“Today economic inequality is more crushing and extreme than virtually anytime in history. Congress leaves millions of Americans hungry and rent-stressed. While they give themselves a massive pay raise.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“The squad is fake opposition serving the interests of neoliberal capitalist elite that control all aspects of U.S. state who are in an intra-bourgeois struggle with Trumpien nationalist forces over direction of state policies. We must be opposed to both wings of bourgeoisie.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Caitlin Johnstone: Walking Back the Russian Troll Scare (


They might be unrepentant capitalist money grubbers who keep relentlessly milking their 15 minutes of 80’s MTV super fame, and licensing their fake protest songs to Wal Mart and shit, and I was never really that in to their badly produced, overwought heavy metal anthems or terrible make a buck Christmas shit like my metal head ex friends were. I hung around the Beavis & Butthead, Headbanger’s Balls, Quiet Riot stoners who all talked in fake Spicoli voices who mosty lived behind the Amurkkkan Mall in those really nauseating stench, low income apartments for immigrants and poor folks that me n Ernie Fisher delivered the newspaper to. I was so hated by the older jock preppie sons a bitches that even my stonewashed stoner Joe Dirt mulleted dirtbike gang would pretend not to know me at school or on the bus. A Mexican guitarist named Rick R., some brothers with a treehouse named Kyle, Kevin and a third K name I can’t recall. A black kid named Calvin lived beneath one of those big electric towers and him and all his brothers had extra fingers and toes but yeah I hear you see no evil except for Trump safespacers saying “causation is not causality” again, yes yes, I know you like reciting that one, it’s your special helper science mantra, cause you are so super smart, like Bill Nye, and Dr. Biden, I get it, you told me, already. Anyways, there was a guy named the Ratt, a guy named the Gostrich, a dude named Deke who loved Gary Moore, Randy Rhoades, Michael Shenker Group, and the Doors was a badass guitar player who I loved for his gallows humor, excessive talent, high intellect, and defiant spirit who always got in trouble for profanely impersonating Hitler’s nutty rabid speeches, or otherwise being really gratuitously offensive, banging garbage can lids while goose stepping down the street, biting other kids-leaving teethmarks like a werewolf, repeatedly breaking my glasses. I was his biggest fan, too. He reminded me of Jim Morrison. I took him to meet an older punk one time and he fucking knocked over all the planters in the front of that guy’s building, undermining my plans to get a band going so we could one day escape that shithole death town, sadly insuring that we could never become a proper punk band together, he fuckedoff and joined the military soon after that which I always thought was sad, but I was always anti war, anti imperialism, anti racist, anti censorship, pro human rights and civil liberties, and he always called me “The Flower Power Popster” way back when we were thirteen or fourteen. There were some dickhead metal dudes from Toledo who’d come down to our town, impress the metal girls, invite themselves over, and while the Eddie Van Halen lookalike, Bill Somebody, fucked them in their bedrooms beneath their Cinderella and Bon Jovi posters, his reeferhead Slayer friends would rob all their parents shit, put the valuables and electronics in pillow cases and go back to pawn it all in Toledo. One of those guys extra hated me in particular, cause his first real sexy blonde girlfriend fell in love with me. So him and some of his buddies broke into my main guitarist Dave Diamond’s mom’s house, stole his first proper guitar that she had worked overtime a a secretary to buy for him. I never liked those guys after that. I knew EXACTLY who did it. I think she told the police who it was but they’d already pawned it in Toledo. I think they stole some shit from my stepfather, too, probably. One of ’em we’ll call Chuck cause that was his name was half cool but clearly too much of a pathetic follower, even though he shoulda known better cause he hung with my catholic school pal, Mitch, but yeah, they were not good guys. After that I knew we weren’t never gonna be friends, even when they started showing up at like Dogs D’Amour concerts acting like they wanted be friendsy. The main dude, a dickhead whose dad beat him, moved to Arizona, got famous in a monster mask heavy metal band. I still have bad feelings about them ripping off Dave’s guitar cause I knew how hard his mom worked to get it for him. She’s in the hospice now and I always apprecaited that lady-she looked out for me when I had no place to go. I got attached to her.

 I’m not really a metal kid at all aside from Van Halen. In my old age I guess I’ve become more tolerant of loudmouth Sebastian whose ex bandmates seem like such sore winners with all that money he helped ’em get, I may even have compassion during the Brett Michaels and Mick Mars health struggles and shit, but never much cared for any of the big headbanger bands, they all seemed to only be capable of two songs each. But then when I saw Dee Snider go before congress and put up such a righteous fight against the original cancel culture fake feminist elite Washington Wives censorship shit, I kinda begrudingly came to see him as a right on ally, in the war against the jive. Those awful anti rock P.M.R.C. wenches went on all the daytime talkshows and convinced all the Phil Donahue stay at home mothers that rocknroll was to blame for alla society’s problems, and all these for profit, anti rock private dentention child gulags started opening up and confiscating kids spiky leather gear and black t shirts, and trying to bootcamp the rebellious spirit out of us. They really came after me, and new wave Jaysin B, and efficiently corraled Dustin and Deke into the service.The antirock shit became such a big establishment noise for a couple of years, the government went after Jello Biafra and Dead Kennedys, ruining his life by keeping him tied up in court for years. “People” magazine put headlines on the cover, “HAS ROCK GONE TOO FAR?” with pics of Madonna, Prince and David Lee Roth. What a shitshow that was. Then, they trotted out all the shorthaired preppie choreographed and overproduced, awful, assemblyline, 90210 white boybands to cash in on the success of New Edition and Boys II Men. Fuckshit, it’s been that shit mostly, non stop, ever since. Revenge Of The Douchbags. You think Cobain pulled the trigger on all that dope? Why is the handwriting at the bootom of his suicide note so different? I was  not into the grunge, though I did like the Replacements and the Pixies-two of the bands Cobain copied a lot from. Mother Love Bone were fabulous. Til Andy died. Guns N Roses got too rich to be good, lost their cool and kicked Adler out, Izzy understandably got sick of all their egotrip private plane, show up late and punch somebody out, bullshit, and wisely walked. Who came along after that? Buck Cherry? They only had one good song, really, maybe two. Fake Axl. Do you see how cowardly the Green Day rockstars and punks of today have all become? Like they stand for nothing, but victory lap stadium filling and not really singing and selling more shit by ripping off old Buzzcocks or Dolls or Ramones or Aerosmith some more. Dee Snider was no coward back in the old school cool, right the fuck on sick motherfucking friends of Twisted Sister heyday. He basically told Tipper Gore to go fuck herself, and John Denver and Frank Zappa did, too. Nobody fights for free speech anymore, too blindly devoted to their duopoly faction. Identity Puppets. Smell of their own success. I knew things had gotten impossibly fucked up and there was no reforming or salvaging the system, when Bush/Cheney stole that election from P.M.R.C./NWO/Big Oil/Private Plane/Greenwashin’ Al Gore, flatout in real time, and tv whores convinced all the shitlibs Ralph Nader had something to do with it, even after all those decades he spent fighting for them. These lost cause, daytime tv talk show fucked up, fuckin shitlibs were unreachable at that point. My ex and her rich mom and sisters kept saying “we” had to kill everybody in Afghanistan for feminism, cause that’s what they heard on Oprah. 

