TURBONEGRO in “Sacrificial Black”, and a good dose of glammy hard rock’n’roll in “Animal Eyes.”
Remember, the scene in this music style was quite big in the early 2000s, and if you miss it, then you definitely should grab yourself a copy of this album./Laurent C.
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Billy Hopeless vs. The Hip Priests 7″

BILLY HOPELESS started The BONITOS after The BLACK HALOS‘ split. Unfortunately, the band didn’t go as far ar it should have, but our man in black is not ready to give up, and the songs in his head always need to be incarnated in some way or another. “Gutterball” is Billy’s first solo single, and his old partner Rich Jones (now in the MICHAEL MONROE band) helped him out to record this wild punk rock’n’roll tune. Imagine a mix of The STOOGES, BLACK HALOS, and short-lived glam punk band GUNFIRE 76, the kind of rock’n’roll that is getting too rare nowadays, in Billy’s own words: “I just need to hear some real raw animal punk rock and roll as there’s too many animals that have gotten tamed and too many tame ones trying to act like animals.”
Bones Brigade and Charles Manson on The HIP PRIESTS cover, the British gang continue their Turbo rawk’n’roll crusade with “Wired, Amped, Skulled”, bringing some of the best Scandinavian punk’n’roll to mind. Sweaty and dirty, just how we like it! This split 7″ is out on Little T and A Records. /Laurent C.

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The Sangomas “Debut EP”

SangomasEPThe biography says that the band was born after a French Mexican guy and a South African guy met on a tour, and then decided to form the band in Montreal, Canada… Quite an interesting mix!
The guys quickly recorded 4 songs that are now featured on this debut EP. It sounds raw, fast, angry and snotty in a DEAD BOYS/BRIEFS way, with enough hooks to make you dance (“Chopping Heads”, “Bored”…) The SANGOMAS would have fit right into the Marseille scene (NEUROTIC OUTSIDERS, HATEPINKS…) in the early 00s, and will please every early HELLACOPTERS fan (when Dregen was in the band)… These 4 songs (downloadable for free on the band’s Bandcamp) are enough to make us want to listen to their future album!/Laurent C.
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Black Halos “Alive Without Control” (2005)

The HALOS are back (in black of course, hm.)with new gutiarist Adam (that you might have seen with the new LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH or AMERICAN HEARTBREAK in the past.) I don’t know if he’s responsible for this but it seems like the Canadian band worked more on the melodic side of their punk rock’n’roll this time and I can only congratulate them for this. Produced by Jack Endino, the album starts with “Three Sheets To The Wind”, a killer song with a bass drum kick sound that will make every drummer jealous. Then the first riff of “Last Call At The Toothless Saloon” reminded me of HANOI ROCKS’ “Malibu Beach” but then turns into a raw street punk anthem. It seems like the BLACK HALOS have mixed all their different influences to make this new album, whether they are punk rock, glam or dark rock and the result is a strong, very tight record with songs that all have their own charm, you’ll even hear some piano on “Alive Without Control” and organ on “Mirrorman”, a beautiful song in which you’ll find a surprising Nick Cave touch and a brand new vocals approach from Billy Hopeless. D GENERATION also comes to mind on songs like “Darkest Corners” or “Broken”. This album is out on Liquor & Poker in the U.S and will be released by People Like You in Europe and this is definitely one of the best thing that came out in 2005 to me. /Laurent C.