Discipulos De Dionisos “i Apolo Debe Morir !

Spanish language and punk rock often mix well together and there’s no exception with DISCIPULOS DE DIONISOS. The band plays fast punk rock with teenage vocals. They’re not really an angry punk band though since they seem to be singing only about fun and sex but most songs are up-tempo and less than two minutes. You’ll hear some 90s indie/emo punk influences in “Noches De Amor Y De M.D.M.A.” or in “Un Hombre Lobo Americano En Londres”, some 80s American hardcore (“La Mujer Del Doctor Soler”, “Patinete Loco”) and some street punk touches in “Odia A Los Chavales.” Songs like “Mi Novia Es Fascista” or “Gibson SG” are quite catchy and this album is definitely worth checking out if you need your fun punk rock dose this summer. /Laurent C.

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Toward Space releases new video “Modern Medicine”

Richmond, VA band TOWARD SPACE has just released a new video for their new single “Modern Medicine”. This time the band takes us into a dream-like atmosphere slwoly turning int a psychotic nightmare in which groovy bass, Lynch-esque guitars and naughty nurses all meet under 80s lights and a vintage horror movie mood.

Seyla Hossaini

Produced by Toward Space

Haley Jeannine
Temple Woodard
Morgan MacGregor
Sable Grayson
Taylor Damizia
Alex Flowe
Erica Fox
Miriam Hossaini
Kaili Fox



The System Is The Problem, Vive Le Rock,  I’m Hearing Music From Another Time, Tony Fate Rocks, Retrosexual Bebe, Great Resist, Duguay, Fringe Religion, 80’s New Wave!

“That’s the Democratic Party for you. Progressive in the streets, murderous imperialists in the sheets.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“What’s most sickening about Ana & Cenk’s mindless strawman smears is they completely erase suffering imposed on millions of ordinary Syrians by US-led dirty war & unilateral sanctions. An ancient, beautiful country was almost completely destroyed.” (-Anya Parampil)

“Biden is now the least popular president since polling began: 3 points lower than Trump was at this point, 7 points lower than Obama. Biden cannot run again. Democrats need a totally new plan.” (-Gravel Institute)

“BREAKING: This pro-worker, pro-choice, anti-war Senate candidate was just thrown off the ballot by Democrats – the party that refuses to fight for workers, choice & peace. After throwing Greens off the ballot in 2020 in TX, WI, PA, Dems are at it again. Tell them they’re not “for” voting rights if they’re kicking their opponents off the ballot. Send a message by supporting  @MatthewPHoh – the latest target of Dems’ ballot suppression schemes.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The NC State Board of Elections just voted 3-2 not to certify the Green Party ballot access petition. We needed 13,865 signatures, and the @NorthCarolinaGP submitted 15,953 verified signatures. We did everything required, and they just said no. Is this what democracy looks like?” (-Matthew Hoh For Senate)

“The reason the prison industrial complex gets uncritical support from the media, the politicians, and the ruling class is because they understand that the police serve their class interests. The ongoing police state crackdown is the result of the class war that have been waging intensely against the working class my entire life. The ruling class destroyed the quality of life for many Americans and around the world and things are not going to get better. There is a homelessness, climate, and food crisis coming. As the wealth gap continues to soar beyond comprehension the state will need a way to control the workers that they reduced to desperate wage slaves. The expansion of the police state is the response to their society breaking policies. This was always the end result of capitalism.  ” (-Nick Cruse)

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” (- JFK)

 “BREAKING: Green party candidate @MatthewPHoh did the hard work of collecting the 13,865 signatures required to get on the ballot (he submitted 15,953 signatures) & the Board of Elections just voted 3-2 not to certify it. Democrats just fought harder to kick a Green party candidate off the ballot than they’ve ever fought against Republicans. They make speech after speech about saving democracy as they’re actively destroying it by suppressing the people from having better choices at the ballot box. Duopoly apologists are wrong. You’re not “wasting your vote” by voting 3rd party. You’re wasting your vote by voting for a party who has shown you time & time again that they won’t fight for you. The U.S. needs a workers party & movement to combat the two ruling class parties. The 3 people who voted to subvert democracy are DEMOCRATS.” Ryan Knight ☭ on Twitter: “BREAKING: Green party candidate @MatthewPHoh did the hard work of collecting the 13,865 signatures required to get on the ballot (he submitted 15,953 signatures) & the Board of Elections just voted 3-2 not to certify it. The 3 people who voted to subvert democracy are DEMOCRATS.” / Twitter 

The notion that @TheDemocrats aren’t fighters is a lie. Look how hard they fought against Bernie. Look how hard they fight to suppress third parties. Look how hard they fight to pass legislation that benefits their corporate donors. They do fight. They just don’t fight for you.” (-Ryan Knight) 

“The United States has dropped more than 337,000 bombs and missiles on other countries over the past 20 years or 46 strikes per day. China has not bombed a single country over the same period. The U.S. calling China “imperialist” or “aggressive” is pure projection.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“After throwing Greens off the ballot in 2020 in TX, WI, PA, Dems are at it again. Tell them they’re not “for” voting rights if they’re kicking their opponents off the ballot. Send a message by supporting  @MatthewPHoh – the latest target of Dems’ ballot suppression schemes.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Green party candidate @MatthewPHoh got on the ballot in North Carolina and @TheDemocrats are waging a campaign to get him removed from the ballot and subvert democracy. It’s time for folks to wake up and understand that the Democrats are not on our side either & oppose democracy.  People are homeless because of capitalism. People are dying from a lack of healthcare because of capitalism. People are overworked, underpaid & unhappy because of capitalism. Capitalism was not designed for the betterment of society. It was designed to enrich the ruling class.(-Ryan Knight)

“We have a word for the belief in the division between self and other: Fear. Capitalism is just encoded fear. It’s the fear we’ve agreed upon and thereby enforce upon everyone. Capitalism is rule by fear.” (-Patrick H on Twitter)

Democrats Love Saying That AR-15s Should Only Be Used On Foreigners (substack.com)

“Because Obama is trending, here’s an incomplete list of his stellar accomplishments: 1. Bailed out Wall Street 2. Destroyed Libya 3. Jailed whistleblowers, deported immigrants, and used drone strikes in record number 4. Expanded Bush’s wars from two to seven 5. Kill List” (-Danny Haiphong)

The Obama Legacy Part X: How Obama’s Past Played a Role in the Insurgency of the Present | Black Agenda Report

Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis | Military.com

“Top Gun: Maverick” is Military Propaganda. Official Documents Prove It (mintpressnews.com)

How Spooks and Establishment Journalists Are Circling The Wagons (mintpressnews.com)


When I was a kid, I ranaway to Manhattan and met Stiv and Martha on Saint Mark’s Place. He was beyond kind and nice and so was Martha and they really went out of their way to be super groovy to me and I loved all his bands and modelled myself after him as a young gutter brat in many ways. Followed him around. I first got the Bebe Buell “Covers Girl” LP from a used record store in Ohio and used to spin it over the big P.A. system we had at the old farmhouse my band lived in back in the late eighties. It sounded so great. Then, I got her 45 on Ultra Under, my friend Ratboy played with her for a moment and man, her taste in music was just impeccable, which I suppose comes as no surprise, being as how she dated all my favorite singers: Stiv, Tyler, Jagger, Costello, Butler. JT from D2…As I got older I was writing for some national punk mags and a major entertainment weekly, so that gave me added access to summa the underground stars I loved who’d crossed over into Corporate Monopoly Fame in the mainstream world I spend my life avoiding, and I remember really loving chatting with Bebe Buell on the phone, she was so down to earth, funny, insightful, and easy to talk to, I’d end up revealing personal stuff to her, and all her wise voice of hard won experience advice, was always right on, even if I was not yet able to apply it effectively at the time, she planted some good seeds in my head. I really liked her. Smart, cool, funny, personable human being even when we disagreed about the official 9/11 narrative, or Tyler agreeing to participate in some NFL halftime shit with Britney Spears. I thought it was super sweet she still protected him. I STILL play her record, “RETROSEXUAL” quite a bit and think of her not so much in the FAME category, but in the cool underground, tiny cult band context, and she is fantastically entertaining and relatable and righteously real and very liakable in my book. You know that Power Station cover of “Bang A Gong” was originally supposed to be John Taylor producing Bebe? If you know me, you know my fave bands are pretty much the Lords, Duran, the Furs, Gen X, etc etc So yeah, I think Bebe is real cool. Somehow she did not get poisoned by the fanfare and centerfold stardom and celebrity status and paparazzi and access like most all of ’em. I think John Taylor is still really human, too, I saw him interviewing Billy Idol during the Covid clampdowns and talking about when him n Nick Rhodes went to see Generation X as kids and he loves Billy just like we do. I always regretted never getting to see Neurotic Outsiders. When me and my dead pal Bobby used to go see Duran, Taylor started remembering our faces and being real gracious cause we were not your typical Duran fans but obviously loved them and knew all the words. So yeah, anyways, I still love rocknroll. Especially the seventies and eighties stuff. My wild, wild youth! If I lived in the same city, I’d still go to the bar to see her live which is something I can rarely say about anybody nowadays. The thing about Bebe is, even if her kid was not a movie star and she had never dated all our favorite rockstars, she’s still somebody you would want to hang around with at the dingey old bad side of town hole in the wall divebar, and watch perform onstage. She’s got good taste, a rebel heart, personality, style, panache. I love all the old school, “let me entertain you” show people. 


