In Loving Memory Of The Manic Street Preachers (-by General Labor)

JUST SAY NO TO WHORES FOR WARS! You were born in the middle of the most sophisticated and expansive mass-scale perception management operation that has ever taken place. The news media is propaganda and schooling is designed to condition us to accept that propaganda. Public understanding of what a normal moderate position looks like and... Continue Reading →

ELECTRIC ANGELS FOREVER!!! (-frantic, heartfelt call to emergency aid by General Labor)

If you're like me, you probably loved power-pop angels, CANDY, way back in the early Rick Springfield part of the 80's and always carried a special place in your heart for that band, so when they reformed as Electric Angels in the metal years, you were undoubtedly delighted their songwriting had just gotten better and... Continue Reading →

Joe Normal releases new video/single “Setbacks”

The Aquarian Weekly (New Jersey, USA) - "Celebrating the underdog and the average in the most heartwarming and melodic way possible – through song! ... Authentic, underground, glam rocker with a storyteller heart." Boot Music (UK) - "Setbacks" is a swagger filled retro swirl!" After playing a reunion show with The ZEROS at the Whisky a Go-Go, Joe Normal... Continue Reading →

This Ain’t RocknRoll: The Death Of Free Speech & A Free Press & The Fourth Amendment In The USA (-By General Labor)

'Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power' (-Mussolini) "It is amazing how liberals are in the lead justifying the imposition of conformity with the state & attacking any contrary opinion as illegitimate & disinformation. It reveals that they never believed in the liberal values they claimed... Continue Reading →

Crazy Lixx “Anthem For America”

These dudes are probably a lot more rah rah go team, flag waver, conservative than I am, but man, oh man, here is a song with an actual poignant and valid message, opposing the ever-tightening narrative control, severely limited playlists, and incrementally vanquished sound of rebellious, heartfelt music from your tv and radios. This ain't... Continue Reading →

Ravagers “Badlands”

The single "Down That Road" was a great appetizer and it's not surprising to find it opening "Badlands". "White Widow" offers us some cool RUNAWAYS riffs while "Trespasser" is a pure in your face punk rock'n'roll song full of youthful energy. You'll hear a bit of STOOGES and MOTÖRHEAD in "Sick House", some early AC/DC... Continue Reading →

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