Billy Miles Brooke “All Dressed Up… and Nowhere to Go”

billymilesbrookeAfter reviewing 80s Sunset Strip band TRAGIC ROMANCE’s CD a couple of weeks ago, it appears as logical to talk about this album as Billy Miles Brooke was actually their singer. This is not a new release, it’s actually from 2008, but the fact is that this record obviously didn’t receive the attention/promo it deserved, so it’s never too late to give these 10 songs a second birth…
From opening song “Queen Of The Stardust Ball”, you can feel that Billy probably owns more than a couple of STONES and FACES records. The guitars and piano also make the comparison with The QUIREBOYS and early BLACK CROWES as obvious. Billy’s vocals stay on the glammy side, evoking BOWIE and BOLAN at times.
Songs like “The Lights On Lonely Blvd.” even have a bit of CULT thrown into them while “Tears and Wine” or “Midnight Rain” are the kind of slide guitar oriented ballads The ROLLING STONES could have written.
There’s some great catchy songs on this album: “All Wound Up”, “Around The World”, “Tearin’ Up The Town” or “Moonlight Boogie”, and that’s just another reason for every rocker into this kind of 70s rock’n’roll to check this album out!/Laurent C.

Tragic Romance “Hollywood Daze”

tragic_romanceTRAGIC ROMANCE was one of these bands that haunted the Sunset Strip in the late 80s. Lost into the glam metal/sleaze rock tsunami, TRAGIC ROMANCE shared stages with bands like JUNKYARD, JETBOY, BANG TANGO, VAIN, WARRANT, etc.
This CD offers us songs from that time, and also two songs (“Little Miss Innocent” and “Shameless”) that were recorded in 2012 for FnA records. There’s some good party rock songs on here (“All Wound Up”, “Shameless”), and Billy’s glammy vocals pefectly fits. Of course, you also get the compulsory power ballads (“Satin Sheets”, “Just Couldn’t Bear It”)… TRAGIC ROMANCE were good, but not different from many of their contemporaries, which eventually led them to play a heavier, darker kind of rock in 1989 as the style was evolving with bands like LOVE/HATE, BANG TANGO and JANE’S ADDICTION. “Love and Revolution”, “Vampire Blues”, or “25 Days” are close to what these bands were doing, which shows that any record label support really could have helped… The last two songs “Seasons”, and “Denied” actually get close to MOTHER LOVE BONE, or even ALICE IN CHAINS and SOUNDGARDEN.
You’ll find old flyers and pics as the album artwork. A good tribute and testimony of two eras in one!/Laurent C.