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“In you I see all colors not just black and white…” (-King)



I’m living in the 80’s. I hated fuckin’ grunge, what a lotta bullshit that was in the nineties-corporate “Alternative”, nasally bellowing Tarzans with gym memberships pretending to have smack habits for gloom and profit aint my scene, at all. I’m still very into new romantic, post-punk, eighties weirdo art rock and glam, ya know?

As a lovesick jilted teenager mooning forever over some arty new wave chick from the deepest Catholic school honky suburbs with a Tinkerbell heart and a cherry ice cream smile, I tended to be an Arcadia kid, now they seem a little bit daff, maybe like fourth rate warmed over Roxy Music, but believe me when I tell you, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, their gypsified, starlit, cinematic, heart on their velvet sleeve new romanticism meant everything to me back then. “Last Chance On The Stairway”, “Like An Angel”, “My Own Way” and “Hold Back The Rain”, too! Me and my old bassist Cowboy Bobby Cloyd saw them in concert so many times, they started recognizing us, and John Taylor was especially kind and generous towards us. I still love Duran Duran.

Of course, most all our dude rocker friends much preferred the loud lads on the tiles storm and bluster of The Power Station whose explosive cover of Bang A Gong was cool as hell and blasting out of every passing Transmaro and stoner van window for about two years or longer on a suckass radio station called 92 Zoo. A shame they were too rich and famous and coked out on the champagne and super models to write more good songs and Palmer split, cause that was a badass band they had for five minutes.

Do you remember that time in your life when every fucking single song made you think of a girl you loved but never married? 


When one of my old pals from the eighties first tried to get me into this guy, Bootsy X, I just was not vibein’ it, I was not from that particular town and therefore did not subscribe to their fanatical sports patriotism, where you’re supposedly obliged to love everything local. Took me a minute to really get it, but once I got it, I got it. Man, first time I met Bootsy, I thought the dude was a crazy, raving maniac speed freak spilling drinks and doing Honk Kong Fooey moves, talkin’ ’bout James Brown and breakdancing like Turbo and Ozone. Turned out he was one of the most righteous dudes on the planet-offered to let me and my old lady stay at his place when I was homeless post-divorce-he had like nothin’ in the way of middle class bullshit but was willing to roll out a piece of carpet in the corner for a rocknroll amigo. Then, his place burnt down, sadly, lost a buncha rocknroll souvenirs, but soldiered bravely on, like we do. I remember one night when my band friend was playing with one of his other bands outta town and I was briefly staying at his house, me, Bootsy, and their girlfriends went to some bars and you could not keep up with Bootsy, who was like, bang zoom, whoa, wah wazzat? Like, the fastest man alive, high fivin’, ass grabbin’, glad handin’, talkin’ a million miles an hour, drinks galore. I’d been known to have a taste of alcohol every once in awhile to break the ice in those years, but this cat made me look like an old lady, insisting, no, DEMANDING he should play drums in my flash metal punk rock goth gang. The guitar player at the time unfortunately vetoed that idea cause I dunno, musicians are always lookin’ for some kinda technical proficiency, but me, I was always aligning myself with the most rocknroll motherfuckers I could find, not necessarily the ones with the most virtuosity or biggest amps, or like mommy/daddy trustfund budgets, I have always most preferred the crazy motherfuckers with the face tattoos and maybe some problems, like the people with the big hearts and even bigger personalities. We had a wildass bassplayer who was a million laughs, why not also a wildass drummer? Anyways, I think of that guy pretty frequently nowadays, as we became pretty close friends and talked on the phone alot when we were both going through our hard times. He might not be here in the flesh no more, but his legacy remains. RISE IN POWER BOOTSY X! VIVE LE PUSHERMAN OF LOVE!


RESERVE your copy today >> https://www.magicaljeep.com/product/finding-jesus/102

“Denton’s Jesus reflects American consumerism dunked in fast food sludge and deep fried. The failed American Dream is drowning in Thunderbird and bottom shelf whiskey and desperately searching for some sort of answer. Finding Jesus is a pilgrimage for the lost, the damned, the drugged and drunken outcasts American capitalism devours by the millions.

Denton’s altar of saints shine their flickering lights out into the stygian void. Each poem a votive candle of remembrance and honor. Denton offers up prayers for the disabused, the spit on, the murdered, the holy eaten up by a hungry world spinning towards insatiable darkness.”–A.S. Coomer, author/poet/singer-songwriter

“Thank God and all his angels for saints like Dan Denton who continue to commit their hearts to the page in these assfuck shitsplat days of so much relentless mindless merciless nada. It’s all noise. It’s all nonsense. I watch Janis howl at Monterey Pop for the hundredth or so time and add “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Aneurysm” to another playlist (where did you sleep last night? In Leadbelly’s shadow with nothing in my pocket but a losing lottery ticket) and console myself with collages and books and the occasional trek to the magic shop because I’m still lighting candles and communing with the moon even though we are both so scarred and so tired. Then I read Dan Denton or Charles Bukowski or Kathy Acker and remember that I am not alone. There will always be war (sorry, John and Yoko…a lot of us imagine but it seems there is plenty to kill and die for) and injustice and poverty and busted pay phones and not nearly enough quarters. But sometimes the light breaks through. Thank God and all his angels for Michele McDannold. Love still exists. Here is proof.”–Misti Rainwater-Lites, ebullient poet extraordinaire

Rumor Had It This Song was about Me: Jesus Dionysus — Sovines | Last.fm

“The matriarch of a royal family legacy of slave-trading, imperialism, colonialism, theft, symbol of opulence and mascot for the ruling class is dead the media will now parade the queen’s zombie ass in front of u while telling u that overthrowing capitalism is not what we need.” (-Boots Riley)

“I don’t criticize Democrats cuz I side with Republicans, I criticize Democrats Cuz THEY side with Republicans. Our fight is not Left/Right anymore, it is Us vs.Them. We have 2 corporate party’s that serve Wall St/War Machine/Corporations & crush everyone else.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The DNC Resolutions Committee just refused to allow a vote on a resolution aimed at banning dark money from the party’s primary process. This follows a long pattern of the Democrats posing as if they are against dark money in our elections while they are being funded by it.” (-Ryan Knight)

“No AC in our classrooms, teacher to student ratio is 40:1, 80% of our students live at or below poverty level. But yeah let’s go ahead and give cops housing subsidies lll…that’ll help us.” (-Nicole Donanian-Blandon)

“Trip wires for WW III are being laid right now. We’re all in the target hairs of war profiteers.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“So you know my story
We’ll I’ll tell you a secret
Inside I was certain
Inside I was crying out for more
Now I’m roaming through seats that are empty
To find my destination
Will you touch my fascination once again?
It’s like a memory that will last
Like a postcard from the past
Yesterday is history
It’s there for all the world to see
It’s like a memory that will last
Like a postcard from the past
My future seems wide open
And tomorrow’s never broken

“So come on…” 

(-Billy Fuckin’ Idol)

“The essence of trauma is loss of contact with yourself, loss of connection to yourself.” (— Dr. Gabor Maté)

“BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II is dead. Her royalty was built atop the mass graves and pools of blood spilt across the world to enrich the British colonial empire. Queens are not heroes. Queens are colonizers, exploiters, pillagers, and plunderers. That is the true legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Everyone who believes in journalism should be on Assange’s side. Julian Assange must be defended because the elites want him locked up.” – Lee Camp Support the film here: https://gofund.me/ebd7821f


My hands are all torn up from landscaping, blisters are split open, feet and knees hurt from all the bending-hacking-digging-pulling, got a lot of household chores and adult responsibilities to carry out today. Relatives with medical problems, relatives who disappeared from our lives, bullshit bad electric fuckin’ bills. I peeked into my “sent” folder this morning and see I already have about eight of these fucking glorified social media columns waiting for publication on the online underground rocknroll fanzines I contribute to. Not sure anybody even reads ’em cause the deep state controlled algorithms, or if any young person learns anything from the cool music and indie-media I link to, but I got too much goin’ on to go stand at the stoplight with a sign and get hollered at by Fox watching idiots in big white trucks. I did that shit in Eugene, ruined my nice hat in the rain resulting in snobby librarians profiling me as homeless, and all it accomplished was a buncha elitist fratboy types and rightwing dicks got to cleverly, and oh so originally yell, “get a job!” Also some booj-pig gender worshippers got to lecture me tediously about my cys born heteronormative pass privilege or some shit like that. as a cute way of deflecting from the fact that they gouged everybody’s rent and none of them would hire me to work at their hipster popularity businesses cause my pro nouns weren’t of their preferred variety and they all knew my wife had been fired from the woman’s shelter for not speaking Spanish or being a diversity token-she was “too white” according to the non profit special privilege hustlers. So yeah, we are the wrong kind of non conformists everywhere we go. A fag in the midwest, a redneck oppressor in the gentrified and oh so sweetly genteel vibrant and diverse AOC believin’ red carpet college towns. Now we are being pushed from our deadend street by developers and corrupt city code enforcers and oversized kkkop intimidation squads, to make room for a buncha condos and Mcmansions nobody’s gonna wanna pay a half a million dollars for cause we live across the street from the waste treatment plant that stinks of shit most of the year, but the swells are banking on out of state home buyers not knowing what that building is over there. My selfless and saintly old lady has been doing a lot of intense labor for some rich world travelling artist lady, the daughter of two millionaire professors, and her new dream is relocating our family into one of her many empty unfinished properties in the more dangerous part of town sometime before Christmas cause there’s no furnace in this rickety old trailer that leaks and has plumbing problems and who wants to do another cold winter without sufficient heating in the deadend desert? Meanwhile, thanks to youtube,Tik Tok and pig-media programming, our fifteen year old just wants Gucci status symbols, and the other kids don’t communicate with us at all, anymore-we’re not sure why, something happened they were told not to tell us about, but ultimately, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly cause they were taught by the other side of the family to think of us as overly emotional Beverly Hillbilly paranoid drunken antisocial anarchists. Bad beat poets, crazy hoodlums, outsider uneducateds. The hideously ungentrified “OTHERS!” Poverty might be contagious. They don’t want me hippin’ ’em to too much Slade, T. Rex, Nikki Giovanni, or Noam Chomsky-ya know what I mean? Hurts to be estranged from loved ones. The connected motherfuckers who could’ve helped us succeed, back when we were two steps from the move, sabotaged us instead, ripped us off, wrote us off, mutinied, took delight from our ripple effect hardships, acted like they don’t even KNOW us, now. Declared themselves winners and told their wives it was all cause I was born to lose, and had it comin’. Shoulda gone to college or married up. Then they toast and demand the waitress refreshen their drinks. Fuck the ratrace shit. I aint trying to be in no bruncher mimosa club with those no talent, skinny tie money motherfuckers. I love poor people. I try not to complain, but as we get older, the heavy lifting and blue collar shit work can be a bitch on the body. It aint all glamour. Aint all shiny shoes and booze galore no more.

Hero of the Week: September 5, 2022: Whitney Webb – Solari Report

Extended episode: Noam Chomsky: We’re Repeating Afghanistan in Ukraine (substack.com)


My old playgrounds, my former stomping grounds, are all lilywhite and creepy Dizneyfied by the rich. Entire zipcodes of name dropping, fifth hand, vicarious living rule followers with big posters of The Damned or The Jam on every wall, big coffeetable books about Basquiat or Blondie, but they are all just TOO posh and polite to consort with lowlife gutter dwelling hobo anarchist traveler gypsy caravan antifa forever people like me and my closest family. They’re all so posh. OH SO POLITE! Pro Noun perfection and gender studies extra credit educated at the Shitlib University. Pure as the driven snow, just so highbrow and puritanical and whitey might polite up in them sky high syringe-phallic ivory towers. Am I the only one who’s sick to death of those phony fuckers-the Scrooge McDuck me, first overstuffed swells in the balcony? I’ll tell you what is scarring to bear-when your own loved ones were trained to hate or fear poor people, but allowed to be in proximity of predator rich people, all because of capitalist hierarchies and rich people family secrets. Holy shit, that stuff is tough. Bad stuff obviously happened to people I love and to this day, nobody even told me the truth about what, or why, or who or what really happened. I always understood Morrissey when he said, the past never dies, not really…”I am the past”. I remain a walking landmark to something other than this bullshit Metaverse programming reset sham, a relic from a more rebellious time, another state of mind, and I’m not trying to follow the trends or make excuses for Bill Gates or Hillary Clinton or any evil showbiz predator classers. I still like Poison Idea outta Portland-they were right about everything, man.

Man, I am sorta repulsed nowadays whenever I see summa that instafame phony monarch beta kitten programmed MK ultra cultist Kanye Kardashian Kult VMA’s/Tiki Tok/showbiz slavery/Lil Nas X/Youngblud/Miley Cyrus occult bullshittery they do on non stop on all the awards shows now. In the punk rock days, people were free to freak freely and do their own thing and be themselves tonight. The B 52’s and Fleshtones were a big fun, all inclusive dance party for all, but that’s a farcry from this nu mandatory gender cult, nobody should have to be or do, or wear anything that does not represent themself. When we blurred gender in the sevnties and eighties it was not because we were being top-down peer-pressure obliged by the sicko in the secret society lording over the kidnapped underage kids at the blackmail temple on the cult island. I feel awful for all the young people who are media hostage to the Masonic Schwab Illuminati Reset dystopia creeps. I’m gonna miss the B-52’s though, they were always about love, freedom, and fun, and individuality. That’s my kinda jam-free to be you and me, not being manipulated by some depraved billionaire Weinstein slave owners or Maxwell groomer handlers. The government you still stupidly believe in has admitted it human traffics and that billionaires from the Mega Group and people like Epstein sex enslave people for blackmail purposes but nobody from the Lolita Express logs seems to ahve been penalized except for Maxwell and Weinstein, Cosby, and Kevin Spacey, but the list of Davos fatcats and politicians who vaca at Epstein islands is lengthy.

Man this society is so sick, it celebrates and rewards known war criminals, racist police state goons, cable tv spooks, torturers like the Cheney family, mass murderers, drone assassins, and even gross rich people who are irrefutably inappropriate around children-like Gropey Joe for instance, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates-all those Epstein Island people, Hillary laughing about having Gaddafi’s corpse bayonetted and dragged through the streets “for feminism”, it’s all objectionable and problematic–not just Trump. What’s weird is how everybody who owns property or went to college is able to overlook all the unforgivable evils of the rich, but never, never, never seem to even briefly stop yakkin’ away about the presumed sins of the poor and working classes. Who was it that said, “work is the curse of the drinking classes?”  Joyce? MacGowan? Hell, I’ve always had some yap yap yapping fake puritans and hypocritical haves gossiping from their perpetual barstools about how me or my former bandmates drank too much alcohol, but all these same bullshit squares were all known to be problematic long term boozers and winebox moms and cocaine habit with the haves and the bonghits fratboys, themselves. I aint no puritan or temperance leaguer. I was a  ruffly shirted sparrow years before the Captain in those pirate movies. Sometimes a bit sloppy/emotional? Sure. Maybe a wee bit known to slur some words from time to time, or engage in all sorts of crazy clad, new wave club kid, bozo buffoonery and daredevil divebar daffy duckery after midnight on a social occasion? Yeah, hell yeah, we did get known for our all week house parties and dawn’s early light, singalong all night, helpless laughter rabble rousings. We grew up on “Animal House”, “Blue Brothers” and classic Van Halen. WHAT YOU MAY FIND OBJECTIONABLE OR PROBLEMATIC IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT I FIND OBJECTIONABLE AND PROBLEMATIC-IF YOU ARE ALL GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT OVER THE METAVERSE OR HARRY STYLES, KATY PERRY OR BEYONCE, WE AINT ON THE SAME PAGE AT ALL. I did love punk rock, heavy metal, new wave and edgy, provocative comedy and gonzo truth tellers. From Mother Jones to Gore Vidal, from Ture Kwame to John Trudell, from Assata Shakur to Whitney Webb, you dig? We weren’t made to fuckin grovel and take little tests and stand in line and follow your dresscodes, not then and not now. We loved Hunter S. Thompson, Paul Mooney, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Bill Hicks. It is not our job to make middle class college people who take offense from Joe Rogan interviewing Kennedys, or Chappelle not being Trans enough, or any other gaslighting creepy double standard, identity politricks bullshit artists like Cait Jenner or Kardashian occultist shitlib Hillary voters, feel good about themselves. I find the cancel culture offensive. I find Facebook censoring real science offensive. I am offended by corporate media propagandists. All those Lady Gaga cannibal shows on Netflix offend me. The police state offends me-your bullshit phony baloney drug war offends me. Your middle class P.C. B.S. affectations. Why do booj people think having a piece of paper gives them some kinda cloak of invisibility, like the whole world can’t see them snorting the cocaine whenever they see their sister, or the rich old man gambling all day on the casino boat, or you with the medicine cabinet overflowing with pain pills and a flask in your Batgirl purse, a little nip after brunch, all of ’em always wrestling with their own problems, addictions, afflictions, mental illnesses, compulsive behaviors, or other unseemly, desperate social clawings, while they point their fingers at the poor people? It’s a put on, the whole daytime people sham of ha-ha holier than thou, or having shit free stink, just because they got some nametag with a title on it or a boat or a set of keys. I can’t stand the fuckin’ Tipper Gore crowd and never could. The shitlibs are just humorless Jerry Falwells with pink hair. Bitter and uptight and uncool authoritarian J. Edgar Hoovers or Lindsey Grahams, in a dress. But I repeat myself. I don’t care what you wear, or how you like to get down with other consenting adults, or what you eat or snort or drink or smoke, it’s not my business, but hey, Sniffy, leave those kids alone. And for heaven’s sake tell your kid he don’t gotta wear a dress if he don’t want to!