  Probably my favorite thing about Twisted Sister is how they savagely lampooned all those hardon aggressor authority figure idiots who tortured all us smalltown kids for all our young lives, drove summa those kids to suicide, drove me outta school and locked us up in cold little cells, all just because we wanted to rock. 

Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock (Official Music Video) – YouTube

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Twisted Sister – Stay Hungry (Live 1984) (FULL CONCERT) – YouTube SMF FOREVER!

The way my metalhead crew loved the Crue and Ozzy, that’s how I loved the Deadboys. Do you think Axl knows who Peter Laughner is?

Peter Laughner – Ain’t It Fun – YouTube

Twisted Sister to reunite for Metal Hall of Fame induction; Mike Portnoy will play drums – Metal Edge Magazine

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “I have over a 100K followers. You see how many may have seen this tweet? But hey, we will keep pushing out the alternative analysis. Totalitarianism must be resisted especially when it comes in the guise of democracy.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Another example that I am being suppressed. What are they scared of?” / Twitter

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Your foolish sensitivity studies shitlib friends motherfuckin clutch their pearls when the first lady and Gropey Joe dementia handler aint called school teacher Doctor but they never call Dr. Jill Stein doctor and she’s a medical Doctor, they still mad she said more studies should be done on long term affects on children of new technologies and warp speed approved medications. I dunno about this country, they all seem like some craven social climber fakeass motherfuckers. They will say they don’t like somebody cause they are outspoken, or dress different, think something is funny that they find offensive, or they say somebody had too many lovers in the eighties, or drank too much, blah blah blah. The real hard truth of it, is most middle class shitlibs always only punch down cause they are cowards who only want more authority for themselves and perversely worship the rich and hate the poor, they are class warriors in bed with their own slave master abusers.

The Murderous History and Deceitful Function of the CIA – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Russiagate hysteria is inseparable from the social media campaign exposed in twitter files: “the US Security State [has] been using leverage & power over Big Tech to get rid of voices” of dissidents/critics the Security State agents wanted silenced. See Greenwald’s SystemUpdate15″ / Twitter

“We won’t be free until our minds are free. Until all of us (not just the lucky few who happen to stumble outside the narrative matrix) are able to shape their own perspectives based on truth rather than on what benefits the powerful. Until we’re able to become true individuals.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Thank you CodePink for helping to further expose the warmongering policies of the neo-fascist democrats. Democrats have no moral credibility as they continue to concede ideological terrain to the “farther” right in republican party.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

USA! USA! Immortal Technique on Twitter: “Why does the the teacher only jump in when… nevermind.” / Twitter

“Funny how the Biden admin will go after gas stoves for reportedly being bad for your health but won’t go after glyphosate (roundup) and many other deadly chemicals still on the market.” (-Whitney Webb)

“Every single House Democrat voted against the establishment of a Frank Church-style committee to investigate civil liberties violations and covert activities by the FBI and CIA, including the bureau’s potential use of informants & assets to instigate & inflame political violence.” (-Max Blumenthal)

The Persecution of Julian Assange – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “If fighting disinformation mattered to US media elites, each story published on the threat of Russian bots would now be retracted, editors would be fired, and apologies would be issued. But they are in fact the world’s top disseminators of disinformation.” / Twitter

Emotional Independence (

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Cuz they want us fighting each other not the Oligarchs who own them. Workers joining together along class lines against the Establishment is a real threat,which is why they want you to hate your neighbor & blame them for your pain instead of the people in control of uni-party gov” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “ASD/Hamilton 68 have been cited endlessly by corporate media outlets as experts on the role Russian bots played in electing Trump, deploying a series of clear lies to cultivate public support for social media censorship and the eventual Ukraine proxy war” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “14.“I encourage you to be skeptical of Hamilton 68’s take on this, which as far as I can tell is the only source for these stories,” said Global Policy Communications Chief (and future WH and NSC spokesperson) Emily Horne. She added: “It’s a comms play for ASD.”” / Twitter

“Even Twitter execs knew ASD/Hamilton 68’s attributions were a complete sham

But they did nothing to publicly call out Senate Dems relying on ASD’s “experts” to shut down a hashtag calling for transparency on illegal wiretapping of the Trump ’16 campaign” (-Max Blumenthal)

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: ” I’ve been proven right about everything Covid while U were pushing Big Pharma propaganda & smearing anyone who questioned them as “anti-vax”, the laziest of smears. I get you have to make up things that I never said to discredit me cuz you’ve got nothing but blind hate for me.” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “Free on Rokfin and Odysee.” / Twitter

“And we tried so hard and we looked so cool and we lived our lives in black…” (-Jesus & Mary Chain)

“I want to emphasize something: The fact that J6 & J8 resemble each other on the surface is 1) on purpose 2) not the most important thing but rather evidence of US influence. It dismisses US election issues as conspiracy & empowers the right in LATAM toward revolt-which is the pt. US Americans by now should know that our elections are not fair and haven’t been for a long time. Any way you twist it, Democrat or Republican it’s not a fair system period. January 6 which again was FBI led, made questioning it a crime. In Brazil’s case the issue is economics.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Good to see that it is now safe enough now for mainstream political types to criticize Big Pharma again. Man that took a reeeeeeally a long time for these guys to find their balls, but welcome to the fight!” (-Jimmy Dore)

“When Julian Assange asked me to be his lawyer, of course, I said yes…What Wikileaks did is the essence of journalism: Discover and publish the truth, and ensure people could access it.” ( – Baltasar Garzón)

its a mediaopoly – YouTube

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An0maly on Twitter: “The people the media demonize the most are usually the one’s revealing truth. Thanks @jimmy_dore for breaking the two party trap!” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““Clots going from the ankle to the groin, shooting to both lungs, and killing the victim is a description out of a science fiction horror movie yet in this report produced by our own gov’t gives no apologies nor raises a sense of alarm for the public.”” / Twitter

Robert W Malone, MD on Twitter: “I guess it is time to re-post this. HHS cannot claim that no-one could have foreseen the problems with the boosters, because I did! In sworn testimony.” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “The CIA really put on the best show in Hollywood don’t they? Imagine being a Hollywood actor thinking you’re fighting for freedom while being a complete tool of the MIC & imperialism & cheering on literal Nazis? Indeed stranger than fiction.” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “New: Julian Assange’s wife on the ongoing persecution of her husband and growing calls for his release @Stella_Assange | @JamesKennedyUK Link:” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “When you see the #EuropeanUnion supporting the Coup in #Peru and ignoring the outcry from the people, you have to wonder just how much do they really care about Democracy – Or is all about pursuing and protecting Business interests..?” / Twitter

Marwa Osman || مروة عثمان on Twitter: “#BrasilContraTerrorismo #LulaPresidente Can the CIA stop using the same manual? We do not have fish memory and we do live in the age of social media.” / Twitter

streetaction4freespeech on Twitter: “Today marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Aaron Swartz. An incredibly gifted programmer who could have easily made a comfortable life for himself in prosperity, but was only interested in working for justice and freedom of information. #RIP #AaronSwartz” / Twitter

