Bubble (2000)

They played in famous bands during the 80s/90s and have not decided to give up rock’n’roll or to remain passive such as fallen rockstars who have nothing fresh to offer. It’s time to BUBBLE !               

It would be nice if you could introduce the band.

BUBBLE is Bam of Dogs D’Amour/Wildhearts fame on drums and backing vox; Share of Vixen/Contraband (bass) on guitar and lead vocals; Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat on guitar and backing vocals; Eric Stacy, also, of Faster Pussycat on bass and backing vocals.

You’re recording a new album on your own label. Do you think that it’s a way to be more independent and get more freedom ?

We’ve worked with lots of different producers in the past and thought this time, it would be cool if we didn’t have to answer to anybody apart from ourselves. Funny thing is, we’re quite hard on ourselves…which is good. It will give us an album where every song stands by itself with no filler tracks. We definitely have more creative freedom and that’s great.

By the way, can you tell us more about Basement Boy Records ? Do you already produce bands/artists ?

Yes, we already produce other people. But none have had a proper release on our label. The first will be BUBBLE. Then, an LA heart throb named Ashleigh! (boys…look out). After that there are a few more acts we want to sign.

You chose “taxi driver” for the HANOI ROCKS tribute album. I guess that it must not be easy to choose only one song among all HANOI ROCKS songs. How did you decide to choose this one ?

Taxi Driver is our hands down favorite Hanoi song!

I saw on your website that The DOGS D’AMOUR are back with Share on bass. Do you think that it will affect BUBBLE ?

Not unless the Dogs and Bubble have to play a show on the same night on two different sides of the world!!!!

What kind of music do you like to listen when you’re at home ?

Ash, Radiohead, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Stones, Kinks, Bowie, Beethoven, Miles Davis, Beatles….everything really. We’re very open to new music.

What would you answer to people who say that rock is dead ?


There are several BUBBLE webpages, do you appreciate that ?

Yeah, that’s really cool. The more the better.

Do you plan to come to Europe ?

Nothing would make us happier. But right now there are no definite plans.

Would you like to add something to conclude ?

Peace and rock n roll. xoxo.

Official BUBBLE site