Man in the 80’s new wave era, unless you lived in I dunno San Fran, or West Hollywood, or the West Village, or vacationed on Fire Island, there was no influential LGBT advocacy organization on the ground-or “Pride Parades”, no 100 RuPaul spinoff tv shows, certainly not in the bigoted, uptight, conformist conservative fucking tank plant towns of the Midwest-nothing but flag-wavers and gung-ho G.I. Joes who could not wait to make their parents proud by killin’ brown folks in oil rich regions for freedom. Now they tell him they should kill brown folks in oil rich regions for pride and gender diversity and woke feminism. There was no safe space or acceptance, not even for Devo fans, okay? They wanted to KILL punk rockers. It was all Hut-Two, Hut-Two. There was no rainbow flag, I can tell you that. No big media campaigns or corporate juggernaut promoting gender crayola boxes. Just boxes. Tiny boxes. No space for anyone different, at all. Zero tolerance policy. They didn’t much like black people, either-almost once a year, the kkkops felt obliged to shoot a black guy in the back 100 times just as an example so nobody would feel tempted to get too uppity. All the old asshole white men just bitched and bitched that black teenagers wore baggy clothes and hoodies, wanted ’em to “learn a lesson” about conformity and keepin’ them pants buckled up, Urkel high for apple pie. Fuck that place was a hellhole. I got beat up ALL THE TIME and even the moms would make excuses for the bully abusers, like  it was right and proper to beat the fuck out of somebody who refused to acknowledge your class superiority. Or properly show respect for your athletic achievements or many different colored golf shirts or shitty meant nothing fake band that she financed.  Nothing changed, man, I just read how the kkkops filled a poor guy with lead back there…again. Just shot him in the back, said they “feared for their lives”, next, they will investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong. White people will all insist he was asking for it, had a relative with an overdue library book or some shit. I used to wear makeup and it even enraged the old white haired women folks who ran the popular local hamburger joint. They would always call me ma’am and let it be known they disapproved of any deviation from the Richie Cunningham/Howdy Doodie/Arrow Straight Aryan All Amerikkkana. I remember how much we all loved that Lou Reed song from his tribute to Warhol: “there’s only one good thing about a smalltown, you hate it and you know you’ll have to leave.” Then, in the suckshit nineties,  these super rich fatcat fascists like Guiliani, Chertoff, and Bloomberg remade all the former bohemian enclaves over in their fatcat fascist image, sent in shocktroop gestapo by the busload to kick out all the poor people. Many of us had to go back to the small-town, were confused and aghast that the rich people there had ALSO jacked all the rents up impossibly high. The very same vermin infested shitholes we dwelled in, and complained about in the eighties and early nineties, were now priced way outta reach, had rich folks living there. I started noting that almost every town we nomad migrants traveled to as carpetbagger minimum wage earners, they all started having some shit in common. Like lots of empty retail spaces being hoarded by boomer aged people waiting for corporate gentrification billionaires to pay ’em top dollar for their empty buildings. All those boomers waiting for their big bank cash money payday would rather have buildings sit empty than poor people living in them. Fake businesses-all those same bored folks whose kids and grandkids moved far away after college, they do have these two day a week fake businesses that can not possibly ever turn a profit. Like a tea room open two days a week, an antique shop only open on the weekends and only affordable to outta town tourists. A bar that wants $9, plus a sizable tip for one cup of beer. Where I am now, if there is a holiday, you know they take two MORE days off that week, ya feel me? Like today aint EVEN the Fourth of July, but every store in town except Wal-Mart on the edge of town and the $9 beer joint are closed. These old people just got the fake cupcake place, or fake flower shop, or overpriced boutique, or make believe art gallery as a social outlet, but they’re so fuckin’ lazy, they can’t bring themselves to be open more than fourteen to twenty hours a week, but still, they all complain about how hard they work, and that it’s the lazy poors who “don’t want to work” cause that $600 stimulus check from two years ago. There  is a yard sale two streets over somebody went to all the trouble of setting up beneath their carport, I have a tiny resell business, so I always look for kooky, kitschy stuff at garage sales and flea markets, but dig this: I showed up at that yard sale at 9, 11, and 1, and they just put blue tarps over all their shit and decided, you know what, it’s too hot today, and besides, there’s a holiday two days from now, so even the yardsale boomers are not opening on a Saturday. Nothing is opened on Sundays or Mondays except the grocers. Most mom n pops were killed off during the Death Plague Clampdowns, so now there are all these storefronts that people pretend are “art galleries”, but they are never open, it’s just a tapestry in the window and some old shit in storage. Some of these gougers don’t really wanna sell their old shit or they’d price it to move. one old gouger wants $25 for three unplayable water damaged records he bought from a storage space auction. So many old gougers either just wanting to show off their old shit, have a store as an excuse to talk to traveling females, or just wanna gouge the tourists, if I see somebody who is rich sourcing the second hand store and pricing shit like E-bay, I never go back. Especially not if they brag. I’ll buy me a red leather vest somewhere else. Summa these old landlords are so lazy, they don’t even change the bedding at their bed and breakfast, they pay some poor slob minimum wage to do it, and still bitch. I don’t remember ever liking shit hoarders, especially not greedy motherfuckers who hoard houses, if you got multiple empty investment properties, and no one told you “you suck”, today, allow me. I got a sad e-mail today from a former peer who’d been chastised by a local big fish in a small pond inheritance-celebrity, who obnoxiously suggested he hang up his musical operations, in order to quote, “pass the torch”, to his cousin’s crummy, commercialized, formulaic, rich kid garage rock band, ya know, it just reminded me of how much I sincerely REVILE asskissing phonies who just suck up to dumb power, I hate these fat fucks. Maybe I’m the only one who herd how White Stripes directly ripped off Smashing Pumpkins, I guess. ‘Go back to your frathouse you, Ronald McDonald motherfucker. “BUT WE’VE DISCOVERED THE SONICS!!!!” Fuck off,  get lost, you Republican motherfuckers. Being fat and blonde and rich don’t make you any kind of artistic genius.

US national security state censoring anti-imperialists to control ‘compatible left’ – Multipolarista

“Today President @lopezobrador_ of Mexico called for dismantling and returning the Statue of Liberty to France if #Assange is not freed.” (-Stella Assange)

Activism, Uncensored: Are Black 2nd Amendment Advocates the Ultimate Taboo? (substack.com)


     I feel salty everytime I walk past these fake boutique businesses that are only open two days a week, rich people keep ’em as hobbies and price everything for outta town tourists who somehow still got boomer money to throw away while traveling in their gas guzzling oversized vehicles. The worst part is how the old sons  bitches just GLOAT about their shit. Ripoff is their middle name. All the super rich motherfuckers want you to believe that “inflation” is a result of some foreign boogeymen and not just the usual suspect greedheads gouging us again-if you blindly worship rich people, you might even believe their bullshit. Out here in Nowhere Land, the ancient population keeps dwindling cause no one wants to be in a dried up deadend, nothing to do ghost town. You walk past house after empty house, all filled with furniture that rich people just store their surplus shit in. Lotta the houses are only occupied two months a year by outta state land yacht RV owners. It’s fuckin’ nuts. I walked around today and passed some old Col. Sanders lookin’ geezer dressed up like Uncle Sam, riding a big tricycle, he probably thinks I look like a crazy cartoon character in my animal print, too. I learned to not wear makeup to the tractor supply place, or boomer bar, to not wear pink to the Moose Lodge. I don’t really go to those kinda places anyway and all the crazy meth cowboys and rich ranchers tend to leave me alone cause I can pass for a Good Ole Boy in the leather and cowboy hats. I’m glad to be removed from the backstab ratrace and the Big City stop n frisk bullshit, but even here at the end of the dirt road where nobody wants to be, where it’s over 100 degrees and there’s nothing to do, some boomer assholes have built 11 or 12 local bed and breakfasts with hot tubs that sit empty in the crazy heat while the landlord scum keep expecting to get rich overnight. Paint the steps purple, add  Buddha statue. Years ago, those were affordable, one income, working class rental homes. Now they want a $150 a night to look at the black velvet painting. The new agey make a bucks are gross as fuck. I quit smokin’, have a lot more energy, but can admit the boredom starts to gnaw at me. Nothing here but death, birds, a smelly river, and more monotony. Hot wind. Dust and wildfire gets in your eyes. Loose pitbulls chase you down the streets, killed an old woman on a bicycle three or four years ago.

I’M TOO BROKE TO PAY BIG BUCKS BUT STILL MISS REAL ROCKNROLL RECORD STORES Hey, remember THESE GUYS? “Detroit, California”? Guitar maestro TONY FATE?!! I think he was also in The Sins, Bellrays, and Black Widows? One of El Lay’s GREAT underrated underground punknroll virtuosos. Ala Rich Coffee, Billy Burks and Jimmy James. I still got an old Bellrays flyer in my leaky water damaged garage. 

You know I never imagined I’d see the day when all the record stores were dead. Even Tower, HMV, Amoeba. WTF? By the mid-90’s, they were all being ran by megalomaniac, capitalist dickheads, who only hired chicks to work under them. Pains me everytime I think about Freebeing, Trash & Vaudeville, Gem Spa, CBGB’s and Bleecker Bob’s all being driven outta business. I guess I miss being a record store guy, cause I’m still telling people about bands I believe in, all day most every day, even though, not that many people in my part of the world seem to care about rocknroll music. 100 people in this unaffordable big city, 100 people in that. I’ll probably keep ranting about freedom and OLD rocknroll and RIGHT-ON real people’s movements and resistance struggles, though platforms may change, heaven knows. I remember when they came out really liking ’em, I read about ’em first in FLIPSIDE and then, Tony F. sent me their little cassette for review in my fanzine and I really liked Manson Lee’s voice but was trying to get Tony Fate to join my band. That’s how we were back then. Now summa the kids I’d grown up with were into like, hardcore and ska, but those scenes in Murkkka were just about a lotta macho posturing, male bonding gym memberships, Owning Stuff-Vespas, imported boots, and at best, half hearted repetition of some wornout empty mantras. I liked the policy of keeping cover charge and record prices low, that those P.C. DC hardcore guys enforced, but me and my gang were far from straight edge, and it really did seem like so many of the hardcores were just preppie suburbanites at heart who did not want to be around uncouth street people or anarchic gutter drunks, they wanted to be hazed into richboy upper crust fraternities. With Vespas, imported boots. Even now, some of ’em are at the sports bar, trying to tell the fat old, Limbaugh lookalike country clubbers about Operation Ivy or some shit. I never got that. Who the fuck wants to hang around with golfers at the sports bar? To get validation from somebody’s seventy five year old mom or retired volleyball coach? So yeah, my idea of punk leaned heavily towards untamed, outsider, wolfman rocknroll. In the Detroit Rock City tradition. I hated the fuckin’ Offspring-what the fuck was that shit? Awful. I just never got into the Green Day bullshit at all, it just seemed like fully commodified goofball booger rock. When Lookout Records and all those Ramones and Clash derivative waves of bands were doing the whole dressup like the Ramones and Clash thing, I’d kinda let my defenses down for five minutes and somebody’s pushy mama had second hand nagged me into accepting an unpaid position at a richman’s record store, chasing a carrot that I could never catch due to my lack of even basic computer skills back then, I found myself laboring all day as an unpaid lowly coffee retrieving sidewalk snow shoveling under assistant, all whilst listening to all these wealthy, well to do, Harvard college kids, alternahunks, straightedgers, and big mouth collectors talkin’ ’bout SSD Control toughguy music, or more commonly, The Toasters and Selector and Bosstones all day and I never got along with Richie Riches. Or Beastie Boys wannabes. Don’t get me wrong, me n my first little new wave girlfriend loved early two tone and eighties ska bands and I kissed her while listening to the Beat and even General Public, we were new wave weirdos all the way in our early teens and me til this day, really, and I had always had black-white music subculture alliances of our own, just…the Boston rich people were so fuckin tedious, lame, and like I said, they just worshipped the Bosstones like gawds. I don’t waste no time in campus etiquette debate team arguing with partisan devotee college people, cause really, aside from rooting for their sports team heroines, or sheepdog heroes, they don’t even believe the shit they say they believe in-that’s self evident from the way they live their lives-the behavior they model, never thinking of anything but their own comfort, prestige, belonging, to the masters. Hoping to get patted on the head some more-fuckin apple polishers, script memorizers hoping for some extra credit from the man. For their fuckin bumper sticker. It might say, “Coexist” or “Save The Whales” or “Recycle” or “I only use dirty cloth bags cause I love sea turtles and spotted owls” or whatever, but they sure as fuck don’t want to have to see no poor people on their block, eating the “wrong” foods, using the “wrong” lingo, laughing at the “wrong” comedians, reading the “wrong” banned books. These are the Nimby Shitlibs fucked up on the Two Buck Chuck. “Trust The Rich”, “Protect Authority”, “Suckup To Power” they tell me, over and over. Makes me wanna blast some loud motherfuckin rocknroll motherfuckery.  

The Grey Spikes – Thunderation | Releases | Discogs

READ A FUCKING BOOK! A Political Odyssey by Mike Gravel – Penguin Books Australia

SCOTT RITTER: The Fantasy of Fanaticism – Consortium News




When the people I’ve missed no longer exist, at least I can sometimes escape this fucked up, loveless, hateful, billionaire monopoly pig-media, hopelessly bamboozled cruel age, melt into the music and remember when we were young. Ever so grateful for the good ones that still remain, and the good ones on the other side and even summa the people who used to be something else. For a long time, I think I kinda saw myself as like a dude version of Patti Smith but I could not seem to keep a steady lineup of my band to save my life. Bands cost money and I had none, so everybody kept splitting to go fuck off with some lameass rich people, even if that meant totally compromising their own talents and playing nerdy, third time recycled, imitation songs novelty rock. It was sad and how can you tell ’em? You can’t. Even the one guy who was always real loyal to me, chaos follows wherever he goes, he has no money and is incapable of providing for his ownself let alone investing in special operations, and his life has been even more unstable and crazy than my own, and he has a bad habit of punching people. And crashing motorcycles and shit. Only guy I’ve ever known who threw a guitar outta window while trying to practice some kinda dramatic Steve Vai stage trick. Fuckin A. For years and years, I foolishly held forth that we would find a way to reunite and record, as the Blues Brothers would say, “PUT THE BAND BACK TOGETHER”. Now, the other guys are too rich to give a fuck about my proletarian revolution rock songs, while me and the excessively damaged bar brawler guitarist-we are too poor to pay for even basic shit like rent, recordings, mastering’s, ASCAP dues or rehearsal spaces, and I am too immersed in being responsible for a high needs kid with a disability and have no room at the inn to take care of any old carousers or artful dodgers. Sadly, everybody still remembers all the years and years when my cribs were open all night, extra futon in the basement crash pads, some errant hustler vagabonds I’d foolishly given my extra keys to, ruined that shit for everybody, years ago. Those days are over and we can no longer roll out the red carpet anymore, we got a kid with a disability and that ain’t the same thing as when six dudes and their girlfriends were all part time pizza shop employed and there was a surplus. Aint no free store/ beer garden/ all night booze party here. This aint no halfway house. Aint no bed and breakfast. Aint no soup kitchen here. We are closed for business.