Myself? I still love rocknroll. Especially Billy IdolBilly Idol – Postcards from the past (Zitadelle Spandau 17.06.2014) – YouTube

Last of the last of the wild bandido hobo jungle ghost town frontier kings still seeking: guitar, bass, drums, maybe even synths, for Wild Wild West outlaw cowpunk, torch n twang, gypsy joker jazzpunk, bonfire traveler/trainhoppin’ trail songs, spaghetti western glam, and elderly goth revolution rock band. A bit like Joe…

a dash of daffy decadence

and Ole Nick

let the summer time sun fall on the apple…


Opinion | Barbara Ehrenreich and the Real Work of Labor Day | Richard Eskow (commondreams.org)

‘Honor Her Memory… by Fighting Like Hell’: Barbara Ehrenreich Dies at 81 (commondreams.org)


 “On this Labor Day, remember that this is a scam holiday meant to divert the attention of workers in the U.S. from celebrating International Workers Day on May 1st with the rest of the socialist and progressive world” (-Danny Haiphong)

 “I am tired of this narrative that Democrats are saving democracy from Republicans because it’s not true. Democrats do not believe in democracy. They are one half of the corporate oligarchy & the far more sinister half as they pose as our ally right before stabbing us in the back.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Secrecy-keeping the people and Congress in the dark-is the cancer eating at the vitals of democracy.  What is remarkable about all the official hullabaloo by government officials, who leak plenty themselves, is that there never is any indictment or prosecution of government big wigs who continually suppress facts and knowledge in order to carry out very devastating actions like invading Iraq under false pretenses and covering up corporate contractors abuses. The morbid and corporate-indentured secrecy of government over the years has cost many American lives, sent Americans to illegal wars, bilked consumers of billions of dollars and harmed the safety and economic well-being of workers.” (-Ralph Nader)

“Biden/Nuland and company have used the Ukrainian ultra nationalist’s hatred of Russia to manipulate them into throwing their entire nation into a meat grinder on behalf of an absurd doomed neocon project. Hate is a poison that kills its owner.” (-Garland Nixon)


Ralph Nader: Biden’s First Year Proves He Is Still a “Corporate Socialist” Beholden to Big Business | Democracy Now!

Ralph Nader: USA is a two-party dictatorship | Dangerous Minds


“If you think the DNC is going to rein in dark money, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. “The 2020 election saw more than $1 B in dark money spending … driven by an explosion of secret donations boosting Democrats”  – Open Secrets” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “The UGLY TRUTH About the Ukraine War & Iran Nuclear Deal https://t.co/m5cEypTjK0” / Twitter

German TV Shows Nazi Symbols on Helmets of Ukraine Soldiers (nbcnews.com)

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “WATCH: INSANE: US Steals 500 Oil Tankers from Syria https://t.co/5P6v9N434t https://t.co/vl6hsYRGIq” / Twitter

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein, VOL.1: Webb, Whitney: 9781634243018: Amazon.com: Books

5 Psychological Experiments That Explain the Modern World – Activist Post

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Propagandist for Syria terror proxies compromised Amnesty International, leaked docs show – The Grayzone

Abby’s report-back from Cuba: https://patreon.com/posts/71553716

“This represents limitations & contradictions of neoliberal brand of feminist politics. It is vulgar identity politics at its worst. It will have you reject radical black feminist reproductive justice framework for narrow liberal abortion demands & supporting a fascist.” (-Ajamau Baraka)

Hillary Clinton Is Wrong: Electing a Far-Right Woman Is Not a Step Forward for Women (jacobin.com)


Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Did you know Gooooooogle is filled with ___[fill in blank]___? https://t.co/o5UmleFYY6” / Twitter

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There is no such thing as an Anti-Assange punk.

Debunking All The Assange Smears – Caitlin Johnstone

Free Julian Assange (dontextraditeassange.com)


I met JP at CBGB’s in my 20’s. Goodfella, still plays guitar like Johhny B. Goode.

Joey Pinter by Joey Pinter on Amazon Music – Amazon.com

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 It’s Labor Day and I got hours of landscaping in the hot sun with the mutant mosquitoes to perform today and I gotta find out if the post office is open before I carry boxes across town.

So I hate being pushed around by the evil forces of gentrification, all the people who inherit surplus properties from their ancestors seem so content to jack up rents and push the working class from view. I’ve always been a power to the people punk rock frontman-singer-songwriter, but the ex bandmates all went solo, or gave up and retired, or joined big budgeted fame hag name brands with legit marquee value, or pay to play karaoke clownish novelty cover bands, so that whole rocknroll adventure’s slowed down to almost a halt in spite of my prolific outpouring of Songs. ‘Worked at record stores, til they got bought up by fucking detestable capitalist, pretentious assholes who only wanna hire younger females who don’t threaten their authority in any way, so now, I’m just like the record store guy online, via my columns and reviews. Always ended up retreating to the hot, wet kitchens cause as a dishwasher, I get the least hassle from “bring us more ice, bread, olive oil, extra straws”/no tip types. I can’t successfully interface with mimosa brunchers, Strokes fans, or Lyn Cheney worshippers, so I’m better off elbows deep in the dish galley, scrubbing away, in the hairnet and wet apron. Nowadays, I keep ending up performing more backs of the poor, blue collar labor for posh people and let me tell ya, I got blisters on my hands and my feet and knees hurt. Tonight, I go back to landscape some impossibly overgrown yard for someone who has many sitting empty houses, so many people around here end up working for the ranchers taking care of properties, farming, gardening, caregiving that’s where the only hustle is. The gulf has gotten so big, you got the oligarchs and lower ranking land barons on one side being insatiable gobblers of all things, and us serfs and peasants being reduced to on call slaves, indentured servants, day workers, movers. They snap and we come running with the toolbelts and plungers and hedgeclippers and weedwhackers. Stupid people have asked me why I always interrupt your regularly scheduled collector scum conversations about how bitchen it is that you own more Johnny Thunders bootlegs from Japan than some kid one third your age does, but he says, he knows somebody from the Biters so take THAT, to amplify the voices of insurgent activist groups and people’s movement organizers? Well, it’s cause the bad guys that run society have infiltrated all the traditional organizations like the ACLU and Amnesty and now, all those orgs act as propagandists for the war machine, all the celebrities, too. Just look at ex progressive, Jon Stewart, praising full fledged nazis at Disneyland to help promote the wars on Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, China, etc. Rolling Stone and Spin are both platforms for the big 5 techfascist tyranny agenda as well, all the radicals and leftists have been purged from pig-media and every tech-platform. The fraudsquad sheepdog models won’t even take phonecalls from Ralph Nader or Winona LaDuke anymore. Pig-media wants to pretend the Dems and Republikkans are different but they aren’t really, they just trot the old tried and true wedge issues out every five to ten years to get us slaves babbling about guns and gender rather than uniting against tyrannical megalomaniacal overlords, cashless society microchip maniacs, panopticon surveillance techfascism, and forever wars. Trump still babbles to racist mobs about killing drug dealers to reduce crime which is just his usual red meat to the rightwing base dog whistling-kill the poor black drug dealers, but the real kingpins are all high ranking oligarchs and CIA honkies and governments controlled by Nato and shit and he is well aware of that, he gives fools false hope, of “restoring order”…just like Sanders and company do on the shitlib fake center…”reduce crime”, ha. AS IF the whole oligarchy aint in on the black market drug trade that funds the black ops and homeland psy ops, as well as the forced labor in drugwar private prisons profiteering (*Just See Kamala Harris’ resume) and let us not forget how invested Congress  is in Blackrock and Vanguard the Borg like unstoppable Bill Gates billionaire monopolies that own all the Big Pharmaceutical Companies profiting from endless prescription drug racketeering and forced new vaccinations and boosters and new variants and updates and Bird Flu and Mad Cow and Monkeypox, etc. etc. etc. Both parties are fascist, so let’s quit the pretense of there being some kind of lesser evil. 

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Sometimes, I’m glad he aint here to have to behold the heartless shitshow all around us but I do miss him an awful lot. Not that many people ever got me like PK did. We were birds of a feather. (RIP)


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World Economic Forum Attacks Dissenting Voices: ‘Shouldn’t Really Be Talking About’ Organization (breitbart.com) Outrageous when Bannon rightwing media sources are more hip to what the billionaires plan to do to us than any traditional liberal/shitlib/neocon/pig-media sources. When some anti-Antifa, far right maga, antiwoke is still more woke than faux-woke fauxgressives? Holy shit-these are batshit times!

“It’s pretty disturbing when you have law enforcement working for a private corporation and furthering their agenda.”

Enbridge is still not charged for reckless damage to rivers and aquifers.” (-Honor The Earth)

Check out the Water is Life Official Playlist on Spotify – Sun, Sept 4th Bayfront Park – Duluth, MN The “WATER IS LIFE” festival featuring Ani Difranco, The Indigo Girls, Allison Russell, Dessa, Tia Wood, Keith Secola, Annie Humphrey + MORE


Honor the Earth on Twitter: “Here’s Winona LaDuke’s invitation to the Water Is Life Festival in Duluth MN Sept. 4th. This year we are excited about the artists joining us @anidifranco, @Indigo_Girls, @outsidechild13, @dessadarling, & many more presented by @HonorTheEarth Tickets → https://t.co/ylQ1wt8woa https://t.co/dMpWkfrpfg” / Twitter 

“Julian Assange is slowly dying in a maximum security prison because he told the truth. ” (-Ralph Nader)

“While some Western countries call for peace, the Pentagon has signed a $182-million deal with an American arms manufacturer to produce advanced surface-to-air missile systems for the Ukrainian military IN LATE 2024.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Our politicians don’t hate each other, they make us hate each other.” (-Black In The Empire)

“When it comes to the Ukraine proxy war, there is zero difference policy-wise between self-identified progressives like Bernie aide @mattduss

 and neocons like Lindsay Graham.” (-Aaron Mate’)

“It’s for his #1 hit: High Treason in Syria feat. David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, John O. Brennan, Robert Ford, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Abu Mohammed al-Jolani and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Produced by the CIA, Daily Beast, MI-6, Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Israel’s Likud Party.” (-Scott Horton on Obama Emmy)

“In his “Soul of America” address, Biden cited Michael Luttig as a hero of democracy. Luttig is a right-wing ex-federal judge who resigned because Bush tried Jose Padilla in a civilian court. Luttig wanted civilians detained in military brigs indefinitely. Oh, and Luttig, the defender of democracy and former clerk for Antonin Scalia, went on to work for Boeing.” (-Max Blumenthal)

“Democracy? The U.S. is a capitalist dictatorship with a form of governance structured to obfuscate that reality. One essential element of the fight in the U.S. is the fight for democracy which translates into the fight against the dictatorial rule of capital.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The two factions of the US Capitalist Imperialist Party agree on 95% of issues, such as: -war on China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cuba, Venezuela -illegal sanctions -support for apartheid Israel -bailing out Wall Street -giving corporations infinite power.” (-Benjamin Norton)

Nehanda Abiodun and the Legacy of Resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex | Black Agenda Report

“Obama should be tried for war crimes. But the U.S rewards war criminals with awards, metals & promotions, while claiming everyone else is the problem.” (-Fiorella Isabel on the can’t look back guy who gave billions to Wall Street, covered up Bush crimes, provided cover for Flint poisoning politicians and BP ecocide in the Gulf)

“It’s good the west banned RT, otherwise westerners might consume propaganda.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“I don’t criticize Democrats cuz I side with Republicans, I criticize Democrats Cuz THEY side with Republicans. Our fight is not Left/Right anymore, it is Us vs.Them. We have 2 corporate party’s that serve Wall St/War Machine/Corporations & crush everyone else.” (-Jimmy Dore)

“The white house is owned by the plutocracy and openly calls for censorship while continuing to prosecute Assange.   Maybe look up the definition of fascism at some point?” (-Robert Faison)

“If Ukraine is a democracy, why does it have a hit list of critics that it wants to silence?” (-Danny Haiphong)

“If you’re so committed to your narrative that using Ukrainians as cannon fodder is a good thing, I recommend owning it, rather than omitting countervailing facts.” (-Aaron Mate’)

controlled opposition still sucks

Black Lives Matter leader accused of stealing $10 million from organization (msn.com)

“Approved with no human data, no assurances of safety or efficacy, and no demand from the US public revealed by CDC.  The question on the table for fall campaign:  are Americans going to succumb or are they going to have enough strength, resolve, backbone to say:  “no more” ?” (-Peter McCullough)


 went on Fox News to talk about how both parties are corrupt and put corporations and billionaires over everyday people. Telling the truth about the U.S. oligarchy to millions of people is good actually. What’s weird is thinking this is bad.” (-Ryan Kight)

“Democrats: Medicare for All is too expensive! Also Democrats: Let’s give Ukraine $228 million per day in military aid to prolong war with Russia!” (-Danny Haiphong)

“You won’t hear it in mainstream media but people all over Europe are starting to resist the NATO proxy war en masse.” (-Wyatt Reed)

“Jon Stewart sounds like the same intellectually incurious right wingers he made a career off of mocking All these rich celebs are class loyal first and foremost when will people learn? People really think Jon Stewart is progressive because he supports healthcare only for people who served the war machine” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“He did take orders straight from Obama.” (-Margaret Kimberly)

Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits (politico.com)


I used to have some bands influenced by the Gun Club, but you know how it goes-a couple guys died, a couple guys still mad somebody ran up their phonebill thirty years ago, or just married up and only socialize with richer people, or became so willfully derelict they can’t be bothered to do anything besides their drug of choice or whatever. It’s sad. I still wanna rock like the motherfuckers. I got it. Watch me. I got it.


Revolutionary Blackout Network�� (@SocialistMMA) / Twitter

Growing Up Black in American Apartheid – Glen Ford on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3) – YouTube

“Smart” thermostat locks customers out, declares “energy emergency” (reclaimthenet.org)

Opinion | America Needs a Civic Group to Oppose a Cashless Society | Ralph Nader (commondreams.org)

The Cure’s deluxe reissue of “Wish” to include 21 unreleased demos, “Lost Wishes” EP (slicingupeyeballs.com)


“The first rule of the New Normal Reich is … you do not compare the New Normal Reich to the Third Reich.” 

(-TJ Hopkins)

A Celebrating the release of Glen Ford’s The Black Agenda – YouTube

“Epstein Island” – Twitter Search / Twitter

Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up (substack.com)

Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: Report | CBC News

Resisting the Corporate Education Agenda – Glen Ford (SOCIALIST MINNESOTA CONFERENCE 2012) – YouTube


Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The $40 billion blue and yellow ensemble #SlavaRaytheon” / Twitter

“Palin (R) complained that #RCV allowed Begich’s (R) voters to support Peltola (D) with their 2nd choice votes. But Palin has it backwards. Liberating people to vote for candidate over party is one of the great things about RCV. We need it in every state!” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

How About a Civic Group to Oppose a Cashless Society? – Ralph Nader

Opinion | How to Make Congress Accountable to the People | Ralph Nader (commondreams.org)

“Not just Czech Republic but many in Europe are pushing back. Hundreds of German citizens protested the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. In Kassel, protestors blocked the entrance to the arms factory of the Rheinmetall corporation. The police used batons & tear gas against them.” (-Fiorella Isabel)

“Barbara Ehrenreich a true and kind voice for working poor women. She illuminated the fear and despair the US working woman is subjected to in order to survive.” (-JoAnne Beemon)

“So saddened by the passing of great author/activist Barbara Ehrenreich. Whether focusing on the working poor or the motives behind war, Barbara was witty, biting, moving and deep. We at @CODEPINK

 are grateful for her support of the anti-war movement and will miss our dear sister.” (-Medea Benajmin)

“The U.S. used chemical weapons in Korea and Vietnam. The U.S. used chemical weapons in Iraq. The U.S. used chemical weapons in Syria. The U.S. “rules-based international order” is global terrorism, torture, and war.” 

(-Danny Haiphong)

“It’s pretty easy to get people to believe lies when you can convince them to only listen to what you say.” (Black In The Empire)

“A crucial policy of the Trump administration remains, and that is Cuba’s presence on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list.  It is critical to Cuba’s ability to pursue economic, trade and humanitarian activities that it be removed immediately from the list.” (-Col. Ann Wright)

“American propaganda is like a comic book. It’s always framed as absolute evil vs absolute good with no in between and people have been conditioned to think that way for the last 80 years.” (-Agrippa)

“Americans will quickly tell you they don’t trust the media, politicians, and corporations but immediately not only fall in line and believe everything they tell them when it comes to war or something like Covid but attack the people telling them they’re being lied to again.” (-Black In The Empire)

READ THIS NOW: Medea Benjamin & Jodie Evans: What Killed America’s Peace Movement? – scheerpost.com

RFK, Jr. Responds to News of Biden Administration Working in Tandem With Social Media Giants to Censor COVID Statements They Deemed Misinformation (naturalblaze.com)

‘That’s Terrifying’: Blackrock, State Street & Vanguard Control the World Dr. Robert Malone: “According to New York Times, Blackrock is going to control, through a board membership and stock ownership, well over 90% of all the corporations in the US within the next three years.”