Jennifer Bendery on Twitter: “Real uptick this week in people and groups urging Biden to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier. Amnesty International is here for it today.” / Twitter

Angelo Giuliano 🇮🇹 🇨🇭/ living in 🇨🇳 on Twitter: “After 27 years living in China I have NEVER seen what the West calls a SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM, it just doesn’t exist ! On contrary, the West is projecting on China what it wants to do to its people alongside the WEF, fascism disguised, coz they think they know what is best for you.” / Twitter

The Worldwide Campaign to Free Julian Assange Is Heating Up – Truthdig

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Andy Worthington on Twitter: “Marking 7,671 days of #Guantanamo’s existence today (the 21st anniversary of its opening), former prisoners Mansoor Adayfi & Mohamedou Ould Slahi urge President Biden to close it without further delay. Please join them!” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The findings from the survey itself are even more striking. It only took 6 years for “data” to prove the obvious: in an election where oligarchs spend trillions; CIA/FBI/DHS are involved; major media corporations are doing everything possible, a few Twitter bots are irrelevant.” / Twitter


Like me, Andy McCoy laments how fixated and obsessed people have become with money-they only seem to care about fucking money-that’s their real and only gawd. Of course some people over here in the Divided States of Gitmo and Gotmine Amnesia sometimes slag the great and terrible Andy cause they heard him on some youtuber heavy metal podcast mumbling in his third language or whatever, and he may seem like he’s gotten a bit older and or a bit cocktail tipsy and ya know Andy McCoy has never shied away from, or denied, that he likes a cocktail every once in while on a social occassion to break the ice, that he rather enjoys altering his consciousness from time to time, but on top of being a rare, exteremly high level talented musician, songwriter, visionary and gutsy as fuck path finder in his bold youth, he is also a wise philosopher and a crazy painter who met both Bob Marley and Chuck Berry as a kid, and eventually became like one of them. He’s like a shamanic wiseman up on the mountain where only the snow leopards and sherpas, and eagles dare. It’s such a good book, I’m only half way through it, and was shocked by all the risky stuff those dudes did to make their action happen. They were not fucking around, they gave it their all, total commitment, big gamblers, those boys. That is why they are the Legends. What do we got over here? Coverbands. DJ nights. Imitation songs, zombies of death. So sad and tragic-we are all drowning in fake news delivered overwhelmingly by the Big 5 monopoly establishment media whores for war, sponsored by weapon manufacturers and big pharma-all I get to see or hear are these Bill Gates programmed robotic puppets, obedient partisans, eager consumers of untested products, people waving flags for causes they know nothing about, all because the tv told them to-even some old celebrities get baffled by the big machine. You see those stupid pro war, rah rah memes about propaganda dumbfuckery middle class boomer programming, “Dancing With The Stars” doing some ridiculous glorification of Zelensky’s Azov Battalions? Bill Hicks used to talk about the “American Gladiators” fight show back when he was still alive. Remember that? No? “Go back to sleep, amerikkka, your government has it all under control!” I sit in a fuckin’ dark, cold garage alone and listen to crazy old music from an ever receding better time. Wish I had some cigarettes but they’re like fifteen bucks a pack here. Have you heard the Trench Dogs, or Nancy Boys, my rocknroll divorced old muckers? That easily coulda been us. We were two steps from the move.

Hanoi Rocks – Tooting Bec Wreck – YouTube

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You know I got two buttons pinned to my denim jacket here-one is the Furs, and one is Sun Records the old Elvis label, that discovered him and also kinda captured that old heavy echo, howling rockabilly, moonshine crazy, Sun sound that influenced all my faves like the Cramps and Chris isaak and Motorcycle Boy and Beasts Of Bourbon. So I been an Elvis fan all my life, from the cradle on, I was mostly raised by my grandmother, while my mom was away at college or had busy jobs teaching, and my grandmother was Elvis crazy. One of her former son in laws stood outside all night long in the Kentucky Rain once to buy her tickets to see Elvis at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, but he died before the concert. In middle school, I wore one of those pink Elvis tickets around in my hat brim and you know the jocks in the Member’s Only jackets and stupid fucking obligatory dumb Izods always knocked me backwards down the steps and shit, you were only allowed to like what they liked-Trans Ams, kung fu, football, wrestling, basketball, and golf. The country club parents trained ’em to be like that, and they had all the admin, coaches, and juvie authorities in pocket, so the culture wars started early for me. I still like the Psychedelic Furs, too. Obviously. I used to look at the hometown obituaries and there might be four or five tributes, nowadays it’s like forty at a time, you just have to keep scrolling-teenagers, elders. Athletes, drummers, celebrities, people keep dropping dead at an accelerating rate now, and none on the know it all, smarty pants haves on the hill got any theories, they say it’s just cause of all the sudden coincidences. I say sudden and undexpectedly aint cause of death. Two of my homies died in thir fifties, “just suddenly”. Lisa Marie had too much money ya know, like she made friends with nobody musicians and weirdo artists but you can’t really get too invested with a Lisa Marie for very long, cause no matter how cool or pretty she might be, she’s got way too many, influencers, advisors, and handlers, a big ass cult, a lotta parasites and hangers on, who all want to control her family fortune, her kid has even died young already, which seemed like a horrifying ordeal for some well intentioned, compassionate human being to cope with. She loved that movie they made about her daddy and the actor who portrayed her pop, but me I never seen it, they still want seven to eleven bucks to watch it on the Roku Amazon box or at that redbox dvd rental machine outside the dollar store and I really do not like Tom Hanks at all. I never knew Lisa Marie, but I did know Amy Wichmann, the Miniskirt Mob guitar heroine who was 100% convinced her showgirl mom and a certain biggest name of all time rockstar dad created her and that Lisa Marie was her half sister. Of course Amy Wichmann sadly died a long, long time ago. She was my first or second friend in Hollywood, and the person I talked to on the phone everyday for quite awhile. She always genuinely believed she was Presley’s daughter, too. So I’ve been told that people who loved Lisa Marie have been turned and burned, chased away, and smeared and slandered, by her no remorse permanent ATM megamachine, mainly if she liked ’em too much, the powers and principalities would always step in and divide, threaten or outright crush her associates and their livelihoods and reputations, to dominate, own, or keep control of all her shit. Too young, too soon, damn shame, too. I think she had some talent. I pray for her kids, man. I remember when her album came out, and was getting some airplay on tv and we were living back in my hometwon, taking care of my much beloved, ailing grandmother. I was working as a dishwasher of course, and my gal was working as a waitress at a high stress fancy restaurant on the river where George Clooney’s parent frequently ate. I was still seeing one of my former bandmates back then, he’d show up from time to time and we’d run through some acoustic versions of all the sad as fuck bitter country songs we’d co written after our divorces, and I’d encourage him to practice, to learn how to play some Flamin Groovies and Badfinger songs, load him up with books and cds for inspiration, and give him neat stacks of leather and cool cowboy clothes to take back North to his hometown where he was still probably a little bit of a rockstar himself. I was just pained something fierce by the unfair absence of my childern who’d been spirited across the country to a prohibitively expensive and hypergentrified hipster Honkytopia, and also, by the sad suffering of my aunt who was drinking heavily over the loss of her dad and the suicide of her husband. So being back home in Kentucky, I always kinda had the Presleys on my mind-my preacher used to talk about Elvis right there in church-we used to go to Memphis in the summer, Elvis was a big part of my whole heritage and culture growing up. I read a lotta books on Michael Jackson and I think Lisa genuinely loved him, felt for his plight, saw him being targeted for his moolah ,and wanted to believe the love was genuinely mutual and tried to rescue him from dark forces and make it work and help him have a sane, loving family life, I really do believe her intentions were real and good and true. I always had compassion for her-particularly cause I know it’s bad to lose a parent, have too much privilege with everybody wanting to kiss your ass so they can make an easy buck off you-that happened to some girls I loved who came from little itsy-bitsy empires. It’s also a tough hustle to grow up in the spotlight always being gossipped about or not really knowing who your true friends ever were-I’m nobody and I got scarred from summa that myself. Just in a microversion. Then you throw in being conditioned in a crazy cult like chucrch all your life and having all that money, fuckin’ A, it’s gonna fuck you up. This is a mad, mad world. I wonder who got all that money. Same with Prince. He was outspokenly anti drugs most of his life, even gave Morris shit for merely drinking, man do I know how that is, Morris, but they tell us after he’d gotten control of his publishing and master tapes back that he was hiding a desperate addiction and was too pained to walk or dance but we all seen footage of him casually riding his bike around town, they tell us he died in the elevator with his clothes on backwards and with no will or anything, “are we ever gonna let the levator bring us down, fuck no”. His long estranged sister, who he did not like, took control of his giant mansion, had his body cremated and installed there like only days later and was selling booze from Paisley, opened it like Graceland to the public, started charging big money for tours and the record company was almost overnight relesaing all this unheard shit like “Moon Levels” he did not want put out. Doing a brisk business of fresh, high priced, Prince merch online. They say all that money was split between his half siblings, some of whom have died, but you know, I’m skeptical about the whole story of Prince’s death and The Money. Dick Gregory, before he died, the sixties civil rights activist and trail blazing black comedian who Prince admired, he went public and said repeatedly, “they killed Prince for the money”. I’ll say it again. “They killed Prince for the money”. Man, it was weird how Tom Petty and that Cranberries lady, they all started having these mysterious deaths, too. I’d see all those memorial twenty dollar magazines about them all at Wal Mart, but I can’t pay that kinda money for a fucking magazine. Twenty dollar maggazines, even Mad magazine is twenty dollars now, I wanted to put one in my kid’s stocking, but did not have enough bread-he had a hard holiday cause all his other relatives blew him cause I guess they think I don’t kiss their asses well enough. I’d be mad at all my ex friends who voted for Gropey Joe Biden who couldn’t even be bothered to campaign except that one time he yelled at that factory worker in Michigan, “I don’t work for you!”, cause his being in bed with all the Wall Street billionaire gougers he promised “nothing will change” and their shameless greedhead superinflation is really fucking up us poor people’s entire quality of life now, if you have not noticed, and I don’t think you have, not to mention his stupidly foolish wars with Russia and China, IF I believed any of their fucking votes were ever really counted. Which I don’t. And which the Capital Hill psy op was intended to criminalize. Most of the population are Thought Criminals under the NWO. (RIP) 