No idea why so many people slagged TIN MACHINE. I love them, great songs, great lyrics, innovative musicianship AND most importantly to people like me. It rocks like shit fuckin’ crazy-if you ask me, there’s not one duff track. I mean, maybe you could complain about their Wall Street “greed is good” pinstriped stockbroker threads? I brushed with Reeves frequently when he was in a little bitsy band in Boston called The Atom Said who might remind some people of The Bellrays, but anyways, I been on a Tin Machine jag here lately. There just aint enough good guitar players to go around these days. You all know and love the  Sales Brothers.I just turned an artist friend onto “Lust For Life” last year, and he was playing it in his gallery last time I stopped by there and it still sounds vital 45 years later.  Reeves joined The Cure. The Cure. How awesome is that. Top of the heap.


I can’t even bring myself to taking the cat shit outside this morning cause I just ain’t got the stuff to humor my exasperating neighbor. Ain’t heard from an old homie in a coon’s age so I went trolling on the social media platforms and I see them busy doing George Jefferson Laundromat Mogul stuff. Moved on up and yada yada. It was a foolish mistake of mine to cling to the notion we were ever real friends. I was just deluded for so long. Really only saw dude maybe three times in the past thirty years. My bad. No wonder everybody wants to stay fucked up on the trendy, high priced bar concoctions, or legal white people reefer, or government pills, cause clarity is a motherfucker. It hurts. I can see clearly now that at least ten people who I loved really never actually loved me back, at all, at all. That’s a rough one to process. Reality ain’t consoling and reassuring, like vaguely uplifting politician speeches on late night tv, or big pharma happy pill commercials, or anything related to the Advertising World that always promises instant fulfillment, popularity, and luxuriant resort heaven. I go for walks in the burning hot sun when I get restless, but it’s like a perilous gauntlet now, between crazy, needy, attention starved neighbors, meth head drug goons, and madwoman and militia man weaponized pit bulls off the chains, everywhere you stroll. Loose dogs are all over town. I’m depressed, also got family members having mental health challenges. I find it hard to cope in this age. One eccentric local said he tries not to judge all the kooks in cults and safety in number cliques or people who flee lucid consciousness into some kind of chemical induced, semi blackedout state of numbness, cause it’s such a fuckedup time to be alive with all the social engineers manufacturing a totally false metaverse unreality all around us and so many former peers or relatives buying in. He’s probably right. I need to be more compassionate. I just can’t get involved with no more Me Show, parasitical, taker, crazies. everytime I get involved with them, I lose, it costs me.

Back from my first walk of the day, hair dripping, wet glasses, sweaty as fuck. The recent monsoons that repeatedly flooded my leaky old garage have brought back the unwelcome swarms of bugs by the riverside. I passed the ripoff tourist trap coffeeshop complainer who gouges the travelers but never stops moaning about how he does not like his job or make enough money. I passed the Viet Nam vet with his barely legal outdoor wet bar and extravagant vintage car collection. I passed the elderly pagan tarot card reader in the kilt sitting on his porch in the shade. The muscleman from the gym seems to have a new broad in his oversized jeep. I was thinking about some hometown old people who once told me there is “no such thing as a geographical cure” cause anywhere you go, there you are, but I believe they were only half right. Might be true that some of us stay fuckedup in the head about shit that happened to us, but first hand research in the field has taught me that until you remove yourself from abusers, you can not really even begin to heal, because they do not recognize boundaries. You have to go away from them, I stayed in bad places where I was unloved and unwelcome for years, trying to change the predator’s minds. Don’t waste your time. If there is any hope of changing a mind, it is only one’s own, and even that’s a real long shot. Back when we were amateur entertainers, we took some sense of self worth from the smiles, from the applause of punters, from establishing a connection and solidarity with a room full of strangers. Later on, I came to draw some kind of satisfaction from being a caregiver, from serving people who seemed to need my help. Now my kids are grown and flown, my grandmother’s gone, her house was my haven. None of my former bandmates get along, there is acrimony over clashing lifestyle choices and political beliefs and mercenary careerist moves. I find myself with alot of time to fill and little means to improve my art. Hence, the restlessness. On one hand, there is a loneliness that comes outta the silence of a graveyard silent, dead dull ghost town, on the other hand, one remembers the ridiculous price for getting involved with people in a capitalist greedhead dummy sports culture. These fat, horny overprivileged white devils only ever come to plunder. To rob our peace and kill the joy. They never learned how to give or share. It’s often said that the real definition of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result. I don’t think people change, not really. ‘Ones I thought changed, looking back, they were always the way they are, takers, hoarders, hustlers, users, plagiarists and scam merchants only out for themselves. They pat ’emselves on the back and call it winning and achieving and being successful, they are proud ripoff artistes. Capitalists. I just aint got the energy for the heartbreaks no more. I got a song that sez “you can’t negotiate with plagiarists”. 

“I know you tried and I tried, too/Sometimes all our dreams just don’t come true.” (-Chris Isaak)

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “Watch: The CIA plan to murder Julian Assange and the fight to free him | @DoubleDownNews #FreeAssangeNOW https://t.co/8LTjMwQtfx” / Twitter

“UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, who approved extraditing #Assange to the US on 17 June, brags about the Home Office today hosting Mike Pompeo, who tasked CIA assassination plans of Julian while he was Trump’s CIA Chief.” (-Stella Assange)

Bloomberg on Twitter: “A new algorithm can predict crime in US cities a week before it happens https://t.co/FxoKk15eDz” / Twitter

“Hello pre-crime, brought to you by the national security state, palantir and “academia” (-Whitney Webb, Unlimited Hangout)


Back when we were the new wave kids, this was one of my main inspirations, what I wanted my crew to do our own unique version of-problem with being in midwestern smalltown garage bands is, no one really has any recording apparatus, experience or expertise, and the older people with the access to equipment and shit all just wanna be get rich quick slick professionals, they all have these shortcut to fame, get rich schemes, either playing lousy covers at old man lodges. Or copying whatever the current trend is, or replacing the inflammatory original front man with some kinda copycat Ken Doll, they are bandwagon chasers, and by the time they catch up with the  bandwagon, there is already a new trend in play, which is why I say you have to do your own unique version of what you like, you have to bring your own pain and joy, put your own flavor on it, your own ribbon, that’s what early hip-hop people mean when they said “fresh”, it’s gotta be fresh, or you waste people’s time cause they could just be going to an earlier source. Wannabe professionals mostly like to jump on the coat tails of some successful entity, by becoming a bigger groups’s opening band or becoming their copycat clones, or closet organizers or personal assistants or whatever. Their go-fers, pool boys, or selfie stick and rocks glass ice fetchers. Used to know this stunningly beautiful chick who had a whole entrouge of fake friend flatterers on call telling her how pretty she was all the time, they sat at her feet, but they just wanted her stuff. I was never that good at careerist strategies, I just like the being creative and designing and entertaining aspects and could not hire people to correctly record my work, so it’s all in an unfinished state and it’s torturous on somedays. Decades later, the UK magazine that took the name, became my fave rocknroll bible in the world, maybe even eclipsing “Creem” and “Flipside” as my all-time fave periodical. Me, I live Miles From Nowhere, now and they aint not no international news stands anywhere around here. Just cactuses and rocks and deer scat. Only things I miss about the Big City are Indian food and “Vive Le Rock”. I still love Adam and Marco. Marco played on Sinead’s early stuff. Still love Bow Wow Wow, as well. God Bless Matthew Ashman! (RIP)

“The moral rot of a society could not be clearer when you see a society that shuns the working class and the poor. Instead of investing in uplifting people out of poverty and improving the quality of life, the priority of capitalists is building a strong national security state. The capitalist class benefits from this in a few ways. Most importantly for them, it helps create an economic complex that is built upon maintaining their power and established social order.  

Giant police and military budgets are justified because it creates jobs and carries entire industry, thus creating a funnel of corruption. For example, Raytheon donates a staggering amount of money to politicians and corporate media. In just the first three months of 2020 alone, Raytheon has donated $3.5 million to pro war politicians. Corporate media and politicians then push for war, enriching said industry. The industry then handsomely rewards them with career opportunities, donations, and more ads. This is known as the revolving door and it is through this mechanism that the prison and military industrial complex gains power 

The infiltration of government by Betsy Devos and her family is a great example of this. Lloyd Austin, our current defense secretary came from the board of Raytheon. The prison and military industrial complexes dominate our society because of this revolving door of corruption. These complexes greatly serve the capitalist class, and not the workers, because it serves to maintain established social order. The police state is not designed to prevent crime, it’s to serve capital. Federal Courts ruled that the police do not have any legal duty to defend us. 

You are not class conscious if you do not support ending the U.S. police state 

Most of the time spent by the police is imposing regressive fines and fees towards the working class. The police also spend a large number of resources fighting the drug war which is massively unpopular. The unpopularity of the New Jim Crow, I would argue, gives our police and national security state the lack of authority and mandate over the people. We need to educate people during the road to abolition to think about the relationship between government power and the populace this way. We are not there yet, but we need to start making that argument. Now consider the police solves less than 2% of serious crimes then it’s clear they don’t serve the worker, but another established authority altogether which is capital.” (-Nick Cruse)

“When you realize the US only has one party, you cease seeing it as a good party protecting people from a bad party and start seeing one giant party threatening to take away people’s civil rights if they don’t obey and submit. You suddenly understand that saying one party is a “lesser evil” is like saying a boxer should want to get hit by his opponent’s left hand because his right cross hurts more. It’s two arms on the same boxer, and they’re both working together to knock you out.

A boxer doesn’t go into a match planning to get punched in the face by his opponent’s left hand while avoiding the right, he goes in planning to defeat his opponent. The opponent is the uniparty and the oligarchic empire which controls it.

It is true that each hand is used differently in boxing, with the lead used mostly for jabs and hooks and the rear hand mostly for crosses, but they’re both used together to set up a knockout blow. The fact that the parties are used differently doesn’t mean they’re not working together.

Most good boxers will tell you they’d rather fight someone with a solid cross than someone with a solid jab. Sure the jab does less damage at first, but it’s such an effective strike that it can nullify your entire offense and grind you down until you can’t continue. In exactly the same way, the Democratic Party is far more effective in shutting down revolutionary movements and stagnating progress than the Republicans, and, just like a jab-cross combination in boxing, is used to set up the Republicans to deliver the knockout blow.

What is the correct response to this? Is it to say “Hmm, I’d better let him punch me with his left hand, because if I don’t he’ll hit me with his right and it’ll hurt more”? Or is it to bite down on your mouthpiece and start throwing heavy leather until you knock his ass out?” 