“China doesn’t have 800+ military bases around the world. Russia doesn’t sanction 39 countries. Neither country is engaged in seven bombing campaigns abroad. That would be the United States, the imperialist hegemon and kingpin of chaos.” (Danny Haiphong)

Capitalism Has No Solution To Ecocide: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative MatrixCaitlin JohnstoneSep 4Listen to a reading of this article:❖”Those who make peaceful revolution impossible get to just stay in power indefinitely and suffer no meaningful consequences of any kind.”
~ John F Kennedy (paraphrased)❖Ecocide will continue as long as ecocide is profitable. No possible iteration of capitalism can address this problem. This, in and of itself, is a sufficiently strong argument that capitalism must be abandoned.No model where human behavior remains driven by profit can address the problem that ecocide will continue as long as ecocide is profitable. That’s why so many capitalism proponents are reduced to simply pretending that ecocide isn’t a problem.Eco-consciousness and anti-capitalism go hand in hand, but the liberals are dominating environmentalist discourse while the commies frequently neglect it. This is a strategic and moral error. This is the strongest argument against capitalism, and it’s one which needs to be made.❖ It can take a while for a principled antiwar leftist to learn that in the big picture they have very little in common with so-called progressives who mostly ignore US imperialism and just want the empire to forgive their student loans. The difference between a leftist who opposes capitalism and empire and your average Bernie Sanders progressive is considerably greater than the difference between your average Bernie Sanders progressive and your average MSNBC Clintonite.None of this means progressives can’t be worked with on points of convergence, it just means they’re ideologically different and it serves no one to pretend otherwise. The same is true of antiwar right-libertarians. Ultimately there’s commonality wherever class interests align.❖ I’m as distrustful as anyone of the new mainstream UFO narratives, but when congress is saying UFOs are a threat that is “expanding exponentially“, it probably deserves attention. I don’t know why they’re saying it, but they’re not saying it for no reason. There’s an agenda here, whether it’s weaponizing space or running cover for new military technology or just securing more money for the military-industrial complex. I’m not willing to commit to any position on what exactly they’re up to, but they’re clearly up to something.Not many people from my sector of the political fringe are looking at this, and I think that’s partly because there’s so much uncertainty and partly because it doesn’t really fit into any of our models for understanding the world. But whatever it is, it’s worthy of at least some attention.❖The more information that comes out about the effectiveness of psychedelics in treating psychological trauma the more outrageously criminal it looks that these medicines have been suppressed for generations while the world was being destroyed by a highly traumatized species.❖We’ve all had the experience of wanting to change something undesirable about our behavior but not being able to. This happens because the forces driving that behavior are not yet conscious. This is what’s happening with the self-destructive behavior of humanity as a whole, too.There’s a misconception in our society that people stop their self-destructive behavior when they apply “willpower”, which is really just empty head noises. Actually people change when there’s an expansion of consciousness. That’s what we’re waiting on with the human species too.That’s ultimately why we’re destroying our planet despite knowing it’s bad for us. We can talk all we want about capitalism, corruption, empire and ecocide, but underneath it all what we’re really looking at is the struggle of a thinking species to become a conscious species.So for me the answer to the “what can we do?” question is usually, expand consciousness. Spread awareness of what’s going on in the world, expand our consciousness of what’s going on in ourselves, anything you can do to bring awareness to previously unconscious important matters.And people are already doing this. That’s all healthy activism generally is: people working to spread awareness of an important issue. That’s also what real journalism is, it’s what real political dissent is, and what authentic spirituality is. It’s all about expanding awareness.Working toward a healthy humanity is essentially the task of strolling through the dark hallways of our collective unconscious and flicking on the lights, one by one. It’s not easy, but the more lights get switched on the more awake people there will be helping us switch on the rest of them.”

Memory-holed Fauci Paper from Early 2020: “COVID Like Flu” (substack.com)

“Predictable blow back from US sanctions against Russia. It’s only just begun.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

RadioGenova on Twitter: “People in Naples burn their energy bills and besiege the town hall: “We don’t pay the bills! Now it will be chaos!” In Naples they don’t joke. https://t.co/X2ZN82AfAT” / Twitter

Glitter down the Atlanta Highway – the B-52s are setting out on their final dance party! | Salon.com


They’re not, the DNC private services corporation argued bluntly in court they have the right to ignore the platform of the rank and file and backroom cigar chomper install whoever they see fit. For freedom. Ha. All Lies and identity puppets marketing. and notice how foreign policy never changes and even domestic policy is mostly about giving handouts to the rich, superfunding the racist mass incarceration, and giving more weapons of war to vassal states and proxy armies to overthrow sovereign nations, but ganking us with two thousand dollar rents. People on the Breitbart/Bannon/Maga right are still complaining about those stupid checks people got two years ago when Fauchi/Gates closed all the independent businesses so now only Amazon and Wal Mart and Pfizer and Ebay are really making money. I know everybody who is talking about Vanguard and Blackrock and Bill Gates taking over the world one farm, pharma company, regulatory agency or Klaus Schwab Future Leader’s Puppet at a time, or how bogus it is that Congress keeps shoveling more billions every few days for the Ukraine or Israeli governments to buy weapons while moaning about too many guns in the so called homeland police state, letting common people in the USA, USA do without clean water, affordable groceries, or rent, or afforadable insulin, when there are no living wage jobs for anybody who did not inherit big money or go to college, everybody who talks about those things online is being Facebook jailed or having their accounts frozen by deep state narrative managers. Lo Daniels, from Dandelion Salad longtime leftist antiwar blogspot got the same freezeout censorship and shadow bans from tech platforms I did, but all the sniveling thank Obamas cheer for more censorship, anything the oligarchs disapprove of is branded disinformation. The techfascists with their so called algorithms suppress everyone’s likes and make stuff invisible to people’s friends, or followers-even Tulsi Gabbard and Ajamu Baraka have both spoken out against techfascists silencings. It’s a big deal when two or three companies gobble up every fucking industry. Ya’all still clutching your pearls about Qshaman offending Pelosi, Rogan interviewing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on some podcast, or Dave Chappelle not being transfriendly/woke enough and eager to wear dresses in movies.

The Democratic Establishment Hates Socialist Gabriel Acevero. He Won Reelection Anyway. (jacobin.com)

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets (mintpressnews.com)



Black Agenda Radio September 2, 2022 | Black Agenda Report

Cuba is Not a Sponsor of Terror! – CODEPINK – Women for Peace

Waitress Reportedly Fired After Taking Video of Axl Rose (loudwire.com)

he Heatmeiser stopped being cool when he started punching journalists and singing that “One In A Million” song and wearing athleisure wear onstage. He got lucky. “White Trash Wins Lotto”. God bless Us everyone. Izzy/Adler. Adler/Izzy. Fuck your rich pricks. I used to distantly know Slash’s dogwalker. Marilyn Manson’s house sitter. Moon. She dated the Pantera bassist Rex, led the revolution off the sidewalks in Eugene.

“Obama won an Emmy but what he really should have won is a trip to the Hague for war crimes.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The establishment be like, “Be afraid of your neighbor! Don’t you dare think to organize for something better together! You hate each other!” I’m tired of their bullshit divisive games. Be wary of the “progressives” who use CIA tactics and are obsessed with getting people to not work with each other. There is a very blatant op going on imo where people just want you to focus on red/blue tribalist bullshit.” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“The establishment wants us to fight each other. I’m done with people who want to divide the working class” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

One of my best and only friends growing up was a black dude named Fred-O. He took a girl named Heather F. to a school dance and the white people were shocked and offended and it was a big scandal. The wrestling coach/history teacher he was trained to “respect” was a racist, and all his fat fuckin’ football friends were, too-he had a clandestine friendship with me, that probably remains to this day. He liked Prince, I liked Prince. His parents had a big collection of old records-Ohio Players, P-Funk, all that. Me, too. WE grew up together. Prince and Michel Jackson. Golf shirts and designer jeans versus parachute pants and checkered Vans. Fred helped win football games for that shitty school, and basketball games, too, and sports are like a religion in White Suburbia. So he was afforded some privileges by the Man.

Drummie Zeb, lead singer of UK reggae band Aswad, dies aged 62 | Reggae | The Guardian

US LABOR DAY: Central American Migrants & US Labor History – Consortium News

SCOTT RITTER: The Death List – Consortium News

US LABOR DAY: Ukraine’s Anti-Worker Law – Consortium News

How the CIA has Infiltrated Social Media Companies, with Alan MacLeod (mintpressnews.com)


“Worse Than Couple Years Ago:” Food Bank Demand Spikes As Inflation Wrecks Households – Activist Post

Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW (@StellaMoris1) / Twitter


This is after all occurring as the US enters a steadily escalating new cold war against both Russia and China, and we know that during the last cold war the CIA sought to exploit public panic about UFOs as a psychological weapon against the Soviets, and that the CIA has claimed that its newly developed spy planes were responsible for many UFO sightings in the 1950s, and that the US military was working on developing “flying saucer” aircraft during that same time. It also occurs after the assistant secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, technology and logistics stated at a 2020 conference that the Air Force has a brand new aircraft prototype, designed using new digital engineering technology, that has “broken a lot of records.”

This new mainstream UFO narrative also has highly suspicious origins, with key players ranging from shady US intelligence cartel operatives like Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon, to corrupt senator Harry Reid and his plutocratic campaign donor Robert Bigelow, to Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge, who believes humanity is being tormented by malevolent extraterrestrials who feed off negative human emotions and that the US military is heroically protecting us from their evil agendas. Filmmaker Steven Greenstreet put out a short, well-sourced documentary with The New York Post this past May laying out copious amounts of evidence that the groundwork for the new UFO narrative was built on journalistic malpractice and negligence, obfuscation, omission, and outright lies. The footage we’re being shown of these supposed vehicles to justify this new narrative consist of blurs, flashes and smudges which can all be explained by mundane phenomena.

So in my opinion this isn’t a subject we can just ignore, as weird and uncomfortable as the subject of UFOs might make serious analysts. Whatever the subject, when you’ve got the US government claiming on highly suspect grounds that there’s an exponentially growing threat that urgently needs to be addressed militarily, it’s time to sit up and start paying attention.

Not that I myself have any clear idea of what’s going on here beyond the distinct impression that we are being deceived about something potentially very important. And I don’t get the impression that other people have a very clear picture of what’s going on either.

Some say this is just a scam to get more funding for the Space Force or the military in general. That could very well be, but as far as publicly available information goes we’re not seeing anyone saying anything like “Hey we need $40 billion to address this UFO problem.”

Some say this is part of an agenda to justify getting weapons into space, but I suspect anyone likely to support that agenda would support it with or without the claim that we need to fight ET. And again, there’s the problem that nobody’s saying “Hey we need to get weapons into space because of UFOs.”

Some say this is just a deliberate “distraction” designed to keep people from focusing on more important issues, but the problem there is that (A) the empire doesn’t normally roll out distractions in that way, and (B) the UFO issue isn’t getting much mainstream attention. It’s a peripheral story, dwarfed in comparison to real propaganda initiatives like Ukraine.

Some say there’s a conspiracy to use high-tech weaponry to create a false flag alien invasion and unite humanity under a one world government, but that’s a fairly mainstream idea that’s being pushed on viral Netflix films by known fraud Steven Greer. I think the world is paranoid enough at this point that few would buy such a psyop even if it were somehow convincingly orchestrated.

Some say this narrative is all a cover for new technology the empire is keeping under wraps, presenting an official position that the US government has nothing to do with the strange vehicles people are seeing in the air as stated in the ODNI’s report on UFOs last year. That would certainly explain the empire’s cockiness in confronting Russia and China simultaneously when public knowledge of its economic and military capabilities would indicate that that’s a bad idea.

It could be as simple as the fact that once it becomes the established orthodoxy in Washington that UFOs are a threat and something needs to be done about them, it’s a safe bet that we’re going to see massive amounts of money moving around to deal with that threat and the emergence of war machinery that can be used in future confrontations with Russia and China. There are any number of creatures lurking in DC who would stand to benefit from that happening, and would stand to benefit from pushing that agenda. It’s possible that contracts have already been signed. It’s possible that finances have already been allocated for it from the war machine’s dark money slush fund, and that all this public talk is just narrative management to preemptively justify that spending when information about it comes out.

Or maybe it’s some mixture of these things, or none of them. I don’t know. I do know that someone’s benefitting from all this. And I know it’s unreasonable to expect the most murderous and tyrannical regime on earth to tell us the truth about UFOs when it would stand nothing to gain by doing so, and we ordinary people should therefore do our best to understand what’s happening for ourselves.

I think it would be good if people on the anti-empire fringes of the spectrum started looking at this thing more and describing what they’re seeing, even though it’s impossible to see everything behind the walls of government opacity. Otherwise the only people looking at it will be UFO enthusiasts who just want “disclosure” at any cost, and the operatives of the empire itself. 

(-Caitlin Johnstone)Autocracy, American-Style – Consortium News

The Chris Hedges Report: Ukraine and the crisis of media censorship (therealnews.com)

Lawsuit Uncovers Sprawling Network Of Federal/Social Media Collusion To Censor Americans During Pandemic – Activist Post

The War On Dissent – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights


Stay wild, stay free, brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution!!!!!!


Where Did The Years Go (rockandrollcentral.net)


Stream The Saviors-Nightmare Years by HRH Brian Morgan | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

“The EPA warned Mississippi in 2020 of “imminent” dangers for people drinking Jackson’s tap water. The 80% Black city has sought repairs since the 1940s. Governor Reeves repeatedly refused requests for funding and the state only approved 6% of requested repair funds last year.

“I will believe that Democrats care about democracy when they stop suing to kick the Green party off the ballot, stop appointing corporate lobbyists to head the DNC, stop interfering in their own primaries, and start passing overdue election reforms like ranked choice voting.”(-Ryan Knight)

“Mikhail Gorbachev was not just a corrupt traitor; he was a criminal with millions of victims After he sold out his country to capitalists, the US imposed neoliberal shock therapy that led to 3.2 MILLION EXCESS DEATHS 18 million children pushed into poverty. Rampant malnutrition.” (-Benjamin Norton)

The latest barbarism of apartheid Israel’s colonial occupation: Foreigners must now notify the Israeli regime if they fall in love with a Palestinian in the occupied West Bank. If they marry, they are required to leave for a 6-month “cooling-off period” (-Benjamin Norton)

Gutter Gospel By General Labor: Elderly Goth, Subversive Cowpunk & Antisocial Glamarchist Yearns For The Old New Wave. Love & Rockets, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Slits, Nina Hagen, Cramps, Fight For Freedom, Peter Murphy, Our Golden Years!!!

“The people in the U.S. are catching hell while the Biden admin just asked Congress for another 11 billion for the undeclared war between the U.S. & NATO & Russia. Who voted for war with Ukraine in the U.S. & why should working class pay the cost?” (-Ajamu Baraka)


In the flyover states where they manufacture the dumb frat boys, punk rock was not just taboo, forbidden and severely frowned upon, but all those Cagney & Lacey wanna be juvenile corrections nuts would blow smoke in your face and threaten to send you up the river for you know, what you wore in your hair or face. It was always bonkers, the mainstream bully dickheads stopping their cars to catcall ya fag or queerboy or Devo or Boy George. I LOVED Prince and Duran Duran and just wanted to escape to NYC where punk rock was not only allowed but actually encouraged. Most of what we hicks had access to in the way of underground music was really just like The Misfits and The Cramps at first because they were the ones with the good t shirt art and merchandising campaigns, they were among the first real punks we saw. Then came like the Pistols, Clash, Damned and probably Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. Punk rock is still rarer than you’d imagine in most of those places. People are still into sports, tractor pulls, monster trucks, pro wrestling. Even I liked Ric the Nature Boy flair-probably just because he reminded me of David Lee Roth. “It’s SHOWTIME!”

I first discovered this song as a runaway kid in NYC. It blew my doors off. I felt an instant connection with them and even started sortof emulating their appearance. I was into all the blousey new wave from Culture Club and Adam Ant to Bow Wow Wow and Prince. In the brutal smalltown Midwest, a Cramps t shirt could get your nose bloodied by the apemen that everybody loves in their sports bar middle age compromise. There were only two Madonna wannabe girls at my rich school who were even kinda halfassed cool, into Charlie Sexton and Sigue Sigue Sputnik, but they were not into me. When I ranaway to NYC, I met my father’s best friend, who was dating Madonna at the time. I can’t stand what she became, but back then, I was really into Borderline, Lucky Star, and Into The Groove, you know in the movie they had her dressing like Texacala Jones. Mark Blum the actor who dated her was Gary Glass in “Desperately Seeking Susan” and passed away last year, I’m kinda still sad about all the death of all the friends. It was a juvie paradise to be wild n loose on the ungentrified savage streets of the Lower East Side, drinking, flirting, seeing all the art swirling all around me, shoplifting postcards, and trying on paisley smoking jackets and funny pirate hats from Love Saves The Day on Second Avenue. I discovered Gene Loves Jezebel around the same time. And Fra Lippo Lippi! Lou Reed, Warhol, the Ramones, Basquiat, all those people were still around. Somebody called me a tragic figure and that aint how I see myself. I feel like I had a lot of laughs and good times, good friends, fortune and blessings galore, I got to experience punk rock and new wave as a teenager. Now I know I’m sort running outta time, but the same is true for everybody, according to those who claim to be in the know. I’m not sure about anything, really. Nick Cave says death is not the end.


