Bastardogs “No Pain No Gain”

Italian sleazy rockers BASTARDOGS are back with a new album. 10 songs full of raw street metal riffs and hooligan backing vocals. Once again, the name of WRATHCHILD (U.K) comes to mind first, especially on the songs that were already on their previous EP ("Sex Machine", "NUSU"), but it is mainly because of Bonne's vocals... Continue Reading →

Bastardogs “Sex Machine” EP

4 new songs from those Italian Dogs. It seems like they're getting a bit more on the sleaze/heavy rock side of things this time with songs like "NUSU" and its catchy chorus or "Sex Machine" reminding me of WRATHCHILD U.K. The third song on here, "The Edge Of Youth" sounds a bit as if ROXX... Continue Reading →

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