(-Caitlin Johnstone)

If Democrats Didn’t Suck – Let’s Try Democracy (davidswanson.org)
Ukraine Has COLLAPSED! Why Are Dems Funding Radical Republicans? Dems Kick 3rd Party Off Ballot (NC) (rumble.com)


HERE IS THE DUDE OF DUDES! I mean I just love all this cat’s rocknroll so much. He writes all the songs I forgot to. He says it all. Love him! Look for all his stuff!

That’s the face of the Nice Guy Empire, also known as the rules-based international order, also known as the liberal world order, also known as the US-led world order. It presents the facade of humanitarianism and democratic ideals, but underneath the performance it’s just as savage and bloodthirsty as any other empire in history. (-Caitlin Johnstone)


I wake up with the roosters so the faraway gas station ain’t open yet. Now I know it ain’t no tragedy, but not the way I like to start my day. Been getting everyday static and grief from my beloved belligerent bored teenager and man I am psychically and emotionally drained this morning, it’s been goin’ on for about a week as he fixates on fireworks but there is a burn ban due to wildfires. Now in my Joe Strummer book it talks about some foreign, exotic land where the morning breakfast shop serves whiskey in the coffee and you can drink and eat, write and talk, and linger freely all night and all day. Can you even imagine? It’s been 25 years since I been to an all night diner, last time was with a skinhead girl, a combat booted feminist, hardcore singer I worked at a pizza place with, she wanted my help forging an underground record label, but then, she got pregnant by the local pickup artist and he promptly dropped dead, so there went that idea. I liked that chick, remember her singing, “what did I ever see in you, what did I ever believe in you?” at a basement show of metal/punk crossover bands, her group was called something politically incorrect that fauxwokes would consider offensive in the techlord reboot era, she was a real life tank girl, and in the punk rock subculture we both inhabited back then, it was effective to be shocking and provocative and controversial. We did not tiptoe around middle class people sensibilities and genteel feelings bullshit. She said what she meant and said it boldly. There was, at least, I like to think, a good and righteous love and solidarity between us, we were brother and sister in a common struggle, we worked for these booj fauxwoke people though, who only gave raises and promotions based on shit like popularity and gender, so that did create some tension when a hardworking drummer friend of ours I nicknamed Angry was passed over time and time again, and I was told I’d be assistant managing in the owner’s absence while they were on their la-di-da jet-set European vacation but instead, last minute, they brought in these already affluent trendy hipsters from the gentrification popularity bar down the street with their skinny ties and third hand associations to semi (not really that) famous people; so all the rank n file pizzamakers, we were all pissed off and grumbling, and The Bosses offered zero explanation other than they were the Bosses-their house, their rules, then, they suddenly sold the joint for a shit ton of money and we all eventually got left out in the cold, went our separate ways. I learned you can’t get too involved with bourgeoise people because it always ends badly, with them callously exploiting and discarding you when they are through with their fad lads adventure. You ever hear that PULP song, “Common People”? Lived it, baby. That’s the short version. Anyways, I have noticed how effectively the rulers have tightened up society and severely limited our free access to public spaces where we havenots can meet up and make plans, collaborate and brainstorm, unionize, form bands, and offer one another empathy and mutual aid. In some towns, the parks are closed, the public restrooms are locked, they hassle anyone at the library who does not present as sufficiently compliant, and college educated middle class landlord-like. Only Bosses have rights in the New Emerging Surveillance Tech Tyrannical Disorder. All under cover of protecting the public health and the public good. Just one big bogus Pink N Greenwash, the old preppie handbook colors, where they never mention that it’s the private plane politicians, Big Corporations and NATO military doing all the damage to the environment. They shutdown all the little businesses during the Covid clampdowns and this week’s ruling class manufactured crisis is “Putin’s Price-Hike” or “The Q Shaman Insurrection! Insurrection! Insurrection!” I just notice they always got some emergency crisis headline that’s supposed to somehow legitimize them stealing more civil liberties from us little people. YTK or immigrant caravans, Bird Flu or Bin Ladin, The New Death Plague, or Latest Boogeyman. Mad Cow or Bird Flu, “China Virus” or “RUSSIAGATE!”, or another protest curfew, to protect the few-the swells in the tower. Remember what Obama let happen in Standing Rock and Flint or what he did to Libya or the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter coordinated crackdowns and surveillance of activists like Sandra Bland who was being followed and ended up dead in police custody? No? You just remember liking that Beyonce song? Being “classy”? “WAITRESS! MORE ICE!”

“I really think these people are psychotic. Blinken, you have no moral standing to discuss repression anywhere in the world. Do you not know that over 14 thousand people were arrested during the Floyd protests in 2020?” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Don’t forget what almost $60 billion could have done for the struggling people of this country?” (-BLACK IN THE EMPIRE)

“Earlier this week, NYPD arrested Jazz Ajilo, a beloved subway musician. New Yorkers were outraged. In response, Mayor Adams said the subway is out of control and he was elected to fix it. It’s “not the place for disorder.” (-Leah Goodridge)

“The Democrats are not socialists at all. They are capitalists and imperialists to their core who have done nothing but sell out the planet while hiding behind a hollow brand of identity politics that hurts (not helps) the marginalized communities they claim to care about.” (-Ryan Knight)

“After 18 days of general strike, Indigenous movements in Ecuador forced the government to lower gas prices, limit fossil fuel projects, and protect nature. ¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!” (-Pawel Wargan)

“The US, currently militarily occupying 1/3 of Syria to steal the war-ravaged country’s oil and wheat, accuses the Syrian government of “disdain for international norms of behavior and hypocrisy regarding claims of sovereignty.” (-Aaron Mate)

     It really is like the Matrix, motherfuckers on the haves side of town forever fight to protect the sick system, the corrupt status quo, the rigged sham. They got their stupid degree and own some property and Amazon boxes on the porch and now they don’t wanna know if the system is fucking over the people, or torturing, or spying, or propagandizing, or mass incarcerating people for victimless crimes, crushing unions, inflitating and disrupting activist groups,  or even mass murdering. It’s all an empty charade-the feelgood slogans and virtue signals and fakeass tokenism and do nothing diversity squads and I Voted Today stickers and Ukraine Flags. Rich people having fun at our expense. I have no answers, don’t really understand anybody, other than in my life, everybody seems to follow the powers that locally prevail, whatever those powers represent or demand. The rich can do no wrong and the poor can never be right-they must be punished. I’m from like a Eugene Debs and Stokely Carmichael and Woody Guthrie and Fred Hampton tradition, a lifelong outsider, and I do not seek gold stars from the people on the hill, I just assume they hate me. They think I’m comin’ to take away their channel changer or pizza rolls or challenge their expertise gleaned from Bill Nye The Science Guy or whatever. They don’t wanna Catch The PovertyTM. Studiously avoiding guilt by association with my bad antisocial anarchist reputation. Anytime I ever asked somebody for you know, a small merit raise, or to let me use their recording studio, or work at their goth boutique, or kick down some of their infinite disposable funds for me to finish a recording with, in exchange for all my elbow grease labors, and caregiving and nurturing, vital contributions to their tiny empire brand building, that’s when they always cut ties with me and told their booji wives or personal assistants it was ’cause of my character defects, I have some flaw, or wild glint in the eye, they don’t like my face, or tone, or inebriated nights of loud singing thirty years ago, or some shit. So obviously, I left them with no choice but to abruptly abandon me, taking with them my more cherished belongings, and common associates, a whole suitcase fulla photos and threads, and a bunch of my song ideas and intellectual properties and copyright it under their name. ETC., ETC. They call that sticking with the winners, earning their success with their inlaw inheritance the hard way in the USA! USA! My Canadian rocker friend and I keep comparing notes about how ludicrous this whole pig-media manufactured unreality has become, just bullshit actors in front of blue screens saying friendly advertising slogans while letting the super rich steal the basic human rights and freedoms from the majority: brazenly right in front of people’s noses, but most of them are too preoccupied by their own piles of stuff, putting together their Ika furniture, pampered pets and celebrity privilege to even get some vague notion of what is really going on. Me and that guy both retreat back into the music and memories of the eighties, takes us to a sweeter time. Is it just me, or was everybody you know just a whole lot less evil, back then?

“Don’t you know it is wrong to cheat the tryin’ man?” (The CLASH)

“The War on #Russia — New York Times admits #CIA and US/EU “commandos” are and have been active in #Ukraine , while #NATO announces huge increase of troop deployment to Europe from 40K to 300K” (-Dan Kovalik)

“I’m starting to wonder whether the US Government’s ability to find ways to justify its posture of Endless War – and that’s what it is: endless – might have something to do with how a tiny slice of Americans (corporate and security state elites who wield huge power in DC) benefit?” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Neoliberalism is blaming @SusanSarandon while Nancy Pelosi reads poetry.” (-Nina Turner)

Lina Hidalgo and the Arnolds: Billionaire Influence Network Crafts Lockdowns Across US (mintpressnews.com)Death of Freddie Gray: 5 Things You Didn’t Know – Rolling Stone

Green Party says Democrats used tricks to block them from ballot (carolinajournal.com)

VIDEO: Ecuador’s uprising escalates despite violent gov’t repression – The Grayzone

“The left needs to focus its attack on the police state of the United States because it is one of this country’s largest hypocrisies that exposes the conservative and liberal class. The “fiscal conservative” claims they are for small government that does not tread on them. Meanwhile they support insane police budgets that do not justify themselves. More people are waking up to this fact after the Uvalde Police Force allowed a mass shooter to kill a bunch of innocent kids. Despite the obvious incompetence of the police, conservatives want to fund them more because they are 100% ok with living in a giant nanny state government because it gives them the illusion of security. 

Meanwhile liberals pretend they are woke, oppose racial discrimination and white supremacy. Then they support funding the police more and expanding their powers despite the system of policing being built on white supremacy and maintaining social hierarchies. Liberals promote and pretend they understand Critical Race Theory but this is a giant part of CRT. The recognition that while individual racism is harmful, the most important form of racism to confront is institutional racism. Meanwhile, the Democrats not only helped built this caste system that we live in, they are doubling down on funding them more. By doing this, they misdirect the energy people have that wants to dismantle white supremacy into making it stronger. While this is going on, liberals preach about anti-racism and against white supremacy just to fight the culture war against the right. 

The Police State Never Loses 

The liberal response to cop violence and incompetence is to give them more money for training. Conservative big government bootlickers response is to “back the blue” in response to the “radical left” attacking the police. Both parties worship the police despite the fact that police allow kids to die in mass shootings, do nothing to prevent crime, and do nothing to make us feel safer. The Police fail the public over and over, but they constantly get more funding. When “crime” goes up, the police need more funding to stop the ongoing crime wave. When “crime” goes down they fund them more in order to keep the peace. It’s important to remember that police have PR departments and advisors. Whenever they need a budget increase, they claim crime is up when many of times that is simply not the case (overall crime has decreased for decades now). Or they simply just arrest more people and claim that crime is out of control, citing their own arrest statistics. 