If you haven’t seen the documentary about Ari Up, do yourself a favor, it is inspirational and empowering, with an important message about personal freedom and carving out your own space on the planet where you can do life out loud by your own codes mostly unaffected by the screws of conformity. They made such an original racket that was part reggae/afrobeat/world music/ska/improv before there were terms for something so innovative and obscure, Budgie of the Banshees played drums on their masterpiece album, they toured with Don Cherry and a young Nenah Cherry joined their ranks. Ari was of course the daughter of Johnny Rotten’s wife Nora who gave haven to all those old punks back in the seventies, it’s a real consoling flick for damaged old people like me, who’ve been beaten and battered for decades by the evil forces of sellout fraud squads and always compliant hipster gentrifying, fucking money worshipping got-mine posers and shitlib p.c. squads and memorized the script faux woke protectors of the status quo fakes. Palmolive their original drummer dated Strummer when he was still squatter busking Woody back in the 101’ers and it can easily be argued she was more punk than Joe was originally. I still aint read Viv’s book cause I’m a poor person, maybe half a step away from squatter myself, but maybe someday, somehow. I dunno though man, my personal dreams seem to be drying up as all my lovely dove adult children have flown away and never even really keep in touch with their terminally unpopular rebel papa and all the old friends from the anarchist bonfire have died and died. “Like dirty rats from a sinking ship they slag us off to save their hip but don’t give me the benefit of the doubt cause I’ll chew it up and spit it out” sang my man, my ship just never came in cause most of the former bandmates were mercenaries who always fuckedoff for better funded operations before we finished up our records. A cryin’ motherfuckin shame cause there were so many good songs left unrealized, will probably never be heard now. Chicks would always split for whichever kid had the parents most able to fund their fake bands. The good ones all croaked, it’s been so fucking tough, of course, I am damaged goods at this point. The cheese stands alone. Much like me, The Slits never stopped fighting for freedom, insisting on their own sound/vision/way, trying to break free from a world of idiots and followers and bullshit consumer dupes waiting for the advertising man to tell them which trend to hop on next. The Slits lived for the spontaneous moments of get down and sunsets and road tripping and wild abandon-especially Ari who was a rare and untamed beautiful lightning rod full of mischief and soulpower. “Hated by many, loved by a few…” Man, oh man. I know all about that shit. The Slits were fulltime pirates, real genuine outlaw badass bohemians. Libertines. Hedonistic funtimers. Dropouts. Immortal. 

God Bless All The Truth Tellers

Barbara Ehrenreich, ‘Myth Busting’ Writer And Activist, Dies | HuffPost Entertainment

Opinion | US Working Class Must Stand Up to This Nation’s Oligarchs | Bernie Sanders (commondreams.org)


I wish Bernie Sanders would have stood up against corrupt Podesta and Hillary and the Bloomberg megadonor elites who rigged two primaries against him. I wish he could stand up against Lockheed Martin-Vermont’s biggest employer but he keeps voting to fund endless wars based on lies and coups on socialist democracies. I thought he was real but he can’t even stand up to Hillary Clinton, dismantled the populist movement on the left to edorse Gropey Joe, corruption in Ukraine, bill gates taking over the media and controlling all the regulatory agencies and now he’s buying up the farmland. We can barely pay the electric bill but your dumbfuck rich friends wanna give more yippie yahoo funds for the Azovs in the Ukraine. Fuckin what the fuck happened to that guy, Jon Stewart? I  always liked his famous quote about the denizens of Bullshit Mountain. Benefits for nazis-are you fucking kidding me? You butthurt bout Trump this or Trump that but support full fuckin nazis in the Ukraine? John McCain and Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton and the Cheneys are all imperialist propagandizing, journalist kidnapping/whistle blower torturing, coup plotting, science censoring, police state capitalist whores for war, not good people, not nice, not your gender studies professor, special weekend friend for sensitive manners and vegan fluidity. I’m walking home from a long hot trek today and pass ya know flagpoles dedicated to the memory of those who lost their life on 9/11, but nothing about how it was a big cash grab inside job for Halliburton, Prince Bandar, Blackwater, and the Carlyle Group. Classy droner in chief, indefinite detention Obama said we can’t look back, so now shitlibs are praising fuckin Lyn Cheney-the devil’s daughter pro torture lady. Unreal.

“Perhaps someone should’ve told Jon Stewart that he was giving a medal to a literal Naaaazi?” (-Lee Camp)


“While the Daily Beast regularly smears antiwar public figures as Russian puppets and conspiracy theorists, it is running a fawning and apparently paid promotion for the George W. Bush “Authentic Leadership Masterclass” (-Max Blumenthal from Gray Zone)
“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. None are more hopelessly ignorant than those who falsely believe they’re informed. None are more hopelessly propagandized than those who don’t know they are propagandized.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)
“New documents show the US & EU plans to plunder Ukraine have been in the works for years. They plan to sell off public infrastructure, destroy worker rights, & secure massive giveaways to billionaires. Much of this has already begun.” (-Lee Camp)

The American Left would be a lot stronger if the main voices were marginalized people. Instead the American Left is led by people who essentially don’t have “skin in the game” (-Compton Jay)

“Bellingcat is a CIA cutout. Plain and simple, but that inconvenient truth is irrelevant to the Stenographers in the

Guardian and the other Nodding Dog media churnalists determined to undermine truth and attack those delivering it like Aaron J Mate’ and Max Blumenthal (at Useful Idiots podcast and Gray Zone)” (-Chay Bowes)

“The white community is way more violent than the black community.” (-Ice Cube)

“Remember, next you want to protest and get brutalize by the police. Democrats and Biden did this. After all the mass protests over the world against the US’s police, he spit in your face and hired more cops.” (-UnholyRom3)

“Americans have been taught that Russia and Putin are evil, so now everything our Gov’t, that does nothing but lie to us about war, must be telling the truth and if you challenge the ridiculous things they tell us, you are of course spreading Russian propaganda.” (-Black In The Empire)

“It can take a while for a principled antiwar leftist to learn that in the big picture they have very little in common with so-called progressives who mostly ignore US imperialism and just want the empire to forgive their student loans.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“U.S. propaganda is so sophisticated that it convinces people that we’re bringing democracy to the world when we haven’t even brought anything that resembles a democracy to our own shores. The U.S. brings capitalism, militarism, and oligarchy to the world and calls it “democracy.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Democrats want war with Russia. They fabricated Russigate to justify it. Republicans want war with China and make up stories about Chinese spies and espionage to justify it. Remember, the duopoly will say ANYTHING to satisfy the war machine” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Imagine being such a pathetic limp-dicked cuck that of all the problems in the world you choose to spend your time shrieking about “communism” and “wokeness”. (-Caitlin Johnstone)

LOVE AND ROCKETS Man, I discovered “7th Dream Of Teenage Heaven” on some state of the art headphones one early morning coming back from all the nightclubs when all my older actor friends were going to bed with their model and Polish purse designer girlfriends, I was still tripping from the affects of acid and or MDMA which we used to take before going out the Pyramid or the Dive where my friend was one of the DJ’s. Changed my life-they were like a cross between Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Bo Diddley. The eighties were a magical time for people like me, a real golden era. We were freaky kids but we really had so much fun, I’ve spent the past 25 or 27 years trying to get back to the garden, ya know what I mean? I’m still into all the old clothing and music and dancing and way of life. Of course, I loved Bauhaus and Tones On Tail, too.


WHO chief, TPLF leader Tedros silent about his party’s theft of World Food Program fuel – The Grayzone


Over 50 BidenAdmin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnSDu0fHZQgministration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push: Documents (theepochtimes.com)

Democrats Are Violent Extremists

Republicans are up in arms over remarks from the White House depicting the Trump-aligned faction of their party as “extremist”, which Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Thursday by saying that MAGA Republicans are extremist because they disagree with the majority of Americans.”When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme; that is an extreme way of thinking,” Jean-Pierre said.Every part of this controversy is hilarious, from Republicans thinking they are not extremists, to anyone thinking that MAGA Republicans are meaningfully different from generic brand Republicans, to Democrats thinking they are any less extremist than MAGA Republicans, to Jean-Pierre claiming that you are extremist if you don’t agree with mainstream political consensus in the United States.

NOW – White House: “When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.” pic.twitter.com/MpiwE9bRlx

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) September 1, 2022

If you look at who is inflicting the most violence, terrorism and tyranny upon the largest number of people in our world, it’s clear from the numbers that the worst offender by far is not fringe neo-Nazi groups, nor violent jihadists, nor communists nor anarchists nor environmentalists nor incels, but the bipartisan political consensus of the US-centralized empire.No other power has spent the 21st century killing people by the millions in wars of aggression. No other power is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and working continuously to destroy any government which disobeys it. No other power is starving entire populations with economic sanctionsmilitary blockades and brazen theft. No other power has been interfering in foreign elections anywhere near as often. No other power is terrorizing populations around the world with wars, covert ops, drone strikes, proxy conflicts, and staged coups and uprisings. No other power is using its military, economic, diplomatic and media dominance to bully the world into serving its interests.The only reason the mainstream views espoused by Democrats and Republicans are mainstream is because massive amounts of narrative management have gone into creating that consensus. The fact that the social engineers of the oligarchic empire have poured vast fortunes into making sure Americans consent to capitalism, corruption, militarism and murder is the only reason those perspectives are so mainstream that they can be labeled “moderate” or “centrist”.When people hear the word “extremist” they tend to think of groups like ISIS or the Ku Klux Klan, but per definition an extremist is just someone whose political or religious beliefs can lead them to do violent or illegal things. The US empire would crumble if it didn’t do violent and illegal things continuously, which is why its body count dwarfs those of any of the extremist ideologies the news media tell us to worry about. And it is fully supported by both Republicans and Democrats.To pick a recent illustration of essentially limitless possible examples, imagine what the response would have been if a prominent MAGA pundit had given an award to neo-Nazis at an event hosted by the US military during the Trump administration. Imagine how Democrats and their aligned media would have responded to such an event.Can you picture it? Can you hear the shrieking in your mind’s ear? Good. Because that’s exactly what happened at the Pentagon’s annual Warrior Games at Disney World a few days ago, only it was a liberal pundit and Ukrainian Nazis during the Biden administration.SCOOP: Multiple Ukrainian Nazis were invited to Disney World by the Pentagon to participate in the 2022 DoD Warrior Games. Liberal comedian Jon Stewart even honored a former hardcore Azov militant for his “personal example.” New from me in @TheGrayzoneNews https://t.co/NWiqV4GkZS— Alex Rubinstein (@RealAlexRubi) August 31, 2022In a new report titled “Jon Stewart and the Pentagon honor Ukrainian Nazi at Disney World,” The Grayzone’s Alex Rubinstein shows the former Daily Show star presenting an award to a member of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion who is wearing a t-shirt and a suspicious-looking red sleeve on one of his arms, with another photo showing the same Azov member a tattoo of a Nazi symbol on that same arm. Rubinstein presents evidence that this wasn’t the only Nazi-affiliated Ukrainian at the event, which was also attended by musician Darius Rucker.I keep thinking I’ve seen the most liberal thing that could possibly happen, but 2022 keeps proving me wrong. I have a hard time imagining how you beat a liberal comedian honoring a Ukrainian Nazi with an award at a Pentagon event in Disneyland, but I’m sure they’ll find a way before long.Biden is advancing the interests of the murderous US empire by waging a world-threatening proxy war in Ukraine whose combatants can’t seem to get photographed without Nazi insignia on their person. Trump advanced the interests of the US empire by inflicting death and starvation in nations like Yemen, Venezuela, Iran and Syria, as well as ramping up the brinkmanship with Russia which led to the current proxy war in Ukraine. The Biden administration is the Trump administration with a different soundtrack. The Trump administration was the Obama administration with a different soundtrack. They are all violent extremists. None are superior to the other. They all serve the interests of the most murderous and depraved institution on earth, as does anyone who supports any of them.Democrats calling Republicans extremists is like ISIS calling Al Qaeda extremists, only Democrats and Republicans have a much higher body count. (-Caitlin Johnstone)


My friend Morgan a filmmaker who lived on Astor Place got me into their early albums and we were kindof surprised when they were able to crossover into such a mainstream act, appearing on MTV at the Ritz in concert, doing talk shows, being featured in regular rotation along with bands like Flesh For Lulu, Lords Of The New Church, The Cult, and Love & Rockets. I don’t care what anybody says, the world was a groovier place when MTV still played all the post punk, goth, and glam bands, at least it was less hostile towards me, personally. For all of Cobain’s crusading against redneck machismo, his fans were overwhelmingly hicks who discovered combat boots and flannel but never really stopped punching smaller people for wearing makeup…Now they’re like Foo Fighters fans for Biden. Or Trump.


Highway Robbery Department: the scumbag desert South West electric company is robbing us like motherfuckers just because they can, none of the fakeass phony politicians represent the interests of the everyday people, they just keep us all distracted with bullshit gender oriented culture wars. These oligarchs do whatever they want to us slaves, and the middle class and upperclass rich people just laugh at our bad luck and say we have it comin’ because we did not marry up, or join the military. I spent ten years is the Pacific Northwest against my preference and better judgment but I am not a fake hippie who just likes to show her titties, or a rightwing college sports fan, it was all just to stay close to my two middle kids. I was hassled by gentrification people and awful kkkops the whole time, so I’m glad to be removed from that yuppiefied shit ville. Fuck you, fake liberals. You fakeass exclusion zone landlordly fuckin fuckers. Namaste my ass.


Man I was kinda on my way out the door yesterday, retreating from my beloved teen child’s loudly violent media blare, when I heard a loud hissing sound and saw one of our outdoor feral cats engaging insistently with a big fuckedup rattlesnake kinda behind my garbage can. I’m like, throwing things at the cat, trying to chase it away before it gets bit but nope, she refused to leave, ‘was determined she was gonna get the big rattler, would not abandon her foolish endeavor. My resourceful wife called the cowboy neighbor to findout who we could call to get rid of the undesirable varmint and like two minutes later, the dude was in our driveway pinning the snake with a big garden tool, asking me to retrieve a bucket. I only had one in the garage still filled with monsoon rain and dumped it, laying it near the offending trespasser, which my neighborly cowboy amigo deftly placed into the big old paint bucket and removed heroically from the property, while my teen was in a big panic about the animal’s safety and wellbeing and wanted to be out on the porch, neighbor said he was gonna take the snake to the other side of the river. Then, he later asked my wife if she could post some purses he’d found in the garbage to her Ebay account. Yeah, no problemo, mi amigo. It is important to be on good terms with your eccentric cowboy neighbors in the rattlesnake desert. My son gave him a big kite as a thank you for rescuing his feral outdoor cat friend. I’ve known that guy for about four years and we’ve had our ups and downs and differences of opinion but when the shit hits the fan, he’s been mostly on our side and I really appreciate him for that, in spite of some conflicting opinions we may have about social issues. I think his father was a big rich Aspen millionaire so he has some residual stock market worshipful attitudes, disapproves of my working class solidarity with all the other poor people of the world, who don’t really get a vote or have any legit representation, are just herded about. I think he’s been insulted and offended by all the divide and conquer attacks one is subjected to by the bourgeoise faux wokes so he’s not real big on the save the whales posturings of the middle class, yoga culture, thank Obama, vote blue no matter who, see no evil except for Trump, deranged Democrat voters. I get it, ‘point is, we come together to help each other, he’s chased away crazy meth heads in the middle of the night and some drunken Republikkan rancher yahoos who were out in the trails getting stuck in the midnight mud while dumbfuck drunken joyriding in three wheeler recreation vehicles, when there was a big gas explosion in the trailer park across the road a couple years back, we were trying to wake him up but he was already out there, watching from the hillside. City Hall hates the dude cause he’s a crazy artist and they want his property to gentrify. I don’t even have any property, ya know aside from a broken stereo and some boxes of cassettes and letters and old lyrics to songs I never got to record, when the drummers split and the fame hags followed. So I kinda feel the bad vibes rolling off the corrupt smalltown establishment, along with him. They are some shady motherfuckers. If anything, he has more faith in the system, likes or respects the real estate titans and shark tank investors better than I do. I got no love for fly by night developers, shit don’t stink posh people, slow witted enforcement class thugs, or fatcat bureaucrats who hate the poor and only ever, ever care about protecting their own special winebox privileges. Shitlibs are not the Resistance, they are just suckups vicariously “identifying” with some rich ladies in pants suits who do nothing on their behalf but tweet Trump Is Bad. Maybe they trash talk Caitlin Johnstone or Jill Stein for having too much integrity and shaming them on their morning Twitters. I try my best to stay away from pro war slogan repeating Ukraine flag waving, love the kkkops shitlibs, they are too invested in their own authority trips, just wanna make a bust, so they can feel like they are in the loop insiders. Politeness Pelosis and in crowd V.I.P.’s, sucking back some bruncher champagne and complaining about the “OTHERS” being so coarse and disobedient, uneducated and ikky unwoke. My neighbor might not make trans rights and mosaic tiles his whole identity, and gender fluidity will probably never be his sole purpose in life, but if there’s a snake in the carport, he’s able and willing to help, whereas the university elites just wanna call the kkkops on the panhandlers some more, talk about how they know some famous celebrity, soak in the healing minerals hot tubs for science and diversity. I got more in common with the unconforming cowboys at this point than I do the AOC worshipping Nurse Ratchets and censor squad Tipper Gores. We can no longer waste time organizing with watermelon and cucumber water slurping middle class people who think it’s somehow just bitchen when billionaire techlords censor Abby Martin and Chris Hedges. 

