The Ratcliffs “Hell Mental”

The RATCLIFFS (from Austria) probably have all the RAMONES album. That’s what you think when listening to opening song “Sidewalk Weirdo”, “She Walked O.U.T”, “One Step Forward” or “Just Because”, but they must also be influenced by bands like The QUEERS and The ADOLESCENTS. Nothing wrong with this, right? But you’ll hear more than that in this album, there’s also some sunny powerpop in “No Reason”, “Here Comes The Rain” sounds like a modern version of The UNDERTONES, you’ll hear a bit of JOHNNY THUNDERS in “Trouble Zone” and “Schoolyard Dictator” almost sounds like early 90s bubblegum glam punk. If you think that this is quite a cool mix of influences, then you’re right! “Hell Mental” is available from Monster Zero Records. /Laurent C.

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