The media always play their role as loyal as one would expect from corporate state tv. Copaganda in corporate media is one of the cops most efficient weapons. Whenever they lobby for a budget increase, the media all across the political spectrum repeats uncritically the propaganda that comes from the police and prison industrial complex about the rise in crime and the need to add more police officers. The propaganda became even more absurd in the wake of the George Floyd protests and popularity of the Defund the Police Movement. The media would run cover for the incompetence of the police, by blaming “crime waves” on the Defund the Police movement despite the fact that the police was not reduced.” (-Nick Cruse)

“NATO and a War Foretold. NATO chief bragged that Western intelligence predicted the Ukraine war months before Russia invaded; but predictions-and warnings–go back 30 years. And went unheeded.” (-Medea Benjamin) Opinion | NATO and a War Foretold | Medea Benjamin (commondreams.org)

 “As covered in the @nytimes, the US has now admitted to having CIA on the ground in Ukraine. Question: If you’re funding, arming, & advising a military and you have “boots on the ground,” at what point do you admit you’re involved in a proxy war??” (-Lee Camp)

“Joe Biden made sure Clarence Thomas got on Supreme Court & has been the enemy of poor people his entire career.” (-Jimmy Dore)


These grossass fake leftist do nothing imperialist Dems are actually fundraising with their stupid Capital Hill Protest Fake Outrage, and abortion, like they are just helpless babies with no power, but they will never do anything to help you, only their Republikkkan donor class owners. Sometimes I’ll read about Ireland or Australia or France or Merry Olde and dream about taking a ship abroad, relocating somewhere more free where you don’t get hassled by the man for walking down the street or cancel culture ratpacked by the ever-obedient college navel gazers for being off script. I see these movies about punk rock and read the books and can hardly even imagine knowing five people who aint been completely rebooted by the false narratives of the corporate reset billionaires. I’d love to gather round the bonfire or belly back up to some bar and sing some songs and find some free minded people who aint just here to take orders and generate wealth for their evil so called superiors. You might recall that Jesus & Mary Chain song, “Man On The Moon”? That’s totally how I feel this morning, just disconnected all the way. Don’t wanna climb on the risky roof to try and repair holes, don’t wanna walk to the stinky river, don’t wanna fuck around typing shit on this stupid computer. Don’t wanna try to be understood. Certainly not accepted or forgiven. Just…bereft. I got a disabled kid who suffers from struggling to fit in with the general ed. neurotypicals cause his idea of being like them is by imitating their snarky, greedy, namebrand, violence and competition thing, and ya know, weirdly, that’s how most of society is really starting to look and operate at this point, hard to teach a kid not to impose their will with extortion tactics and bullying and lies and namecalling and shit when that is exactly how the political parties, kkkops, politicians, popular grownup scenesters and shysters and supposedly oh so upstanding and philanthropic rulers behave.  Imposing their will with violence. Trained the neo feudal wishful thinking pinkhat gatekeepers to pay no mind to the men behind the curtain-here’s a pretty lady saying nice things in pleasing tones, or still tweeting about how bad Qshaman was. Get real. They’ve all forgotten how. Their Nike gentrification obedience overlords have that consumerist swoosh slogan “Just Do It”. Hell, I’d like to see ’em just even, “Do…SOMETHING”. Their only functions are repeating tv talk and ordering shit online. 

I remember over twenty years ago, me and my old lady going to a library downtown in the tv shitfaced, flyover, middle managerial, plantation states to look for some real and authentic get shit done activists to work with at a midwestern FOOD NOT BOMBS, well it was a real disappointment cause as my partner said, that midwestern chapter it shoulda been called, FLIRTING NOT FOOD. If you want to see a real model of live action, bad ass, do it yourself for the people, seize the day right now ACTION, this is how it’s done. My heroes:

Carry It Forward

CODE PINK AND DAVID SWANSON: Podcast Episode 37: Medea Benjamin Never Gives Up – World Beyond War . . .

“After 18 days of general strike the people of Ecuador have forced the government to lower gas prices, limit oil exploration and mining, and protect parks and water sources. The government now has 90 days to deliver on the other demands of Indigenous groups, or they strike again.” (-Joshua Potash; READ WOBBLIES AND ZAPATISTAS)

“The only thing worse than the cultists of the Democratic party are the cultists who haven’t learned that the GOP is simply another flavor of  warmongering Wall Street puppet oligarchy. They somehow believe that Israel/corporate puppets like Trump or DeSantis are the answer.” (-Garland Nixon)

“Imagine if every uninformed Democrat like Rosie (O’Donnell) decided to pressure the Democrats!!?!? Who are actually in power & have complete control of government,  instead of being led around by their nose by propagandists from one of the corporate parties who uses abortion to fundraise.” (-Jimmy Dore)


A rocknroller who jammed with Jerry Nolan and Two Saints and Daughters alumni. I used to see him at the RAT.


NATO, Turkey, & Do Nothing Dems (callin.com)
US Spy Operation That Manipulates Social Media Revealed (rumble.com)

Roxy Music – More Than ThisRoxy Music’s groundbreaking self-titled debut album will be released on 2nd February 2018 as an expanded edition including rare and unreleased music. Order here: https://RoxyMusic.lnk.to/RoxyMusicID Listen to more from Roxy Music: https://lnk.to/yCkwR Explore the incredible history of Roxy Music here: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/artists …www.youtube.com


So I been diggin’ this heavy metal writer from Metal Injection and Dangerous Minds by the name of Cherry Bomb. I figure my talented and perceptive colleague, DISCONTENTED Podcaster/singer-songwriter, researcher, John Dissed, will find this of special interest. Dangerous Minds always has some unexpected and entertaining writing about stuff I like.  www.johndissed.com

QUIET RIOT’s First Gig Was At RANDY RHOADS’ Senior Prom In 1975 (Plus Exclusive Rare Photos From The Show) (metalinjection.net)

‘Love Bites’: A charming documentary on Morrissey super-fans from 1995 | Dangerous Minds

 “As covered in the @nytimes, the US has now admitted to having CIA on the ground in Ukraine. Question: If you’re funding, arming, & advising a military and you have “boots on the ground,” at what point do you admit you’re involved in a proxy war??” (-Lee Camp)

“Joe Biden made sure Clarence Thomas got on Supreme Court & has been the enemy of poor people his entire career.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“It’s past time that @POTU should pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. If you agree, please retweet.” (-Matthew Hoh For Senate)

“It’s really not hard to explain. It’s very simple: Democrats have done nothing with their political power to help the people because the party is corrupt and serves Big Business and the ruling class. Democrats don’t even care if they lose because it will help their 3 main objectives: 1. Fundraising 2. Enriching their corporate donors 3. Keeping the people trapped in the duopoly If you think this party cares about democracy or human rights then you’re not paying attention. Democrats have done nothing for the past 50 years except capitulate to Republicans because they serve the same wealthy donors & the same decrepit capitalist system, yet liberals think the solution is to keep voting for them instead of fighting for something better. It’s insanity!” 

(-Ryan Knight)

“You don’t have to engage with the liberals blaming Bernie, Susan Sarandon, Jill Stein, etc. for this. They got the political order they wanted and it still failed them, and the cognitive dissonance is breaking them. They will not be meaningful allies in the fights to come. Let them stew in their misplaced rage forever. But move on and focus on the fights that matter.” (-Craig Rangoon)

“Pompeo’s speech is one long rimjob for the military-industrial complex which indirectly employs him. He repeatedly sings the praises of the weapons that are being poured into Ukraine, two of them by name: the Patriot missile built by Raytheon and the Javelin missile built jointly by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, both of whom happen to be major funders of the Hudson Institute. He repeatedly decries the “disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” and excoriates the Biden administration for failing to control the world’s fossil fuel resources aggressively enough in its efforts to “prostrate itself to radicals.”

Pompeo, easily ranked among the most fanatical imperialists on the entire planet, hilariously says that “China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a form of imperialism.” He decries a “genocide” in Xinjiang and repeatedly implies that China deliberately unleashed Covid-19 upon the world, calling it “the global pandemic induced by China.” He repeatedly claims that Vladimir Putin is trying to reconstitute the Soviet Union.

Along with praise for NATO and for the various anti-China alliances in the Indo-Pacific, Pompeo names “Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan” as “the three lighthouses for liberty” which those alliances must work to support militarily. You will notice that those three “lighthouses” just so happen to be the hottest points of geostrategic conflict with the top three opponents of the US empire: Russia, Iran, and China.

But there are a couple of things Pompeo says which have some real meat on them.

“By aiding Ukraine, we undermined the creation of a Russian-Chinese axis bent on exerting military and economic hegemony in Europe, in Asia and in the Middle East,” Pompeo says.

“We must prevent the formation of a Pan-Eurasian colossus incorporating Russia, but led by China,” he later adds. “To do that, we have to strengthen NATO, and we see that nothing hinders Finland and Sweden’s entry into that organization.”

To stop a “Pan-Eurasian colossus” from forming, @mikepompeo stresses the importance of #Finland and #Sweden joining @NATO as well as #Russia‘s resulting increase in military capability if they are denied entry. pic.twitter.com/er0BKvcjEK

— Hudson Institute (@HudsonInstitute) June 29, 2022

That’s all the major international news stories of today are ultimately about, right there. Underlying all the smaller news stories about conflicts with nations like Russia, China and Iran, there’s one continuous story about the US power alliance trying to secure planetary domination by relentlessly working to subvert any nation which refuses to align with it, and about the nations who oppose that campaign working against it with steadily increasing intimacy.

This is all the Russia hysteria from 2016 onward has been about. This is all the phony, hypocritical hand-wringing about Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong have been about. This is all the staged histrionics about human rights in Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba have been about. It’s all been about manufacturing international consent for an increasingly dangerous campaign to secure unipolar global hegemony at any cost.

It’s worth calling this to mind, as NATO for the first time designates China a threat due to its alignment with Russia and as NATO’s secretary-general admits that NATO has been preparing for a conflict with Russia since 2014. It is worth calling to mind the fact that the US has had a policy in place since the fall of the Soviet Union to prevent the rise of any rival superpower to deny any serious challenge to its planetary domination. It is worth calling to mind that in 1997 the precursor to the US Space Force committed to working toward “full spectrum dominance,” meaning military control over land, sea, air, and space.

People like to talk about secret conspiracies by shadowy cabals to establish a one-world government, but what is by far the most tangible and imminent global domination agenda has been orchestrated right out in the open. The US government has long sought to unite the world under a single power structure, no matter how much violence and devastation it needs to inflict upon humanity and no matter how much world-threatening nuclear brinkmanship it needs to engage in to do so.

This is the US empire which corrupt psychopaths like Mike Pompeo support. A power structure which wages nonstop wars in order to keep the peace, which continually oppresses populations around the world in order to protect freedom, and which risks nuclear war with increasingly reckless aggression to in order save the world.(-Caitlin Johnstone)

“After throwing Greens off the ballot in 2020 in TX, WI, PA, Dems are at it again. Tell them they’re not “for” voting rights if they’re kicking their opponents off the ballot. Send a message by supporting  @MatthewPHoh – the latest target of Dems’ ballot suppression schemes.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“Green party candidate @MatthewPHoh got on the ballot in North Carolina and @TheDemocrats are waging a campaign to get him removed from the ballot and subvert democracy. It’s time for folks to wake up and understand that the Democrats are not on our side either & oppose democracy.  People are homeless because of capitalism. People are dying from a lack of healthcare because of capitalism. People are overworked, underpaid & unhappy because of capitalism. Capitalism was not designed for the betterment of society. It was designed to enrich the ruling class.(-Ryan Knight)

“We have a word for the belief in the division between self and other: Fear. Capitalism is just encoded fear. It’s the fear we’ve agreed upon and thereby enforce upon everyone. Capitalism is rule by fear.” (-Patrick H on Twitter)

“Because Obama is trending, here’s an incomplete list of his stellar accomplishments: 1. Bailed out Wall Street 2. Destroyed Libya 3. Jailed whistleblowers, deported immigrants, and used drone strikes in record number 4. Expanded Bush’s wars from two to seven 5. Kill List” (-Danny Haiphong)

The Obama Legacy Part X: How Obama’s Past Played a Role in the Insurgency of the Present | Black Agenda Report

The Obama Legacy Part X: How Obama’s Past Played a Role in the Insurgency of the Present – Black Agenda Reportby Danny Haiphong “Although austerity, war, and state repression are nothing new to US imperialism, the last eight years saw these modes of exploitation perfected under a Black Democrat.” President Obama saved the banks from the “pitchforks” of an enraged public, failed to protect Black lives at home, and waged war in seven countries. “Hillary Clinton’s own war record mostly stems …www.blackagendareport.com

“The CIA and special operations forces from Britain, France, and Canada are physically in Ukraine, helping direct the proxy war on Russia, overseeing weapons, training, and intelligence. Some Ukrainian forces even have US flag patches.” (-Benjamin Norton)

“The fact that is considered legal for a corporation to compile perfect records of your private life simply because you had to “click OK to continue” to make your phone work is a perfect expression of who holds the power in society and why they should be cast into the sea.” (-Edward Snowden)

“Love buys a six pack and gives in to the bums.” (-Joe Strummer)

 NATO, Turkey, & Do Nothing Dems (callin.com)

US national security state censoring anti-imperialists to control ‘compatible left’ – Multipolarista



Never Ending Police State Expansion is the Result of the Ongoing Class War (substack.com)

Whitewashing Black Radicals | Martin Luther King Jr Speeches on Capitalism | I AM THE REVOLUTION / Twitter

The Piggies “… And Now!” EP

Japanese band The PIGGIES have been around since 1997 although they broke up in 2001 and reappeared in 2017. They are a quite mysterious band (it’s actually hard to find any info about them online!) with cartoonesque girl vocals. They mix power pop, 60s girl bands and punk pop in an interesting way as you can hear in “Tell Me”. Songs like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” or the amphetamine fueled rock’n’roll “Evelyn” are very catchy and hard to resist. Short but sweet, this 6 song 12″ is out on Monster Zero Records (on nice clear vinyl!) /Laurent C.