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In pictures: Lisa Marie Presley’s fascinating life after death aged 54 | Metro News

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“What Peru’s protesters are demanding is simple

1 New elections 2 Freeing Pedro Castillo (imprisoned for 18 months without trial) 3 Constituent assembly to replace Fujimori dictatorship constitution Instead there’s a political game of musical chairs for control of the coup regime.” (-Ben Norton)

Ben Norton on Twitter: “Britain and Japan (both of which previously colonized parts of China) are joining the US in preparing for war with China. Britain and Japan signed a military agreement allowing troops to be deployed to each other’s country, while planning joint exercises” / Twitter

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “Keep your chins up, Torie! Victoria Nuland had frontrow seat as Zelensky fingered thru her script Wednesday. A former US Ambassador to NATO, she & Blinken have now consigned it to the dustbin of history – as Biden inadvertently admitted just hours before.” / Twitter

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “DON’T SHOW ZELENSKY Pelosi et ALL jumped up to applaud cardboard creature “interim president” Juan Guaido a mere 4 years ago, as Trump intoned “Joining us is the true and legitimate president of Venezuela” Sick transit gloria mundi.” / Twitter

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “German police are evicting climate activists trying to stop the bulldozing of a village for the expansion of a coal mine. Germany is desperately trying to secure energy supplies now that sanctions on Russia are creating dire shortages in the country.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The CIA and a European NATO ally are already carrying out attacks *inside Russia*. The US and NATO are at war with Russia. And there was no debate about this. Because Russiagate was a giant psychological operation to prepare the Western public for war” / Twitter

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “Why am I so “obsessed” to expose Russia-gate, a pundit asked. In same vein, a colleague called me “one-trick pony”. “Russia has nukes”, I told the first; I reminded the second of my other main “trick”, as Patrick Lawrence elaborates″ / Twitter

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johndissed (@johndissed) / Twitter

Thomas Massie on Twitter: “When the vaccines debuted in December of 2020, CDC immediately began lying about the effectiveness of COVID mRNA shots compared to natural immunity. They haven’t stopped lying and I haven’t stopped exposing them. This video is from 18 months ago.” / Twitter

Bernie, Biden and the Left – System Update with Glenn Greenwald Special – YouTube


It’s eight thirty in the morning, I’ve been up for three hours, it’s cold but my old lady bought us an electric blanket which I’m real grateful for. I’m supposed to go golfing with my kid’s troubled teen activity class in this bitter coldsnap later today and I am just not into it, honestly. My back hurts, it’s too cold, I really do kinda suffer from social anxiety, like the last thing I wanna do is go be humilated in front of a bunch of strangers and have no way out, with some macho posturing, high school competitive, potentially volatile kids who don’t get along, on a big frosty golf course on the other side of town. Oh yeah and the teacher is my kid’s retired former gym teacher, a military bootcamp guy who likes to yell at people. Reminding me of every authoritarian asshole who tortured me growing up. Are you kidding me? I know, I know, I’m lucky to have a roof in the winter, but man, oh man. I wanna beer and a cigarette. I’m perpetually stressed the fuck out, stressed to the max, here. Between you and me. Did I tell you some showoff car midlife crisis creep who has the hots for my wife keeps kinda stalking my disabled kid in public and repeatedly offering to drive him around in his showoff car and teach him how to body build and work out and become a muscleman? Again, the creep is married. I really detest muscleman creeps. Predators.

