The No Tomorrow Boys “Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx On Me”

No-Tomorrow-BoysI was expecting some ’77 punk rock when I first saw the cover and name of the band, but The NO TOMORROW BOYS sound more like 50s rock’n’roll on speed (“A-Bomp Bop”, “Rosie Rose”…) mixed to The SONICS and GUITAR WOLF!
Their biography introduces them as “the rabid lovechild of LITTLE RICHARD and The CRAMPS“, and songs like “Animal Eyes”, “I Wanna Lot (Not A Little)”, or “Burnin’ Up” won’t prove this wrong.
70s glam punk a la HOLLYWOOD BRATS is sometimes not far in a song like “Teen Dream, and JIM JONES REVUE/NICK CURRAN fans will love “Rovin’ Man Blues”,”Firecracker” and “Shy.” This sometimes get a bit wild and chaotic (“Hey Babe (I Wanna French Kiss You)”, “Cadillac Negro”), but that’s all part of the fun!
Although, The NO TOMORROW BOYS sound more like a live band to me, it’s nice to hear some raw, unpolished, unclean rock’n’roll on a record in this Protools over editing age. Maximum Rock’n’Roll!/Laurent C.
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Miguel Basetta (Mental Beat ‘zine/Temporal Sluts)

Band interviews can be pretty boring when all they can talk about is how their new album is better than their previous one. On the other hand, people who play in bands and who have other rock’n’roll activities are rarely boring. Miguel Basetta tells us about running a printed ‘zine in 2014, his love for punk rock and Morrissey, and gives us the latest news about his band TEMPORAL SLUTS.

When did you first get into rock’n’roll/punk, etc.? First records you bought? First show you attended? First rock shirt you wore?

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I asked my mother for a d.i.y Labyrinth mardi gras masquerade costume, so I dressed up just like David Bowie in that movie: cloak, walking stick and big hair: the wig was taken from a Jem and the Holograms’ costume! I always liked rock’n’roll iconography and rock’n’roll weirdness.

I think that the first rock tape I got was Europe, The Final Countdown, then Iron Maiden, Live After Death, Guns n’ Roses, Use Your Illusion II (Christmas gift from my aunt!) and the Ramones, Loco Live. First time I saw the Ramones live on t.v, they blew me away, and my life changed for good.

Of course, the first rock t-shirts I wore were a d.i.y Guns N’ Roses’ one and a Ramones’ one, bought in a shop called Transex.


Why have you decided to start a paper fanzine? Have you thought about doing it online, or not at all?

More than ten years go, I used to do a paper fanzine called Oriental Beat. It was about my so called punk rock life: going to shows, buying records and everyday shit. It had no pictures, but tons of words only. Last issue was out around 2006.

A few years later, I started Mental Beat (yes, I love Hanoi Rocks!) because I still like d.i.y publishing and going to shows, buying records and everyday shit. But Mental Beat is totally different from Oriental Beat. First of all, I think that artwork is as meaningful as words. I couldn’t do Mental Beat without Alessandro Cavallini, my right hand man: he’s a professional graphic designer and he’s not as involved in punk rock as I am, so he has a different perspective on doing paper zines.

I’m not interested in doing a webzine because it wouldn’t be as funny as doing a paper one. A lot of people start webzines because it is free and it is easier, but I think that everything should have a price. And punk rock has always been about wasting money!

You probably read quite a few paper ‘zines through the years, what are (or were) some of your favourite ones?

ob7When I started Oriental Beat I was influenced by Maximum R&R, Hitlist and Sonic Iguana but, most of all, I used to read a lot of Italian fanzines: Gabba Gabba Hey (punk rock, garage punk, pop punk…), abBestia (the guy doing it was in a punk rock band called Fichissimi and he was in love with bands like Jawbreaker and J Church), Nessuno Schema (one of the best Italian zines ever) just to name a few.

Nowadays I read pretty everything. Sometimes I grab a copy of Razorcake or Pork and I’ve just written some stuff for MondoCW (a zine done by the guys from One Chord Wonder Records here in Italy) and City Slang (a hi-energy rock’n’roll zine done by my old bandmate Dario in Seattle. He moved to the U.S a few years ago).

How many copies do you usually print? Why have you decided to use both Italian and English languages in the ‘zine?

I print 200 copies, risographed. Mental Beat #0 is sold out and I have a few copies left of issue number 1. I decided to use both Italian and English for no particular reason. If I interview the Fleshtones, there is no need to translate it: I just write it down. But I must admit it’s harder to write my thoughts and rants in English so, in that case, I go with some Italian words.

Tell us about the ‘zine making process, from choosing what/who will be featured to the day you get the ‘zine from the printers. Mental Beat is not a fanzine in which you’ll find promotional interviews or typical promo reviews, is it self-financed?