Buy From Monster Zero Records

The Hallingtons “Hop Til’ You Drop”

After releasing their EP “Hexed” 3 years ago and a few other EPs and digital releases before, The HALLINGTONS from Norway are back with a full LP on Monster Zero Records. The RAMONES influence is still very strong and these new songs have quite a few catchy choruses (“Not Coming Back To You”, “Business Boy”, “Slaughterhouse”, “Spinning Me Around”, “My My My Mexico”) The sunny pop punk side of the band shows more in songs like “Your Boy”, “Becky’s On E” or “Alien Girl” and you’ll get a good dose of old-school punk rock riffs in this album (“Go Godzilla”, “Figures You Out”.) The album closes with “Hallington Hop”, a song that must be the band’s anthem. Quite a fun summer punk rockin’ album!/Laurent.

Buy from Monster Zero Records

Facebook page

Breaking The Set! Gutter Snobs Released At Last, Free Assange, Jimmy Dore, Fred Hampton Leftists, Jamming To The Primals, Revolutionary Blackout Network, Junkshop Glam, Fake News, Real Pop! (-by J.D. Stay FREE)

 “The consensus is wrong. A painful part of aging is coming to realize how often this is true not due to a universal and honest ignorance, but rather a collaborationist submission to the fangs of popular opinion. For fear of ostracism, the human tribe will eat years of bitterness.” (-Edward Snowden)

“We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic.” 
(-Gropey Joe musta looked at the receipts)

“The U.S. is probably one of the least woke countries in the world with its endless militarism, constant funding of the police, and bailouts for capitalist while allowing workers to starve Meanwhile people pretending this country is woke because they see more black and gay people. Notice how people who call themselves “moderates” are literally to the right of “ultra conservative” on policing? What does that tell you?” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“It’s impossible to despise the mainstream western press too much, in my opinion. They’re paving the way to destruction and dystopia just as much as the plutocrats and politicians. They whine that the public hates them, but really the public doesn’t hate them enough.” (-Caitlyn Johnstone)

“Biden is out here acting like only Republicans are criticizing him. I am an independent socialist and disagree with Biden funding a proxy war with Russia. This was never about bringing democracy to Ukraine and always about laundering our money to the military industrial complex.” (-Ryan Knight)

“I have absolutely no illusions in the Guardian, none whatsoever. My mum brought me up to read the Guardian. She said, ‘It’s a good paper you can trust’. You can’t. After their treatment of me, I do not trust the Guardian.” (-Jeremy Corbyn)

“This is why J. Edgar Hoover considered Fred Hampton so dangerous – Hampton was uniting young people of all colors. The elites want the working-class fighting each other. Not forming coalitions.” (-Empire Of Lies on Twitter)

“Wild how quickly the narrative went from “nobody wants to work“ to “we need to force mass unemployment to fight inflation“.  Our entire economy is just a scam on working people protecting the capitalist class. – Covid hits causing stock market to collapse – Fed steps in dumps trillions to prop it up – Crumbs in relative stimulus given to working class – Corporations receive billions in subsidies while laying off workers – Corporations use narrative of inflation to price gouge workers” (-Mac@GoodPoliticGuy)

“The immorality of U.S. policy with Ukraine is appalling. When it became clear that the plan to arm & encourage Ukraine to bait Russia into a limited war in Donbas did not work, to encourage Ukraine to abandon negotiations in March & fight is unforgivable. But I guess we should not expect more from a state that would fight in Afghanistan for 20 years & then walk away & allow the people to starve after stealing their govt budget. And then you wonder why the non-European world sees the U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination as the enemy.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

 “I see you standin’ on the other side

I don’t know how the river got so wide
I loved you, baby, way back when…
And all the bridges are burnin’ that we might’ve crossed
But I feel so close to everything that we lost
We’ll never, we’ll never have to lose it again.

Now, I bid you farewell, I don’t know when I’ll be back
They’re movin’ us tomorrow to the tower down the track
But you’ll be hearin’ from me, baby, long after I’m gone
I’ll be speakin’ to you sweetly from a window in the Tower of Song.” (-Leonard Cohen)


So yeah, ya know all kinds of good stuff has happened in the wild world of the BEAT ANGELS! Those guys became fathers, published books, wrote screenplays and for all us fans, they finally found a cool label that released “THE GUTTER SNOBS”, their deeply cherished and much beloved, hard to find third album. They do a fucking PHENOMENOL cover of the Dic’s “STAY WITH ME” and wrote some amazingly listenable, unforgettable power-pop songs every bit as timeless and classic as any of their own heroes from like, Candy or Cheap Trick or The Raspberries. Often imitated but seldom equaled, ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous BEAT ANGELS! BUY IT NOW! Right the fuck on, nothin’ but Hell Yeah!

Beat Angels – The Gutter Snobs (2022, white, Vinyl) – Discogs


I’m not a big Russell Brand fan, he’s a little too new age cultish with his white linen Jared Leto-Ezra Miller mystic triangle affectations and former association with known occultic pop kitten, Katy Perry, but he asks some good and even important questions here. Exposes illusion of media-diversity and the bipartisan corruption of the con artist duopoly. The popular vote is almost always the dummy vote. Media is a crooked, paid for sham owned and operated by undemocratic secret society billionaires who will have you eating bugs and telling you that it’s for science and diversity. You wouldn’t wanna get CANCELLED, would you???! Or get deleted from The FriendsTM?? Fuck, man, i was never “MONETIZED” to begin with. What are they gonna do? Quit being nice to me? HA! I think Bernie Sanders let a lot of people down. Jimmy Dore was right when he said BS killed his own movement. They all talk pretty and then vote however their donor class bosses tell them to, never blocking wars or expansion of the police state. AOC is an even worse letdown fake fraud than Bernie and Obama. Tulsi Gabbard who, like the great DR.JILL STEIN, was slandered by Killary as a Putin/Assad sympathizer said:”Too many Democrats and Republicans talk a good game about civil liberties and claim to stand for freedom — but when it comes time to vote on protecting our civil liberties and right to privacy, they vote on the side of the power elite, and against liberty.” But she’s just one more phony pro war, pro Biden sheepdog candidate. Politicians are liars and they do not care about you. Their superiors, in fact, actively seek our destruction. I know, it’s hard to admit it. Shit’s gotten Dark.

“Shows why we shouldn’t drink the Kool-Aid. Pushing left in a party funded by billionaires, bankers and war profiteers doesn’t work.” (Dr. Jill Stein)


You might know people say I’m “stuck in the eighties” with all the Bunnymen and Adam Ant and Dexy‘s and Culture Club and the Furs. They are not wrong. I don’t know anything about The Kills really, they came along way, way, way after I dropped out from gentrified society with all the model duos and festival culture and $4000 rent and millionaire kids like Beck and DJ nights and designer clothing and shit but you can’t go wrong with T. REX. I like Bobby, I was always just jealous of his horn sections and background singers and that I never had a Creation guy financing my rock music. Saw a drifter from outta town napping on a park bench in the hot sun today. He had a little Snoopy pillow, reminded me of me when I was vagrant or free. It’s a hard way to go-the traveling life. Especially if you’re alone, like where I live the outta towners mistakenly think it’s a hippie community. Maybe it was fifty years ago, or even thirty five years ago, I dunno, but now, there is no one who will help them, no bus station, no Amtrak, no overnight shelter, it is an extremely inhospitable environment if you aint got a big gas guzzling oversized RV and credit cards. It gets like 110 degrees in the desert, or there are sudden monsoons that flood the streets and houses. Everybody is elderly in dilapidated old trailers and as poor as the vagabonds, except the ten rich people who own everything-they are greedy, authoritarian assholes. Surprised nobody’s called the kkkops on that poor sleeping guy yet. They’re usually all ran outta town after like, their second day. Sometimes they can scrap up some gas money at Wal-Mart, but you see the kkops come and run ’em out. They come in with their over optimistic deadhead hustles and have to hitch hike back out the next day. Ain’t no place for people who got no money.

This was good, though. Jesus & Mary Chain drummer made a right on frontman.


Same exact assholes who complain about homeless people having cell-phones don’t seem to grasp that you have to have a phone with internet access to apply for  jobs and look for imaginary affordable apartments and you have to be reachable by phone. What kind of fuckedup fifties Fonzarelli fantasy are these 90210 motherfuckers even living in? That you just drive your imaginary car down to the Peach Pit and shake hands with Nate the malt shop owner and fill-out a paper job application with your No. 2 yellow pencil and assure him you’re a real hard worker and he hands you the mop, so you can work your way up to the top like Hunter Biden and jared Kushner with the sweat of your manly brow and macho Ford truck bootstraps? What the fuck, man? Ex punks I know all “identify” more with big shot millionaire club owners than they do with everyday homeless people targeted by the big shot bruiser gym membership dickheads. I’ll never get that, man. Or forget that. A nation of fucking suckups wanting to stay after school and bang out erasers for Mrs. Crabtree. All these fucking nauseating suckups making excuses for rich people’s bad behaviors. Millions are falling into houselessness, so gentrification hipster assholes can gloat and pose and have these self-congratulating zipcode circle jerks and brag about how they earned their beach house and record deal and Saturday night free drink tickets they got from their mom the hard way. It’s tiresome. I don’t like people at all, anymore-they’re all just fuckin liars with $1000 imported leather biker jackets drinking fucking mimosas and yapping about shit they heard fourth hand over endless brunch, they just keep falling up, and act like it’s cause they got so much talent and virtue and it’s all just like that old Heather Locklear commercial, “because I’m WORTH IT!” I gotta interact with these types sometimes against my will, the inheritance class, and in my mind, I’m always thinking about that old Sweet song. “Heard it all before.”

“The Empire is dying right in front of us, and the only question now is how many people will they kill trying to hold onto power.” (-Black In The Empire)

“I didn’t realize that Putin was a pro-worker union type. When you need to constantly invoke the Russia boogeyman to subjugate working people and sustain elite power at home, I suppose anything is possible.” 