“Money controls everything in this country

The media, the politicians, the Gov’t agencies, our foreign policy, everything We must get away from this fantasy that our country is a democracy or fighting for it They want total control of us. Hillary Clinton’s aides beat the shit out phones with a hammer, the FBI never got 13 phone, her email servers were wiped clean, 33,000 emails deleted. This stuff coming up about both Biden and Trump looks kind of like child’s play compared to that.

There is no Dem vs GOP, it’s Us vs Them. As far as I’m concerned almost all these politicians in DC are traitors. Over 10 years ago I told my wife that the next goal was normalizing adults having sex with children

Was I wrong? I agree that everybody has the right to live their lives in a way that makes them happy as long as they are not hurting other people, where I draw the line is where everybody has to agree with the way you live or you’re a bad person.” (-Black In The Empire)
Always some interesting discourse on System Update:

Persecution by the Agricultural Industry – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube

How Congress Maintains Endless War – System Update with Glenn Greenwald – YouTube


“Every person on television since the day this started begins their commentary by calling this an unprovoked war, because it was totally provoked by our Gov’t

That was them setting up the propaganda they would be bombarding us with for its entirety.They love Fox News viewers ignoring stations like MSNBC and MSNBC viewers ignoring Fox This way both wings of the corporate Party have total control of their audience and can push whatever they want The scariest time is during war when media pushes the same propaganda together. I hate to break the news to Liberals Hillary Clinton wasn’t brilliant or clairvoyant She predicted Russiagate because she helped create it. Russiagate was bullshit, but millions will never believe that because it’s not like the politicians and media that spent years pushing it were going to keep you in the loop as it all fell apart. Reminder Dems got caught rigging their Primary, does everything they can to keep 3rd Parties off the ballots, has Super Delegates just in case you vote ‘wrong’, and the DNC in court said they have the right to pick their candidate in spite of your vote This is who you trust? If you want to know why our citzens keep losing Loyal Democrat and Republican voters are on different teams Democrat and Republican politicians are on the same team.

Dividing us makes it easy to control what we believe If I don’t like you, you’re lying If I like you, you’re telling the truth If I vote Dem, they’re telling the truth If I vote GOP, they’re telling the truth If I vote Dem, MSNBC is real News If I vote GOP, Fox is real News

The United States worked too hard for too many years to get this war started to want it to end this fast There are still Billions more to be made off of the backs of our citizens and plenty of Ukrainians left to die fighting for the goal of weakening Russia” (-Black in the Empire)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The Black Agenda Report, Black Power Media – support alternative radical outlets.” / Twitter

The Real News on Twitter: “As a computer programmer, Aaron Swartz changed the internet forever and fiercely fought against the privatization of knowledge. The federal government persecuted him for it until his death by suicide in 2013. 🧵 1/6” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Cancer rates are skyrocketing in the US because the chemical industry writes many of our environmental laws. Thousands of deadly toxins banned throughout the world are legal here. Brilliant article by @ProPublica that you won’t see in the NYT.⬇️” / Twitter

Yeah I know Lee Camp is loud so the NPR people won’t like his “tone”, but like Jimmy Dore, he’s a comic who tells more truth than all your Vanguard owned fake news tv millionaires combined.

Lee Camp (

The Empire Files on Twitter: “Sold-out CANNON FODDER hoodie back at a discounted price 🫡 all proceeds benefit Empire Files work 📁” / Twitter

One of the main globalist transhumanist microchip WEF creeps Yuval Noah Harari gives speeches all the time about how most of the lowly useless eaters are not needed and he and his friends will be able to control everybody, however many slaves remain after the purge or whatever, via technology. I don’t know how shitlibs can hear all those billionaires Ted talk about depopulating all the time, but still think that shit won’t affect them cause they got AOC on their side or some shit. Yuval has said he can control governments with metadata. What government do you suppose he is primarily talkin’ about? Netanyahu is on youtube bragging about how Murkkka is a very easy thing to control. Congress gave him 100 standing ovations even when Obama did not welcome him to speak really, much like they do nowadays for their future fascists school wouldbe puppet Juan Guaido, who the fraud squad and Pelosi just loved so much that they decided to install him as the faux, unelected, unwanted interim leader of Venezuela even though the people there do not want him, and attack him whenever he is sen in public, then, the USA covert operators memorably seized the Venezulans embassy and sent thugs to beat up or arrest Code Pink activists who were there supporting the real populaist will of Venezuelans. So now Imperialist Nato/Murkkka’s done the same shit in the Ukraine, installed a puppet regime in in 94, they’re trying to do the same shit in Peru. Whitney Webb has written excrutiatingly well researched books about how billionaires loosely calling themselves “the enterprise” have been controlling governments with blackmail and flooding targeted oil regions with guns and proxy armies for decades. Bill Gates outright bought the media. So it’s his preferred meassges you hear all day long. It’s fuckedup how much power a hand full of sociopathic despots who were never elected have grabbed since at least Bush/Cheney. TV cable still trots out Iraq war architects to talk about how we need to send more billions to Israel and Ukraine, and how great it would be if they also invaded Iran and how they are eagerly “setting the stage” for wide wars with China and Russia. Some of us are still anti war and pro human rights and civil liberties and do not clamour for more tech billionaire censorship online, we do not believe what the deep state and military industrial complex say via their pretty mouthpieces on tv, or in congress. I think Mark Crispin Miller is totally right about the obscenely overhyped “insurrection, insurrection, insurrection” being a total fucking psy op to waste people’s time, distract us from what’s really goin’ down with all the death by coincidence and dying suddenlys. I do not personally care, if some redneck who I may even disagree with on most topics puts his feet on Jetset Pelosi’s desk. I do not care of some rightwing dude in nutty Burning Man apparel scems “Liberty!” in the capital hill rotunda and I believe these representatives should have to meet with their constituents not just their lobbyists while they do what Wall Street Schumer & Pelosi DNC higherups order them to do and give all our housing and education and free medical money away to weapon makers and hide behind their jackboot enforcers. It says in the Constitution we are supposed to have freedom of speech, freedom to assmeble to redress our grievances, a free press, but all that shit’s been eroded by bipartisan lawmakers who work for these same ten evil sons a bitches at the top, that the fuckedup tv trains you to obey. I don’t think shitlib AOC was even in the building when the bad man moved some envelopes on Nancy’s desk or that Maga lady broke a window, but she recites all the shit-lib TIKTOK bullshit like a robot. Orange Man Bad, Russia, Russia, Russia, Blame Putin, Safe & Effective, Manspreader, Bernie Bros, Got My Sixth Booster, Gaslighting, Narcissist, Cys Born, Eat The Clone Meat, You Will Eat Bugs & Be Happy, Traumatizing-Traumatized,-Trauma Gender-Gender-Gender, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Rage Against The Machine cancelled their tour. Cryin’ shame, really. Not my kinda music, but at least they stand for principled, real leftist values, and not this fauxwoke, uptight P.C. censorship, fauxgressive, pro war, anti black comedian, superficial identity identifying, vicarious secondhand, metaverse unreality, thanking Chelle and Kamala, tv bullshit. You are not your hue, or body parts, certainly you are not somebody elses. You gotta stand for truth and freedom, my body/my rules-what happened to that you ask ’em, and they respond with facebook gobbledydygook, “it’s complicated”, they say. Stop watching tv, that shit’s bad for you. So is all that fake pop music with no soul. How stupid do you hav to be to support laws against protest or fucking censorship, just cause you’ve been told to disagree with “the other team”? “Misinformation and fake news, oh my!” It’s ALL misinformtion and fake news, brothers and sisters. 