Mental Beat is a fanzine, so it is about what I love. When I started doing it, I was totally in love with Prima Donna, Biters and Giuda and I’m still in love with these bands, so I keep writing about them: you’ll find them in every Mental Beat issue, promised!

I like collecting rare stuff, like the New York Dolls feature written by Morrissey when he was a teenager, or the Johnny Thunders crossword puzzle I took from Jeff Dahl’s Sonic Iguana magazine. Mental Beat #1 cover is taken from a Hanoi Rocks tour book!

I like to get good writers involved and all Mental Beat contributors are both good writers and friends of mine: I ask them to write about what they love most.

But the most important thing is that I like doing magazines, that’s my everyday job too, so I know well that a kick-ass artwork is everything. Once again, Alessandro’s graphic work is essential. As far as money is concerned, Mental Beat is self-financed, the print process doesn’t cost that much and, as I’ve already said, punk rock is always about wasting money!

You have joined TEMPORAL SLUTS on guitar. How did that happen? What is the band up to these days? Did you play in other bands before?

Migu2Temporal Sluts have been around for more than 20 years and I just joined them one year ago. I used to listen to them when I was a teenager, I had some of their singles recorded on a tape and now I’m playing with them! In the past they toured France and recorded a split with a French band, the T.V Killers, covering each other…

I started playing guitar in an alternative rock band during my high-school years and in 1999 I ended up playing with Willy Wonkas, a punk rock band influenced by early Queers and Dwarves: we did a bunch of records, split singles with the Automatics and the B-Sides from the U.S and one with the Go Faster Nuns from Germany… Since then, I’ve been playing on and off: Teenage Schizoids, the Directors, the Sha-Rellies and now Temporal Sluts: we just recorded some new songs and a full length will be out soon.

Italy is on the international glam map right now with GIUDA. Are you suprised about it? Any other Italian bands people should check out?

No, I’m not surprised because Giuda are one of the best rock’n’roll bands around, they are quite unique. I was at their second show ever and it was a blast. That’s the way it works: you listen to a Giuda song for the first time and you sing along with them right away. They take care of melodies, refrains, riffs, hooks and… image: cover artworks, logos, badges and patches, denim uniforms, the way they take the stage. And now they have an entire army following them. I think that Giuda are just like Turbonegro: European outsiders taking over the world.

I love a lot of bands from my country: the Peawees, the Leeches, the Manges, Midnight Kings, Armed Venus and… Derelitti. Everyone into sleazy rock’n’roll should check Derelitti, they are brilliant.

You seem to be travelling a lot to see bands. What were your last trips?

Travelling all around Europe to see punk rock bands is a good chance to visit cities otherwise I’d never go to. For example, a few years ago my girlfriend and I ended up in Ris-Orangis for a Biters show… There was nothing to see, but – surprise! – the venue, Le Plan, is in rue Rory Gallagher! Or when we ended up in Essen, Deutschland, for a Prima Donna gig: that’s metalhead capital city! I didn’t know that Kreator are from there.

Last trips we did were Zurich to see the Supersuckers (cause their latest European tour didn’t touch Italy) and Lausanne for Morrissey, but he cancelled the show!

Since you’re talking about it, you’re a MORRISSEY fan. When and how did you get into his music?

First time I got in touch with the Smiths and Morrissey was through abBestia, one of the fanzines I used to read when I was a teenager: there was the Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body? quote on the back cover.

Then a friend of mine who was into goth music gave me a tape of Rank and I started listen to the Smiths, but I’ve never been a huge fan untill I saw Morrissey playing live: he blew me away, just like the Ramones. It was a show at Villa Arconati in Bollate, close to Milan, and he played Human Being, my favourite New York Dolls’ song! Morrissey solo is something totally different from the Smiths.

Some albums you couldn’t live without:

Ramones, Loco Live: as I’ve already said, the first time I saw them it was on tv, and it was a show from the Loco Live tour. I love a lot of bands: Hanoi Rocks, the Dictators, Guns n’ Roses, Dead Boys, New York Dolls, the Heartbreakers, D-Generation, the Cramps, the Boys… And talking about most recent bands, the Crazy Squeeze, Prima Donna, Biters, Giuda… But the Ramones changed my life. When in doubt: listen to the Ramones.

Last rock’n’roll biography/book you’ve read?

A biography of Ritmo Tribale, an Italian rock band born in the 80s and pretty well-known in the 90s. Their singer, Edda, is an interesting guy: half hare-krishna, half junky. And I’ve just finished a semi-fiction novel about an 80s goth band in Pavia, a small city close to Milan. Pretty funny reading, hey suburbia!

Last rock’n’roll movie/documentary you’ve watched?

Filmage, the story of Descendents/All.

What are your next projects with the ‘zine, band… ?

In the next months I will put out four photo issues of Mental Beat. It will feature punk rock pictures shot by friends of mine. We’ll start with Ale Formenti, he was Willy Wonkas’ singer and he’s a talented photographer.