“And what’s funny about all this is that by constantly warning of the dangers of “Russian propaganda”, empire managers are admitting that they know it’s possible to manipulate public thought at mass scale using media. They’re just lying about who’s doing it to us.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)


The Jimmy Dore Show – YouTube

Russell Brand – YouTube I don’t really fully trust this guy at all, too new agey Namaste hipster guru controlled opposition for me, but he says some offscript stuff that makes sense to me.

Ohio police release video of officer fatally shooting Black man in bed (msn.com)

The Chris Hedges Report: Dr. Gerald Horne on the legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois – YouTube

Warning: Gates-Funded Factory Breeds 30 Million Mosquitoes a Week for Release in 11 Countries (naturalblaze.com)


and of course Charlie Sexton – Beat’s So Lonely – YouTube

“Imagine if the US masses remembered Trump’s 2017 $2 TRILLION tax cuts for the wealthy, tax cuts that the Democrats promised to reverse!” (-JPierre on Twitter)

“And they should remember that this was one of the moves he made to try and relieve some of the pressure the real rulers were putting on him to demonstrate that he was playing ball. He went on to govern fully in line with their program including sending heavy weapons to Ukraine.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Will John Oliver mock Biden for forgiving student debt without explaining exactly how he’ll pay for it? Nah. Oliver was simply taking a cheap shot at debtors & me for challenging liberal elites.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)

“In 2008, I was a Democrat. In 2010, I was enamored by “intersectionality.” By 2012, I was a Marxist-Leninist and haven’t turned back since. These are revolutionary times.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“The US government is hiring 87,000 new IRS agents to make sure more of its citizens’ money goes to Ukraine, where parliamentarians just voted to give themselves a 70% pay raise financed by international aid.” (-Max Blumenthal)

The Ruling Class HATES Workers | RBN LIVE Roundtable | Premieres at 1245PM ET (substack.com)

US, UK Sabotaged Ukraine-Russia PEACE DEAL In April: Aaron Maté Breaks Down Report – YouTube

Greenwald Targeted by CIA! – YouTube

Surviving Monkees member Micky Dolenz sues the FBI, asks for files on him and his bandmates (nbcnews.com)


“Five Eyes intelligence was basically an Uber service for AQ/ISIS. It gave Shamima Begum a ride to Syria and Manchester bomber Salman Abedi a ride home. (And how did Mohamed Emwazi aka “Jihadi John” get to Syria from the UK with a fake passport while under MI5 surveillance?)” (-Max Blumenthal)

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Some people on skid row know exactly what’s going on. “And they treat me like a fucking slave today, ’cause slavery never ended, it hasn’t, because I’ve been to prison for nickels and dimes.. and I’ve been to some of the hardest penitentiaries in https://t.co/umLfw0FNGa” / Twitter

Russell Brand “Canceled” For Telling Truth About RussiaGate & Hillary! – YouTube

Bombshell: CIA’s Plot To Assassinate Assange! – YouTube

Stream How Infowars is Controlled Opposition & a Crucial Tool for Elites , Part 2 of 2 by Media Roots Radio | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Surveillance State Revealed: A Guided Tour of How Cops Can Browse Your Location Data – Activist Post

Leaked Docs: Facebook ‘Bot’ Adviser Secretly in Pay of US Regime Change Agency (mintpressnews.com)

“I worry about American propaganda, that’s what got our citizens to support giving billions of our dollars to weapons manufacturers to arm Ukraine in a war that our Gov’t provoked.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Google’s filled to the brim with CIA agents & it’s not even a secret. The world’s biggest information source is run & curated by people who have devoted their lives to lying for the US empire. Am I the only one who has a problem with this?” (-Lee Camp)

“Maybe people should have been more suspicious when our Gov’t was determined to make sure we couldn’t track where the billions they are taking from us and weapons really wind up going. But hey that could just be me.” (-Black In The Empire)

Jill Stein & Lee Camp! (US Signals They Want Ukraine War To Last Years) (rumble.com)

ISSUE #90: Social media is another narrative management tool for the US empire. (substack.com)

“Ukrainian Nazis at Disney World, brought to you by the Pentagon with guest appearances by Darius Rucker and Jon Stewart. The Pentagon refused to tell The Grayzone if US taxpayers funded their travel.” (-Max Blumenthal)

Dandelion Salad: James Bamford: Inside the NSA’s Largest and Most Expansive Secret Domestic Spy Center + Thomas Drake Prevails in Unprecedented Obama Admin Crackdown (dandelionsalads.blogspot.com)

Transhumanism And The Future Of Humanity: 7 Ways The World Will Change By 2030 (forbes.com) resist the evil scumbags.

Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com) yeah the fascists locked me outta FACEBOOK, TOO! Miss you, LO!

Locked Out of Facebook – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)


Jon Stewart and the Pentagon honor Ukrainian Nazi at Disney World – The Grayzone

Unlimited Hangout

US Decision-makers Cannot Handle End of White Supremacy: Former Vice Presidential Candidate | Black Agenda Report

Three Revolutionary Black Women | Black Agenda Report

Digital Identity – What’s Your Trust Score? – Activist Post

Hawkish Dems Ramp Up Campaign Against Possible Iran Deal (theintercept.com)

The Last American Vagabond

10 Ways We Pretend War Is Not a Crime and How to Change Them by David Swanson – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)

With Western imperial decline, capitalism is in crisis – a new phase is emerging – Multipolarista

Biden CREATED The College Loan Crisis (Eleanor Goldfield & Lee Camp) (rumble.com)



Yeah man my goth girlfriend Steffani got me into “Love Hysteria” and “Deep” ya know those records really elevated my idea of what a song should be. He was a great poet, the best vocalist, a magnetic live performer, no one comes close besides maybe like Bowie or Iggy! My ex guitar player who also dated her before becoming a famous doctor in NYC, he was so talented, he used to woo chicks in Boston playing all those solo Peter Murphy guitar licks. I never got to see Peter Murphy or Bauhaus live, but they’ve been a big part of my life since I was a frightened little runaway big city guttersnipe. Tragic how people with this much talent never get access to the corporate airwaves anymore. Almost as if the techtyrants at the top of the capitalist pyramid don’t want us to become thoughtful and sensitive human beings, almost like they are methodically using a tightly controlled media and dumbing everybody down into lowest common denominator, hopelessly propagandized cheerleaders for endles war and racist kkkop goon squads, murderers and evil bureaucrats, baffled and herded whores, slaves, prisoners, corpses. Incapable of critical thought, fucking grade point average slogan repeaters.


How the CIA has Infiltrated Social Media Companies, with Alan MacLeod (mintpressnews.com)

Biden’s Student Loan Scam | Black Agenda Report

Bruce Gagnon and Will Griffin: Crisis in Ukraine Explained – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)

The Ruling Class HATES Workers | RBN LIVE Roundtable | Premieres at 1245PM ET (substack.com)

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Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW Podcast- I was joined by Catherine Austin Fitts of @solari_the to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act, new changes to the IRS & how the act pushes America deeper into a “green” economy designed by billionaires and bankers for their benefit, not ours. https://t.co/U0M2iwC4ri” / Twitter

The New Cold War and the Redoubling of U.S. Propaganda Power by Rainer Shea – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)

Fascism: A False Revolution by Michael Parenti – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)

The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Program (unlimitedhangout.com)

The Occupation of the American Mind (must-see) – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)

Craig Murray: Marx Was Right – Consortium News


Will Griffin: The Three Main Reasons Why The U.S. Invaded and Occupied Afghanistan – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)

Trump’s Effective Intimidation of the Powerful Federal Reserve + Big Pharma: Gouges, Casualties, and the Congressional Remedy! by Ralph Nader – Dandelion Salad (wordpress.com)

Gutter Gospel: Ball Of Confusion, A Couple Rounds, Ronald Koal, The Rat, Facts About Rats, Love Spit Love, Pig Media Induced Permanent State Of Trauma, Dodging Snarling Desert Dogs, Coping With The Big Fear, etc.


“Democrats are using the hearings investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol as one long campaign commercial. They believe that saying the name Trump often enough will inspire voters who are tired of their lies and failures.” (-Margaret Kimberly; Black Agenda Report)

 “We’ve got to take seriously the possibility that a nuke may detonate due to misunderstanding or malfunction amid the chaos and confusion of careless brinkmanship between the US and Russia and that it will lead to a nuclear exchange that destroys our world.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“Democrats have nothing to run on in Nov having delivered war, inflation & escalating prices for basic commodities. So, Biden says Roe is on ballot! But democrats you control white house & congress what is stopping federal legislation now? You are playing games – again.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“To this very day, AOC has refused to explain why she voted to send $40 billion to Raytheon, Boeing and CIA ‘for Ukraine’ while people in her district are more deprived than ever. It was clear that much of Biden’s $40b war package for Ukraine was going to CIA without much idea what it was for. It’s hardly a surprise there are many CIA operatives on the ground in Ukraine but it does shows the true scope of the direct US involvement in war against Russia.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

“Ukrainian families is a weird way to spell CIA and self interests.” (-Coach Mystogan)

“The word ‘liberal’ was and is hijacked by Establishment rightwing neocon, neolibs who gave lip service to cultural and identity politics issues.” (-Albizu Vive)

“New studies have shown the US has killed 6 million people over the past 20 years with the ‘War on Terror.’ It’s a truly insane number. The US government has no moral authority to criticize any other nation. Stop listening to war criminals.” (-Lee Camp)

“I’m not “voting harder” for a party that responds to racial injustice by wearing Kente cloth and women losing their rights by reading poetry on the House floor. We need a real left party that will actually fight back against the GOP with substantive policies instead of theatrics.” (-Ryan Knight)

“Folks, the Ukrainian war did not create the energy & food price crisis. The illegal sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. & its vassal EU states created the shortages. We all have an interest in ending the war & dropping the sanctions. #IblameBiden” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“Nobody did more to kill democracy than @TheDemocrats when they rigged their primaries agains t@BernieSanders.” (-Ryan Knight)

“When @SecBlinken was asked by journalist @AbbyMartin to comment on apartheid Israel’s murder of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, he claimed he was waiting for an investigation. Well now the UN human rights office has confirmed it, and he’s still silent. Typical” (-Benjamin Norton)

“Do you think it’s an effective strategy, telling people they’re bigots or traitors or don’t deserve citizenship if they don’t vote for the right party?” (-Matt Taibbi)

DNC Lawyers Argue DNC Has Right to Pick Candidates in Back Rooms | Observer

“When pro-proxy war voices implore us to respect the Ukrainian people’s agency, this is the Agency they’re talking about: The New York Times on Twitter: “Some CIA personnel have continued to operate in Ukraine secretly, mostly in Kyiv, directing much of the intelligence the U.S. is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to current and former officials. https://t.co/4VWdybmome” / Twitter” (-Aaron Mate’)


” If I should fall from grace with God
Where no doctor can relieve me
If I’m buried ‘neath the sand

Let me go, boys
Let me go, boys
Let me go down in the mud
Where the rivers all run dry

This land was always ours
Was the proud land of our fathers
It belongs to us and them
Not to any of the others

Let them go, boys
Let them go, boys
Let them go down in the mud
Where the rivers all run dry” (-Pogues)

I was delighted to watch the Shane MacGowan movie. He’s who gave me the idea long ago that the secret of high quality song lyrics was more editing. I always loved his songs. So cinematic, his rebellious nature and uncompromising, outlaw poet way of life. In some moods, “Lucy” can make me weep, so many of ’em. The whole Popes lp. Heck, I even liked his cronies “Waiting For Herb” album and was thrilled when the Low & Sweet Orchestra featuring Mike Martt from Tex & The Horseheads covered, “the Drunken Boat” one wild night  long time ago. Anyways, great movie, like Shane, I also probably started my drinking at about six. Always felt like I’d have fit in better, in some other space and time, like his family’s idyllic country place, that he describes in the film. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also wanna see this great flick. “I never shoulda turned my back on the old folks back at home!” You might know the old saw about the time when he showed up at my dirty divebar and sat on my stool in between my old disreputable hoodlum, twin sauce king friends, across from either one, or the other, of my most loved two dead bartenders, the gorgeous blonde-haired tragic hippie beauty who asked me to run away to Alaska with her and live in a teepee, or crazy jovial goodtimes, toothless young pool shark, dart team sharp, leather cowboy hatted, Westerberg worshipper whose house I squatted in while he was dragged away to jail for false or at least highly exaggerated charges, and all I got was a lousy autographed, size triple x t shirt. “WHERE WAS YA?” It said, in black sharpie. Babysitting.


I was only out there baking in the unmerciful, unforgiving heat for maybe forty minutes, tops. That was long enough to drench my homemade Motorcycle Boy shirt, which I don’t really like to wash much, cause these cheap iron on transfers only hold up two or three times. My Duran Duran one is missing John Taylor’s face. I went to the overpriced tourist book shop to look at their free box, nothing there. Passed a young meth couple sitting in the grass together in the drug park, they were blaring some vintage Biggie Smalls music on their I-Phone. Took me back, for just a flickering instant, to when it was me and my favorite gal almost forty years ago, making dandelion necklaces and listening to Echo & The Bunnymen on my boombox with all the cool stickers from Musicland in the mall and a broken speaker. Then I noted the peripheral presence of another Breakin’ Bad wannabe drug dealer kid kinda circling around me in the corner of my eye on another phone and I just calmly continued on my way. I learned in the last town that one can only pause to look at the reflection of the mirror fountain for about twenty seconds before the spare change “got a cigarette” street hustlers come towards you from one direction, and the gentrification cops are coming for you, from the other. They wanna see your paper cause while the street peeps think ya got somethin’, you can never pass as sufficiently compliant and middle class to these old rent a cops. All the people who talk about being safe, who have car alarms and security systems and cameras connected to their doorbells and all that, big trucks, tall fences, doormen?! I inhabit an entirely different realm. No phone, no car, no safety, no confidence in the system. I gotta keep moving. I’m not welcome in the Honkytopian Privilege Enclaves. Ain’t got money, refuse to memorize their rhetoric. I’ve always been an undesirable, an infidel, a heretic. The Rejected. There aint no safe spaces for poor people. We are on our own. No interest in joining any of their newfangled factions, no hazings or orientations, initiation rituals, or standing outside the red velvet rope waiting to be anointed or appointed for me. I gave up on all that fitting in shit when I was oh, fuck, maybe 25. The world had changed severely around me. The workaday dweebs with their ledgers and overhead projectors and charts and data hate anyone who aint groveling for permission or clocked in. They’re all looking to make a bust, have their gotcha moment, ala TMZ, see something/say something. Someone’s violating the Dress Code, or whatever. Even summa the ex music people were just visiting cultural tourists permanently embedded with the establishment, not to be trusted, you can’t free nobody who loves their biometric timeclock and prestigious badge, I gave up on communicating to the mad tv herd. The Burger Kings can not hear me over the sound of their televisions, so ya just gotta move on, stay mobile, keep moving, stay free. One more and I gotta go.


“I’m not saying that all college students are subhuman-I’m just saying that if you aim to spend a few years mastering the art of pomposity, those are places where you can be taught by undisputed experts…” (-Lester Bangs)

This dude RAFE from Royal Pimps was in The BLACKJACKS, kindof a cross between Springsteen and The Heartbreakers, maybe, who also rocked like fuck. They were older than us, and sortof like the last remnants of Boston’s Aerosmith influenced sleazepunk. They were the Boston answer to those hysterically funny bands like Odin and London in Penelope Spherris’ “Decline Of Western Civilization: The Metal Years” film, unintentionally funny, like Nadir D’Priest or D’Molls, but providing some tawdry glamour, swagger, showbiz chutzpah, hotpants and big hair comedy relief and entertainment value and well deserved respite from all the bland coffeehouse, furrowed brow, folk shit that took itself oh so seriously, and actual entire armies of generic Beastie Boys imitating hardcore kids in their flight jackets and Docs who only liked to fight in a pack of ten or more, and mostly spoke in threateningly monosyllabic, wicked pissa Hahhdcuaahh quotes-you know, big imaginative fight talk like, “Ayy, you in da feathas! Dis is Bosston, not L.A.!”. I always said that growing up, I was never entirely sure if my name was “FAG!” , “DEVO!”, or “BOY GEORGE”. The Boston Beastie brigades did not like my sequins and makeup wearing anymore than their midwestern hick counterparts in the pickup trucks and baseball hats. We went to gritty bars almost every night of the week in those years and there were no uptight scolds or jealous spinster prudes trying to shame us for liking to rock. This was still Pre P.C., PMRC-Punque plastic pukes. It was good fun, all the time. We’d go see the Lyres or Cheater Slicks or Two Saints or Neighborhoods or Voodoo Dolls or Black Snake Moon at the Middle East. The pissy prissy killjoy straight edgers from the private schools would be arriving on the next train though, with their Alston Beat backpacks overstuffed with uptight encyclopedias of rules and updated lexicons and navel studies degrees and zealous coplike sensibilities, they have come to cancel your culture, your way of life is extinct, your diet has been reevaluated, your ways of dancing are henceforth forbidden, you must assimilate for sensitivity, vegan sobriety, and etiquette wokeness. Cause the world needs more male Tipper Gores snitching on the poor for thought crimes against the college fratboy clones and upper class princeling celebrity VIP rooms. Or something. Me, I unapologetically liked Faster Pussycat, and even “Gypsy Road” by Cinderella, I flagrantly wore black eyeliner and blue eyesahdow to work in Harvard Square and would not apologize, and Kathleen Hannah married a Beastie Boy, kinda capitalist power couple legitimizing all those mooks in the backwards baseball caps who always felt obliged to yell their ignorant abuse at me. At that moment of my history I think my primary sinspirations and influences were Smack-the Finnish band, you remember Claude? “Run Rabbit Run”? And Stiv Bators. Ya know? I went back to the midwest to be closer to my oldest kid but all the bands sucked so bad. There were only like maybe three good bands, and nobody liked them cause they weren’t fuckin rich, grunge was fuckin high school all over again.


