WolfWolf & The Tuzemak Orchestra “S/T” EP

Mr. Wolf (drums) and Mr. Wolf (guitar) decided to go on a Balkan trip with a few Mexican spirits. They brought a couple of friends with them and here they are… “Monsters” brings some burlesque and tequila in rock’n’roll, as if a gang of pirates were partying in New Orleans just before going to Mexico (“Tuzemak”) for a punk fest ! “Lucifer” slows things down in a very cinematic way, evoking images of dark drunk cowboys in the desert and then you get introduced to “Count Vlad” and its trashy jazzy groove and horror rock vocals. The guitar sound on “I Crushed The Devil” is beautiful and this song sounds like the end of the party before resurrection with the rock and rollin’ “The Wolves Are Coming.”
GOGOL BORDELLO, TOM WAITS and LES NEGRESSES VERTES all come to mind in this chaotic fiesta. This 6 song EP is out on Lux Noise Records (Switzerland.) /Laurent C.


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WolfWolf “The Cryptid Zoo”

WOLFWOLF ia a garage blues duo that sounds a bit like a Bavarian party from hell! You can hear some trashy guitars in their music and the atmosphere in these songs seems to be an illustration of these guy’s own universe in which you can find joyful things like blind butchers, grave diggers and hunters from hell. Songs like “Creeps of The World”, “Creepy Things”, or “Grave Digger” flirt with horror rock, while “Linzer Walzer” and “Poor Cow” almost have a TOM WAITS feel. If you like surf rock, you will enjoy “Roswell 47” for sure, and if you’re into crazy stuff like MR. BUNGLE, just check “Tuzemak”! WOLFWOLF also has an obvious psychobilly side, showing mostly in “Leave This Town.”
I can’t promise I will listen to this record every week, but this is definitely worth checking out if you need to add a bit of craziness in your world. /Laurent C.

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