As already told, Temporal Sluts just recorded a bunch of new songs for a seven inch single and a full length; we are planning some shows outside Italy for 2015. Meanwhile, next weekend we’ll be the opening band for the Saints here in Milan and Bologna.

Last but not least, I’m working hard on a book about an Italian punk rock band, the most important one to me, but my wettest dream is writing a biography of the Escovedo family: Pete Escovedo, Coke Escovedo, Sheila E., Mario Escovedo (the Dragons), Javier Escovedo (the Zeros), Alejandro Escovedo (the Nuns/Rank&File/True Believers)…
Gabba gabba hey!

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Down To Rock #12 (November 2014)

polaroid_teddy_dtrMy name is Teddy Heavens and I’m bringing you the latest Sleaze/Glam/Punk/Metal and Trash rock and roll news from the Golden State and the streets (and gutters) of Hollywood, California! From the Valleys to the alleys, I’ll find the coolest bands to report on and let you know what’s up from the Rock and Roll capital of the world!
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Bands I’ve been digging the last few months:

The Montecristos-this is the new band featuring my guitar hero Neal X from Sigue Sigue Sputnik!!! Cool rockabilly tinged rock with Neal singing and Slinging the Gibson guitar!! Catch them on Facebook.

Butcher Babies-New 5 song release of cover tunes from these contemporary metal Plasmaticsesque big titty rocker chicks. Any band that names their band after a Plasmatics song is OK with me. The Deadly 7 out of Las Vegas (and rivals of the Playboy chicks from BB) had a better choice of songs they covered, more punk rock than metal, but tits are tits, so check them out.

Salems Lott-New shock rock band outta Los Angeles looking like X JAPAN and sounding like a reved up Skid Row. They are brining back big hair to the Sunset Strip, featuring Toe Knee from Willow Wisp with some new young guns. Check out their single on Itunes “No Choice To Love”.


Charm City Devils-Baltimore based hard rock band with a current release “Battles” out now, and sounding like a cross of Guns N Roses and Soundgarden. This is sleazy street rock n roll making noise on the East Coast.

Night By Night-Young English band bringing back the melodic 80’s sound. Clean but sleazy enough to be interesting , a cross of modern AOR metal like Halestorm, with a Def Leppard touch. Interesting enough for you to check out.

The Beautifully Demolished-New band from ex Jetboy replacement singer, tearing up the Central California scene. This is AC/DC 70’s party rock with a 6 song self titled release on Itunes and via Demon Doll Records.

Vinyl Tattoo-Superstar cover band in Las Vegas featuring Frank Dimino from Angel on vocals and Oz Fox from Stryper on guitar. This band rocks and are a must see if in Vegas where I like to go to relax. They do classic rock and roll along with Angel songs and as Frank is one of my favorite singers of all time, I had to mention his Vegas band. He also just inked a deal with Frontier records for a solo release, so cheers to hearing some new music from Frank Dimino!! Find em on Facebook.

Undercover Slut– Paris France glam goth metal legends sent me a teaser song of their up coming EP release “Vice”. The song is “Chloroform Nation” and it’s a departure from the past goth industrial material that the band is known for. This song mixes the industrial flavor with modern electronics in a very “danceable” form. The band plan on releasing a series of singles and EP’s leading up to a full release. Hit them up at:

c/o Hateful Society Production
34 Avenue des Champs-Elysees
Suite #999
F-75008 PARIS

CD Review:

Girl-Live In London

This band was a huge influence on me when I was a kid. I always loved that punk/glam/hard rock sound and along with Hanoi Rocks, these guys were my fave. Featuring Phil Lewis and Phil Collen and sounding very snotty, they didn’t fit into the NWOBHM scene, but they were great. This Live In London CD release marks the eve of their debut release in 1980 and features songs like “My Number”, “Heartbreak America” and “Hollywood Tease”, along with covers like “Do You Love Me” and “You Really Got Me”, showing the diverse influences this group had. Deadline/Cleopatra Records gets props for releasing this live gem, and now they just need to release the two studio records “Sheer Greed” and “Wasted Youth”.

What’s been up in Los Angeles:

Inside Metal Movie-A new movie highlighting the hard rock and metal bands form the mid 70’s that ruled Los Angeles and Hollywood, bands like Angel, Legs Diamond, Detective, Van Halen, Snow, Quiet Riot and bands from the early 80’s like WASP, Motley Crue and Ratt. All of these bands are featured along with Rodney’s English Disco scene, The Starwood and the Rainbow Bar and Grill. This film breaks down the rock and roll heyday in Los Angeles and is a nice document of bands that made it and a lot that didn’t. It’s been screened around town and is getting good reviews and building steam, and it’s starting to screen around the country now. By all accounts it’s a good lesson on what went on with the LA music scene in the 70’s/80’s, as told by those that played the clubs and participated in the debauchery. Find the Facebook page to see when it will be playing in your town.