Man I guess I only lived in Boston maybe five years but I totally miss the food, the bars, the book stores and record stores, the subway, and going to the Garment District on Saturdays for big garbage bags full of shiny clothes! Rosalitas was a Tex-Mex place where I could have lunch on the cheap-a big buffet where I could get mashed potatoes with extremely hot salsa which was good for absorbing all that alcohol I was consuming on the job at Tower Records. One thing I do like about otherwise nauseating sporto college towns is all the big cheap pizza and bad fried foods! My bad times in Boston were approximately equal to good times in the midwest. And they still had some fun garageland bands-not even counting me and my extended circle of fanzine making, nowhere glam kids. Facts About Rats – Full 3 Song EP (1992/Stanton Park Records) – YouTube These guys, Facts About Rats, were my fave live punk band back then and I told the label honcho at the record company I foolishly interned at he should sign ’em but nobody ever listens to me, they all wait for some dude with an inheritance to copy the idea and ONLY THEN do they ever do it. The record mogul supposed he already had a band like Facts, and a band like mine. Man I got so sick of inheritance bands-some suburban guitarist buys some old vintage space echo and his friend yells in it and they do a piss poor Lux Interior impersonation and act like they done something fresh and new-ya know? Cause they usually stayed in their parent’s zipcodes where the proles had never heard of the bands that they were so slavishly copying, they got to strut around like big visionary, creative kingpins, pretending they invented reverb and combat boots. College towns are just not my scene, at all, man. The trust funders were everywhere though, these awful, spoilt Fauntleroy’s throwing somebody’s showbiz uncle money around-Sub-Pop was rising and all the locals were going grunge, overnight, a million mediocre Mudhoneys every which way you looked. This guy Bobby here from Facts About Rats always delivered personality and gutsy feeling, even in a flannel shirt. That’s what I look for-originality, sincerity, intensity-he had all that. I liked where he was coming from, it felt true to me.

This guy, Joe was always nice to us, too. When we knew ’em, Greg and Simon were in the band. Interviewed him for my old fanzine at Axis one time.

This guy was a scream, always had fabulous winklepickers, what a character-he liked to do Iggy covers, or “Route 66” , any place and anytime. Def a kindred spirit of me and my hellion outsider pack! We were also known to invade the odd open mic night with our ghettofied screwtop wino glitterpunk anthems to love and glory. And second-rate Gun Club covers.


“We’re all fast breakers comin’ outta the gates, takin’ chances with the crash and burn…” (-David Lee Roth)

Yep that’s how it was for us, we started out like Captain Marvels of self reinvention, what with the rented from the local tux shop yellow capes and sparkly red tights and everything, the whole lightning bolt hit us on the rooftops overlooking the badlands like, “HUZZZAHHH!” and we felt hallelujah transformed, like we had seen the same light as Jake Blues, ya know but it was probably just the acid our lad Nas F. Bastard got from his affinity credit card peddling telemarketing job, so you can imagine how heart wrenching it stayed for some of us when all the big buzz, promising potential and dynamite momentum soon fizzled out, after a series of wrong choices, bad moves, wrongheaded fuckups, jumped ship mutineers, and drunken drifter sad sack buffoonery. I often said I felt like Rip Van Winkle, post Grunge. Like I woke up hungover underneath a tree in a foreign city with a long beard and a rusty gun and no one spoke the same lingo as me, no more. Our ways were outlawed and shadow banned by the man in the tower. We were shocked and awed. Demonetized and deplatformed from like, Day Three. First couple days in town, everybody’s glad to see us, buying rounds. Third day, everybody’s funny, now you funny, too.

We had a lot of golden moments scattered over the years, when everything seemed to briefly coalesce and we felt free as the bees, hollerin’ like wild wolves beneath the big pink moon, but it always came crashing down when the petty, spiteful daytime people put the screws to us. Strange how all those old John Trudell and Lenny Bruce and George Carlin quotes ring truer now than then! When I was a kid, free speech was a non negotiable cornerstone of what I understood to be radical leftism-we were anti violence, anti authoritarian, anti racist, and anti war-and always, always pro FREE SPEECH…remember that time? But I guess that was before they rebranded Reagan as Obama…before the neoncon con artists like the Clintons and Obamas pulled the Overton Window so far to the right of Reagan or Nixon and Oliver North that people SOMEHOW FORGOT the Bill Of Rights, Due Process, and Geneva Conventions mattered, and we ended up with all these fuckedup rube, fake liberal shitlibs, only caring about protecting their own pet’s rights,  believing that censorship was okeydokey if somebody, somewhere, at some fucking rich college was ever “OFFENDED!” I always say you should see the list of shit that offends me. Murder, that’s right off the toppa my list, how about evicting poor people, or never raising the minimum wage to allow us to pay your bullshit jackedup big city rents? I’m offended by wicked billionaires killing journalists and whistle blowers and by all the soulless sold out shitlibs who write for Huffpost and Salon and shit who provide cover for their preferred party’s atrocities by focusing on culture war diversions and distractions, all the time, for big paychecks. The disposition matrix and all the fools thanking that dude for keeping it classy. That offends me. Lies for war, that offends me. Rockstars promoting war rather than resisting it. Offensive. Torture Gestapo’s and “overflow facilities”, censorship and death of the free press, non violent reefer offenders still being currently incarcerated…I’m just gettin’ started, here…Most Murkkkans don’t wanna hear that the intelligence agencies run the human trafficking and sex blackmail rings or that the country’s politicians are just manikins, window dressing.

Empire To Expand NATO In Response To War Caused By NATO Expansion (substack.com)

Twitter needs to start exposing the UK’s murky online propaganda | WIRED UK

“The Ukraine war is the single most aggressively trolled issue I’ve ever witnessed. As soon as it started this site was full of brand new accounts swarming anyone who uttered wrongthink about Ukraine, and now there are entire extremely coordinated troll factions. Very inorganic.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

 It’s become “new normalized” for five or ten techlord billionaires to censor people online like the Free Thought Project, Convo Couch, Mint Press, Jacobin, Mnar A Muhawesh, Joe Lauria at Consortium News, Abby Martin, RFK Jr., James Corbett, Black Agenda Report, Louis Farrakhan, on and on. The social media monopolies rig the so called algorithms so as few as possible people can see what Dr. Jill Stein or Ajamu Baraka or Scott Bassman or Robert Ott posts. They just motherfuckin’ straightup locked my account for anti war posting. Middle class tv watchers keep telling me we still live in a democracy and that only “TRUMP!” voters like that dastardly mutant supervillain, Qshaman threaten that in any way, though we all see the whole thing being dismantled, incrementally in real time, right in front of our own eyes, and the WEF fascists openly brag about their agenda all over youtube speech after speech, in their own words, but See No Evilists don’t wanna know-they just harp on and on about whatever the “OTHERS” are doing wrong, and pro nouns and empty tokenism of five highly visible members of traditionally oppressed classes reading the same old same old, good ole boy, deep state teleprompter, but with fake diversity-even Trump and 700 Club always seat 5 token people of varying skintones in their front row, often paying one to nod along a lot, the shitlib wishful thinkers are drunk on their own comforts-they’re all stuck in partisan cheerleader mode, defending the indefensible, as long as their preferred partisan celebs are involved. They act like LIBYA never got overthrown by a black Pres and a female Secretary Of state. Corporations piss on us and tv millionaires say it’s raining. You stand outside in the elements and talk about the weather and the privilege havers tell you, “that’s just a CONSPIRACY!” Back in my day, Sonny, we did not suck up, or worship politicians. Certainly not based only on their fucking hue or gender or sexual identity or zodiac fucking sign. Or empty bullshit campaign speechifying. We were rebels though, we weren’t kissass gotmine social climbers like the millionaire fortunate sons, showbiz dynasty brunch bunch. I honestly can not stand those mimosa motherfuckers. You probably didn’t notice, but their over funded, paid for, formulaic/no soul imitator-muzak kinda sucks, too. Tribute bands with nothing to say except for look at my new status symbols. They might have some fancy Lewis leather coats on, but inside they’re all a buncha Huey Lewis’!

“Liberals are not progressive. Liberals are capitalists and imperialists.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Really interesting fact: apparently it’s President Biden who won’t support getting rid of the filibuster or packing the courts while the US descends into autocratic white nationalism not Susan Sarandon. Who knew?” (-Adam McKay)

 “Instead of letting them corral you into an unjust political system that makes you feel the only power you have is to vote, we need to look at our own potential to organize & defend our rights” (-Abby Martin)

“These scholars, writers, intellectuals, and journalists, like those in Weimar Germany, bear much of the blame. They preferred accommodation over confrontation. They stood by as the working class was stripped of rights and impoverished by the billionaire class, fertilizing the ground for an American fascism. Those who orchestrated the economic, political, and social assault are the major donors to the universities. They control trustee boards, grants, academic prizes, think tanks, promotion, publishing, and tenure. Academics, looking for an exit, ignored the attacks by the ruling oligarchy. Most of those tasked with reporting on and interpreting history, social movements and religious beliefs have failed us. They spoke about the past, vowing “Never again,” but refused to use the lessons of the past to explain the present. It was not ignorance. It was cowardice. 

The billionaire class, while sometimes socially liberal, dispossessed working men and women through deindustrialization, austerity, a legalized tax boycott, looting the U.S. Treasury and deregulation. It triggered the widespread despair and rage that pushed many of the betrayed into the arms of these con artists and demagogues. It has no intention of supporting social equality, which is why it thwarted the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. 

In the end, even the liberal class will choose fascism over empowering the left-wing and organized labor. The only thing the ruling oligarchy truly cares about is unfettered exploitation and profit.” (-Chris Hedges)

Sidhu Moose Wala: Murdered India singer hit by 24 bullets, says report – BBC News


These lyrics are by Mark Eitzel. I briefly knew his muse, Kathleen: “I broke another promise that I would not write anymore songs about you…”. (RIP) 

So beautiful and so world-weary

I met him when he was just nineteen
Around him I felt so dreary
And you know he was a living dream
Once I said he was far too Bowie
He said “Oh baby, you’re so tired”
He always had a better story
But you know he was always wired

Ronald Koal was a rock star
In ’81 he was the king
Ronald Koal was a rock star
In Columbus he was the thing

A nervous angel inside him waiting
He saw the world through its eyes
Saw the world’s not even worth hating
All it offers is goodbyes

Ronald Koal was a rock star
He was too big for this town
Ronald Koal was a rock star
Its the small pools where you drown

Were all going to be forgotten
Lets face it – it’s in store
The end is always gonna be rotten
And i hear its knock on my door
Ronald Koal was a rock star
Now he’s in the sky getting blown
Ronald Koal was a rock star
Its a life you live alone
Ronald Koal was a rock star
He was a true believer
Ronald Koal was a rock star
He was a true believer

He was not only a rockstar, but he was a rockstar’s rockstar! Guys like midwestern legend, Cowboy Bobby Cloyd, the Shine and Healers vocalist (RIP) used to follow him (and Happy from Howlin’ Maggie) around the town. One of the first things I really liked about my ole drinking buddy, Mark B. (RIP) the world traveling, frog voiced gutter poet from New Orleans, the one who used to say I looked like Rachel, Lou Reed’s jilted lover, that my band sounded like, “The Monkees if they were singing about shitting their wrists”, was that he had a vinyl copy of Ronald Koal & The Trillionaires upstairs in his seedy walkup in in the post riots urban wasteland, crack part of town. Goth kids used to take the two hour drives to MOTHRA goth boutique just to see if they could catch a glimpse of Ronald Koal, and maybe purchase a couple of Bauhaus and Joy Division postcards. He was the Peter Murphy of the Midwest. Man oh man, I love that cat! I always related to the guy and when most of my own death rock gang were in their big devoted Skinny Puppy and Ministry phase, I was fixated on Ronald Koal, Jim Thirwell, the Jesus & Mary Chain, and Sisters Of Mercy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfKJpIoSXp8 I wanted to be like Ronald Koal when I grew up, but alas, I just never grew up. BAM from DOGS D’AMOUR made a shirt years ago that said, “All My Heroes Are Dead”-you can probably imagine how much I coveted one of those! And that special issue impost magazine all about THE NEW ROMANTICS! I was just too broke back then, and you know that is one thing that never changed. 

How Corporate America Uses ESG to Polish Its Image (theintercept.com)


“I never got my license to live, they won’t give it up so I stand at the world’s end, I’m trying to break in, but I know it’s not for me, and the sight of it all, it makes me sad and then, that’s when I want Some Weird Sin, just to relax with…” (-Iggy Pop)

“The day Home Secretary Priti Patel ordered Julian #Assange‘s extradition, guards at Belmarsh prison stripped him and threw him into a completely empty cell, Julian’s father has revealed. Consider this barbarity, Prime Minister Albanese, while you maintain a craven silence.” (-John Pilger)

They did that to me in juvenile detention hall-weeks and weeks in solitary cement slab closet with just my underwear and sometimes, glasses. For telling some cowboy counselor with a Napoleon complex to fuckoff. Somedays I can still get a bit salty about it.

    Man, I kinda miss all the bad kids from the ghetto side of dirty old Boston. We never had the antique vintage apparatus or throwaway money or cars or diplomas like all the highrise patriotic college people on the hill, but back then, at least we still had our youth to throw at the wall. There was a silver sunglasses wearing, absolute genius, supernova brained writer we named Rattlesnake Jake, typing away on an old fashioned Henry Miller typewriter, he was a bit of a detective trying to solve old serial killer cold cases, when not furiously smoking cigarettes, or picking up abrasive, greenhaired gutter punk chicks from wherever. He put out a funny as fuck, satirical, National Lampoon like social commentary, highbrow fanzine called, “Backasswards”, and me n him would stay up all night yap yap yapping and yapping away about Hunter S. Thomspon and Joe Strummer lyrics. We all did a marvelous cover of “Spanish Bombs” on a 4 track with a drum machine. Time of my life. The greenhaired gutter punk chick liked to sing along and kinda helped us compose a haunting ballad that got rewritten as a kick in the teeth barbrawl song by a Motor City group we kinda grew up with. People seem to love it, but I remember the night we wrote it. The haunted demo version. With the disillusioned lyrics. We had a Bobby Keyes sax player who sang like Cash and wrote sad trucker songs-he was our roommate and unofficial member of our band the Bastards, but really always busy doing his own thing as a comic book illustrator, prolific songwriter and part time member of local band the Velcro Peasants. We called him Hollywood Bob. A Mick Jagger/Joe Perry lookalike guitar weedling, legendarily Ronsonesque heart throb…my sideman since we were I dunno, eleven or something, DCW-we had years of mischief and merry making fun together, he and the detective worked at a convenience store and basically lived on beer, cereal and Coca Cola, until he met some rich people and soon split for Fiona Apple style ingenue songstresses, a hokey House Of Blues style honkified blues band, and medical school. A glowering, black leather Billy Duffy street fightin’ man on lead chaos magnetics and Joan Jett style rhythm guitar named Nasty Bastard after an elderly lady said, “you nasty, boy” after watching him throwup on the redline,. Me on purple prose, Marlboro yelps and silver spangled trousers. A suicide werewolf music journalist, cable access tv honcho named Ken filming our frenzied spectacles. A couple of hard drinking Irishmen named Dermot and Barrie on tambourine, bass, and bottles clanking. ‘Replaced the flashy lead guitarist with a 12 string guitar playing, T. Rex and Love influenced, goth dude named Tony. The next door neighbors calling to tell us to turn it down everytime we tried auditioning a percussionist Nasty mighta met at the telemarketing job-they were all either jam band drum circle hippies or Lars Ulrich barnstorming speed metal monkeys. No drummer most of the time! We were trapped in unplugged mode even before that became the thing. Whenever we did briefly corral one, like somebody’s Crowded House loving, upwardly mobile, proper music school brother, or temporary ska kid, we were notorious for wild and crazy, out of control, star studded house parties and knockin’ down all the dirty divebars with our non stop barrage of two minute songs that other bands later added needless breaks and solos into covers of-you know the old Nashville adage, “add a word and steal two thirds”? That’s how it went with so many of the BUSINESS MINDED people covering our originals, but back then, it was all a brain battering procession of hard, fast, riff oriented, punknroll always shot through with adrenaline, coarse vocals, and caterwauling alleycat backup vocals with no attention paid to proper pitch or that much melody in the beginning, it was all about sweat, cheap whiskey, connecting with the crusty punks from Harvard Square’s subway pit and leftover, aging Johnny Thunders dudes from the 70’s music scene, loud laughs, protest lyrics and basically an awful lot of very rowdy, raucous, basement show, blind rebellion. If we coulda kept a drummer, it mighta gone different, I mean the Replacements got to have a long and successful career and they were not all that very fucking different from us, other than, maybe we were a little raunchier, but back then, all the drummers wanted to be in the Bosstones or Fugazi, and we were more like…the Action Swingers…meets the Babysitters. With a little Hollywood Brats. Times the Four Horsemen. I still believe in our kind of gutsy, heartfelt rocknroll abandon. Can’t get that stuff no more! We were young and still unbeaten enough to believe we could follow in the footsteps of our heroes the Clash and MC5 and affect the culture, shift the consciousness with our music, change things for the better, ya see? Have a positive impact. Contribute to the cause. Instead, we watched in confusion and helpless horror as all our former peers were steadily assimilated into the capitalist hierarchy the hut-two hut-two A.I. big bamboozle. People in Boston shared our enthusiastic love of the Pogues, but always considered us the bad seed hair metal dudes, we were too glam for their liking. Everybody else in that town had shorts and crewcuts except for us, a thrash band called Slaughter Shack, and crunchy granola hu-hum folkie Alternative pinup star Evan Dando, who had his own fey and precious rich kid scene we were no part of, except that I worked at Tower so I had to see him everyday strumming barefoot in the park shirtlessly crooning for all the chicks from Europe who sat at his feet batting their eyelashes in swoonful appreciation. It was Evanmania, man. Believe me. They CRIED on the day when he cut his hair. My own perfectly innocent first love who blossomed into a big bright, blindingly beautiful golden goddess with a smile like red velvet sunshine came to town to attend a posh university, I was hoping to escape a bad scene into her arms. We went for afternoon drinks at the House of Blues, and immediately she asked me…can I introduce her to Evan Dando. I just started guzzling doubles. Jesus loves him more than he will know, whoa whoa whoa. Nothing but the great big no, for me. 

