The Erotics “United We Can’t Stand”

A new 8 song album by Albany (NY)’s sleaziest rock’n’roll band, The EROTICS. “Steroid and Cocaine” opens on a heavy rock note that will make you want to go for a furious headbanging session, before “Ain’t Talkin’ To You” takes you right into the US sleaze rock territory, where The EROTICS always excel. “Big Beautiful Heels”mixes 70s hard rock and punk guitar riffs, while “United … Continue reading The Erotics “United We Can’t Stand”

Nicotine Pretty “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?/Nicotine Pretty” (Single)

NICOTINE PRETTY hail from Bridgend, South Wales, and are fronted by Ginge Knievil (The SICK LIVERS.) “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” has a bit of pre-Generation Terrorists MANIC STREET PREACHERS in it, with a street punk edge, and “Nicotine Pretty” is a cool glam punk song, with JOHNNY THUNDERS guitars and a bit of a QUIREBOYS/DOGS D’AMOUR vibe. If you still wear your leopard print, … Continue reading Nicotine Pretty “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?/Nicotine Pretty” (Single)

16 Ton Rockers “Shake Riot & Roll/Other Side Of Midnight” (Single)

Swedish rioters 16 TON ROCKERS are back with only two songs, one (“Shake Riot & Roll”) was released before on “Kung-Fu Kicks and Recycled Licks”, and was re-recorded a bit faster, which underlines the CLASH direct line of descent, although you’ll hear a very Johnny Rotten kind of end! “Other Side Of Midnight” is influenced by “Pipeline”, the way JOHNNY THUNDERS and HANOƏ ROCKS used … Continue reading 16 Ton Rockers “Shake Riot & Roll/Other Side Of Midnight” (Single)

Olowex “Discode” EP

Holeg Spies (French musician specialized in movie soundtracks) and electronic music producer Yannis Kamarinos joined forces and ideas in order to create cinematic music under the name OLOWEX, with the help of Thierry Jones (BAD LOSERS, The JONES.) Spies and Jones previously worked together in electro-industrial project KORE KOSMOU. The main track of this EP, “Discode” sounds quite 80s synthpop, and could have been featured … Continue reading Olowex “Discode” EP

Kris Rodgers “Losing The Frequency”

The name of KRIS RODGERS might not sound familiar to you, but he’s been touring and recording with bands like The CONNECTION, SCOTT SORRY, BULLET PROOF LOVERS, KURT BAKER, etc., and I’m sure you already saw these names before if you’re reading this. In 2011, KRIS RODGERS started a piano-oriented trio called The DIRTY GEMS, and today, he plays as a solo artist on this … Continue reading Kris Rodgers “Losing The Frequency”