Hollywood Rocks Night @ Loaded with Spiders N Snakes/Rebel Rebel-Glitter and Glam reunion at the new hip rock and roll club in Hollywood, Loaded. Spiders and Snakes featuring Rik Fox from WASP and Steeler on bass and Betsy from Bitch on vocals, along with regulars Tim, Lizzy and Chris from Sweet Savage tore it up with songs like “Piece of Your Action” and the Angel version of “Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”, and their new single “Kawaski City” from the upcoming Year Of The Snake 25th anniversary release. Rebel Rebel opened up the show and played all the usual songs from the last 25 years and it was cool playing for a packed rock and roll audience (I play guitar for R2), with many faces from long ago at the Coconut Teazer Glitter and Glam shows. Spiders N Snakes are having a record release party at the Whiskey in Hollywood in mid December for their 25th anniversary, so do yourself a favor and be there if you live in the LA area.

If you want me to review your music or write about your event, send it all to:

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New Babylon “My New Baby”

NBabylonThese Italian guys released a first CD in 2008, and opened for bands like FASTER PUSSYCAT, ENUFF’Z’NUFF, CRASHDIET, etc., but then went on a hiatus in 2011…
They are now back with these five new songs (recorded with the GIUDA‘s sound engineer Danilo Silvestri) mainly influenced by US sleaze rock, sometimes reminding of VELVET REVOLVER (“Can’t Stop”), or LYNCH MOB (“Any Given Day (Big Brother).”) The title track (“My New Baby”) is quite catchy and should be able to please every big chorus 80s metal fan around.
NEW BABYLON might not change the face of rock music, but their hard rock’n’roll is solid enough to make you have a good time!/Laurent C.

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The Zombie Dandies “Lo-Fi Heroes”

LFHeroesThis young band (actually just two guys) from France started as a horrorish glam punk band, but they have now widen their influences, from cryptic garage (“Lo-Fi Hero”, “Love Dream”, “The Werewolf Rock”) to glitter pop (“Nostalgia”, “Fascination”, “Lunacy”), reminding a bit of The BARBARELLATONES.
You’ll still find some glammy punk songs (‘Electric Girlfriend”, “Careful!”), or MÖTLEY CRÜE (“Shout At The Devil” era) touches here and there (“Living In Darkness”, “Cassie Lace”), but the ZOMBIE DANDIES seem like they needed to try and experiment on these 13 songs.
As the title of the album suggests, don’t expect a big production, this album sounds more like a demo, but in the end, it doesn’t affect the band too much, it just sounds like some old Sunset Strip demos! Quite an interesting mix!/Laurent C.

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Radiations “S/T”

RadiationsFor some weird reason, I’ve just recently found out about this ’77 punk influenced band from Paris. Unfortunately, they’re not around anymore, and this 9 song vinyl record was released in 2008… In the 00s, the ’77 punk revival was mostly happening in the South of France, with the Marseille scene (The HATEPINKS, NEUROTIC SWINGERS, etc.), but it seems like RADIATIONS was waving the same flag at that time in the French capital. Snotty vocals, dirty THUNDERS rock’n’roll guitars on speed, catchy choruses and all other distinctive elements of the style can be found in RADIATIONS. You just want to sing and dance when listening to “Berlin Babies”,”Operation L”, or “Schooldays”, and these guys definitely had good tastes since they show their love for The BOYS, covering “No Money.” All this raw energy reminding me of The BRIEFS makes me think that it’s too bad I never got to see RADIATIONS live. At least you can still listen to them, better late than never, they say… And guess what? There’s still a few copies of this cool red vinyl left for you to grab… /Laurent C.

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Bitch Queens “Kill Your Friends”

Kill_Your_Friends_FrontSwitzerland’s #1 Denim Demons are back with 12 new songs. If TURBONEGRO‘s friends were all dead, then BITCH QUEENS advise you to kill yours! The glammiest side of the Norwegian band is still a major influence here, from “Kill Your Friends” and “Gimme a Kiss”, to “Who Are You?” and “Tick Tick Tick.”
On this album, the band also displays some more classic melodic punk rock traces in “Again, Again & Again” and “Take Out The Trash”, a good dose of heavy rock in “Waste Me” or “Get Out Of My Way”, and some fuel-injected action rock can be heard in “That Girl.” Songs like “Joan Is A Creep” or “Bullseye Baby” even could have been released by some horror glam, MURDERDOLLS kind of bands.
BITCH QUEENS have been around for quite some time now (they started in 2008), doing mostly everything themselves, the DIY way, and following TURBONEGRO‘s religion, so don’t be afraid of the darkness, and check them out if you haven’t yet!/Laurent C.

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