 I’m always gonna be for free speech and protesting these greasy, secretive, lyin’ ass elites who are killing everything we loved. They keep telling you they want you dead and you keep blankly thinking, “What they really mean is they want to protect us lovingly with science and celebrate our diversity because they love us.” That’s some mad, mad, mad wishful thinking, shitlibs. Soylent green is people.

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Too bad Brookings cut the speaker feed and erased it from their recording. So much for free speech.” / Twitter VIVE LE MEDEA!

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Here we were in Congress today, lobbying to take Cuba off the state sponsor of terrorism list. #letCubalive” / Twitter

CODEPINK rejects attempted coup against Brazil’s democracy! Calls for Bolsonaro to be sent back to Brazil – CODEPINK Women for Peace

The Convo Couch on Twitter: “”The Cartels work for the CIA”. ~Scott Ritter. There you have it. #cartels #CIA #DrugWars #Intervention #AbolishTheCIA #Cartel @yopasta @FiorellaIsabelM” / Twitter

“Israel becomes more murderous, AIPAC $ corrupts US elections, and Def. Sec. Austin cozies up to AIPAC?” (-Medea Benjamin)

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Not to mention the carefully orchestrated J6 & J8 similarities down to the bare-chested and horned “QAnon Shaman,” screams of intel. We know the FBI was involved in J6. And by now everyone should know the CIA playbook.” / Twitter

George Szamuely on Twitter: “Former French President François Hollande boasts that, like Merkel, he had no intention of implementing the Minsk agreement on Ukraine.” / Twitter

Mohamed el saife 🇵🇸 on Twitter: “Violent attack by the Israeli army on a Palestinian family in Hebron, and they completely demolished their house” / Twitter

Ann Wright on Twitter: “The Unbearable Ignorance of the ADL –the ADL uses its “moral” authority to shield Israeli atrocities from criticism while offering the public misleading information about the nature and scale of contemporary hatred. @JewishCurrents” / Twitter

Twisted Sister “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Wal-Mart Commercial (-the usual, overcaffeinated rant by Geordie Pleathur)


“Both Republicans and Democrats have falsely claimed that they have an electoral mandate to cut public spending. They have used all of their collective political will to make this cutback program a reality.

In fact, if this were a real democracy, the government would have gone after the Wall Street thieves and parasites who everyone knows plunged the country into crisis. Instead, they were bailed out to the tune of several trillion dollars.

The public has time and again identified jobs as the most pressing economic problem. If this were a real democracy, the government would use society’s vast wealth to respond to the people’s most pressing needs. But for the capitalist parties, it is no ’emergency’ or ‘catastrophe’ that there are 44 million people below the poverty line (and that is with a ridiculously underestimated poverty level of $22,350 for a family of four).

The number of people without health care has risen to 52 million. There is no emergency bill for the millions of families facing eviction and foreclosure every year. From just 2005 to 2009, Latino households lost 66 percent and Black households lost 53 percent of their so-called ‘wealth.’

Based on demographic changes, the country’s elderly population is set to become disproportionately larger than it is today. At the same time, pensions have been systematically eliminated, and 401k plans have taken monumental losses. Social Security—referred to as ‘supplemental income’—is usually not enough to get by on. In a real democracy, the politicians would be discussing how to expand Social Security payments, not cut them.”
(-Ben Becker; Answer Colalition)

“The man elected as the peacenik, ultra-liberal enemy of entrenched poverty would be remembered as the ruthless Bin Laden assassin who presided over the most vicious assault on the poor in modern US history.”
(-Matthew Norman)
“If you are an elected official, a lawmaker, and all you do is follow the other lemmings, then when you reach the edge of the cliff, you’re not the only one who falls. So do all the people who are depending on you. The unemployed. The sick. The poor. The children. Your mother and father, and everyone else’s mother and father. When you fall over that cliff, then you take all of them down with you.”
(-Alan Grayson)

“In place of greater equality and improved life prospects, the vast majority of us now must deal with increasing levels of anxiety and alienation and diminishing social solidarity. And we must confront the havoc wreaked on the democratic quality of our civic and political life as capitalism proceeds on its course. On the off-chance that his wars don’t get even more out of hand than they already are, or that his environmental policies (or lack of them) don’t lead to catastrophe, this is the legacy Obama is forging for himself: making the instruments of our discontent, the pillars of Wall Street’s empire of finance, even more secure.

That is what Obama is about. And so, in the preposterous episode of political theater our political class staged in the past few weeks, he gave his all. He did negotiate badly enough that Business Schools could make a case study of his machinations, but he was more disingenuous than inept. Obama surrendered for one overwhelming reason –because he wanted to; because he is not just in the game to win, but to win for Wall Street. The time is long past due for liberals to face that reality, and to deal with it not, not as Obama and his advisors expect, by acquiescing out of fear that the alternative is even worse, but in a constructive way. If a Dump Obama (campaign) cannot get going now, then when?”
(-Andrew Levine)

“The clever young man who recently made it to the White House is a very fine hypnotist, partly because it is indeed exciting to see an African American at the pinnacle of power in the land of slavery. However, this is the 21st century, and race together with gender and even class can be very seductive tools of propaganda. For what is so often overlooked and what matters, I believe, above all, is the class one serves . George W. Bush’s inner circle from the State Department to the Supreme Court was perhaps the most multiracial in presidential history. It was PC par excellence….It was also the most reactionary.”
(-John Pilger)

“It is inexplicable that we are creating more space for war and less space for jobs, housing, education, caring for our elderly, home heating assistance and a wide range of activities of any government which truly cares for its people.A policy of no limits for war and hard limits on domestic spending, coupled with hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the rich, disproportionately affects the poor and middle class. Wall Street has swelled with bailouts, multiple editions of largesse through quantitative easing, skyrocketing executive pay and bonuses, and freedom to gamble the public’s money through hedge funds. Main Street has suffered a massive loss of retirement savings, housing security, access to affordable health care, real wages and benefits, full employment and massive loss of small businesses. The wealth of America is being accelerated to the top and this bill pushes that acceleration.”
(-Dennis Kucinich)
“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes.”
 (-William Gibson)
“Where is the outrage to come from? From you! … The betrayal of what this
nation is supposed to be about did not begin with this deal, and it surely
will not end with this deal. We must find, again, the energy and the
purpose of the 1960s and early 1970s, and we must protest this
deal and all the goddamn deals to come.”
(– Keith Olbermann)
“The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. That’s the only difference.”
 (-Ralph Nader)

“Since we can’t have real democracy, or jobs, or a decent wage, or money that has any value, or affordable education, or real health care, or more importantly real health, at least let us have the emotional satisfaction of hating the right people for the right reasons!

