The Zombie Dandies “Lo-Fi Heroes”

LFHeroesThis young band (actually just two guys) from France started as a horrorish glam punk band, but they have now widen their influences, from cryptic garage (“Lo-Fi Hero”, “Love Dream”, “The Werewolf Rock”) to glitter pop (“Nostalgia”, “Fascination”, “Lunacy”), reminding a bit of The BARBARELLATONES.
You’ll still find some glammy punk songs (‘Electric Girlfriend”, “Careful!”), or MÖTLEY CRÜE (“Shout At The Devil” era) touches here and there (“Living In Darkness”, “Cassie Lace”), but the ZOMBIE DANDIES seem like they needed to try and experiment on these 13 songs.
As the title of the album suggests, don’t expect a big production, this album sounds more like a demo, but in the end, it doesn’t affect the band too much, it just sounds like some old Sunset Strip demos! Quite an interesting mix!/Laurent C.

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Zombie Dandies “S/T” (Demo)

ZombieDandiesThis is a new young band from France that recorded their demo the good old DIY way.
Even though their name could make you think that they are just another WEDNESDAY 13 clone among others, The ZOMBIE DANDIES are more influenced by early 80s glam metal, punk rock and heavy metal (“Kiss My Boots”.) “Girls & Whisky” is quite refreshing in a CRÜE “Too Fast For Love” era way and “Addicted” reminds me of WRATHCHILD (UK), which is all positive in my book. Sure, The ZOMBIE DANDIES still need to work on their songs, but I like the spirit. /Laurent C.