The Wearies “Dynamite Moves” video premiere

“Dynamite Moves”, the first official video released by The Wearies from Oakland California.

We wanted to give the viewer a taste of the band live and in person. We shot the video one night at a show in San Francisco in couple of hours blending live performance shots…” says lead vocalist/guitarist Erik Mullin.

The singer also wrote the story line and adds “I wanted to capture the lyrical aspects of the song on film. The video was quick and dirty, like a good rock and roll song should be…

“Dynamite Moves” video was directed by local rocker and upcoming film maker Ant Boyd (Modern Kicks) and camera work by Axel Johansson.

70’s styled Power Pop and good old Classic Rock are back and The Wearies want you to get in on every last lick.

The Wearies “S/T” (EP)

WeariesI never heard of The WEARIES before, but these guys from Oakland, California like T-REX, The STONES and CHEAP TRICK among others, so big chances are they can’t play bad music! You’ll get some cool power pop melodies (“Out Of My Hands”), mixed to 70s guitars and Butch Walker kind of vocals. “Superspectacular” sounds more like early KISS with BEATLES/BEACH BOYS influenced vocal lines, while “Dynamite Moves” is probably the catchiest song on here. If you like softer songs, then you’ll have to listen to the John Lennon influenced ballad “Piano Suite”.
The WEARIES show us that you can play 70s influenced music without sounding dated. Good job!/Laurent C.
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