We could not ever even book one show at the Middle East-the lady there kept telling me, “try the Channel”, which was a not so subtle putdown, cause that’s where like Southie heavy metal guys played! That’s how come our widely circulated cassette demo-tape came to be called, “FLASH METAL SUICIDE!” They all thought we looked too much like Royal Pimps RAFE! The Juliana Hatfield crowd wanted nothing to do with loudmouthed, hard partying, midwestern white trash dudes in black leather pants and cop hats and sunglasses after dark. We thought the precious alternahunks and major label hipsters at the Middle East were snobs and squares. We didn’t know they were the ones who had all the good drugs. We didn’t know shit, really. Got involved with all the wrong people. Dysfunctional, unreliable types. God bless us, everyone. I made every stupid mistake in the book at least two or three times, just go down the list, check, check, check. The stories I could tell, but thusfar have not, discretion being the better part of valor and all, but ask me at the bonfire about the time we met Punkboy, the Preacher’s Daughter, and Gentleman John. Holy smokes, that was a night. But I digress.

If the years since false flag shitshow, 9/11 have taught us anything, it’s that Big 5 Mockingbird corporate-media can sell any fiction to the gullible Murkkkan Public. How the fuck did they convince everybody that Cobain’s ex drummer was somehow a great artiste or songwriting equal to the Beatles or some shit? They can sell ANYTHING with their all day repetition, I think they take delight from seeing how awful they can set the bar, how low they can go, how dumbed down the public has become. They’ve made SUPERSTAR CELEBRITIES outta the dumbest people in the world. The most venal, shameless and corrupt. Right now they are selling Musk and Gates, Lyn Cheney, and all these think tank spooks for war. And the Kardashians. Perv Disney stars with secret compounds on faraway islands and high dollar yoga culture meditation retreats. How did people ever put up with Korn and Creed and Matchbox 20 and the feckin Foo Fighters? What punishingly awful shit we ben subjected to around the clock these last 25 horrific years! I think they play all that same grunge and Britney occult-pop shit to human experiment and torture frequently innocent Muslims at Gitmo, since Darkside Dick took over and did away with the Geneva Conventions. No wonder everybody is so fearful and traumatized these days-it’s the Pig-Media browbeating us non-stop with lies and bullshittery. And boybands and grunge, and techno Dizney sluts, oh my. Sad how pounding the people with fear all day causes so much depression, division, people turn on each other when they are under this much stress, working all the time and still struggling with planets of worry about paying the grocery bills or hospital bills and barely even getting by. Divorce, metal illness, suicides, domestic violence, addictions, all that shit skyrockets when the media juggernaut never ceases their relentless fear campaigns designed to make us think we need the Metaverse Reset Davos Billionaires to take away all our last few remaining rights and save us from the uncivilized, uneducated, “OTHERS”. They even trot out that cackling hag, mad sociopath ole Whasername, the one responsible for fixing primaries to sabotage the Bernie platform that almost everybody, certainly an overwhelming majority, really wanted, the one behind the bullshit McCarthyist, New Cold War “Russigate!” smear tactic and bear baiting hotwar bullshit narrative, the truly evil, amoral mastermind behind the murder of Gaddafi, she is the same vile creature who brought back slaves, yes, actual slavery markets to Libya, she’s being given the Pig-Media bullhorn to call someone else a “person of grievance”, I mean, why do people still make excuses for known blood thirsty liars, deceivers, and war criminals with a long trail of bodies and silenced leakers, whistleblowrs andd dissident journalists behind them? Oh, yeah divide and control sports team horse shit. If a Democrat does it, it’s okeydokey for science and feelings and diversity. Right, right. This is already a false-reality bullshit metaverse and you aint even Rockefeller chipped yet.

I dunno about you, my dear brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, but days like these kinda get me down, so many conflicting internet disinformation streams have captured so many of my former allies and ex associates into impotent little marketing group false identity slivers where they all foolishly let the capitalists define them as like, one narrow label. Unable to see their common plight with the “OTHERS”, or to go anywhere near correctly identifying their actual oppressors. I find it harder to connect with any of ’em. I know I’m not that many of the labels they falsely try to impose on me. I mean, I probably been ALL OF ‘EM by now, a pontiff, a pauper, a puker, a painter, you know like the old Sinatra song, but most days, I’m just a wornout and discouraged dad whose cherished own children never, never call, or write, or even return an email, or a tired, weary old dishwasher. Remember that old Soul Asylum lyric, “Grandfather watches the Grandfather clcok and the phone hasn’t rang for so long”? That’s me. I’m not the guy doing a punch drunk strip tease to “Sweet Emotion” on the counter in the studded leather underwear no more. I don’t even get to be like, the record store guy no more-not since that movie “HIGH FIDELITY” came out and made that gig seem desirable to Republikkkans who wanted to meet a girl like Lisa Bonet. I certainly never saw myself as a writer or music journalist, whatever that means, guys who look more like Elvis Costello than David Lee Roth I guess, so maybe guilty as charged on that count, but certainly not a vocation I ever aspired to, if anything, I felt obliged to promote all these great underdog artists and complete unknowns, who were doing stuff at a much higher level than their corporation jelly roll mainstream counterparts. The “writing” probably all started as a misguided effort to appease some people in my life who were nagging me about  not having any future. I was constitutionally incapable of becoming one of those kissass rock critics who make big money writing for Spin or Rolling Stone. I’d rather make my own low budgeted garage version of Duran Duran than interview Duran Duran. Fuck, I LOVE Suicide. I’ll probably end up taking another long walk in the hot scorching sun on these deadend desert foothills again today, sometimes I can take photos of beautiful white cloud heavenly masterpieces, or jackrabbits, or yellow breasted tiny birds but this ole camera a former facebook friend sent me in the mail has just stopped working about half the time. Feels like all I do now is play dodge ’em with leashless desert pitbulls that meanspirited old lady meth dealers and hateful rednecks deploy to steal more control of the land beyond their own property line. I’ve come to really hate them. I should not have to fear for my life if I just wanna walk to the stinky fuckin’ river.

“How did we miss this year-old Newsweek report about a secret and unaccountable Pentagon “undercover force” which “carries out domestic and foreign assignments” that include “campaigns to influence and manipulate social media”?” (-Cait Johnstone)

“If you think Ghislaine Maxwell’s 20 year prison sentence is going to solve America’s child trafficking problem, you have been duped. Intelligence agencies were/are involved and they are never ever held accountable for anything.” (-Whitney Webb)

Remember when hairsniffer Gropey Joe got Clarence Thomas appointed to the kangaroo court by attacking Anita Hill? No? Burntout Recluse remembers. I see Liz “The Snake” Warren is also back in the brainwash-media audaciously talking about the Supreme Court having no legitimacy but she is one of the ones who sabotaged the Bernie Sanders platform-remember? I do. Crazytimes when your professor who talks about critical thinking and drinks their teacher breath cold coffee from the READ BANNED BOOKS coffee mug supports online censorship of antiestablishment voices like Dr. Naomi Wolf, Lee Camp, Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald or Mark Crispin Miller. Disney used to forbid punk rockers from entering their amusement park, as not to offend their conservative “family values” ammunition and apple pie visitors, now, they promote this kooky transhumanist, sell your soul to the debbil, Sci-Fi occultist agenda-every movie has like a central Lil Nas X debbil character. I used to write for a national punk rock magazine that did not want to print my first hand eye witness news testimonies about racist cops and civil rights uprisings. My columns in the entertainment weeklies seemed to generate some complaints from advertisers, cause I ain’t into fashionista copycat rawk, or brainless techno with dynasty models. Fascist Book locked me out for anti-war shit-posting. The Obama and Clinton worshipping pinkhats and blue no matter whos even turned on Robert F. Kennedy, when I was a kid, the Kennedys were loved by the college educated, middle class, property owners like the Squad is now. On the precipice of WW3, with billionaires and their deep state operatives taking over what’s allowed to be discussed online, the people have been so pummeled with fear mongering and phony identity politricks silencing techniques since the bullshit “for us or against us” of 9/11, everybody’s afraid to step outta line, ask childlike questions about profit motives, suspicious timing, and “who benefits” from official, empirical narratives. Of course there are consequences for opposing ruling class fictions, in my own little travels, I been shutout and slagged for not co signing some blank check for racist kkops and gentrification landlords and suckass, fake as fuck, private school, indie rawk, say nothing, trust fund muzak and big blockbuster comic book war propaganda. Like Tex Perkins sings in, “I Got No Reason”, “I know I stand alone”. Some of my former contemporaries are celebrating the release of their 35th full length cd. Me, I got nothin’. I got 4 rants in the pipeline waiting to be posted or published, 4 full length 500 page books and a compilation of lyrics as yet unpublished, probably 200 songs archived on cassette tapes, but various platforms and publishers have gotten gunshy about me having any soapbox at all, cause they fear the cancel culture wrath of the shitlib mobs. I don’t believe that the Squad is gonna help me, or that big business cares at all about my health, freedom, or prosperity, or that the secret police can be trusted to take the place of journalists. I believe Mickey Huff at Project Censored, Whitney Webb, Seymour Hersh, Max Blumenthal and Benjamin Norton way, way, way more than I believe Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson, who are both owned and operated by the same exact corporate entity. Follow the money. Also, I never assume whoever has the most money in the room is the smartest, wisest, hardest working or most scientific-just because some deep cocaine pockets, porky fratboy’s mama gave him a spring break forever tailgate partay high five sports bar don’t make him a saint or artiste. You don’t suck up to the powerholders and barowners or show bookers or recording studio owning fatcats because they are so “nice”, or because you genuinely think their goofy muzak is any good-you suck up to them cause you want summa their crumbs. As my wife says, you got your filthy hands in the cookie jar. I got sunburn from all my hours walking the deer trails in the desert sun, trying to avoid zombies of death and walk off all this anxiety and restless grief. My only joke is, people think I must be stupid just because I’m so handsome, but we all know I got no cred cause I got no moolah-wealth is the only virtue in this country-always backed by violence. The people I used to know were only ever in it for the free fucking drinks, at the end of the day. Now I like a free drink as much as anybody but I’m not willing to backstab and bullshit and suckup or sell my soul for the privileges of membership. I’ll go drink a pint under the motherfucking bridge before I’ll get involved with the hipster fakes and predator class. Revolutionary Blackout Network�� on Twitter: “Isn’t this what capitalist fear mongered would happen under socialism? An authoritarian state where freedom was stripped by the barrel of a gun” / Twitter

“Storm troopers from star wars? No. Just another day in the American empire.” (-Dr. Jill Stein)


Blue and Red Do Have Something in Common. They’ve Both Been Ripped Off, Repeatedly (substack.com)

“Assange was strip-searched and moved to an empty, bare cell after Patel’s decision to extradite him to the US. This is straight up bullying and humiliation. This is how we treat journalists in the UK. What a monstrous “justice” system.” (-Richard Medhurst)

One Year After His Death, John McAfee’s Corpse is Still Being Held by Gov’t, Fueling Claims of a “Cover Up” – Activist Post

“BEFORE THERE WAS HER THERE WAS THE FURS”. That’s a lyric from a song of mine about how The Psychedelic Furs have been a big part of my life since I was a wee slip of a wisp in my horrible dork glasses.

While the rest of you were busy with all that insufferable nasal warbling of Grunge/Alternative, all those fat fake rich kid cocaine bands, I was already retreating back to my beloved and forever cherished eighties new wave.  One of the only decent records I heard in the early nineties was LOVE SPIT LOVE-Richard Butler’s cool as fuck side project. Listen to these killer diller HITS!

“I can’t believe it’s been so long…17, follow meeee….”

Kinda makes you wanna hear this, don’t it?


Another band me and my gypsy caravan always resonated with who never got enough press or praise were Lions & Ghosts. These are the kind of talented artists I would like to collaborate with because it is self evident they would empathize with and understand my kind of music. Michael play with my friend Joe Normal, Aimee Mann, and Fiona Apple. They were so great. Thanks to my friend Angela for turning me on to them when we were seventeen or eighteen.


“While the US gov’t has sent $54 Billion to war in Ukraine, new numbers show there are 100 Million Americans drowning in healthcare debt. People’s lives are crushed while our gov’t lines the pockets of weapons contractors. Our ruling elite are actually at war with us – you & me.” (-Lee Camp)

“It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and the myths that surround it.” (-John Pilger)

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic Spirituality (unlimitedhangout.com)


Stream Anthrax, Smallpox & America’s Bioweapons Secret [PREVIEW] by Empire Files | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Right-wing intelligence cabal seeks UK Home Secretary Priti Patel’s help to ‘neutralize’ environmentalist enemies – The Grayzone

Epstein – Investigative Series (unlimitedhangout.com)

A Lemming Leading the Lemmings: Slavoj Zizek and the Terminal Collapse of the Anti-War Left (mintpressnews.com)

 Cognitive Warfare: Israel Targets Journalists Who Threaten Its Reality-Creation Tactics (mintpressnews.com)

The New York Times reports that Ukraine is crawling with special forces and spies from the US and its allies, which would seem to contradict earlier reports that the US intelligence cartel is having trouble getting intel about what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine.

This would also, obviously, put the final nail in the coffin of the claim that this is not a US proxy war.

In an article titled “Commando Network Coordinates Flow of Weapons in Ukraine, Officials Say,” western officials inform us of the following through their stenographers at The New York Times:

As Russian troops press ahead with a grinding campaign to seize eastern Ukraine, the nation’s ability to resist the onslaught depends more than ever on help from the United States and its allies — including a stealthy network of commandos and spies rushing to provide weapons, intelligence and training, according to U.S. and European officials.

Much of this work happens outside Ukraine, at bases in Germany, France and Britain, for example. But even as the Biden administration has declared it will not deploy American troops to Ukraine, some C.I.A. personnel have continued to operate in the country secretly, mostly in the capital, Kyiv, directing much of the massive amounts of intelligence the United States is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to current and former officials.

At the same time, a few dozen commandos from other NATO countries, including Britain, France, Canada and Lithuania, also have been working inside Ukraine.

Some CIA personnel have continued to operate in Ukraine secretly, mostly in Kyiv, directing much of the intelligence the U.S. is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to current and former officials. https://t.co/4VWdybmome

— The New York Times (@nytimes) June 25, 2022

The revelation that the CIA and US special forces are conducting military operations in Ukraine does indeed make a lie of the Biden administration’s insistence at the start of the war that there would be no American boots on the ground in Ukraine, and the admission that NATO powers are so involved in operations against a nuclear superpower means we are closer to seeing a nuclear exchange than anyone should be comfortable with.

This news should surprise no one who knows anything about the usual behavior of the US intelligence cartel, but interestingly it contradicts something we were told by the same New York Times not three weeks ago.

“American intelligence agencies have less information than they would like about Ukraine’s operations and possess a far better picture of Russia’s military, its planned operations and its successes and failures,” NYT told us earlier this month. “U.S. officials said the Ukrainian government gave them few classified briefings or details about their operational plans, and Ukrainian officials acknowledged that they did not tell the Americans everything.”

It seems a bit unlikely that US intelligence agencies would have a hard time getting information about what’s happening in a country where they themselves are physically located. Moon of Alabama theorized at the time that this ridiculous “We don’t know what’s happening in our own proxy war” line was being pushed to give the US plausible deniability about Ukraine’s failures on the battlefield, which have only gotten worse since then.

