The Sickle “Get Bigger Last Longer”

Not even one year after we reviewed their first album “Hung Up To Dry”, Italian punk pop band The SICKLE are back with 11 new songs. Obviously, they are still on the bright side of punk rock, mostly influenced by Californian skate punk bands, but on this new record, they also make their rock’n’roll side stand out more on songs like “C’mon” or “If I Were Humble” and this is a very good thing (to me at least)!
The album is well produced and clean on all edges despite its title and cover, so it’s quite easy to picture it being played by some American rock radio, especially that you’ll find some potential hits on here like “Wake Me Up Break Me Down” or “My Own Doom.”
It’s always clever to release such an album before summer, so if you like BLINK 182, SUM 41 or even The GOO GOO DOLLS and AMERICAN HI-FI, then give this record a chance!/Laurent C.