(-Aaron Mate’)

About 6 mos. ago, me and an older desert cowboy neighbor climbed up onto the roof and tried to spackle the leaky roof with some black tar he had-the roof has been leaking ever since the last extreme wind emergency blew all the shingles off the garage. Now the garage is a secondary structure here, behind our ancient disintegrating rickety old trailer, but I use it as my wreck room, or den, where I keep my stuff and a lot of old videotapes got soaked losing any potential resell value ever, and some photos and collages and my HANOI ROCKS poster got drenched and ruined, I tried to individually towel off as much as I could, managed to salvage some of it, it just sucks-but it could have been worse and often is, just one of the perils of living in the desert. Monsoons. It’s happened before, I lost a lotta photos in a flood in my grandmother’s basement, a trunk fulla old letters and lyrics in my mom’s basement flood, and two guitars and two giant scrapbooks were appropriated when I was being evicted and in the middle of moving after I’d sold off the last of my books and records for pennies to the greed head smirking gentrification record store hipster, ’bout twenty years ago. No one likes having their stuff destroyed or lost or stolen or ruined in the elements. I’m grateful as ever for what remains. Nothing lasts forever in this disposable age where only technofascist billionaires and their attack dog, super militarized, cyber spies and secret agent enforcers have any rights. Table Of Nine Bilderberg occultists tell ya straight up they plan on seizing your belongings and chipping you for science (Google: WEF) but to most average joes on the street, that still seems as crazy as if somebody told them government employees were gonna be fondling their body parts at airports and groping their loved ones private parts, cause Muslim terrorists are coming with boxcutters for their freedom fries and good jobs, and that they’d willingly and sometimes cheerfully consent to that, cause the media told ’em it was for their own protection and the public health. For their own good. That the NSA would be monitoring and recording all their conversations and selling their information to the highest bidders and only billionaires are entitled to privacy in the New World Order being rebranded as Agenda 21 and now The Great Reset. It’s for science though, and diversity, and the public good and the public health, and they will own nothing and be happy. Don’t worry, be happy. Here’s some middle class insurance prescription pills. Anything that makes anybody uncomfortable can always be shrugged off as fake news. Conspiranoia. The Icke X Files. The uneducated ignorance of THE OTHERS. Smartest and arguably most talented guy I know, an old writer from Creem and Rolling Stone in the golden years, says he does not like Chris Hedges, not cause Chris is wrong, but he’s too gloomy. People want that upbeat serotonin feelgood confirmation bias partisan boost always being offered by slick advertising jingles and peppy television millionaires and kangaroo court show trials. Judge Judy and The People’s Court. Russiagate Rachel Maddow and her big words and glasses wearing. They don’t want no scrubs. They like their technofacsist propaganda delivered in soothing NPR “Coffeetime” tones of voice.


   We’ve all been born into slavery-institutionalized, some slaves like being slaves, s’long as they can have some authority over uneducated, lesser-than, sneetches from down the road. I’m the kinda guy who recognizes they can tell the majority ANYTHING, and the majority will believe it and stand in line all night at Best Buy even in the rain and eagerly comply and pay for the privilege of groveling for permission. Bark like dogs-Who let the dogs out? USA! USA! George Carlin said it in the eighties-that Murkkkans LIKE war, s’long as they don’t see no pesky images of what the USA is really doing-the carnage, s’long as the pig-media sells ’em a feelgood Super Bowl Sunday Marvel Comics Patriotic Super Hero Narrative everytime. Somebody on a plane yells, “Let’s Roll!” I instinctively knew THE GHOST OF KIEV was a propaganda construct the first day, and like a month later, corporate media finally admitted it, after using the storyline to manufacture consent for baiting Russia into useless and destructive, endless wars. The whole Captain Amerikkka and Iron Man battle cry, ya know people are so gung ho for that “shock and awe” sterile image video game bullshit. Timberland wearing. pot smokin’ Kamala Harris, and her Co-Veep, First SCIENCE EXPERT, Double Double DOCTOR JILL BIDEN THE SCIENTIST FOR SUPER SPACE SCIENCE, Zelensky the comedian and Blue Steel Ben Stiller and Bill Gates and Dr. Fauchi are battling the commies for justice!!! Oprah’s friend Gayle and Dr. Phil will know The Answer! What does Beyonce say? Gropey Joe will FIX IT! Hey, Gropey, leave those kids alone. ‘Upside to my shit getting ruined out there in the leaky fifty year old garage? Maybe all this rain is gonna help put out some of those wildfires started by the federal government that have been blazing outta control. Remember when W Bush told Murkkkans to BUY DUCT TAPE FOR FREEDOM and that it’d protect them from the SCARY SUPER VILLAINS like The Shoe Bomber and The Anthrax Killer and The Unabomber and The Boston Marathon Guy and Timothy Mcveigh and the Notorious Show Thrower? Murkkkan Public will believe ANYTHING! ANYTHING! And the complicit media will manufacture consent for the craziest dystopian bullshit shady despots like Kissinger & Co. can imagine. They’ll also demand you take Beyonce SERIOUSLY! She’s a SURVIVOR! Like ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! Getcher hands up! HARRY STYLES is here to HELP YOU COME OUT! PINK HATS FOR…THE ONLY ISSUE EVER…OUR PREFERRED PRO NOUNS…BUT FUCK THE POOR. That’s the class aint nobody protecting, or really ever sincerely advocating for. AT ALL. Not even your so called ex friends with all the Namaste bumper stickers give a flying shit what happens to you-they just wanna smoke the legal white people reefer, watch horror movies on Net-Flix, stuffed their piehole with Trader Joe’s gluten free snacks, befriend your exes, steal copyrights of your old tunes they had no part in composing, and get seen at the poshest winebar event by the recently tattooed hometown conservatives you went to school with-right? Getting scene. Being seen. Motherfuckers seriously insist the TV does not lie for corporate sponsors. Or their higher-ups would’ve told ’em on PBS. Jim Morrison belligerently yelled in a drunken stupor, “you’re all a buncha slaves”. College dorks love to critique his poetry and dismiss him  an alcoholic, but those dweebs will never write one thing in their lives even a twelfth as lovely as “The Crystal Ship”. These Haves On The Hill are just gonna blindly accept the ongoing crucifixion of Assange and assassination of the real free press as unavoidable and tell themselves he shouldn’t have offended Hillary Clinton. Ya ever worry for like, Matt Taibbi? THE WAR ON JOURNALISTS IS REAL! War on whistleblowers-who killed Seth Rich? What is an authority figure BUT an extortionist?  “Julian Assange, the most important publisher of our generation, whose extradition to the US was approved on Friday by the British Home Secretary Priti Patel, is an example of what will befall all publishers and journalists that expose the inner workings of power.” (-Chris Hedges)

“This is for my dear sister Shireen! Long live Palestinian dignity – no oppressed people should ever feel alone in the world!” (-Dr. Cornel West)



Cornel West on the complicity of US media in Israeli crimes – YouTube


“Joe followed in the footsteps of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bob Marley. Without Strummer you have to ask, ‘Who speaks for you now?’” (-Don Letts)

I can’t even tell you why I’m so depressed. I used to drink and smoke to cope but now my health is failing and I’m a caregiver. Partly it’s the deaths of so many good, loyal friends and how that represents the deaths of so many dreams. The anxiety about the future and keeping my loved ones safe and healthy. The pig-media pounds fear into us all everyday. Now they got their WW3 promoting and Monkeypox shots and always a new boogeyman coming for our imaginary benefits and bigbox service jobs supposedly. It’s exhausting even second hand hearing about all their bullshit media campaigns. New one everyday. Cut off from everybody I used to know cause they all succumbed to the Big Lies. I don’t speak Commercials.

So I got all these songs I’ve written that nobody’s heard-I guess I’m finally gonna download some recording software but that ain’t never been anything I naturally gravitate towards doing. I’ve got more like a….get a drummer and a 12 pack, and my dangerous guitarists who don’t get along, and head down into the basement with some beer and  a notebook kinda approach to rocknroll making. Rock Like Fucking Fuck, not that cyber techno, Auto Tuning, Skyping Pro Tool I-Pod whatever bullshittery.

I try real hard not to sweat material losses, ya know MAYBE some old bass player or his dysfunctional roommates ganked 300 45’s, or that ex girlfriend took all my old photos, or glam rock posters, the storage space got robbed of a buncha video games intended for my kid, and some guitars, and even Stiv’s purple ruflly shirt and a sword from my grandparent’s house, lost some furniture from my childhood home when it all got shit canned by my aunt after my grandma died, lost more when a different chick dumped me and her last call bar friends carried my shit to the dumpster, lost my grandma’s ice cream scoop in the last move-all these worthless but sentimental items I became attached to-all the old rocknroll t shirts, but shit comes and goes, it’s just the irreplaceable sentimental stuff that gets me. It ain’t the dollar value, I mean I’m just into my personal old crap, I’ve lost so much over the years, I gotta song about it called, “All My Broken Homes”. My wife sings it and plays the guitar. She digs it. It’s good, it’s an outlaw country classic. Awww, man. Ya know, day to day, ya learn to adjust and adapt and cope with the unacceptable. Like with me, I had loved ones spirited away, years ago-my beautiful, brilliant, legendary kids-they’re out there somewhere, still alive, doing their thing, they’re probably okay, beautiful stars-but they ghosted me, so that’s been hard to bear, year after year. So many of my dearest friends have croaked already. Then, there’s the death of liberty and human rights in this country, where kkkops casually kill people for no reason and the slavery spectators make excuses for ’em. The health system is totally corrupt and regulatory agencies are owned and controlled by fake philanthropic surveillance tech overlords. Nobody wants to hear any of that, cause they been trained to worship doctors or nurses, but then, a family member gets sick and they find out what a fraud that whole system is. As a songwriter, I’ve seen sucky people become big stars, while my own talented and trusted collaborators die in the gutter hated, blamed, and alone, and their demo tapes and journals just get automatically shitcanned, so there is almost no record of their life’s works. My own stuff has seldom been properly put to tape. Some former associates have begun the legal process of claiming authorship of my old tunes that they covered but had no real part in composing. They know I have kids and that’s my intellectual property but they want always more booty to throw on their unscrupulously ill gotten prestige and property piles. My main collaborator destroyed his body with hard livin’ and multiple collisions and is lucky to be alive, can’t really play the guitar anymore, or take care of himself financially, and I can’t take care of him, either. So we got all these unrecorded songs and it’s tough to see the wealthy people on the coasts kinda steal our whole vibe, sound, style and sometimes, even our songs, and pass ’em off as their own, and enjoy some moderate success from it. That’s the  question capitalist show business asks me every day. If somebody creates a prolific body of work that never gets signed by a record label, or written about in controlled media, did it have any worth? Did any of it ever happen if it ain’t on tv and youtube? Cause I’m hearing music everyday here with like, almost nothing original or real put into it, just like 1,000 bad medicine Bon Jovies…besides having impossibly rich sponsors buying these elaborate costumes and paid for studio slick backup musicians-there’s almost like, nothing there-that seems to be what this culture wants. All hats and no cows. Copycat clones in ten thousand dollar outfits with hundred thousand dollar videos that got nothing to convey or express but they got all the money, are well connected, like the good old music, and halfass regurgitate the surface bits for fun n profit and get to enjoy the privilege and access and celebrity collector aspects of ownership. Whaddya gonna do? Rich people get to be rich-that means freedom to pay for stuff you can’t afford, they can copy your whole thing, and as long as they’re the ones getting to make the recordings and videos, they will be the only ones who are ever remembered for it. The rest of us, our shit just gets thrown to the wind, might as well start makin’ peace with that as best as we can, it’s all ephemeral, just flickering by. No one cares about forgotten poor people no matter who did what, how, and when. Even SUCCESSFUL musicians I know feel like failures, cause everybody’s just trying to climb some ladder. Even people who make it big just get killed for their publishing. Ruthless white devils.