So why are they telling us all this now? Well, it could be that we’re being paced into accepting an increasingly active role of the US and its allies in Ukraine.

Hawks in April: Don’t call it a proxy war!
Hawks in May: Of course it’s a proxy war!
Hawks in June: It’s not their war, it’s our war!

— Daniel Larison (@DanielLarison) June 20, 2022

The other day Antiwar’s Daniel Larison tweeted, “Hawks in April: Don’t call it a proxy war! Hawks in May: Of course it’s a proxy war! Hawks in June: It’s not their war, it’s our war!”

This is indeed exactly how it happened. Back in April President Biden told the press the idea that this is a proxy war between the US and Russia was “not true” and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said “It’s not, this is clearly Ukraine’s fight” when asked if this is a proxy war. The mainstream media were still framing this claim as merely an “accusation” by the Russian government, and empire spinmeisters were regularly admonishing anyone who used that term on the grounds that it deprives Ukrainians of their “agency”.

Then May rolled around and all of a sudden we had The New Yorker unequivocally telling us that the US is in “a full proxy war with Russia” and hawks like US congressman Seth Moulton saying things like, “We’re not just at war to support the Ukrainians. We’re fundamentally at war, although somewhat through a proxy, with Russia, and it’s important that we win.”

And now here in June we’ve got war hawks like Max Boot coming right out and saying that this is actually America’s war, and it is therefore important for the US to drastically escalate the war in order to hand the Russians “devastating losses”.

We need to understand that this isn’t their war in Ukraine—it’s our war—and we need to do more to defeat Russia’s attack on the West. Speaking on @Morning_Joe about the subject of my new @PostOpinions column: https://t.co/URNFXiKo1o pic.twitter.com/jG1VZChRth

— Max Boot ���� (@MaxBoot) June 20, 2022

So the previously unthinkable idea that the US is at war with Russia has been gradually normalized, with the heat turned up so slowly that the frog doesn’t notice it’s being boiled alive. If that idea can be sufficiently normalized, public consent for greater escalations will likely be forthcoming, even if those escalations are extremely psychotic.

Back in March when I said the only “agency” Ukraine has in this conflict is the Central Intelligence kind, empire loyalists jumped down my throat. They couldn’t believe I was saying something so evil and wrong. Now they’ve been told that the Central Intelligence Agency is indeed conducting operations and directing intelligence on the ground in Ukraine, but I somehow doubt that this will stir any self-reflection on their part. (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“I’ve spent my career reporting on the U.S. national security state and uncovering some of their dirtiest secrets and lies. In that time, I’ve been targeted by the FBI. I’ve been spied on. I’ve even been threatened with jail time for refusing to reveal my confidential sources.

And all of that happened under Democratic administrations, not just Republicans.

In fact, I’ve recently uncovered new information about a 2014 FBI scheme — signed off by the Obama Justice Department — to arrest one of my sources by using an informant to ambush one of my meetings.

When Donald Trump left office, some people expected the dawn of a new age of press freedom. At The Intercept, we know better than to trust that a Democratic president will respect the freedom of the press.” (-Jim Risen, the senior national security correspondent at The Intercept)


Our concerns are not their concerns. Our interests our not their interests. You are only free to “identify” with some pretty talkin’ justice tweeter who always votes against you. That ain’t real representation, the whole vote is fixed, every which way, plus loose. If you think private jets aint subject to TSA gropers Nancy Pelosi is your Special Friend because she went on RuPaul’s Drag Race and said, “Can I Get a Hallelujah”, you doubtlessly think Lyn Cheney the Muslim torture advocate, is your Great Blue Hope, cause she said we should ban public protests, cause Q Shaman yelled “freedom” in the Capital Hill Halls Of Lobbyist Bribery And Endless Corruption. If they were against guns, they would NOT be giving all your health care and housing and education billions to white power proxy army, mercenaries and nationalists in the Ukraine. They love Vanguard and Blackrock, Goldman Sachs and Lockheed Martin. They are sponsored by Pfizer and Raytheon. They do not love you. They call you a hackable rat and a useless eater, but you think they just mean, “THE OTHERS”. Strange days we are living in. The mass media psy ops are so manipulative and diabolical, they might end up just dismantling the Supreme Court entirely, and just ballsout sitting Gates or Schwab on some occult temple throne. I would not be surprised if they ran Her Turn Hillary Clinton and Lyn Cheney for president. Or Chelle/Cheney or some shit.

People who’ve never been punched in the face or stomped into the cement by big bruisers before always like to say that speech is violence as a not so subtle form of nuspeak, Great Reset culture, narrative control. You know what’s violent? Unleashed motherfucking growling animals that both shitlib blue no matter who, vegan, sensitivity Karen’s and big white truck with a gun rack on the back militia man Republikkkans they all got the barky leashless dogs out front as a way of discouraging pedestrians from walking down the street. Hot day, sick of hypnoscreens, me n my boy tried to walk to the river but some lady let her two dogs outside the fence, they start carrying on, next thing you know, that gets more dogs running out into the street. I’m starting to hate these dog owners who obviously take delight from their dangerous and intimidating weaponized animals. That’s some abusive shit nobody talks about. All these same motherfuckers are online right now crying about firecrackers traumatizing their pets. I’m so sick of people and their bumper stickers and selfish, privileged hypocrisies.

“Western “leaders” continue with their irrational drive toward WWIII. NATO is a criminal enterprise, an instrument of white power & threat to global humanity. Join anti-NATO protests around the world.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

There’s little hope of ever waking the “Got Mine, Jacks and Jills” who think they are already Net-Flix and Trader Joe’s “WOKE”TM cause they reposted some trite shit Kamala Harris said about Trump or whatever. Fraud-Squad never fought for us cause they were another fake fucking marketing hoax like WMD’s, Mad Cow, Bird Flu, Y2K, Obama, and Grunge-AlternativeTM. Bernie got in line and endorsed hair sniffin’ “Nothing Will Change” crime bill candidate, Gropey Joe. Pig Media told us a million elderly black folks in MIchigan put on their shoes and drove to the polls and waited in line for hours in the Pandemic on Super Tuesday to vote for Gropey Joe. Nothing to do with Mayo Pete affiliated shady software company. Eager beaver tv believers say that if tv says a W or Biden won, that’s that. So now, the Fix Is In Kangaroo Supreme Court are diverting everybody’s attention with the old guns and abortion reel back red herrings. Shitlibs celebrate gun grabs, rightwing act like they ever cared about children. Meanwhile, all important discussions about FREEING WHISTLEBLOWER JOURNALIST JULIAN ASSANGE, the shit economy caused by predator corporation’s unchecked greed, but laughably blamed on Putin; the empire’s no lives matter stormtrooper police state, and worldwide wars based on the usual regime change mercenary army proxies playbook lies, all that is off the table, not being discussed. Big pharma’s shareholders are still gleefully rubbing their hands together, while puppet politicians and tv heads predictive program us to prepare for “more pandemics”. The schools are gutted, the mental healthcare system is a crooked pipeline for prison profiteers and human traffic swindlers. Great Reset billionaires have bought up the farmlands and own the regulatory agencies, outright. The pig-media’s been grooming Evil Lyn Cheney to run as some kinda feminist Democrat. Partisan rubes act like everything’s as simple as lesser-evilism and vote blue no matter who for LGBT rights and scientific feminism, but the globalist Bilderberg powers that be just love messing with you. They got the fake progressives of the Squad greasing the wheels of forever wars and a permanent dystopian police state, while kooky crackpot rightwingers like Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson pretend defend traditional liberal positions, like freedom of the press and an end to blind-for-profit military expansionism. AOC does almost nothing about any of our real legit issues, but her middle class supporters don’t care or wanna know, it’s enough to have a token celebrity tweeting against Trump. Remember when all the shitlibs kept insisting Hillary was (supposedly) no longer in office calling the shots, so we should never speak of Libya, Seth Rich, or her rigging the primaries against Bernie twice, but here we are two years into Biden admin, and all he’s done is start a war with Russia, build up Africom to control that whole continent militarily, continuing Obama’s “pivot against China”, and allow his donor class corporate executives to rip us all off. The 24/7 ongoing hyper-exaggerated Capital Hill Pig-Media Psy-Op Nonsense keeps all the middle classers focused on boogeyman rotating villain, big bad wolf, badguy wrassler, Trump. I don’t believe anything the tv or government tells me anymore. They been lying since Kennedy, and eviscerating the Constitution incrementally since Bush. Even the Hinckley assassination attempt on Reagan is real suspicious. You know they let him out and off probation, right?

Opinion | ‘Not a Justification but a Provocation’: Chomsky on the Root Causes of the Russia-Ukraine War | Ramzy Baroud (commondreams.org)

“For Eurocentric white supremacists, the U.S. & Europe are the world.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“The U.S. corporate media refused to cover the BRICS Summit despite nearly half the world’s population and 30 percent of its GDP being represented by BRICS countries. It also ignores Julian Assange’s fate even though it will determine the fate of journalism itself. Terrible.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Good to hear your voice yeah we have had some epic times over the years and, we survived! We are a dying breed rock n roll is otherwise dead if it weren’t for some of us old heads still carrying this torch of summertime hits. 

    Hopefully everything works out and I can slide thru your nape of the woods and we can bang out some new hits.

    I think the two of us have managed to marry glam punk pop and sleeze rock together and you kept me from full metal and I kept you from going full Duran Duran it mixed together and Shazam you have the splatter twins and our unique sound and those in the know knew we were the real deal so they did the only thing they could do try and steal it haha I mean I always thought it was funny a Berkeley school of music grad copped my stupid three chord barrage riffs and your words and vocals and the legions of idiots that couldn’t play “Ultra Violet Girl” or “Back To Zero” or the local Pantera knock off metal band here that so wanted to do the “Dazzling Casualties”, but I wouldn’t show them how it was played.

     Stay alive we’ll get our record!” (-Nasty Bastard; The Original Suffering Bastards)

Watch The Assassination and Mrs. Paine Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo


All of our world’s worst problems are created by the powerful. The powerful will keep creating those problems until ordinary people use their superior numbers to make them stop. Ordinary people don’t use their superior numbers to stop the powerful because the powerful are continuously manipulating people’s understanding of what’s going on.

Humans are storytelling creatures. If you can control the stories humans are telling themselves about the world, you control the humans, and you control the world.

Mental narrative plays a hugely prominent role in human experience; if you’ve ever tried to still your mind in meditation you know exactly what I’m talking about. Babbling thought stories dominate our experience of reality. It makes sense then that if you can influence those stories, you’re effectively influencing someone’s experience of reality.

The powerful manipulate the dominant narratives of our society in approximately five major ways: propaganda, censorship, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, government secrecy, and the war on journalism. Like the fingers on a hand they are distinct from each other and each play their own role, but they’re all part of the same thing and work together toward the same goal. They’re all just different aspects of the US-centralized empire’s narrative control system.

1. Propaganda

Everyone’s Anti-War Until The War Propaganda Starts

“Nobody thinks of themselves as a warmonger, but then the spin machine gets going and before you know it they’re spouting the slogans they’ve been programmed to spout”https://t.co/lLnPVlfyfK

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) April 27, 2022

Propaganda is the empire’s narrative creation system. While the other four elements of imperial narrative control are geared mostly toward preventing inconvenient narratives from circulating, propaganda is the means by which the empire generates narratives which benefit it.

That foreign leader is a dictator and needs to be removed. That inconvenient politician is sinister in some way and must not be permitted to lead. Your government loves human rights and all its wars are humanitarian. Voting works. Capitalism is great. You can trust us, we’re the good guys.

You’ll see variations on these and similar narratives churned out day after day by the corporate media and Hollywood. The wealthy media-owning class protects its own class interests by hiring media executives whose worldview matches its own, and those executives hire underlings with the same worldview, who hire their own underlings with the same worldview, and before you know it you’re looking at a media conglomerate full of people who all support the status quo politics of the media-owning class whose kingdoms are built upon that status quo.

In fact these giant media institutions are so invested in protecting the status quo that they have a very large degree of overlap with other institutions responsible for maintaining the imperial status quo, like the US intelligence cartel. News punditry is now full of “former” intelligence officials, and anytime there’s a narrative an intelligence agency wants printed it simply has an officer or a proxy whisper it to a mainstream news reporter who then uncritically repeats that narrative disguised as a news story.

Reporters within this system are not explicitly told to generate propaganda to protect status quo power. Rather, they develop a sense for what kind of reporting will get published and earn them attaboys in the newsroom and what will get spiked and cause their career to stagnate. If they fail to learn to navigate the system in this way, you simply never hear about them, because their careers peter out.

2. Censorship

More Escalations In Online Censorship

“YouTube has been deleting videos disputing the US government narrative about Russian war crimes in Bucha”https://t.co/M7zupF8AMa

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) April 15, 2022

Propaganda is geared toward putting narratives favorable to the oligarchic empire in front of people, while censorship is all about keeping unfavorable narratives away from public vision. We’ve long seen this expressed in the way the mass media simply refuse to give any platform or voice to critics of capitalism and imperialism, but imperial narrative management has required a whole new order of censorship since internet access became widely available.

Because the widespread ability to share ideas and information poses a major threat to imperial narrative control, empire managers have been working toward normalizing and expanding censorship on internet platforms like Google/YouTube, Meta/Facebook/Instagram, and Twitter. Any online space where a large number of people gather will find itself pressured by the US government to remove a wider and wider spectrum of content in the name of public safety, election security, containing a virus, or just keeping people from thinking wrong thoughts about a war.

Every few months since the US election in 2016 we’ve been fed a new reason why more internet censorship is needed, which is always followed by a giant purge of the newly-banned content and the accounts which created it. This trend has escalated dramatically with the Ukraine war, where for the first time there’s no pretense being made that content is being censored to protect the public interest; it’s just being censored because it disagrees with what western government and media institutions tell us.

3. Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation

Silicon Valley Algorithm Manipulation Is The Only Thing Keeping Mainstream Media Alive

Recent statements by YouTube’s CEO highlight the way Silicon Valley tech giants use algorithms to boost mainstream media propaganda and suppress independent content.https://t.co/rJRkSmydUG

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) May 3, 2021

This one relates to both propaganda and censorship, because it facilitates both. Silicon Valley officials have admitted to manipulating their algorithms to make sure that independent media doesn’t get seen very much while artificially elevating the online publications of mass media outlets on the basis that they are “authoritative sources” of information, despite the fact that those “authoritative sources” have lied to us about every war.

Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation does more damage than overt forms of online censorship, because its consequences are much more far-reaching and because people don’t even know it’s happening. When Google changed its algorithms to ensure that leftist and antiwar media outlets ranked much lower in search results than they used to, it influenced the way millions of people gather information about the most important issues in the world. And hardly anyone ever knew it happened.

If it weren’t for tech giants artificially directing traffic toward empire-approved media outlets, those outlets probably would have shut down by now. We saw a clear illustration of how disdainful the public is of mass media outlets when the paid streaming service CNN+ was forced to shut down just 30 days after its launch when it failed to maintain even ten thousand daily viewers. People don’t consume mainstream news media unless it is foisted upon them.

4. Government secrecy

The Only Obstacle To A Healthy World Is Government Secrecy And Propaganda

“If people in power were no longer able to hide secrets and spin lies about what’s going on in the world, all of our major problems would come to an end.”https://t.co/NIWdBpY4Jn

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) July 21, 2020

Like censorship, government secrecy is another way the empire prevents inconvenient narratives from entering public awareness. By classifying information on the basis of “national security”, the empire prevents unauthorized narratives before they even get off the ground. As Julian Assange once said, “The overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect political security, not national security.”

The amount of power you have should be inversely proportional to the amount of privacy you get. In a healthy society, ordinary people would have full privacy from the government while government officials should have to be fully transparent about their lives, finances and behavior. In our society it’s exactly reversed: the people are surveilled and monitored while those in power hide vast troves of information behind walls of government opacity.

They hide everything they’re doing from the view of the public, then when people start taking educated guesses about what they might be up to behind the veil of government secrecy they get called “conspiracy theorists”. There would be no need to form theories about conspiracies if there was complete transparency for the powerful, but of course this would greatly hinder the ability of the powerful to conspire.

They claim they need government secrecy to avoid giving an advantage to the enemy in times of war and conflict, but really they need government secrecy to start wars and conflicts.

5. The war on journalism

Assange Is Doing His Most Important Work Yet

As important as his WikiLeaks publications are, none of them exposed the depravity of the empire as much as forcing them to look us in the eye and tell us they’ll extradite a journalist for telling the truth.https://t.co/Qr3KVqH0TP

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) June 18, 2022

Lastly, in order to effectively control the dominant narratives about the world, the empire needs to wage a war on disobedient journalism. We’ve seen this unfold in various ways over the years, but right now none are so clear as the US empire’s persecution of Julian Assange.

The goal of the Assange case is to establish a legal precedent for extraditing any journalist or publisher anywhere in the world who tries to get around US government secrecy. Once a precedent has been set and consent has been manufactured, the war on journalism can really get going.

All of these five points are used to control the way people see, think about, and talk about their world, thereby controlling how they act and how they vote at mass scale. This enables the powerful to maintain an entirely enslaved populace which never tries to escape its enslavement, because it thinks it is already free.