The Media has become just another meaningless bureaucratic institution that exists solely for the purpose of keeping the population distracted and diverted by the use of a constant barrage of bad news, intentionally, or unintentionally, designed to keep us from thinking, acting, and organizing, but mostly, to remind us about those starving children in Africa, keeping us grateful that our miserable lives aren’t any worse.”
(-Little Steven Van Zandt)

“This deal trades peoples’ livelihoods for the votes of a few unappeasable right-wing radicals, and I will not support it.”
 (– Raul Grijalva, head of Congressional Progressive Caucus on faux deficit sideshow)

“…Raw extortion….a catastrophe on multiple levels….What Republicans have just gotten away with calls our whole system of government into question. After all, how can American democracy work, if whichever party is most prepared to be ruthless, to threaten the nation’s economic security, gets to dictate policy? And the answer is, maybe it can’t.”
(-Paul Krugman)

 “Obama had many options for avoiding this ‘crisis,’ long before it came to a head. He didn’t take those options because, like all good disaster capitalists, he wanted and needed a crisis of this sort to enact the brutal economic agenda he has openly advocated from the beginning. The result, of course, will be further impoverishment and diminishment in the lives of millions of ordinary people, for years to come — and, ironically, the eventual collapse of the monstrous system that supports the ravenous elite that Obama serves with such panache.”
(-Chris Floyd)

“I am here today because I have chosen to protect the people locked
out of the system over the profits of the corporations running
the system.”
(– Tim DeChristopher at his sentencing)

