Tommy Ray! “Handful Of Hits”

“First Hits Free”, TOMMY RAY!‘s first album was just released one year ago and here he is again with 11 new powerpop hits. “In Love Again” opens on a melancholic teenage note before hand claps and JERRY LEE LEWIS piano take over in the catchy “No No No”. Third song “On My Wall” slow things down and brings a romantic touch to the album before it quickly fades and let “One Step Closer” brings more sun and fun while “Closer/School Daze” keeps us pogoing and partying (“I don’t care what they say, every day is saturday!”) with its ’77 punk chorus. The JOHNNY THUNDERS influence can especially be heard in “Beer, Wine & Whisky” while “Feel The Pain” will take you to the 60s and “Loser’s Anthem” and its slight new wave touch will make you dance for less than 3 minutes. “If You Need Anything” and “Runnin'” will probably bring The CRY to your mind if you were into them, check them out if you haven’t yet! The last song “I Didn’t Do It” has a bit of this early HANOÏ ROCKS thing to it that will leave you wanting more. The physical version of the album will be released in April. /Laurent C.

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Tommy Ray! “First Hits Free”

The CRY‘s lead singer is back with a first solo album on red vinyl released by German record label GADM. Opening song “Ain’t No Use” starts with a EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS vibe before “Life Goes On” and “Good Luv – Gone South” both bring us back to The CRY‘s first album with some fine power pop and good songwriting. “Hey Susanne” brings The CLASH to mind while “Coming Back” and “Tuesday Girl” get into the 50s/60s rock’n’roll territory. The early British punk influence can also be heard in “Take A Chance”, “Trouble” (quite a catchy glam punk chorus!) and in “Voices” and its amphetamine fueled beat and snotty vocals. The British 70s pop intro of “No Better” and its LIBERTINES guitars bring more variety to the album and displays an interesting musical direction. The last song, “Bored & Young” will probably remind you of The EXPLODING HEARTS if you were into them, and would also have made a great title for this cool record.
Tommy wasn’t on the last THE CRY European tour, so let’s hope we’ll see him play this album live this year! /Laurent C.