   I been wrestling with this understanding for a long time now, it’s still an unresolved hang-up of mine. Pierces my side. Man, it’s just fuckedup and most Amurkkkan Idolized people only recognize the sound and vision of the slickly produced. I had an ex who was into Kid Rock. As Charlie Sexton sang, “she can’t tell the difference, anyway…” It’s hard. I’m about to go for a walk in the rain flooded streets. I got a heavy heart. I found my wooden walkin’ stick blown down in a puddle, and even it was soaked all the way through. Me ‘n’ my boy walked on down in the knee high puddles to look at the river, it was runnin’ mighty high but we did not stick around to enjoy it for long cause all the low ridin’ Eminem wannabe “Breakin’ Bad” meth elements are cruising round slowly peddling their poisoned product and you can’t be around those people, they are too schitzed-out, nervous gun handlers. Chips on their shoulders. Lotta nuts in these nowhere dead-end, desert ghost towns. I learned the hard way to not hang out with the loose cannon drug crazies-you sleep out with the dogs, you gonna wake up with the fleas. I keep to myself nowadays, mind my own business, but of course, in my heart, I’m aways trying to figure out the secret recipe for making records. The rich kids all make it seem so easy. I’m still crazy, trying to put the band back together.

Still crazy. U.S film trailer – YouTube

“Australians – are you not ashamed that Mexico is doing more for your fellow citizen than the government of Australia?” (-Craig Murray)

“The case against Assange is a sham and is motivated by the US intelligence community and its colleagues in the DOJ. It is a sham because the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech of all persons, not just Americans. Even though the materials Assange and WikiLeaks received had been stolen by Manning, because they were and are of material interest to the public – drones targeting civilians, military actions in countries with which the US was not at war and government lying to the public on a grand scale – the media is free to reveal them.

The feds have perfected three things – lying, stealing and killing. In the Assange revelations, we learned that they have excelled at what they have perfected. They don’t care about the Constitution or the rule of law, both of which they have sworn to uphold. The deep state is motivated by a warped belief that its members are superior to the Constitution and can use the powers of government however they want, so long as they can get away with it.

They prefer the government’s unbridled liberty and the servitude of the rest of us. Assange is a hero. He exposed government without limits – the archenemy of personal freedom.”

(-Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. Judge Napolitano has written seven books on the US Constitution.)

“Biden’s buddies in Saudi Arabia’s just raided stores, seizing children’s rainbow-colored toys, backpacks and clothing for ‘promoting homosexuality’, which is illegal. Nice allies you have, Joe.” (-Medea Benjamin)



  So yeah after enduring three or four years of being censored and Facebook jailed and even having my posts taken down by Zuck and his top down narrative control social engineers, they finally just locked my account up so I could no longer sign in and that’s fine by me, it was a big timesuck, and the people who would have most benefitted from seeing my posts and links to anti imperialist sources were prohibited by their rigged police state algorithms from even seeing my posts in their feeds. A lot of my allies had moved to Twitter but I see the permanent ruling class is installing a bunch of deep state spooks over there to manage our conversations and what we’re allowed to tell each other about, so I’ve been submitting columns to rocknroll magazines where I try to draw people’s attention towards what’s really going on in this world, encouraging them to think for themselves, ask who benefits, look for the profit motive, and to pay more attention to what goes on behind the curtains. You ain’t heard about what those fuckedup fascists have been plotting at all their secret gatherings, but you need to start researching ESG  an acronym that stands for Environmental, Social (Justice), and (Corporate) Governance. The goal of ESG, as World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab stated in Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to make our world even less democratic and more of a monopoly to be shaped by this very creepy one percent technocracy at the top of the pyramid scheme. Start investigating that dude, a Kissinger protegee and his authoritarian friends, they’re gonna come to you via the Fear Channels as friendly sheep saying they want to help care for the enviornment all of a sudden, but it is the NWO that Bill Cooper and so many others warned you about. It’s been very kind of my online rocknroll fanzine editors to post my lengthy rants, but I don’t expect they can or will indulge my Rant habit forever. I can’t be mad at nobody about it. I usually push the envelope as far as I can, cause nobody else in my little musical circles even talks about freedom of speech, censorship, narrative control management, or freedom for JULIAN ASSANGE. I got like three unposted columns backedup in the pipeline. No one to call and no one who writes. Getting kicked off False Book left me some what estranged from my anarchist and socialist and human rights allies and old school Constitutionalists who aint in on the Big Bamboozle. Most people really do seem to trust the nice “educated” rich people on the television. Who work for the same exact two or five billionaires. 


“Joe Biden goes into a restaurant. “I’ve created 8 million jobs” he tells the server. “I know”, the server replies, “I have three of them.” (-Matthew Hoh for Senate Green Party)

“How the hell is a country run by corporations, the military industrial complex and billionaires a democracy?” (-Black In The Empire)

“Nobody has done more to prop up Trump than the DNC. Leaked emails from 2015 show the DNC’s strategy was to actually prop up Trump in the GOP primary because they thought he’d be easier for Hillary to beat. Their strategy back fired so of course they are doing it again in 2022.” (-Ryan Knight)

“People Don’t Think Hard Enough About What Nuclear War Is And What It Would Mean “We’re being sedated into a propaganda-induced coma while immensely powerful people play profoundly dangerous games with our lives.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


“Pfizer arranged a trashy, $11K-an-hour Miami yacht party for failed Colombian presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández The party followed leaks showing Colombia overpaid by $375 million for Pfizer vaccines & forfeited state assets to the Big Pharma giant.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“There is no agenda so power-serving and tyrannical that empire spinmeisters can’t find ways of using woke-sounding language to support it.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Twitter is hiring a TON of FBI agents. Searching employment websites, it is clear Twitter has been extensively recruiting from the FBI, employing a dozen former feds. Twitter has also been recruiting from the CIA, NATO and the Atlantic Council. Nearly all of these hires have been in politically sensitive fields like trust, safety and security, allowing these organizations to influence its rules and content. Twitter is also openly “collaborating” with the FBI, with the bureau instructing it on general security and on which accounts to suppress and delete. This isn’t just happening at Twitter though. For instance, read my investigation into the extraordinary amount of NATO operatives that TikTok has been hiring to manage its content, trust and security. The take home message of all this is that the US national security state is silently acquiring extensive influence over the algorithms that decide what we all see online. And very few people are aware this is even going on. This is a problem because, as we see time and again, the US national security state is the source of many of the most egregious falsehoods anywhere. The idea they should be involved in deciding what is true and false info for the entire world is deeply disturbing.” (-Alan MaCleod) The NATO to TikTok Pipeline: Why is TikTok Employing So Many National Security Agents? (mintpressnews.com)

“Breaking news: The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that boycotts are not protected by the First Amendment.


 has confirmed it’ll take the case to the Supreme Court, with huge implications for free speech in America. The case centers around a law that requires public contractors to sign a pledge promising that they do not boycott Israel. If you refuse to sign the pro-Israel pledge, you are fired from your job. Versions of this law now exist in 33 states.” (-Julia Bacha) Opinion | I Live in Arkansas. Why is My State Telling Me Not to Boycott Israel? – The New York Times (nytimes.com)


 ALL ABOARD FOR FUNTIME…In my twenties, I knew this exquisitely beautiful girl, golden pants, pink hair, a perfect otherworldly elfen face, she was really an etherel, make believe vision to behold and she was dating a famous old guitar player. I started running around with the two of them, just going to night clubs and little divebars, drinking in the parks, rolling through the streets, being friends and having fun. It felt like Recess. They had a squat in an old abandoned hotel we could sleep in for free back when all the hotels like St. Mark’s and Rutledge and Chelsea started jacking up their overnight prices-some junkies started a fire in there one night and burst into my room in some kinda crazy spell and my guitarist dude appeared with a knife telling ’em to get the fuck away from me which was really memorably super heroic. We aint really in cahoots no more, but I’ll always remember him with great appreciation and gratitude. I never laughed so much as I did palling around with those two. Anyways, he used to tell me all kinds of fabulous stories and he’s the one that got me into Bob Dylan and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Take a long line, have a drink on me.


I first encountered the self proclaimed “woke” folks in Oregon, they were the most cloistered and privileged know it all college assholes and stoned philosophy majors you could ever meet and they all had just like hours and hours of pretty talk speeches prepared about why us coarse and uneducated poor people should let them boss us around for science and diversity if you were dumb enough to stick around and listen to their fuckin’ tedious navel studies control freak pie chart egomania, and one of their obedient roly-poly gamer nerds used to call me a hipster which actually would imply I have some kind of social currency or privilege or clubby clique or social cachet, when in fact, I’ve been an outcast all my life. A long time ago, I used to have some rocknroll friends who’d come to the rude dwellings of my big ghetto apartment and stay for days of madcap drinking, laughing like loons, playing about ten acoustic guitars and having these merrymaker all night singalongs with the junkshop glam and eighties new wave records on. It’s hard not to miss those times in the darkening hours of fascism and fake media manufactured unrealities and pro billionaire bullshit and partisan celebrity worship. I gotta say I was never as impressed with the gold jewelry and heavy cologne and parent owned businesses and investment properties of the ruling class local gentry as my former associates were. To quote those socialists from Rage Against The Machine, a college popular corporate nineties rap and thrash band, “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!”

“”Putin’s Price Hike” is such a comically dumb phrase. Like he’s hiding behind the shelves in grocery stores marking up the price of oatmeal.” (-Michael Tracey)

“As the majority of the wealth in the U.S. gets even more concentrated at the top both capitalist parties are leaning into the culture wars & insisting that the problem is your neighbor to deflect from the fact that the problem has always been our capitalist & imperialist system.” (-Ryan Knight)

“In the US, life has little value. Healthcare is costly, children regularly die of gunfire, and infant/maternal mortality are the highest in the “developed” world. The nation’s biggest investment is wars, policing, and prisons. The US is the epitome of a sham “democracy.” (Ben) Stiller called Zelenksy his “hero*, demonstrating that the American celebrity class is just as much a puppet of the rich as Zelenksy is a puppet of the US’s fascist-enabling military state currently bringing the world to brink of nuclear exchange.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Neoconservative think tank the Institute for Strategic Dialogue is a Western intelligence cutout funded by US, UK, & many European govts Its “studies” are Western regime-sponsored McCarthyite attacks on independent journalists, laundered through the media.” (-Benjamin Norton)




Another thing I kinda miss besides a real genuine grassroots Left not controlled or corralled, misguided, deceived, gaslighted, or redirected by rich middle managers back into the irredeemably corrupt clutches of the Hillary Clinton/Nancy Pelosi DNC, is of course, fnzines and other media platforms where real news is discussed and real music can be heard. When I say “POP”, the corporations have somehow hypnotized the masses, and changed the meaning or definition of that word, to refer to toxic garbage muzak, and idiotic boy bands, and fake capitalist rap. I mean real rocknroll, with heart and melody! Julian Assange and the guy who leaked the Vault 7 files are imprisoned but Goldman Sachs and all those Democrat and Republikkkan talking heads and puppet politicians who lied us into ten wars for oil company gougers are still at large. The airwaves are blanketed by war propaganda and sonic puke but I still retreat into a catchy song from yesteryears.


Bridge: Julian Assange Has No Prayer Against the ‘Empire of Lies’ – 21st Century Wire




Into The Valley Of Death “Ruthless” EP

INTO THE VALLEY OF DEATH is the new band of Spencer Robinson mixing psych to doom and stoner rock. “Reject” opens with a very slow and damp atmosphere reminding a bit of The GOD MACHINE. “Freight Train” has this heavy BLACK SABBATH vibe you could hear in early stoner bands while “Ghost” takes us to a dark psychedelic trip. There’s a suffocative desert atmosphere in “Hollow Soul”and in “Utah” that turns into 70s psych rock with “Spacemen” and “Rigged” is the most cinematic track, putting an end to this EP in a MARK LANEGAN way. This is the soundtrack for your dirty black summer. /Laurent C.


Joe Normal Releases New Video “Summer Jobs”

Joe Normal (The Zeros) has just released his new video “Summer Jobs”:

“I was raised on the comedy of Benny HillThe Little Rascals, and The Uncle Floyd Show, so I wanted to make a video for “Summer Jobs” that brought a bit of that kind of humor to my song’s blue-collar ‘stick it to the man’ storyline. Please join me for a melody and a laugh.”

– Joe Normal


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INSTAGRAM: @Joe.Normal

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