The Ratboys “Cash, Gas And Trash”

The RATBOYS are not Mr. Ratboy’s new band, they come from Belgium and “Cash Gas and Trash” is their debut album.
These Boys love 77 punk rock’n’roll, 60s bubblegum power pop and they sometimes remind me of The BEAT ANGELS (“Bubblegum Attack”.) The RATBOYS understood that a catchy chorus is the most important thing when you play this kind of rock’n’roll and it’s quite easy to get songs like “Ratboy” or “Hollywood Summer” stuck in your head.!
The RAMONES can only be one of their big influences as well, but they don’t take the easy “cover band” road and the BUZZCOCKS also come to mind (“Never Get Enough”).!
The 60s rock’n’roll influence can especially be found in “Goin’ Back To School” or “The Things You’ve Done” as The RATBOYS are not afraid do dig into rock’n’roll history (“Tomorrow Is Gone” is another exemple of that.)!
Get your best looking pink and black outfit and dance to this!/Laurent C.