“There has never been such a void in moral truth as it now exists…And what the expectation has been for many of us, was that Barack Obama would bring to the table, a great sense of moral fortitude. I think were he to apply that in the decisions that he would have to make, he would find that his presidency might touch on a level of greatness that he has not yet considered.
…He (Obama) has only listened to the voices that shout the loudest, and it’s all those reckless right-wing forces. It’s almost criminal.”
(-Harry Belafonte)
“I believe that Vermonters and people across the country are extremely dismayed that all of the burden for deficit reduction will fall on the backs of working families, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. This extremely unfair agreement does not ask the wealthiest people in this country, most of whom are doing extremely well, or large profitable corporations to contribute one penny. This is not only immoral, it is bad economic policy and will cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs.
It is impossible at this point to determine exactly what programs will be cut or by how much. That will be determined later in the committee process and I will do everything I can to defend priorities important to Vermont. What we can say, however, is that vitally important programs for Vermont, like LIHEAP, education, Head Start, child care, community health centers, the MILC program for dairy farmers, Pell grants for college students, nutrition programs, environmental protection, affordable housing, community action agencies, small business loans and many other programs will be on the chopping block.
Further, the so-called deficit reduction super committee of six senators and six House members will have the power to make devastating cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and veterans.”
(-Senator Bernie Sanders, VT)
“Untold American treasure – literally trillions of dollars communities here
desperately need – has been poured into a series of wars, conflicts, and
war preparations without a victory, or even a significant success
on the horizon.”
 (– Tom Engelhardt)
“When it comes to shared burdens and slashed budgets, don’t expect the
Pentagon to start holding bake sales, despite what you may have heard
about reductions to its obscenely bloated funding.”
(-Medea Benjamin and Charles Davis)
I never confused Dee Snider, or even Jesse Malin, for Joe Strummer, but, geez, Louise. Wal-Mart has killed-off and undermined all of our unions, drove all the Main Street Mom and Pops out of business, censored our albums, sent all the manufacturing jobs overseas to Chinese sweat-shops, all so six obscenely rich Walton heirs can sit on half the nation’s wealth, and Twisted Sister lets ’em use the old eighties juvenile delinquent anthem about “fighting the powers that be” for a commercial?? That’s just flat-out wrong.
America’s ex-rockstar media-class have collectively lost the plot. Dylan and McCartney and Grohl all suck up to war hawk, NDAA fascist Obama. I know loads of good folks who want to flee this neo-feudal oligarchy, backed by a militarist police state, but they just can not afford to leave, due to extreme poverty, or family obligations. Passports are like one hundred fifty bucks! The spy agencies all work for the oligarchs-they’re basically the same people, and it seems we keep foolishly electing sock-puppets of the banks and spy community. All these floods of Manchurian candidates are aggressively stripping us of our liberties, moral traditions, and Constitutionally guaranteeed rights, already under suspension, with the venal Patriot Act. The Koch brothers’ puppet governors and unelected “budget crisis managers” are outlawing collective bargaining, while nefarious billionaires, like Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch call for an end to public education, preferring to usher-in private charter schools for profit, they relentlessly refer to state financed schools as “a monopoly”. Coming from these two! I started noticing the rapid slide in to full-fledged feudal serfdom in about 1996–when middle-class, twenty something, college drop-outs, in the midwest were becoming violently territorial about all the low-wage, food and beverage positions. All the restaurants and bars were owned and operated by the tight-knit local yokals, who only hired attractive women, they could prey on sexually. As an outcast schoolboy, I had very typically rejected the sliding-scale morality of suburban sports culture, spurning the “haves”, I became more attracted to the free beings-the punks, the beats, the goths, and urban drifters, I was somewhat comfortable in poverty and beatitude, skimming off the suburbanite surplus, pooling resources with the other have-nots, forming bands, sharing, collaborating, living communally, having fun.
Don’t get stuck in the fly-over states. The drunk-ass villagers are big, white truck driving, football “woof-woofing”, immigrant blaming, Glenn Beck watchers, transparently disguised, in Bob Marley t-shirts. The tramp-stamped, over-perfumed chicks there dance to songs like “Baby Got Back”, and “Who Let The Dogs Out”.
The whole culture there is all about sucking-up to perrenial, small-time, establishment figures-the drug dealers, the rich kid club promoter, the off-duty cops and bouncers who shake down the outdated raver kids, for their drugs, in stinky nightclub parking lots, the jock shit-heads whose folks bought ’em coffee shops and record stores and bars, who big-balls around like rockstars. Back then, it seemed like I was the only one uninsulated from these intollerant pockets of high school cafeteria bullies. It took most of my more solvent pals a lot longer to realize the table was so tilted, and the fix was permanently in. Now, I see legions of people in their forties and fifties, living in their cars, holding cardboard signs, like teenage crusty-punks, begging for change. The degrading, fast food cashier, and big-box retail positions are held by people with college degrees. The only businesses hiring are Wal-Mart and McDonalds-if you possess the commitment, desperation, car, and computer-access, required, to complete their time consuming, privacy violating, battery of urine tests, background checks, psychological profiles, and intensive, multiple, interviews with state college weasels, in their button down shirts and khaki pants. Orientation at Wal-Mart involves watching hours and hours of anti-union propaganda. Getting a job at Target–the trendy, greenwashed Wal-Mart, is as complicated as filling out college-loan paper-work. You can not be promoted to management at Target, without a four year college diploma. Neither Gore Vidal or George Carlin could therefore assume management positions at Target. The Congress and President are right-wing tools. The police and spy agencies are becoming increasingly militarized, here in the fascistic homeland:
The corporate-government vigorously defends it’s war criminals, predator lenders, vaccine-makers, cancer-machine security profiteers, foreign double-agents, hedge-fund billionaires, lobbyists, and torturers, even while it persecutes whistle blowers and human rights activists, and arrests peaceful protesters, violently. The wealthiest 10 percent households now account for 60 percent of all consumption in the U.S., according to some estimates…The Murdoch media juggernaut, Rush Limbaugh, Fear-Channel’s hate-radio talk shows, and Pat Robertson’s ferociously rightwing, Zionist, evangelical-Christian, broadcasting network all cospire to brainwash gullible hicks into believing that wars of occupation are moral, just, even heroic, forever demonizing Muslim folks, and simply never reporting any facts from the perspective of the oppressed, or the anti-war movement, or even the pained, haunted, shamed, and inflicted soldiers returning home from bloody, contaminated battle-fields full of depleted uranium, and the notoriously toxic, Halliburton burn-pits. Big-media ignores “Free Bradley Manning” protests. They simply refuse to report tens of thousands of anti-war and anti-austerity, pro-union activists marching in the streets. Neo-Con, Obama, has cut all the programs for the elderly, and the poor, while adamantly still refusing to tax the super-rich: his Wall Street bosses, who created the economic collapse, lied us into war, and purchased/or manufactured all the politicians. Middle-classers are still too “doped on religion and sex and TV” to organize, and we, the flat broke, vast majority, are too busy treading water, just getting by, struggling to merely survive.
All those bullshit TV shows about the generosity of undercover C.E.O.’s and same-name celebrities are bogus class-war propaganda. Everywhere I go, I meet parents going broke, trying to provide care to Autistic children, while the sinister Supreme Court says they can’t sue vaccine-makers. The NAACP has demanded an end to the bullshit, “war on drugs” that incarcerates the poor, in for-profit prisons, extracts slave labor from in-mates, films them for voyeuristic cable TV shows, and regularly rotates that stock, election year, “tough-on-crime”, racist jive about how prisoners are getting mani-pedis, and free Ivy League educations, and lounging in day-spas, which is, of course all pure bullshit. The crooked rich people and pro-murder lobby don’t go to jail. Only the poor. Big-media’s constant mantra is “don’t invoke class warfare.” The class war is already OVER. We lost. Now we need to discuss how to stop post-class-warfare class genocide. I keep seeing these “volunteer” commercials…that means, “work for nothing”. In my twenties, I “interned” for two record labels, but that just meant I worked hard and made no money, zilch, nada, zip, and the profits I helped to generate went into some already rich guy’s pockets. The American Way, huh? Capitalism is all about brainwashing suckers and rebranding slavery. The bottom ninety percent of American society is only ever visually represented by cable TV, on those depraved, prison in-mate shows, on the intel-umbrella’s propaganda arm, the Discovery channel.
Oil baron, billionaire Al Gore, has some new channel, Current TV (?), starring that righteously indignant and always eloquent, big-headed, MSNBC-exile, Keith Olbermann, but who would believe anything promoted by “P.M.R.C.” Al Gore? That guy held Congressional hearings(!!!) fretting about WASP, the Mentors, Prince, and Twisted Sister lyrics, and worse yet—selected Evil Joe Lieberman(Yikes!) as his running mate, back when he won that Presidential election. Lieberman is bad news. He’s like, Nixon evil. Kissinger evil. Maybe even, like, Dick Cheney evil. Are any of you kids old enough to recall phony-baloney, Al Gore piously goading Dee Snider, about the “Sick Motherfuckin’ Friends Of Twisted Sister”, or whatever they called the fan-club, back in the Metal Years? Sadly, Twisted licensed their most famous song out as a jingle for swet-shop, slave-trade, anti-union, Main Street killers, Wal-Mart. As “The Onion” slyly remarked, it does indeed appear, as if the Sisters have finally decided to “take it”, after all. I know they got their lifestyles to support, Long Island McMansion mortgages ain’t cheap, but Wal-Mart is the devil. As evil as Joe Lieberman. Talk about some sick M.F.’s. Wal-Mart and America’s political class make VANITY 6 and El Duce’s toilet-humor seem so, well….adorable, in comparison. We’re talking about willing and enthusiastic military industrial complex assets, who torture innocents, and smiled while they sent all the living wage jobs to communist countries, with NAFTA. Unintelligible, only semi-coherant, metal-head, Chris Holmes, reclining drunkenly in a raft in his swimming pool, or even a potty mouthed G.G. Allin, were hardly threats to anyone, especially if compared to the slick D.C. sociopaths, like Bush and Obama, Lieberman, McCain, and the Clintons, who all helped undermine the Geneva Conventions and the Bill Of Rights. What would John Denver and Frank Zappa have had to say about TSA fondlers, backscatter x-ray vans, Gitmo, tasers, warrantless wire-taps, and the so-called “Super Congress”? Doesn’t Dee Snider realize his song can no longer be an anthem of protest and rebellion, after it’s been pawned-off to Satan sandwich selling Wal-Mart?
We can all still vividly remember Obama’s kindly campaign speeches, how he promised he would use diplomacy to halt future, futile, pre-emptive wars, close the torture camps at Guatanamo Bay, and withdrawl the occupation in Iraq. I’m sure you can recall when he told us, “You can take that to the bank!” If you want to better understand all these Obama “concessions” to the generals, and heartless super rich, top one percent, read Naomi Klein’s book, “Shock Doctrine” which succinctly illustrates how disaster capitalists rule by crisis and deception, and also, Amy Goodman and David Goodman’s well-researched book, “Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and The People Who Fight Back”. I’ve been lied to my whole life, so I still don’t claim to have a secure grasp on the big picture, but at least, I can now better comprehend the long history of fictions, that have been planted by psy-op’s in the universities and corporate-media, at the pleasure of our secret rulers of the oil baron/intelligence/Pentagon community. Colin Powell and President Obama were not the first, or last puppets to lie us into war, or try to fool all the people, all the time. It’s shocking to learn how we’ve been so deceived and totally manipulated for all these decades. Someone killed the Kennedys, but it most certainly was not you, or me. I’m not mad at Dee Snider and Jay Jay French for loaning their metal classic to Conformity Inc., really-those guys have been fighting the good ole underdog fight since ’73. That’s most of my sad life. I’m probably more bummed out about “London Calling” being used to hype the Olympics, or by the Pretenders and Pogues music being “repurposed” as corporate jingles. It’s probably way more of an outrage when crunchy-granola Pearl Jam, or billionaire Bowie, became cheap ho’s for Target, but I gotta say…there’s something just plain wrong about Wal-Mart using “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, similar to the way Republicans always co-opt Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen songs, or when Limbaugh exploited Chrissie Hynde’s classic “My City Was Gone.” I just prefer to remember Dee Snider as the guy who defended rock’n’roll from the trite and condescending Washington Wives, to the friendly D-lister sucking-up to Donald Trump on bullshit unreality shows. Bring back the rebellious rocknroll motherfuckers. “This is our life! This is our song!” Free Pussy Riot! Free Bradley Manning! Repeal the NDAA And Patriot Act! END THE WARS. …We now return you to your regular sold-out corporate unreality programming.